Lawn Fawn Intro: Shutter Card Snow Globe Add-on and Shutter Card Holiday Sayings

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s October 2020 Inspiration Week! Our Fall & Winter 2020 Release including our 14 new stamp sets and coordinating dies, 25 new standalone die sets, two new paper collections and all of our exciting new products are now available at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

We already have four places you can leave comments to win:
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Snow Globe Scenes and Snow Globe Scenes Shaker Add-On!
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AND today’s post too!

Today is our showcase of Shutter Card Snow Globe Add-On and Shutter Card Holiday Sayings! This add-on creates a cute snow globe that is the perfect size for your Shutter Card! It also includes a large decorative snowflake that is a great fit for the Shutter Card belly band.

These holiday sentiments are sized perfectly for Shutter Card. They are also a great fit for Scalloped Circle Gift Tag, Magic Iris, Magic Picture Changer, Snow Globe Gift Tag, Flippin’ Awesome, and more!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these fun new sets!

Elise created an elegant Shutter Card for Christmas! She embossed the new Shutter Card Holiday Sayings with silver embossing powder! For the card base, Snowflake Trio was stenciled on Sage Cardstock with Yeti ink. Then to finish this beautiful card, she sprinkled some pretty Holographic die cut snowflakes!

Lynnette‘s festive design features a mix of papers from Let it Shine and Snow Day Remix! She filled the Shutter Card Snow Globe with the little car from Snow Globe Scenes!

Audrey‘s happy design shows the Shutter Card Snow Globe Add-On is perfect on a card front! She filled the background with an ink blended sky, Snowflake Trio stencil and die cut snowflakes! The cute little snowman is from Ready Set Snow!

Mindy also created a beautiful background using the Snowflake Trio stencil! Her holiday snow globe Shutter Card combines Snow Globe Scenes and Winter Skies!

Megan created an amazing gingerbread winter wonderland! She combined images from Snow Globe Scenes, A Creature Was Stirring, Tiny Gingerbread, Oh Snap and Sweet Christmas!

I love this fun underwater themed holiday card by Grace! She used Mermaid for You to set the scene then brought in all the holiday with Christmas Fishes! To give her Shutter Card something special, she die cut the shutter pieces from vellum and used Shimmer cardstock for the ocean floor!

I just can’t get enough of that darling little napping bear! This Den Sweet Den cutie shows up in the snow globe on Elena‘s beautiful card design and on the belly band of the Shutter Card!

Yainea created a gorgeous galaxy on the inside of her Shutter Card with the constellations from Upon a Star! I love how she added the Snow Globe Scenes fox to the top panel with the snow globe so the shutters open behind it!

Kara decorated the front of her Shutter Card with pretty Snowflake Borders that coordinate with the Snow Globe Add-On snowflake! On the inside she stamped the sentiment on the base and added the little fox scene to the snow globe!

Tammy made a sweet Christmas design featuring the Shutter Card Snow Globe Add-On on the front of her card! She used the cute gingerbread scene from Snow Globe Scenes and included more gingerbread from Oh Snap and Tiny Gingerbread!

Now, we have a video to introduce Shutter Card Snow Globe Add-On and Shutter Card Holiday Sayings to share some fun ways to use these new sets. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Shutter Card Snow Globe Add-On and Shutter Card Holiday Sayings!

Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what made you smile today by October 7th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this die set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Monday October 5th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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330 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Shutter Card Snow Globe Add-on and Shutter Card Holiday Sayings

  1. We hung up our Halloween decorations yesterday and i couldn’t help but smile as I’m so excited for Halloween. 🦇

  2. Something that’s made me smile recently is watching all of the baby monarch butterflies flying through our back yard on their migration route. It’s so beautiful!

  3. Yesterday I taught a card class using the new LF release at my local scrapbook store. Everyone loved the cards we made! That made me smile.

  4. These cards made me smile for sure! Thinking about going on The Buddy Walk yesterday to support our dear friend, Ella, who has Down’s syndrome has kept a smile on my face all day! Such a special young lady & her family are amazing.

  5. All these gorgeous cards, especially the gingerbread scene, has made me smile today since I’ve only been awake for 7 minutes it’s a good way to start the day.

  6. What made me smile today was seeing all this inspiration using the new shutter card set as I recently purchased it after seeing the video and now am excited to see all these fabulous cards…YEAH!!

  7. Well those cards sure have a surprise inside! So far I smiled when I got up and my husband was making homemade doughnuts!

  8. These cards are gorgeous!! Something that made me smile today is seeing the comments and love on my Instagram. This community of people is amazing. Everyone is so friendly!

  9. Hearing the day’s weather forecast, which includes rain, made me smile this morning, since that gives me an excuse to stay inside and craft.

  10. The Design Team has out done themselves with their beautiful cream designs! Just amazing!
    My pups always make me smile. There always so happy!

  11. These are amazing. I especially liked Lynette’s card. This whole post made me smile. I really hope to try a shutter card soon

  12. Waking up to my cat’s face looking at me. Usually, he wakes me up by biting my hair and pulling it at 4 in the morning. This morning, he let me sleep in until 7. Bless his heart! Maybe he knew it was Sunday! But I know tomorrow, I will be up at 4 for the rest of the week. 😩

  13. I’ve been sick for the last week and my son brought me a tea today and told me he hopes I feel better soon ❤

  14. Simply wonderful sets and inspiration! As soon as we can facetime the grandkids out west, I will be smiling. Just have to wait for them to get up. The time difference is tough.

  15. These samples are SO INSPIRING!!! Great job everyone! What made me smile today was a visit from a childhood friend and she liked my cards so much she went through them all and purchased many (at a discount of course … after all, she’s a friend! lol). Thanks for this wonderful opportunity and all the amazing inspiration you’ve been sharing this week!

    1. These cards are simply gorgeous! I love how many of them use older and non holiday sets. Besides these cards making me smile today, I am spending time with my mom.

    1. Love these cards! Accidentally responded to a comment instead, so redoing here. Spending time with my mom today makes me smile.

  16. These adorable cards and designs made me smile today, the videos very really cute! Plus the weather is perfect and we walked about 2 & 1/2 miles at a beautiful park near the house.❤️😘✌️

  17. Watching my boys giggle over pictures in a scrapbook album while drinking my frothy coffee. 😁 Thank you for all the inspiration.

  18. Yesterday night we came home from celebrating my MIL’s birthday and heard some noise on the back porch. It was a little hedgehog looking for a save spot for the night. My kids had used up all the eggs so I decided to put at least out a bit of milk for him – and had to smile this morning when I saw that he seems to have finished it. Might have been the neighbours cats though but at least some critter enjoyed it. And of course all the LF stamps that I brought out this afternoon to make a slimline card, making up for not being able to craft yesterday.
    The DT has once again outdone thesemveles, love all these cards. Thank you for the inspiration!

  19. I smiled today when the squirrel came up on the deck and looked inside the patio door. I’m sure he’s glad that our weather is staying warm for now. The card examples are wonderful and continue to inspire me!

  20. It’s early in the morning so I haven’t seen
    anything to smile about yet. Have to get
    my Pepsi and breakfast and then I’ll smile.
    thanks for sharing

    1. My sister sent me a a picture of a sign saying. “Becoming a crafter is kind of like joining the mafia. Once you’re in you, there is no way out.” That gave me a good chuckle.

  21. What made me smile today is our new puppy Jojo. There’s nothing like walking into a room when a three month old pup is sitting there waiting for you, tail wagging! ❤️

  22. I love these cards!!! I love all things interactive from Lawn Fawn they are just so much fun to make and give to people. Keep the inspiration coming.

  23. Been on the receiving end of a whole lot of love and support from family and friends and that makes me smile every day!

  24. The rain and wind made me smile this morning! Yes! Then it felt perfectly fine to just sit indoors all day starting with the Christmas-cards! YAY!

  25. Looking at my little daughter sleeping made me smile today!❤️
    Love this shutter card and the snow globe add on.

  26. My sister sent me a cute little text. It was a sign saying “Becoming a crafter is kinda like joining the mafia. Once you are in, there is no way out.” lol! That gave me a chuckle and my daughter and I were working on a Halloween shadowbox. It’s nice to craft with your kids!

  27. My daughter sent a pic of my grandchildren and that made me smile! Love the inspiration from the design team today!

  28. My family just adopted two baby kittens last night – 2lbs and only 1lb. Adorable 8 week old kittens. They made us all smile, me especially when the littlest one started to purr while holding her.

  29. Seeing our granddaughter on our Google Hub made me smile. Due to the pandemic we haven’t seen her since she was 6 months old and she will soon be one. Sunday is our favorite day!

  30. I smiled today at the crisp fall air and pretty colors on my walk with my husband. I love the beautiful die cut holographic metallic snowflakes on Chari’s card! Such a wow factor!

  31. The wonderful thing about my dog, Apollo, is that he always does something funny, even when he doesn’t mean to be! He makes me smile each and every day.

  32. Its early, so the 1st thing was my dog laying upside down next to me when I woke up! Its Sunday, so my hubby’s home today and that really makes me smile! Then checkin in on lawn fawn and I particularly live the Wish upon a star card…so sweet that made me smile. Yuppers its autumn and Halloween’s coming that made me smile. Well I’m fully awake and smiling from ear to ear as I count my many blessings!!!!!!!

  33. This add-on made me smile! I LOVE IT!!! WHAT A STUNNING RELEASE!!!! It also made me smile to see my puppy go crazy with excitement when I came home from boot camp

  34. That I finally feel asleep at 6am & woke up to my husband smiling!
    He was watching me sleep & said I looked like a angel!
    That’s Love!🥰
    I love the holographic snowflakes used on Shutter snow globe card!

  35. WOW!!! Such amazing and beautiful cards!! My grandchildren makes me smile everyday!! I’m lucky enough to live next door to 5 of my 8 grandchildren!!

  36. My partner made me smile today with his silly jokes! My favourite shutter card is Grace’s underwater Christmas scene. But all the cards by the DT are fabulous as always 😊

  37. We have been working so hard the last couple weeks trying to fix up the house. Waking up this morning and walking out to see all our beautiful work done really made me smile. These cards are all adorable!

  38. You have the most amazing design team. I always smile when I see their new designs. The only problem is I can’t decide which card to make. But keep them coming anyways.

  39. These winter shutter cards are so inspiring! Megan’s gingerbread winter wonderland is phenomenal!
    Today I smiled to see how big my friend’s 2 year old has gotten since the last time I saw him a few months ago.

  40. Awesome cards with these fun dies and stamps! My kitty, Coco, greeting me when I got up this morning made me smile!

  41. OMG! These cards are all so AMAZING! Definitely got some inspiration and can’t wait to start making my Christmas cards!

  42. My niece made me smile today. She lives in Germany and I am in Canada so I have not been able to visit her since February. We had a video call today and she is always so happy.

  43. Saw a TV commercial this morning of 2 very small boys… one white, one black… run toward each other and immediately hug at length. With all the unrest and division in our country these days I immediately smiled at the affection and love they showed each other. I smile each time I see this commercial…

  44. waking up to the cat cuddled up next to me made me smile. She really does not like sleeping with people, so it was nice.

  45. Smile: we get to go watch our little grandson play baseball, play on the playground together, and swim in the pool afterward!!! I LOVE the gingerbread people scene!!!!

  46. Seeing Grace’s underwater scene card here really made me Smile!!!! Then my oldest daughter just came down from Phnx to bring back my mom and few things she had for me made me smile too!!!! Loving all the DT creations!!!!

  47. My puppy chasing falling leaves made me smile today! Loving all the wonderful inspiration from the Design Team!

  48. Such cute projects! Your designers are awesome. I gave my dog a bath today and seeing her get the zoomies afterward made me smile! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  49. I had just seen a photo of my sister and several of my cousins together. It made me smile to see it bc it is a rare moment in time.

  50. Went out to lunch with my hubby and daughter today. She decided to try something new off of the menu, and it made me smile. She usually sticks to the same thing.

  51. I just love these shutter cards. So fun. Seeing a puppy on Instagram from the same litter we will be getting in Feb made me smile today.

  52. Watching my 2 year old try to play football with her big brother in the yard this afternoon made me smile.

  53. Seeing my younger daughter find a new recipe and trying her hand at cooking gave me a huge smile 🙂
    I am in love with this shutter die and the DTs did an awesome job 🙂

  54. Oh my – these shutter snow globe cards are stinkin’ cute! What made me smile today was sleeping in for the first time in what seems like a long time and making my first big pot of chili on a cool, but sunny beautiful fall day.

  55. I work in a Nursing Home as a Dietary Aid. I worked today and seeing the residents smile when I bring them their food always puts a smile on my face. They always have a story to tell how their night went and it brings joy especially during these trying times when they don’t see family.

  56. My cats made me smile…they are just too funny. They love to play with a Huge pile of shipping paper. They run and dive into the paper and then they lift their paw’s up and down so it makes noise. Too funny,
    Great inspiration by all.

  57. What a fun surprise for inside a card! Today listening to some of my 4 year old’s phrases and vocabulary made me smile!

  58. What made me smile today was spending the day with my oldest friend!
    I love these cards – this is such a fun die set. And great messages on the stamps too

  59. Taking a moment from a busy day to read a Lawn Fawn blog post and admire the Lawn Fawn Team creativity and ingenuity made me smile!! Thanks for sharing the joy and fun of creating cards!

  60. A huge smile we had today was getting to share the gender of our baby with our church family this afternoon. We’re so excited!

  61. I was watching the little chipmunks on our back porch laying on their stomachs eating seeds, cutest little things, totally made me smile!

  62. SWOON!! I just LOVE the SWEET Inspiration!!
    My Husband and Boys have made me SMILE today!! We went and picked Pumpkins and decorated for Fall!! It was an AMAZING Day!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!!

  63. Working on a puzzle today with my husband made me smile. Love this new style shutter card for the holidays!

  64. My friend, Charlie, does watercolor paintings. His painting was of a cute beagle puppy standing on his bed. It is such a sweet painting. Made me smile and remember my beagle, Monster. 💜

  65. All of these cards are way too cute my favorite holiday is Christmas so seeing the shutter card snow globe add-on and shutter card holiday sayings and watching my dogs have a blast playing together made me smile today, thanks for putting together this inspiration week

  66. Being able to go apple picking with my family today made me smile. Even though there was very little to pick and we had to wear masks the whole time. We were together. Love the Snow globe Stamps.

  67. My niece with my parents. All three of them wanted to get donuts for breakfast! Her smile with her grandparents is priceless!

  68. Such gorgeous cards! The cherry blossoms in my in-laws’ house made me smile – I’ve never seen them so beautiful!

  69. You make the most amazing inspirations! Today I went to my grandma to celebrate my aunt’s 50birthday! And being with my family made me really happy!

  70. Honestly not much 😀 it’s dark cold and rainy and I would rather make cards than be working. But maybe when I get home I will do so and everything will be alright 🙂

  71. These shutter cards are jaw dropping. I can’t get over the adorable scenes, stunning coloring and how crazy creative they are.

  72. Today we completed the spring clean up of our garden and it’s such a happy feeling to sit in the garden and enjoy the flowers and birds.

  73. These shutter cards are so fun!!! And the snowglobe set is adorable! I was smiling at my 14-year-old’s little collection of horse chestnuts. She’s got little names for them and created a little family. It’s funny how attached she’s gotten to them!

  74. Most of my daily smiles are from my 3yo grandson’s antics, and today’s was when he confirmed that I wanted to be his “best bud.” <3

  75. Really great creations. Haven’t made this style card or the bands. I really smiled at he fox and sky card. Lovely combination and I like how the card was used to make the larger sky.

  76. More wonderful cards! Love that Santa crab! Other than smiling at this post, my husband made me smile by making breakfast!

  77. What made me smile today was my “Fur Baby”, he is just always there, wagging his tail, waiting for me! Great way to start the day….

  78. These awesome card samples made me smile and so did the fact that one order of crafty supplies is about to be delivered! I am also halfway through my final semester of college so that countdown made me smile too.

  79. Today the wonderful people at the swimming pool made me smile and hopefully I put a smile on their face. Thank you, Lawn Fawn, for making me smile with all of your imaginative products!

  80. Today snuggling in bed with my spouse and doggo made me smile, just those few minutes before everyone gets up and the chaos of the day takes over. Lovely.

  81. Creating cards, colouring with markers, pencils or water colours make me smile. I just bought the Shutter Card die and can’t wait to open my mail and find it! That will bring a BIG smile to my face. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  82. we finished putting up our halloween decorations Pirate skeletons and other neighbors are joining in. Huge smiles today!

  83. A Zoom meeting with my scrappy besties made me smile today! These cards are all so amazing. Everyone on the DT is so incredibly talented!!

  84. love this die already!
    my birthday is this week and i’ve been getting cards in the mail and it makes me so happy!

  85. While washing our dishes in the bathroom (no kitchen, remodel), my husband and I felt like kids going camping. Even though we are tired, we had fun and the soap flakes went flying everywhere while we were singing songs and laughing.

  86. A lovely video of adorable bears from my favourite wild life sanctuary made me smile the most today (Orphaned Wildlife Center on YT, check them out!). <3

  87. I love the surprise you see when you open these shutter cards.
    Experimenting with inks in my craft room and a phone call with my son who lives quiite a distance away made me smile today.

  88. My dog Luna makes me smile everyday!! She is the sweetest most loving dog!! Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  89. My family always makes me smile! My birthday is near the end of Sept and my Dad’s is 10 days later in October so the time that I get to spend with my family celebrating always makes me smile!!!

  90. Haha that sweet little Santa Claws card made me smile 😁. Such a fun release. You always have such clever dies!

  91. I smiled when I saw my cat curled up on the couch looking like a hibernating squirrel. Reminded me of the new LF squirrels! 🙂

  92. Such great inspiration again! So much fantastic creativity! My husband made me smile today just by being him 🙂

  93. A FB memory popped from a year ago that showed my completion of my archery certification for my daughter’s Girl Scout troop! That definitely made me smile!

  94. I wish I could of gotten this! So adorable! I absolutely love your design team! That is definitely a dream job!❤

  95. I had a doctors appointment and felt not so good but the doctor’s assistant said that she really liked my hat and thought it was cute that made me smile1 It’s a knitted hat with cat ears. Most of my Hats have kind of ears, I have two cat hats and one polar bear, I’, looking for a knitted fox hat 😀

  96. Pictures of my grandson ALWAYS make me smile. The latest was of a spaghetti dinner with some of the noodles on his head.

  97. The day has just started but my honey left me the remaining heath bars on the table. I bought them for him as a treat and he always thinks of me first. (Don’t tell him, I do not like heath bars so I left them for him)! One treat he can always have because I wont steal them. LOL

  98. It makes me smile when I see super cute ideas using some of the goodies that I luckily already purchased!! 🙂

  99. My grand babies made me smile. But then, they always make me smile!

    Love the cards! Between the snow globes and the bands (shutters?), they are gorgeous!

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