Lawn Fawn Intro: Magic Iris Snow Globe Add-On

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s October 2020 Inspiration Week! Our Fall & Winter 2020 Release including our 14 new stamp sets and coordinating dies, 25 new standalone die sets, two new paper collections and all of our exciting new products are now available at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

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Today is our showcase of Magic Iris Snow Globe Add-On! This set can be used on its own to create a cute snow globe. You can also pair it with Magic Iris to create a fun, interactive snow globe with a functioning iris!

Use Snow Globe Scenes to add a cute holiday image in the center! Or if you prefer a sentiment, try Shutter Card Holiday Sayings instead.

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these fun new sets!

The possibilities are endless for our new Magic Iris Snow Globe Add-On! Megan combined the cute bears from Den Sweet Den and Snow Much Fun to create a delightful winter-themed card! I love how she stamped the Snow Much Fun sentiment on the closed iris! The little snow angel-making bear inside is so adorable!

Elena‘s closed iris has a beautiful ink blended snowy look! When you open the Magic Iris it’s like the snow has settled and the sweet Snow Globe Scene appears inside!

Grace ink blended a beautiful night sky for her snow globe design! The two sleeping bears from Den Sweet Den and cute little guy from Snow Much Fun are adorable in this frosty scene! I love how she cut the decorative plate from Metallic Gold cardstock; it’s a fun, shiny accent!

Kara‘s beautiful design features Let it Shine gold foil paper as the snowy globe! Her Magic Iris opens to the cute Snow Globe Scenes snowman! I love how she added extra detail with the mini brads on the decorative plate!

Fortune Teller Tabby stars in Audrey‘s unique take on a snow globe theme! She used the Snowy Backdrop to created a starry base for the “crystal ball”. I love how she used the Holographic cardstock to add the star shapes!

Latisha got really clever with this snow globe die! She altered it by cutting a circle out of the center and making a shaped shaker card! She included the cute deer and sled from Toboggan Together!

For her adorable interactive card, Marine used the bears from Den Sweet Den and Snow Much Fun! I love how she used Winter Big Scripty Words to create a sentiment banner across the top!

Mindy used the Ready Set Snow stamps to add a happy scene to her snow globe design! The sentiment and label plate are also found in this older set! I love how she added lots of fun detail to the background with the Snowflake Trio Stencil!

Here comes Santa Claws! Yainea created a sweet under sea snow globe scene using Christmas Fishes! How cute is that winking crab?

Elise stamped a message from Shutter Card Holiday Sayings on the closed iris and tucked a sweet snowy Snow Globe Scene on the inside! She gave the snow globe base a realistic look using Woodgrain cardstock with Metallic gold accents! The pretty snowflake detail is included in the Magic Iris Snow Globe Add-On!

Grace made a non-interactive snow globe card using the Magic Iris Snow Globe Add-On! I love how she combined images from Ho-Ho-Holidays and Sweet Christmas to cover the opening for the iris!

Tammy‘s beautiful Christmas card has a traditional snow globe look! She combined the sweet little Snow Globe Scene with the snowmen from Ready Set Snow!

Mindy used Cloudy Stencil to create a spooky sky inside her Snow Globe! I love how she combined Fox Costumes Before ‘n Afters with a favorite oldie, Spooktacular!

Now, we have a video to introduce Magic Iris Snow Globe Add-On and share some fun ways to use this new add-on set. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thank you for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Magic Iris Snow Globe Add-On!

Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us how you would use this new Magic Iris Snow Globe Add-On by October 7th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this die set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Sunday October 4th for our next inspiration week post!

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343 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Magic Iris Snow Globe Add-On

    1. Love all of the snow globe cards but especially regarding the ocean since we live near the shore. Opening up to a starfish as a treetopper would be so cute.

  1. I would use it on its own because I don’t have the magic picture changer. Maybe one day I can make the investment! I love the example made by Grace Camou and Megan Quinn’s card with the yetis. So I’d make a cute scene with them in the snowglobe!

  2. Would use with snow globe scene stamps. The creations are amazing. Took me awhile to figure out the Magic Picture Change and am using it to make Halloween cards with Fox Costumes Before & After. Going to ck out the free shipping.
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  3. I would make magical Christmas cards inspired by the adorable cards by the design team, and I would make fun birthday cards for my grandchildren. And Easter cards and halloween cards and….. well cards for every occasion.

  4. I think I’ll use it to do a village scene, but from a known city, real or imaginary. London or Hogsmead for example

  5. I think it would make a cute fall scene with the squirrels from Let’s Go Nuts. Gorgeous inspo from the design team!

  6. With 5 grandkids who love interactive cards, I can see making wonderful holiday-themed scenes that will magically appear for them. Another wonderful addition to your interactive die line-up.

  7. I love making interactive cards! So hard to decide what to do next with so many adorable Lawn Fawn critters to chose from.

  8. With Mice on Ice! Or…Frosty Fairy Friends! Or that Chibitronics co-set; Merry Mice! Or just any of this last release stamp-sets 🙂

  9. I have plans to make snow globe shaker gift tags and interactive snow globe
    with a few of my favorite critters! 🥰

  10. i can’t wait to CASE some of these cards!! that usually gets my mind going so i can create some original ones 🙂

  11. I think it would work wonderfully with the A Creature was Stirring stamp set! Having the mice chefs on the outside and then revealing the gingerbread house when the iris is open. But the ideas are endless here – and the inspiration by the DT makes me so glad I bought this die right away when it was released.

  12. I think it would make a Christmas fishes card with the whole thing. Then I’d use the Magic Iris with it. Then I’d buy the snow gloves scenes and use those, too!

  13. I love this add on, and it would make such wonderful Christmas cards to send to all of the people I won’t be able to see this year.

  14. These cards are just amazing! This would take my stamping to a whole new level. Snow globes are not just for Christmas but can be used Year round.

  15. So many amazing cards from the design team! There are so many possibilities with this die! I can’t wait to play around with it and maybe borrow some of these wonderful ideas 😉

  16. I would like to use it with the bears from Den Sweet Den. I think it would be fun to have bears on the outside, and then open the iris and see a bear sleeping on the inside of a den.

  17. Such a clever idea with the magic iris! LOVE! Could see using it, not only for winter scenes but with your adorable creatures all year round each season.

  18. Last winter we took pictures of us on our deck after a significant snowfall. I think I would use a picture of us behind the opening with the sentiment on the outside. It would open to reveal us waving at them.

  19. My kids said that they’d use the snow globe to make a cowboy scene inside it. I love their young imaginations!

  20. I love all the snowglobe scenes, which goes great with the magic iris snow globe add on…but I always seem to go back and use the Happy Howloween and Happy Howlidays dogs in some way….have the snowglobe open up to a doggie decked out in Christmas lights…

  21. I would use the Magic Iris Snow Globe Add-on to make an ocean scene for my Christmas cards (I live in Florida) like Yainea created. I love her (and all the other DT’s) projects.

  22. I’d use it for a holiday snow globe but I think it would be cute for a baby gender reveal, too. So many fun ways to use this die!

  23. I would use this to put the picture of a birthday person in the middle! They would find such a nice surprise when it is opened! Thank you for the inspiration, Lawn Fawn!

  24. As a traditionalist, I would have the “closed” iris to be snow and the “open” iris to be a winter scene.

  25. Love this magic iris add-on die. All the cards by the design team are fabulous. I am planning on using this die for Christmas cards this year.

  26. I would definitely make a lot of cards with the snow globe add on. My grandchildren especially would love this!

  27. I would make an under the sea one. Our grandkids love ocean creatures, and even call their grandpa Whale because he pretends to be a whale every time we play in the pool together. They just love him and the game.

  28. I collect snowmen so I’d use the snow globe for a snowy scene (with snowmen). Great ideas today from the DT

  29. I would love to make some Christmas scenes with Santa and snowmen! I think it would also be fun to do a cityscapes with buildings and different animals for birthdays. The crazy antics picnic set would be such a cute scene too.

  30. I would love to make a winter scene in the snow globe and magic iris with Mice on Ice. There are so many possibilities!

  31. I would use this to make cards for the grandchildren. They love when I make interactive cards. Maybe a camping scene.

  32. These are fabulous and I would use the awesome inspiration shown for my snow globes with all the seasons represented, and maybe a shaker or two, love the interactive cards!!

  33. You gave so many ideas for using the snow glove, I think I would first use it how you would traditionally thing with a Christmas scene, but with all the ideas you gave, I would probably then makes scenes for all the holidays!

  34. These cards are so sweet! The possibility’s are really endless! I know my grandkids, nieces and nephews would love snow globe magic iris cards! Plus I could use them with the camera add on I have, Also make everyone an ornament with them for Christmas!

  35. Love all the inspiration! I would use the add on to make super fun holiday and birthday cards. I love the unexpected element of surprise.

  36. I would love to have this snow globe! I would make several Christmas cards, but I seen so much inspiration for other holidays too….so the ideas are endless.

  37. Oh my goodness! I would use this as a traditional snow globe, and have a holiday greeting revealed when the Magic Iris is opened.

  38. I’m planning to make some of my Christmas cards with this die this year—I think it’s totally adorable!! Thanks for all of the beautiful inspiration!

  39. These cards are so cute, I can’t pick a favorite! I like the idea of Halloween or holiday cards, especially the underwater scene with the crab, too cute!

  40. I love interactive cards, but just don’t do enough. Note to self; make or interactive cards with your Lawn Fawn supplies. I would definitely do Christmas scenes.

  41. My first thoughts are always about using the snow globe for Christmas cards but after looking at all the designers cards you realize you could use it for all sorts of different occasions and seasons! I think I would try many different things with it!

  42. I think it would be fun to make a little book with the Magic Iris Snow Globe on each page. You could use themes, such as the bear family, or mouse family, Christmas, or Halloween. Or even a photo book with a different photo inside the magic snow globe.

  43. AWESOME creations! The snow globe is the Perfect add on for the magic Iris! I would add a picture of us (Ole granma & granpa) in the center to send to the grandkids.

  44. I absolutely LOVE all the designs today, especially the ones using the magic iris add-on!!!! I have the magic iris and the add-on pieces, can’t wait to add the snow globe to my collection. I have made many magic iris cards and they are so much fun. great job everyone. I’m looking forward to tomorrows inspiration.

  45. I Love the Polar Bears cards! I would copy that one, only if I had the Magic Iris die 🙂 (It’s on my wish list)

  46. I like how the globe takes up the front of the card. So many great options to create. I would like to make a shaker snow globe.

  47. I’d use the add-on with my greeting cards.
    Love to send interactive cards. They are
    fun to make and to receive.

  48. I usually think of snow globes for Christmas themes so I was happy to see it used in different ways today.
    I would use the magic-iris snow globe for party invites….mice on ice for a skating party, the bakers for a cookie bake, christmas tree for an open house.

  49. I already bought the Magic Iris Snow Globe set and will definitely be using it for Christmas cards this year. I love it!

  50. I love how Latisha cut the center out to create a shaker snow globe. I think I’d use that concept to make my Christmas gift tags.

  51. These snow globe cards are all so amazing. I see this die in my future! What an awesome add on for the Magic Iris! Thanks for always bringing me joy with your cool products!!!

  52. Love all the inspiration today! The DT is so creative! Think i’d like to use the magic iris snow globe add-on with the Happy Harvest stamp set and put the adorable scarecrow inside!

  53. I love all these cards! The interactive ones are fabulous but I’m kind of afraid that they are complicated to make…

  54. I think it would make a great Fall theme with the Let’s Go Nuts Set!!!
    Awesome designs for the Snow Globe. Everyone is amazing!!!

  55. I love this Magis Iris Add-on, I love the scene Tammy Stark created with the little snowman in back and the bigger snowmen in front! Love this scene!! I would recreate this lovely sample!!

  56. I would use this to make fun interactive cards for my grandchildren. As always, your designers do a tremendous job!

  57. I love all the beautiful snow globe scenes! I would love to make a bunch of wonderful cards just like the
    wonderful design team!

  58. Awesome cards with this fun snow globe add-on! I really love Latisha’s shaped shaker! I’d love to make some of those!

  59. what wouldn’t I use it for? I love all the samples showing it used with the magic iris …. maybe fun to use with the magic picture changer as well!

  60. Thanksgiving is usually at my house, and we have a TRIBE. It would be fun to make autumn globe place markers, so everyone knows where to sit.

  61. These are so cool. I would probably make one similar to the Halloween-themed one. Thanks for sharing these great samples.

  62. I like the idea of making a big snowglobe without using the iris portion of it (as shown in one of the exemples in the video).

  63. Love this set. I have both snowglobe sets with the magic iris. Thanks for all the ideas can’t wait to get started.

  64. The magic iris snow globe is inspiring! I haven’t seen a product this versatile and creative for a long time! I would use it make cards with animals or fruit in the center.

  65. Pair it with the magic iris and make some fun interactive cards for the kids… thinking the dragon, princess and wizard stamps too,

  66. I have nieces and nephews who love all these interactive cards. I was thinking to make winter scenes with maybe a shaker inside the window. I like the idea of using it for a halloween card. I don’t know if we can do sound in a card or not but it would be fun to have it make a erry noise when you move it.

  67. Would for sure use this magic iris and snow globe for Christmas cards. After Christmas I would experiment with all kinds of other cards.

  68. Hmmm, although I love these examples, I probably wouldn’t use the magic iris dies nor the snowglobe add on. I just tend to do simpler cards than interactive cards, but love these examples!

  69. Wow, I adore the bears and the snowmen in the snow globe! What neat interactive cards these would make! Just a little something extra to send to those family members we’ll be apart from this year.

  70. So inventive and creative! I love snow globes! I really like Tammy Stark’s scene builder with this add on for a beautiful Christmas scene.

  71. I love all the different ways the designers used today’s products! So creative and imaginative! I would use it as the lens on a camera. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  72. This is such an awesome die set! The possibilities are amazing! I would love to make this year’s Christmas cards with it.

  73. Such a fun new die. I would use it to create a scene that changes like a undecorated tree to a decorated Christmas tree.

  74. I could see using the new Magic iris snow globe die to delight friends and family for occasions all through the year! These examples are so inspirational. Love them!

  75. I would use the Snow Cool and Here we go a-waddling stamp sets to make a snowy holiday scene with the adorable penguins!

  76. I’d use the snow globe add-on as an excuse to splurge on the magic iris die set, lol! In the mean time I would totally make it into a cute shaker card… I would have to use the unicorns and little stars and clouds to make it into a magical birthday card, with a lot of light pinks, purples, and gold! There would most likely be cupcakes involved (stamped and real).

  77. I dont have the magic iris so the add on will be uhmmmm TBD, may be a swap out for something else my heart is already set on. Thanks for the great countdown! I so look forward to this! One day…one day. Fingers crossed.

  78. I love this idea of of this add-on! The design team did amazing! I love the look of the non interactive look of this die.

  79. Hmmm.. that’s a hard question esp. me who doesn’t do much on interactive cards.. just because I don’t have enough time to do so BUT, this interactive dies are interesting! Maybe for birthdays.. will design the recipients favorite things under the opening. This looks really fun!

  80. I would like to do a underwater scene, maybe an arctic scene, and one using the Bears Den. You can use year around!

  81. I would make beautiful cards for a special birthday like a quinceanera. Something special for the young lady’s birthday. 💜

  82. Love all of the inspiration I’m getting from seeing all of these adorable cards from this amazing and wonderful new release and love how the magic iris snow globe add-on is so versatile and can be used in many different ways and you don’t have to use it for Christmas but can be used for other Holidays as well

  83. Oh my goodness! These design team samples are absolutely magical!!! I love snow globes! I’m loving how versatile this add on die is! I think it would work with absolutely any stamp set! I’d like to use it with the fairies or the mermaids:)

  84. I think the Snow Globe Add-On would be extremely versatile in the sense it could be created for any occasion card with the scene being different to accommodate that theme. Different seasons, critters, little people … the options are endless. Love the add-on! The DT have done an awesome job with creating some inspiration for the Snow Globe. Thank you 🙂

  85. The snow globe add-on is so cute! I am going to use it on a lot of Christmas cards! And I might try and see if I can use fake snow inside to create a shaker

  86. Love the snow globe add-on, it would be great for creating a bon voyage travel snow globe or welcome home snow globe.

  87. I love the Christmas fishes card. I would use this set for some underwater scenes too. I love the versatility of this set!

  88. I think the magic iris die set could be used for holiday cards year round. The beauty of Lawn Fawn products is that they integrate with one another so designs are unlimited!

  89. Amazing creations today! Love Latisha’s altered her shaker ornament!! I am going to try this and make a bunch of tags!

  90. I have the snow globe set and I have several of your mini sets so I would use the Iris add on to make snow globes during the entire year… for my darling granddaughters. The possibilities are endless!

  91. I would use this new die to make shaker card tags for Christmas presents. Or make a bunch for kids to color as an ornament for their tree.

  92. i would use this die to make my Christmas cards although I reall LOVE that Halloween card that Mindy made!! It’s Super Spooktacular.

  93. I would love to get a card in the mail like this! It would be fun to make a gender reveal card with this ! That would be so much fun!

  94. Each card is as sweet as the last! I especially love how Latisha created a shaped shaker. I’d love to CASE that brilliant idea and make shaker ornaments with this fun die set.

  95. The snow globe add on is so cute for all different scenes. I would use the Christmas Fishes for an under the sea theme with lots of glitter.

  96. First on my list is the fortune teller cat and ghosts in a night sky. Love this interactive die. I think swirling leaves would be really cute!

  97. I would use the snow globe year round. I especially would use it in the spring and have flowers that replace the snow on an outdoor scene. The iris add on would provide even more options for the snow globe.

  98. WIth the Magic Iris Snow Globe Add On, I could make all kinds of scenes throughout the year – Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s – it goes on and on!

  99. I had this weird flash of a mooning Santa stamp I’ve had for years. Wouldn’t that be funny surprise! Or maybe not….

  100. If I had this magic iris snow globe add-on I would use it for all different kind of occasions not only for Christmas I would make regular cards,interactive cards,and even snow globe shape cards with this die set or make a card from one of these amazing and beautiful card on here because I’m getting tons of ideas

  101. Snow globes are so fun. I’m wondering if I could engineer a shaker card between two sheets of acetate over the magic iris! Gotta have falling snow in a snow globe1

  102. I would use it on a very special Christmas card for my husband as he bought me the most beautiful snowglobe not long after we met

  103. Love love love all your inspiration! I think I would make a special Christmas card for my Boyfriend, who loves snow globes!

  104. I don’t know yet I have no experience with the magical Iris die. But I will try to make something like the design team.

  105. These cards give me the warm fuzzies. 😋 This die looks like so much fun with endless possibilities. I’d definitely start with a card for my mom, who’s been a snow globe lover for as long as I can remember.

  106. How do you guys keep coming up with these ideas!!???? What a unique product and so fun! I’m definitely not creative enough to come up with ideas for things like this; I would have to CASE some of the LF amazing designers!

  107. Super cute interactive cards! I don’t make many, and in fact have just started purchasing some Lawn Fawn interactive dies… I would absolutely make something for my grandson however – he LOVES cuteness too!

  108. Love the ocean themed ones. So many possibilities – snowy outside then open up to sunbathing fox on the beach (warm winter wishes); cats surrounding the snow globe of fish, Opening it to see Critters on the Savannah (or really any of them); fantasy scenes with castles and dragons, damsels and knights. Roasting marshmallows over a fire pit… Central Park in the snow, I could go on….

  109. I think I would make a baking card using the A Creature Was Stirring stamps! So many wonderful possibilities!

  110. I LOVE snow globe cards for winter and the holidays!!
    I would definetely use it with the snow globe scenes stamps, they are so cute!

  111. I really like making magic iris cards. There are some really creative ways to use it other than holidays. I really like DT use of the snow globe as a magic ball.

  112. I had a few German snow globes, but gave them away to bring smiles to the faces of my nieces and nephews!

  113. OMG the design team has knocked this out of the park! I think I would probably create a scene where the magic eye would reveal santa flying in the night sky.

  114. So much inspiration!!! This really helps my brain thin of different ideas on how to use the Magic Iris. These are clever ideas!

  115. These snow globes make the perfect Christmas cards paired up with the cute elves from the Holiday Helpers set and Santa from the Ho-Ho-Holidays. Gorgeous cards!!

  116. I love the card in the post that uses this for a Halloween card. I want to do that to make some Halloween cards.

  117. i absolutely and so stoked to play with this set.
    i first thought snowglobe and then second thought was definitely a magic crystal ball. how fun would it be to put madame leota in one??

  118. Such inspirations! Love the beautiful samples. I think I will use it like Yainea’s card, because Christmas Fishes is my fave Christmas stamps.

  119. This die is so cool, I’m thinking of making a card with it that looks into another world. Like a planet inside the snowglobe.

  120. Besides Christmas-themed cards, I’d use the snow globe for other seasons like spring with butterflies, summer with a beach and fall with leaves.

  121. I would use this snow globe add-on to make all sorts of scenes with all of the little birdies stamps 🙂 There are so many options!!!

  122. I would use it to create an adorable Christmas theme snow globe (maybe a gingerbread theme, or the baking mice, or winter unicorn, or winter dragon… there is too many themes!!!).

  123. I would love to make a Snow Globe calendar with the Magic Iris Snow Globe Add-on. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone!!

  124. I would use the Snow Globe to enclose a picture of the recipient! It would be fun to view their smile when they open it!

  125. Such adorable examples! Love them all! I would love to use the snow globe with a nativity in the middle. To me, that is what Christmas represents… the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.❤️ Would love for Lawn Fawn to come out with some cute nativity scenes❤️

  126. My favorite cards to make are halloween so I’d probably use it for that purpose. I do have the trick or treat/spooky village stamp set so I could make a little scene with that. 🙂

  127. Oh there are so many ideas running through my mind on how to use. Definitely use the set throughout the year and would love to make one for my daughter n love for Mother’s Day.

  128. The new snowglobe set would be fun to use with the Santa list kids set from last (?) year. I can see the kids around a tree with presents everywhere and when you open the iris a puppy jumps out of the package.

  129. I would use the Snow Globe to enclose pictures of my three canines with the Lawn Fawn Dog Park stamps around it! The I would share my cards with friends and family!

  130. This is such a great set! I would definitely make this year’s Christmas cards using it. Not sure which of the other fabulous sets I would pair it with, but so much possibility!

  131. I would use the snow globe to enclose a picture of a family member and then send this special creation to them!

  132. I actually would use the snow globe for Halloween maybe in Combination with the stamp set fortune teller tabby (inside, like you zoom out and don’t concentrate on the crystal ball so much) ) and the fortune teller crystal ball on the outside and when you pull the tab it reveals your future! Does that make sense ? :O

  133. Magic iris cards see my favorite they add the best hidden surprise. I would use this with every holiday. Imagine it filled with little hearts and a surprise Cupid once opened for Valentine’s.

  134. I’d use this to make Christmas cards and tags for larger gifts. It’s such a great add on to the excellent snow globes.

  135. I would go on the Lawn Fawn page and just look up everyone else’s ideas because that is how I get inspired. But I don’t have any of the Magic Changer ones yet…saving up to buy it.

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