Lawn Fawn Intro: Stitched Sun Frame, Outside In Stitched Sun and Sunburst Backdrop

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Spring 2021 Inspiration and Release Week! On February 25th our 9 new stamp sets, 14 new die sets, 5 new stencil sets, new paper collection, new cardstock and more new products will be available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

We already have seven places you can leave comments to win:
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Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab post!
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Magic Messages and Build-A-Basket: Easter post!
AND today’s post too!

Today is our showcase of Stitched Sun Frame, Outside In Stitched Sun and Sunburst Backdrop! This sunny backdrop makes a wonderful background for a standard-sized card! The sunburst combines “stitched” and embossed sun rays. The opening is sized perfectly to work with Magic Iris and Magic Messages! These sunny new die sets work on their own and together! The cute Stitched Sun Frame can be paired with Outside In Stitched Sun to create a fun shaker card!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a little video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Latisha‘s gorgeous card is filled with sunshine! She combined Sunburst Backdrop with Outside In Stitched Sun and Stitched Sun Frame! I love how she offset the sun die cuts and filled the center with a Magic Message!

Elise‘s design is so adorable! She combined Outside In Stitched Sun with an Outside In Stitched Cloud and some little hearts! She put them in a Cloudy Stenciled sky and finished her card with a sentiment from Long Distance Hugs!

Chari added lots of fun to the Sunburst Backdrop with colorful strips of patterned paper! This bright and happy card has a Magic Messages greeting and some gold thread to create texture and detail!

Elena‘s sunny card has lots of wow factor! She combined all 3 of our featured sets and added beautiful rainbow ink blending!

Grace‘s sweet cards feature Stitched Sun Frame filled with sweet little shaker bits and an awesome stenciled background! Those perfect sentiments are found in All the Clouds!

Mindy made 2 gorgeous cards featuring Outside In Stitched Sun! The Sunburst Backdrop adds the fun stitched and embossed rays on the background which Mindy stenciled using Starry Sky Stencil! She varied her designs by switching the colors then added bold greetings with Oliver’s Stitched ABCs.

I love the warm colors that Audrey used to create this beautiful card! She added awesome gold accents with the Simple Puffy Cloud Frames, gold sequins and splatters. She finished this striking design with a gold-embossed Magic Messages sentiment!

Lynnette‘s charming card pairs Sunburst Backdrop with a Reverse Stitched Scalloped Rectangle Window to frame a colorful stitched mug shaker! The new Thinking of You Line Border adds just the right greeting!

Megan‘s Swish ‘n Pop Pull-Tab card is all kinds of Stitched Rainbow cuteness! As the Outside In Stitched Sun swishes across the sky the rest of the gold-embossed Long Distance Hugs sentiment is revealed!

Tammy used the Stitched Sun Frame to make adorable shaker cards complete with the sweet smiley face! The Sunburst Backdrop and a few clouds fill out the design along with a sentiment from All the Clouds!

Lynnette used Perfectly Plaid Nancy Remix paper as a sky colored background for her sunny card! She layered Stitched Sun Frame over an Outside In Stitched Sun in two shades of yellow and added the smiley face to create this happy sun! She included a couple of Outside In Stitched Clouds and a Scripty Smile greeting!

I love how Audrey used the Sunburst Backdrop to create a sunny scene for the cute Tiny Friends in the Car Critters car!

Elise‘s adorable quick and easy card features Sunburst Backdrop and some great ink-blending! She added some hearts from Bubbles of Joy and a Scripty Bubble Sentiment to create a sweet and thoughtful design!

Chari paired the layered suns with a fun greeting from Magic Messages. The little paper airplanes add a bit of whimsy!

I love how Rebecca incorporated the Outside In Stitched Sun in this sweet little scene that features Butterfly Kisses Flip-Flop. The Sunburst Backdrop added fun detail to the pretty Perfectly Plaid Nadia Remix paper!

And now I have a video to introduce Stitched Sun Frame, Outside In Stitched Sun and Sunburst Backdrop and to share some fun things to do with these new sets! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Stitched Sun Frame, Outside In Stitched Sun and Sunburst Backdrop! Tomorrow is Release Day, woohoo! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite new product in this release by TODAY February 24th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Thursday, February 25th for our giveaway winner announcement and Spring Release reveal!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

Spring 2021 Release Products will be available on February 25th!
Sunburst Backdrop
Stitched Sun Frame
Outside In Stitched Sun

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393 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Stitched Sun Frame, Outside In Stitched Sun and Sunburst Backdrop

  1. My favourite new product are the script bubble words. They are something that I didn’t know I need until i saw them. 💖

  2. My favorite is ALL OF THE RELEASE!! LOL! Seriously! How can you always come up with so cute & amazing designs??!! If I have to pick, at least, the ones I already have in my ORDERING list, they are, bubble background stencil, Scripty sentiments stamp and dies, virtual friends and dies, pop up desk dies, and magic messages. They are my must have, and then, will calculate how much that order will be, and decide whether I can add more or not. I still want them all, though! LOL Great & Happy release! yay!

  3. my favorite? this release is actually one of the best yet. it’s so hard to decide my favorite! the virtual friends is one of my favorites due to the pandemic, it’s so appropriate for the times we are in 🙂

  4. I love it all!!! If I had to choose, I think the tiny people would be my favourites, because I can see them in so many different cards. And I can’t wait to make a little scene with the build a house die and all the little people.
    The bubble scripty sentiments are also at the top of the list.

  5. Wow! Tough call! Definitely one oh my favourite releases! For stamp set, I think “Bubbles of Joy” and for stand alone die, the outside stitch sunshine from today. Of course, in a perfect world I would be able to get them all. Thanks for the awesome release party!

  6. You could torture me and I still wouldn’t be able to tell you my favorite product from this release! It’d just another georgeous one full of fun and versatile products. Can’t eait for tomorrow to place my order!

  7. My favorite is the mice with the bubbles, and, of course, the coordinating products! Great release, Lawn Fawn! As usual, you have captured my heart. All of it is so creative and inspiring!

  8. These are some beautiful card’s, every single thing in this new release is so amazing and all of them are my favorite but my top pick would have to be the Virtual Friend’s and Tiny Friend’s

  9. Wow, my favorite is todays Stitched Sun Frame, Outside In Sun and the Sunburst Backdrop! These cards today just blew me away I loved everyone of them. I am getting all 3 of these for sure!!!!!!!!

  10. It’s so hard to pick a favorite! The first on my list of must haves has to be bubbles of joy and scripty bubble sentiments though. The little critters blowing bubbles are just so cute!

  11. You seriously want me to pick just one favorite?
    My husband and wallet would also like that, but we all know that lawn fawn is like layers potato chips… can’t stop at one,,,
    I love …. and will own all the cute bubbles,,, love the border die, but if I can only pick one, it’s the mice for sure,,

  12. That’s a tough call! I’d have to go with Tiny Friends out of everything we’ve seen so far. I also LOVE the Perfectly Plaid Remix paper!

  13. These bright sun related products can only bring sunshine in someone’s day. Love every product in this release but the mice take the cake😍

  14. I love all of it!, but I absolutely love all the new bubbles sets!! Lawn Fawn never disappoints, another fantastic release and really enjoyed seeing everyone’s fun and beautiful projects showcasing all the new products!

  15. I think my favorite is the stitched sunshine! Right now here in Wisconsin, I think we are all dreaming of SPRING and some SUSHINE!

  16. My favorite release so How far are you?. My favs. are build a basket: Easter and Tiny friends. Cant wait to see the whole release

    1. Wow – what a great release! Those suns make me happy – just what a need on these chilly days. Which is my favorite – that is too hard! I love all of the dies and the mice and the virtual and tiny friends!

  17. My favorite is the mice and the pop-up desk. Love the new sun! I love the simplicity of working with dies. Minimal effort to get a really big wow factor.

  18. Do I really have to pick one? I love it all. I think the first thing I’ll get will be the bubbles of joy set & accessories. I also really love the sun sets. I love that all your products are so interactive and easily combined! I love you guys!

  19. My favorite pieces from this release—all the new bubble items, all the new sun items, Easter basket, and love the paper. I’m sure when I see the whole list of items for sale I’ll be buying more than this list though…love it all

  20. I love the sunburst back drop and the stretched sun!! These would be perfect for sending cards to encourage others. This entire release is amazing!!!

  21. There are so many items to this new release that are so awesome! But I guess I’m most looking forward to using the Swish “N Pop die! Can’t wait to see the rest of the release!

  22. Those Mice blowing bubbles!!! 💕💕💕
    Also I can hardly wait to put the Tiny Friends in the Car for a road trip!!!!

  23. I really like the magic messages as there are so versatile. The sun dies are also really cool as who doesn’t like having sunshine sent to them!

  24. Hello from Malta, NY. I love Sring, it’s a sign of a new beginning. Your new release is so amazing. each day is something great. It’s hard to choose which one is the best.

  25. It’s impossible to pick a favorite; this is such a great release. BUT….the bubbles, pop up desk and basket die stand out!

  26. Impressive release, as always! I appreciate how you and the design team show how to incorporate past sets into the new releases.

  27. Oh my goodness the awesome design sample just keep coming! Megan & Audrey’s are my absolute favorites but love all the wonderful eye candy 😀. So hard to pick a favorite new release but I think it’s between the sunburst back drop or bubble sentiments both so versatile!

  28. Tiny friends is my favorite, virtual friends is my daughters favorite, and my son loves the pop up desk. They both love swish and pop too. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the whole release!

  29. Megan’s amazing Swish n Pop-card with the hidden sentiment is my favourite of the entire new release, so inspiring! <3
    Strangely enough I might be looking forward to the Perfectly Plaid paper collection the most! They're so pretty and versatile. It's a tied favourite with the Pop-Up Desk though – so fun and it ties together with previous sets so well. 👍

  30. It’s SO HARD to pick 1 favorite…maybe Bubbles of Joy…but I really like Tiny Friends…and the Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab is really neat too! LOL

  31. This entire release is just absolutely amazing! If I had to pick a favorite though I would have to say it’s the mice blowing bubbles. They are just too darling for words!

  32. SWOON!! I LOVE the ENTIRE Release!! It’s ALWAYS my most FAVORITE Part of the Release Week!! I think my MOST FAVORITE Products from this release are The Build a Basket Die Set, the Sun Products from today and the Tiny Friends Stamp Set!! I STILL LOVE it ALL though!! THANKS for INSPIRING ALL WEEK and for ALL of the chances to WIN!!

  33. These bright and happy sunshiny cards are fantastic, my fave from this release are Virtual Friends and Tiny People, too sweet and perfect for so many occasions.

  34. It’s way too hard to pick just one thing! So I’m going to say the bubbles stencil is my favorite! But that being said you really need bubbles of joy and scripty bubble sentiments too! But I also love everything in this release!!! Thanks for all the great inspiration!!! I can’t wait to get all these goodies in hand!

  35. I love the entire release! I am drawn to the sun and sunburst background die. The greetings placed inside the sun ideas look like a must have. It is hard to select a favorite.

  36. This whole release is FABULOUS! But topping my wish list is the Bubbles and today’s Inside Out Sun! The design team did a wonderful job featuring all the new products coming out! So much talent and creativity!

  37. It is so hard to pick a favorite item – so far, everything I have seen is great!!!! I like the sunburst back ground and the mice sets but I know with this release, I will be eventually purchasing everything I have seen so far!
    Thank you creating all of these fun products to use, Lawn Fawn is definitely my favorite 🙂

  38. Ack, can’t possibly pick just one favorite! But, I think the bubble words will get a lot of use! Can’t wait ’til the 25th!

  39. The tiny people are cute (psst, please make a big version soon, please!!!) I also really like the script bubble words- as these are so much more versatile than just being bubbles!!

  40. I love the cute little face option on this sun. So cheery and just what we need with all that’s happening in the world. I think the mice blowing bubbles and the basket die are my two favorite things, if I have to choose. But of course, don’t all of us want it all, lol????

  41. The cute bubbles and all the positive word stamps & dies will be going into my Birthday month cart tomorrow….along with the sun ray die – Chari has totally got me with her rainbow colors there. Thanks for another great release!

  42. Oh my, to pick a favorite!! The sun to me is my favorite! Have to have the sun to make a rainbow! So many ideas with that sun!! Great release as always! Thanks for a chance, to win! I always love your releases.

  43. I love, love, love that sun (stitched sun frame) as well as the Outside In Sun and the stitched rays (Sunburst Backdrop) that can extend from behind it! I love the plaid paper pad, too… such great combos! Oh, heavens!! Good thing I get paid tomorrow!!
    Lori S in PA

  44. I fell in love with the sun products. As soon as I seen it, it just made me smile. Seeing today’s post just put a smile on my face and I just know I have to have. I making a list of the people I’m going to send cards too……everyone needs a little sunshine and smile in their lives. I just love this release!!!!

  45. I could not possibly pick a favorite, I love it all!! I will have to narrow it down a bit however since my pocketbook says I can NOT have it all.

  46. Swish and pull is my favorite die (I love all things interactive!) and the Bubbles of Joy is my favorite stamp set of this release. I just love the great names that you come up with for your products as well, I mean, how can you not be happy playing with these things!! 🙂

  47. I like the outside stitched sun the best of this particular release today. My favorite for the week is the bubbles release! Thank you for all that you do to make us feel sunshine in our hearts to share with others!

    1. I have favorites from each day you’ve posted for release week! Since this the last day, I’ll go with my fave here: the Stitched Sun frame and the outside in stitched sun sets are gorgeous!

  48. Love the sweet and cheery card designs! Lawn Fawn always has such fun stamps and dies!! And of course paper!! ❤️❤️

  49. B U B B L E S. Everything BUBBLES. Loooove the bubbles. Just LOVE!!!! First thing in the morning I’ll order ALL the bubbles…
    Oh, by the way, did I tell you? I LOOOOOOVE the bubbles! L O V E !

  50. There is so many that I love but I think I would have to say the mouse with the bubbles!! I love the sun too!! So excited for all of them.

  51. I’m with everyone else — impossible to choose! But I love the mice too, so Bubbles of Joy for a stamp set; I love the pop up desk and stitched sun background die and the pop and swish — I think those are different categories so I’m adding those! 🙂

  52. Oh! This is such a fun and bright addition to the LF collection! ♡♡ Love love everyone’s card! O(≧▽≦)O

  53. I would say my favorites are the bubble mice, and the bubbles. The mice are too darling and will go so well with all my other mice! I love the sun dies as well. They are so cheery.

  54. So many great projects!!!! Love them all!

    It’s so hard to chose a fave product from ANY Lawn Fawn Release – they’re all just SO cool!!! I really like the screen time cuties though!! My kids have been doing school virtually for over a year now and I can’t wait to use these goodies to make teacher cards!!

  55. Bubbles of Joy is my first choice. I can’t resist those adorable mice! This release has so much to build into previous sets I have. Magic Messages is fantastic for the Magic Iris, Pop Up Desk will be fun with so many sets, and Virtual Friends puts a fun spin on the challenges we are facing right now.

  56. The new stitched sun is super cute! Love it with the adorable face 🙂 My favorite from this release, well there are so many but I would say the Easter basket die is probably my favorite!

  57. It’s so hard to choose! I am excited for the pop-up desk and the virtual and tiny friends! This release has been so fun!

  58. It’s so hard to pick a favourite, it’s a close one but I’m so excited for the pop up desk! I love cards that surprise and delight the recipients 🙂

  59. It is such a great release it’s hard to choose just one. I have it narrowed down to Scripty Bubble Sentiments, the bubble stencil, and Sunburst Backdrop. Everything is so wonderful!

  60. What a great release I must say I want it all & would love to win!😍
    My favorite is my mice stamp & die set Bubbles of Joy!🐭
    Thank you Lawn Fawn & design team for offering a chance to
    win items from the Spring 2021 release!😊

  61. Oh my! Well done Kelly Marie, Mike, and Erica and everybody at Lawn Fawn headquarters!! This is such a fun release. I love everything. It is hard to choose a favorite, but I gotta say my fav is the Pop-Up Desk. That is so cute and fun! I see a lot of Pop-Up cards in my future using that desk. I love the little laptop die in that set too. The holographic paper looks great as the laptop. Thank you for these fun creations!! I love Lawn Fawn!

  62. My favourites are all products ‘sun-and-rainbow’ themed…stamps, dies, sentiments, the whole kit ‘n caboodle! We all need sun and rainbows in our lives! Thank you for a fabulous release series!

  63. I have been so excited to see these sun products!! So adorable! Today’s Stitched Sun is my favorite new product. I want to make a sunflower by combining it with my Lawn Fawn Stitched Flower dies.

  64. The Lawn Fawn design team is so talented! I love to see all the awesomeness y’all come up with! These spring cards are amazing!

  65. It’s so hard to pick a favorite, so many I like! I have been looking for a computer stamp/die so I will have to say virtual friends and also the pop-up desk with the laptop. If I could I’d get them all!

  66. 2 cards really stood out to me: The sun and cloud friends, and the kids in a car. Really sweet! My favorite new product might be Oliver’s stitched alphabet. It looks great, and versatile.

  67. Love all of the beautiful projects! My favorites are a tie between the Scripty Bubble Sentiments and the Perfectly Plaid Remix papers!

  68. My favorites of the release are the Pop-Up Desk & the Perfectly Plaid Remix papers. But everything is just awesome. Great release!

  69. The Swish n Pop is one of my favs(there are many more!). You can always count on Lawn Fawn to create innovative designs!

  70. Such an amazing release. If I have to pick just one thing it would be the Bubbles of Joy stamp set, just so many possibilities! The projects this week have been incredible by the design team!

  71. So many wonderful items to choose from but if I had to pick one, I’d go with the desk die b/c I have nothing like it in my collection.

  72. Oh, it’s so hard to choose just one – this release has so many great sets. I guess my favorite is Bubbles of Joy – but I need all the accompanying dies, stencils, etc! And I love the plaid paper too!

  73. WOW! What a great release and wonderful inspiration from the designers! I love it all but am particularly taken with the bubbles and the little people for virtual meetings. SO CUTE! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  74. My list is too long!! But I think my favorites are the bubbles of joy and the stitched suns. I love to make shaker cards for my 15 month old granddaughter and she loves them too!

  75. This is a hard one but I’m going with the Zoom items!! I want to do a call with the Lawn Fawn critters, and love how they go from spotlight to the grid!!

  76. There is so much to love this release! I think that maybe the Sunburst Backdrop is my favorite, but everything is really sweet and fun, bright and cheery and we all need a whole lot of that right now!

  77. I love the “Swish and Pop” die and the “Bubbles of Joy” set. So many great sets in this release…I NEED them all!

  78. I love the Magic Messages. I like to make sunshine and rainbow cards for my granddaughters and I like that those sentiments fill the sunshine up perfectly! Or even a circle of various sizes that I can add as a sentiment.

  79. Everything you’ve introduced this week is so cute, but if I have to choose, I think what you showcased today is my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win.

  80. I love everything in the new release but I have to say that I love love the Tiny Friends and Virtual Friends. So cute.

  81. Totally love all of it, but I am excited about the bubbles of joy, virtual friends and tiny friends! Can’t wait to shop!

  82. There are so many gorgeous things to choose from! I love the scripty sentiments and these adorable sun-themed products. We need a bit of sunshine in our life!

  83. This outside stitched sun is just adorable — especially with the rainbow stamps. how can a person not smile at these??

  84. It’s all so fun and cheery – but those mice on the Bubbles of Joy stamps, are too adorable. Plus, the plaids – I’m a total sucker for plaids!

  85. My favourites are the Virtual Friends set and all the add on’s that go with it!
    I also adore the Bubbles stencil, it is so cute!

  86. There are so many fantastic products in this new release, but my favourite is all the ones related to bubbles!! Keep the cuteness coming!

  87. I love the whole release but the sunburst backdrop is so awesome. Also love the adorable mice…🤔
    Great cards by the designers. Thanks for sharing.

  88. You hit the jackpot with that sun die.
    It’s so perky and cheering. We need
    a lot of cheer in this dismal time of
    covid. it’s so versatile – going to be
    fun to use it in my greeting cards.
    thanks for sharing

  89. Oh my. Favorites are so hard when there’s a release as great as this one. I think Swish and Pop Dies may be my favorite. I love making interactive cards, especially using Lawn Fawn’s amazing products that make it so easy!

  90. My favorite would have to be the SUN!! I love the cute smile and how it can be a shaker card too. These examples are OUTSTANDING!! So bright and cheerful. That’s the kind of mail I love sending.

  91. Oh man, this is a pretty great release but for my it’s definitely the swish and pop. I’m a sucker for interactive cards and I can see so much potential cuteness with this one!

  92. If I have to choose… I have to go with the one that made me bubbly inside and that’s the bubble-stamps and also the bubble-dies. Made me feel like a kid again! And the circle-sentiments. I am SO gonna use them on different projects.

  93. Oh, I like them all and the many ideas that are running through my head! If I were to choose my favorite it would be the Easter Basket with its many different ways to use it.

  94. I absolutely love all the little people!! I can’t wait to add them to all my backdrops already in my collection!!

  95. So many fabulous new products to choose from. I love interactive cards, so my favorite is the Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab die.

  96. I think my favorite is hte sunburst backdrop die. There are so many possibilities! I just love so many of the new items!

  97. Super adorable projects! Bright, sunny, and cherry! So difficult to choose a favourite – I always love the paper, love the Outside In Stitched Sun, and the Virtual Friends set. Thanks for another awesome release!

  98. I guess if I have to pick one favorite new product it would be the Virtual Friends set! But, I just love ALL the new products!

  99. All of the Design Team projects today are wonderful! I can’t wait to place my HUGE order tomorrow! Teehee
    I think my favorite of the release is “Bubbles of Joy”, but today’s cards were so happy too!

  100. Soooooo many products I want from this release! But I think my favorite might be the Perfectly Plaid Remix paper! Is that a weird answer?? What can I say? I’m crazy for plaid!!

  101. So many cute things in this release! The one that floated to the top of my fav list would have to be the Bubbles of Joy stamp set! Those mice – so cute!

  102. To pick one favorite is impossible, I love everything! But If you twist my arm and force my to pick only one, I would probably get the tiny friends (and them everything else 😉).

  103. I think definitely these sun products are my favorite in this release!! I never bought the magic irs because I just wasn’t sure how i’d use it but now that I see how it goes with the sun I definitely need that too!

  104. Do I have to pick just one? Favorite stamp is the mice blowing bubbles, favorite die is this sun!!! Couldn’t pick just one.

  105. How can one choose when everything is so great! Love the bubbles, the new plaid paper and the Build a Basket and the….. and the…. and the…

  106. I am in love with this stitched sun and sunburst backdrop – and all of the super creative design examples – yay plenty for me to re-create – sooooo excited for this release!!

  107. I love them all, but I’m really looking forward to get the new swish and pop pull tab. I love all of the interactive things lawn fawn comes up with. Everyone loves to receive these cards!

  108. if I had to choose one – I have to go with the mice – so super cute and a great add to the other mice that I have collected so far – but the sun is soooo happy – uggg why do you make this soooo hard 😉

  109. Oh my goodness I love the sun!! I love all of the release. But my “have to have” item has to be the virtual friends stamp set and the pop up desk!

  110. My favorite is probably the sunburst backdrop. I can see using that in a number of ways. The scripty bubble sentiments would be a close second.

  111. I love so many things from this release but my most favourite is the Bubbles of Joy stamp set! Thank you for an awesome inspiration week with all the new goodies!

  112. That’s a hard question! From the stamps shown it would definitely be Bubbles of Joy. For the stand alone die it would be a draw between the Swish n Pull and the Sunburst Backdrop.

  113. Oh my, that’s a hard choice because I want it all! I love this entire release!
    But, if I could only get one item, it would be the Bubbles of Joy stamp set. I love these adorable mice and I need them to add to the rest of my Lawn Fawn mice!

  114. Wait, I have to pick just one??? 🙂 My fav new product is probably the Virtual Friends + Tiny Friends combo. No wait, the Sunburst Backdrop! No wait, the return of Perfectly Plaid with the Remix pack! Ahh, I love them ALL! 😀

  115. The bubbles release is my very favorite, but from today, I like the outside stitched sun. I see so many uses with the Lawn Fawn products that I could combine both of these releases with. Thank you so very much, Lawn Fawn!

  116. Every time I think I have my favourite new product I see something else I love!! Today my favourite is the sun die – but I also love those bubble blowing mice, and the circle sentiments to go with my magic Iris, oh and don’t forget the plaid papers!! Someone stop me!!! Wonderful release!!!

  117. Only One? The Sunburst Backdrop.. No… Bubble border die… no… the Easter basket…. I CAN’T!!!!! lol Love it ALL!!!

  118. Loving all the great designs today, especially Mindy’s Smile card with the colorful stars and dots! I’m surprised at myself for not choosing something with cute critters as my favorite, but I’m going to have to say that the Magic Messages are probably my favorite of this release.

  119. The Scripty Bubble Sentiments is my favorite but after I see this post, I am adding the both Sun Frame dies to my favorites list. The sun die cut promotes a lot of happiness and positivity. I can’t wait to see this available for purchase. Congratulations on such an awesome release!

  120. I can’t possibly pick one. I will have to have them all. I love everything! Outstanding samples today. Makes me want to craft right now.

  121. Are you kidding me? You want me to pick one? I love them all, but the bubbles with the mice make me smile the most 🙂

  122. All the products that we have seen till now for this release are fabulous. Everything is just amazing. And the best part is they can used all together or alone. That’s just bonus. Can’t wait for tomorrow to order all these products. Love them all.

  123. I loved every single thing in the release but if I had to absolutely pick my most favorite it would be Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab and the Sunburst Backdrop, because I just can’t pick only one. 😁

  124. This release is blowing my freakin’ mind with the innovation and cuteness! Choosing A Favorite is impossible! I will say that a certain pop up desk is calling to me, though!

  125. It’s hard to say I like so many things but if i have to pick I’d have to say the bubbles and mice .But I also really like the basket and bunnies , the sun stuff is really cute also to much to decide…..

  126. I love so many of the new products in this release, but if I have to choose one. I think my favorite is the Swish and Pop die. I love interactive cards they are my absolute favorite!!!

  127. I just love everything, but I think being on a limited budget I’m going to start with the Virtual Friends and Tiny Friends products! They’re my favorites! But these Sunshine products and the sentiments to go with them are in a close second!

  128. ohh my what not to love…everything. It’s going to cost a lot this time lol. I love the pop up desk and the rays of sunshine die set.

  129. Can’t wait until tomorrow!!! But I still haven’t decided which sets I Will choose. I love everything about this release. My favourites are the mice with bubbles 😍😍

  130. It I had to pick just one from this release, then it’s the new plaid papers. But Grace’s sunshine shaker card has me in love with the new sun does too! 🌞

  131. One of my favorites is the magic messages!! It would be so useful to have that to use with my magic iris set. I also love the bubble set…I just can’t stop thinking of those rainbow bubbles!! Looking forward to some new purchases tomorrow!!

  132. My favorite??? Yes! ALL of this release is awesome!!! The sunburst background and sun sets are definitely at the top of my list, as is the scripty bubble sentiments and the bubble stencil, tiny friends, etc. Kudos Lawn Fawn on this release!!!! It all is a must have!!! shhh…don’t tell my husband,

  133. Simply amazing! i love it all but I really think the 3 today are my favorite. Sunburst Backdrop Stitched Sun Frame Outside In Stitched Sun. love them with the circle sentiments. Congrats on the release!

  134. I Love everything in the new release; but, I’m thinking that the Bubbles will be my FAVE or the Sun with the Rays.
    I can’t wait to order!!!
    Thank you for some awesome products!!! You Guys ROCK!!!

  135. I love everything in this release! I would say that i am most looking forward to getting the virtual friends and tiny friends. I can’t wait to make up some thank you cards for my son’s virtual school teachers. So fun!

  136. Which ONE is my favorite? Are you kidding, they are ALL my favorite but if I can only pick one I will have to say the sun die because I think it would be fun to create some of the simple cards that Elise made and give them to a Senior Living Community to bring some smiles their way.

  137. I’m so excited about this release! I think the sun is my favorite! As soon as I saw it, I thought “shaker”. Can’t wait til

  138. Sooo hard to pick a favorite from this release! I’m going to say the Bubbles of joy because those mice are just so darn cute!

  139. Extremely difficult to choose just one favorite item when everything is so precious! I guess I would choose the bubbles of joy mice stamp set, but all three bubble items and the new sentiment stamps are definitely the top items on my wishlist!

  140. I can never resist a cute sunshine! These awesome sunshine dies along with the sunburst backdrop are my very favorite!

  141. I think my favourite is the swish and Pop die cut because I love interactive dies soo much and I already have so many fun ideas! But as always the whole release is great,the mice stamp sets with the bubbles, the toom-Set the bubbly sentiments the tiny friends… absolutely amazing work! I’d relly be interested in alittle making of, like how do you get Ideas, what is the process of having the idea to the finished stamp set, that would be soooooo interesting to see a behind the scenes!

  142. The sun stitched frame is my favorite item from this release! Such a sunny disposition it has! 🙂 The Easter Basket is a close second. In fact they are neck in neck! Such great previews and I really enjoyed the inspiration from all y’all! Sunny hugs!

  143. I love the people as well as the computer set because social distancing is still happening and will be happening for so much more time but also because I think people will continue to chat via video chat after this is over just to stay in closer contact with people who do live further.

  144. So many amazing sets this release! I was supposed to be good this year but I won’t be able to help myself. I will need to place an order immediately. I am super excited for this release!

  145. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ALL of them. I am going to have to look for a job,LOL because I want them all. I have had so much fun watching all of the videos and seeing all of the inspiration that Lawn Fawn has. LOVE LOVE LOVE them all.

  146. OmG it’s really difficult to choose one favorite product from this new release.
    My favorites are the Build A Basket Easter Die, the Scripty Bubble Sentiments and dies,the Bubble Background stencil and the Bubbles of Joy stamps and dies.

  147. Mice with bubbles and swish´n pop pull tab. But all of these new items are amazing and those new release videos were fun to watch.

  148. My favourites (I can’t pick one!) would probably be the Bubbles of Joy stamps set – I just adore Lawn Fawn mice – and the Swish ‘n Pop pull tab.

  149. I think the whole bubbles collection is my favourite but I can see so much joy in everything else that it’s hard to choose

  150. I love all things LF “stitched” so this one is my fave of the Spring Release (but I also love everything LF so it’s hard to pick just one, lol!)

  151. I love all in this release! Just picking one would most likely be bubbles of joy although I would have to put in a second order and purchase the sunday’s background. So fun!

  152. It is so hard to pick a favorite….the design team hit it out of the park with their designs…so much so that they make me want it all….I definitely want the sunburst backdrop, tiny people, build-a-basket, and all things bubbles!—oh, and I NEED all the plaid paper!

  153. My faves are the sunburst stitching die and the sun die. The projects the DT made are so fun, cheerful, and full of colors! Love!!

  154. I love all the new bubble-themed products – but actually everything in this release would be a welcome addition to my Lawn Fawn collection. After this past year, I think we can all use a healthy does of Big Hugs, Big Smiles and Sunshine! Love today’s products.

  155. The basket, the bubbles and the pop up desk are my heart. I would have to pick only one it would be the pop up desk. LOL

  156. Wow! The wonderful new products just keep coming and all special! My favourite is the bubbles stencil and dies! I can see so many ways to use them. Well done on another extra special release!

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