Lawn Fawn Intro: Build-A-House Spring Add-On and Tiny Gift Box Frog Add-On

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s March 2021 Inspiration Week! All of our new Spring 2021 products are available at your favorite store and!

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Today is our showcase of Build-A-House Spring Add-On and Tiny Gift Box Frog Add-On! This decorative add-on will turn Build-A-House into a sweet spring retreat, complete with a birdbath, picket fence, mailbox and interactive window.

Pair this Frog Add-On set with Tiny Gift Box to create adorable frog-themed boxes that are perfect for small treats! This add-on set has everything you need to turn Tiny Gift Box into a frog (including a crown!) Don’t need a box? This frog will be happy to jump onto your cards too!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a little video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this new set! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Elise created a beautiful Spring scene with the new Build-A-House Spring Add-On! I love the accents of pink that she added using Shimmer and Textured Dot cardstocks! The Tiny Friends look right at home in this scene that she assembled using Stitched Tree Borders and a Stitched Cloud Backdrop!

I love the sweet dotted details that Audrey added to her Tiny Gift Box Frog Add-On! The googly eyes are a fun addition too! Imagine a party table filled with these cute treat boxes!

Lynnette mixed things up by using the Spring Add-On dies to give the Mushroom House a different look! Adding the Mother’s Day Line Border makes this the perfect card to send some love on Mother’s Day!

Megan created an “unfroggettable” Shadow Box Card with our new Tiny Gift Box Frog Add-On and Bayou Backdrop! She used a punny sentiment from Don’t Worry, Be Hoppy!

The adorable amphibian jumped off the Tiny Gift Box and onto a Goodie Bag! Yainea added the large leaf from Ladybug and Leaf for a soft landing and then gave the frog princess a glittery crown!

Grace‘s charming Reveal Wheel card uses the new Reveal Wheel Rectangle Add-on to frame a message of thanks! I love how she made look like the frog is holding a picture frame containing the sentiment! She created a stenciled bubble background, stamped “ribbit” from Toadally Awesome and added some cattails too. But the adorable frog is star of this show; her coloring gives him so much character!

Elena created this sweet frog Tiny Gift Box in bright green with a Metallic Gold crown! This charming frog just needs one kiss to restore his princely fortunes! I love how Elena selectively stamped the message on a speech bubble from sentiments in Butterfly Kisses!

Mindy created a beautiful Spring scene for her Build-A-House using the new Spring Add-On! It’s a sunny day for the Bubbles of Joy mouse with the help of the Outside In Stitched Sun and a happy sentiment from All the Clouds!

Latisha‘s Perfectly Plaid Remix Tote Bag is sending smiles with this adorable frog face!

Lynnette combined the Tiny Gift Box Frog Add-On with fun pond themed die sets to create a beautiful Mother’s Day card! She used Stitched Pond Frame for the little frog, cattails, water lilies and pond. Then she framed the scene with Bayou Backdrop and Mother’s Day Border!

Now, I have a video to introduce Build-A-House Spring Add-On! We will share some creative ways to use this new add-on set. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Now, I have a video to introduce Tiny Gift Box Frog Add-On! Chari created a card that shows this cute frog as the star of an awesome card. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Build-A-House Spring Add-On and Tiny Gift Box Frog Add-On! Tomorrow we will announce our March Inspiration Week Winners! So let’s do one more giveaway! Leave us a comment telling us how you decorate your home for Spring by TODAY March 24th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Thursday, March 25th for our winner announcement and more inspiration!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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229 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Build-A-House Spring Add-On and Tiny Gift Box Frog Add-On

  1. I can’t really say I decorate for spring. I can say that I usually have my winter stuff put away by spring. The only other thing I can think of is that I am planting stuff in my backyard for the first time (new home), but the plants are more year round than ‘spring’ per se.

  2. Oh, I am so ready for Springtime, warmer weather, ditching my winter coat and opening some windows! All of these projects make me wish for Spring even more! My husband bought me some flowers yesterday which decorated my house for sure and then I just set up my Easter decorations!

  3. The spring set makes me want to sprint into the garden and enjoy nature and who knows, I might just find that cute frog box hiding somewhere. Great release as always!

  4. How cute that frog is!! I don’t really decorate for spring. In my part of the world we are covered in snow almost till the beginning of summer.

  5. I used to always decorate my house for the different seasons but have not done in a really long time. I would like to start again. I really had a lot of enjoyment seeing the house decorations.

  6. Wow I loved the cards today. I like using light pastels colors any where I can inside and out for my decor, its just so pretty for spring

  7. We decorated our house outside by planting a bunch of tulip bulbs last fall. I’m so excited to see that they are starting to peek out of the ground this spring! I can’t wait to see them in full bloom!

  8. I used to work at Pier One, so I have all kinds of wonderful springtime goodies to decorate my home with! I just love the cards today, designers; adorable!! 💚💛🧡💕💜💙

  9. I like to hang a spring wreath on our front door. My husband likes to plant flowers outside when the weather improves:)

  10. I break out the “spring décor towels” and plant lots of flowers to welcome the butterflies, dragon flies and hummingbirds 🙂

  11. Changing curtains and cushion-covers to brighter, lighter colors… buying some tulips… plant something nice in the pot at the entrance-door. And this coming week bring out my Easter-decorations!
    And today I’m using my Build-a-House Add-on for the first time, how fun it was featured the same day! YAY!

  12. What a fabulous week! I feel inspired to play with the new goodies. Spring means bloom, so flowers are in. Fresh flowers indoors, bulbs in pots for the porch & new flower borders for the garden.

  13. I love decorating for spring with hanging baskets and flower stands. My 13 year old son waters them every day ❤️ We also keep bird and hummingbird feeders full. The spring house add on is my favorite! I love the birdbath and hanging pot and door & shutters. Love it! Beautiful samples team!

  14. Typically with flowers and Easter decor. This year we are moving so it is decorated with u-haul boxes. 😉

  15. We put all kids of colorful things in our garden to celebrate spring! We also decorate with eggs and bunnies inside the house. Love all the inspiration!

  16. SWOON!! I LOVE ALL of the SWEET Creations for today!! That Frog just MAKES me SMILE!!
    I LOVE to decorate for Srping with LOTS of HAPPY Decorations!! Mostly Bunnies, but I also have LOTS of Flowers too!! THANKS for sharing and for the chance to WIN!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!!

  17. The frog is adorable and I love the Spring house. I have a lot of Easter decorations I decorate with….flowers, bunnies, chicks, etc.

  18. I decorate my apartment for spring by bringing out more of the pastel colours and I have a little bunny figurine that I like to have out as well.

  19. I like to break out the pastel colors for spring. I have a few Easter decorations I put up, but have garlands, a wreath and
    a some other items that stay up until I’m ready to decorate for summer.

  20. I bring out my spring colored tablecloths and decorations. I can’t decorate with living flowers because of bad allergies so I have silk hydrangeas (one of my fav flowers) that I bring out. Love the adorable frog add on and the spring ad on for the build house. Love how Mindy bricked in her house – so cute!

  21. We decorate for spring by putting all of our hummingbird feeders out. One or two hummingbirds show up usually by Valentine’s Day, but by March/April, we have multitudes.

  22. My “decorating” nod to spring — is opening the door while I work. The fresh air and chirping birds are a tonic!

  23. I love to plant colorful annuals in a pot by my front door, and put a fushia pink bow on my front door wreath. I love the new spring add-on for build a house!

  24. Everything is so adorable!!!! I decorate for Spring by bringing flowers and Easter decor… all bunnies welcome. This has been so fun and have looked forward to this everyday! This release is fantastic!!

  25. I LOVE these add-ons! That Tiny Frog Box! Ahhh! I love spring. It makes me so happy. I decorate for spring with spring blossoms. I have as many flowers as I can handle. That is what spring is – bursting with happiness. Flowers. Bunnies. Pastel colors! Love it!

  26. I love to plant new flowers outside this time of year. I also like to clean out the inside of the house and do my spring cleaning. It makes everything seem new and fresh.

  27. It’s funny that this question came up today as I just pulled out some Easter decoration last night. My kids are teenagers, but I still do an Easter Egg hunt with money in the eggs and an Amazon Echo in their baskets.

  28. I really don’t decorate for spring but my husband does always cut me fresh flowers from our backyard and brings them to me!

  29. I don’t decorate for spring. But I open the windows and let spring in. 😄Love the house add-ons. And the tiny people peeking out the windows. Too cute!

  30. Spring decorations abound in our house; I still have the St. Patrick’s Day decorations up. I like all the green and it seems to be a bright cheer since it is raining here. In a few days I will put up some lighter more pastel colored flowers in the vases and put the darker wine and winter ones away. I like to put a branch up in an crock and hang some spring decorations that we created years ago when the kids were smaller for the dining room table. If they did not survive, we always add more like bunnies, flowers, cross, lambs, etc. I try to put some moss around the bottom too to make it look pretty.
    More great cards designs by the DT. So fun to look at and see what they have come up with! What a fun froggy way to wrap up this release!

  31. I love decorating my home according to the season and spring is absolutely my favourite season, so the decorating makes even more fun. I love to plant spring flowers in my garden, do some spring cleaning so the house is ready for the new stuff. I love to have colorful decorating pieces, so you are instantly in a better mood.

  32. Oh my! That little froggie is just too cute 🐸!
    I love Spring. We like to decorate for Easter, with lots of bunting, painted eggs and lots and lots of bunnies 🐰!
    And flowers – I love to fill the house with fresh flowers, picked from the garden 🌸🌼🌺

  33. Such adorable cards! Love the frog… I decorate my house with spring flowers.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  34. The frog really made me chuckle, so cute! Well I don’t decorate for spring but I do decorate for Easter. Lots of bunnies and some pastel colors scattered around.

  35. Decorate the fireplace mantle and near fireplace with Easter decorations: sisal bunnies, baskets & more.
    Like the new house die & Spring add on. I have the scallop treat box with add ons.
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  36. Love these products and how the designers used them! I decorate for spring by putting away my Christmas decorations 😉 Thank you for the chance to win!!

  37. I decorate my house with a little 1 foot tall spring / Easter tree that was given to me by my mother in law! It is the sweetest thing you decorate it like a Christmas tree. The kids love it.

  38. What don’t I dp? Wreath on the door, eggs on the stairs, spring florals and bunnies on the fire place just to name a few.

  39. Honestly I decorate my home for Spring by doing a huge Spring cleaning – if it’s been unused in a box since last year, out it goes.
    Hugs from Canada!

  40. I love the cute house add on for a spring look. I don’t really decorate my house for seasons, but I do put away the warm blankets throws that hang out on the back of the sofa.

  41. I have a bright yellow forsythia wreath on my green front door and a few little birds and nests around my living room to remind me “His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me.”

  42. These frogs are soooo cute. I put fresh flowers in every room. I grow new flowers in my pots and by the time spring comes around they are popping up.

  43. I “decorate” my house by washing windows! That way I can really enjoy flowers, shrubs and trees in bloom.

  44. What a darling little frog! I currently have my house decorated in eggs and bunnies for Easter and Spring!

  45. sounds old fashioned and silly but I have a front window where I change the curtain each month or each holiday. Makes me happy to see today’s green with red ladybugs and next weeks bunny’s and eggs.

  46. I’ve put away all the winter-related items.
    Have a fresh door hanger – made from
    an embroidery hoop and brazillian
    stitched flowers. The Easter basket
    is out, waiting for eggs. Love the
    release. thanks for sharing.

  47. When my girls were little we used to decorate with bunnies, flowers and bright springy colors. Now that my girls are grown and I am working full time I don’t tend to decorate for Spring but I do still decorate for Easter for my grandkids 🙂
    Love the build a house spring add on now I may just have to buy the build a house die set LOL.

  48. Awww! All of these guys are so cute, especially that frog 🙂 We like to decorate our home with lots of flowers and light colors!

  49. I love to put fake flowers in pots on either side of my door, they bring color and they stay nice all spring/summer long… less work in the garden means more time in the craft room.. 🙂

  50. I decorate for spring by planting a bunch of flowers in pots and tomatoes. Then the kid and I make some flower crafts to put around the house then Easter Decorations.

  51. I don’t decorate for spring but I do try to have a vase full of lovely spring flowers, tulips being my go to.

  52. I usually decorate with a wreath on door and bunnies and such on the inside, but this year I have not done much.

  53. I decorate my house for spring by making Easter and spring decor. I am right now making a banner, a little diorama, and I can’t remember what else. Our little grandkids and our daughter will be coming over for Easter, so I like to make it fun!The house and kids are so cute. I really like the window that opens so a surprise can be put behind it.

  54. I usually put up some flower and bunny decos, but I saw a fun pin on Pinterest and I may do a flower (silk) arrangement in an umbrella for the front door this year.

  55. For spring my orchids are blooming and so are the roses. I usually put up a banner and add some Easter decorations

  56. I don’t really decorate for spring, moreso spring cleaning – getting rid of clutter and excess! I’m also going to be growing roses and so excited for them to bloom in time for Mother’s Day!

  57. It would seem my decorating technique is dog fur and dust. I am constantly rearranging both of those things around the house. The most I do in OTHER decorating is change out the air fresheners I have plugged in to a scent that makes us think of the time of year it is. Would NEVER do a pumpkin spice this time of year :)…

  58. Definately enjoying the Spring in this release! The add ons and critters are so colorful! I decorate mostly outside with a large beautiful yard flag that had a cross for the focal under my front window. Then there’s plastic eggs everywhere and a big bunny in my front window. Went a bit extra this year because so many little kiddos are walking the streets right now. Last fall we had a bear hunt for them and neighbors out stuffed bears in the windows and even hanging in trees for some kiddo fun outside . This was fun thanks!

  59. I only add fresh flowers for Spring decorating. Thank you to all the designers for the awesome card samples.

  60. Spring flowers is how I decorate for spring. It always makes my heart happy to see them and gives me hope that winter is over and sunshine is on the way.

  61. I love to decorate with bright cheerful colors because in Oregon we have alot of gray days throughout spring and it can be tough.

  62. I don’t do much decorating for spring, but all my plants usually get repotted and moved around the house.

  63. I enjoy putting out spring colors around the house with a farmhouse look. I especially decorate the mantle above the fireplace. I really like the new dotted paper from lawn fawn 🙂

  64. Well, I have used the spring house to decorate indoors and put gnomes doing various “tasks” on the outside. Of course, these are all Lawn Fawn products. I put Lindt chocolate balls inside, tie it up with a ribbon, and give away the best ones that I make! I just took out some that I was too “stingy” to give away from last year and decorated my computer area with these special boxes!

  65. Love the house! I really do not decorate much, but enjoy seeing the flowers blooming outside. We have daffodils in the front yard and I see a beautiful blooming bush in our neighbor’s yard out my back windows. I guess nature is my decoration.

  66. I don’t really decorate my home for spring but I do put out Easter decorations, which means I have to first pack up and put away all my snowman collection that I still have out from Christmas. So the house gets a good “spring cleaning”. Can you hear my family running out the back door?! Ha Ha.

  67. I decorate my home with plants! Spring is always a busy time for starting seeds to add to my vegetable and herb garden. Last year I decided to add to my plant menagerie and grow some flowers from bulbs in the spring. I am excited to see they survived the winter and am counting the days until my irises bloom.

  68. I don’t really decorate for spring, but I do decorate for Easter — I have a Waterford bowl my aunt gave me for my wedding that I fill with Easter grass (it’s varied over the years) and I fill with eggs (they’ve varied over the years too!). This year I’ve ordered commemorative White House Easter egg Roll eggs — they have bunnies with masks on them and I just couldn’t pass them up! And one egg has images of the Biden’s rescue dogs, couldn’t pass those up either! 🙂 Oh, and I’ve used the bowl as a center piece and in my entry way….

  69. I let me boys decorate the house with all our Easter stuff that way it’s perfect from when the bunny arrives. Thanks for all the inspiration and chance to win.

  70. Well, to be honest, I’m not much of a decorator. I rely on all the lovely Spring bulbs and flowers coming up in my yard to decorate the outside (and they are pretty amazing, if you ask me) and I am working on an embroidered piece that is Spring themed that I will hang inside.

  71. I decorate with colorful artificial flowers and change the living area pillows and throws to our spring/summer ones.

  72. I don’t really decorate my home, but I plant daffodils and tulips and bring out all the flowers. I love spring so much! This release has been so cute! I love all the design teams cards!

  73. Cute cards today! Adorable frog too…..I used to decorate for spring when the children were little. So I have lots of bunnies, baskets, and eggs. Now I usually just decorate for Easter….

    1. I love to decorate for spring with light colours. I change the rugs at the doors and change the throw pillows.

  74. Other then planting flowers outside, we don’t decorate inside for spring!!!! So in love with this frog add on!! I’ve already made about 10 for my frog loving daughter!!!!

  75. I usually switch out pillows, change my flowers, and give my home a good cleaning. I think we are all looking forward to spring this year.

  76. The frogs are just adorable!! We have lots of spring birthdays at my house, so that’s usually our spring decorating theme!

  77. I decorate in pastel colors – mostly light green and pink. In addition some selfsewn bunnies and decorated eggs

  78. The frog is so cute and the house is adorable. I decorate with tulips and bunnies. This has been a fun and inspiring week.

  79. I don’t purposefully decorate my home for the seasons (except Christmas time)… just trying to keep it relatively clean for day to day use is my goal! hahaha!

  80. I’d decorate my House with lots of Spring Flowers and some Metal and Wood decorations both inside and outside.
    So much detail in all the cards and projects. Fabulous to everyone!!!

  81. I’m soooo happy you made a frog add on for the tiny gift box! The ideas shared by the team are super cute, can’t wait to play with those stand alone dies!

  82. We have a few Easter decorations, but my favorite way to decorate for spring is to buy some fresh flowers and display them in vases. Outside, we also plant annuals that are full of color!

  83. I decorate my home for spring with baskets, bunnies and flowers. I love when the snow finally melts and the green grass sprouts.

  84. I love that frog! I don’t usually decorate my house for spring but I think I may have a go this year! 🙂

  85. I am bringing out more paper crafting products that I have made from Lawn Fawn Products to decorate the interior of the house. I just hung up some LF rabbits on a ribbon to put in the window. This is so much fun! Thank you, Lawn Fawn!

  86. Love today’s inspiration, so sweet! I always celebrate spring by bringing in some flowers from the garden – mostly daffodils and tulips! For Easter itself, I have lots of decorations like bunnies, chicks an eggs 🙂

  87. I really don’t decorate for spring. But I did yesterday swap out some Christmas artificial flowers I had in a basket for spring ones! and I swapped out a candle! Haha!

  88. I don’t usually put much decorations out at spring time. Maybe just a few Easter things I have tucked away.

  89. The little house is so sweet with the picket fence and birdbath. It’s the perfect backdrop for the reveal wheel in your tutorial. And the little Prince/Princess Charming box is hilarious. So much tiny goodness. Their smiles are contagious.

  90. I don’t have spring decorations per se, but I definitely decorate for Easter! I have lights, egg candles, and bunnies! Sometimes I have flower window clings for my windows!

  91. I have a mug collection and have split them into seasons so they can be swapped out. So I have Spring Mugs!

  92. Yesterday, I just hang the decorative easter eggs on my fake “palm” Christmas tree! That’s the first. Then I also bought some fake flowers, decorated inside of my place. I’ve made many things, from Cross stitching to felt dolls, and I display them. I have this build a house die and need this spring add-on!

  93. I don’t decorate the inside of my house but I do plant a lot of flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables in my yard for Spring

  94. We don’t really decorate for spring — but my kids and I love to add pops of color to everything for Easter. We hang their crafts and window clings, hand made egg wreaths, decorate the fireplace, etc.

  95. I’m crazy about the spring house add on! I usually plant some flowers and change out some of my pictures. I also do some major spring cleaning!

  96. Spring definitely can’t come fast enough, so much to look forward to! Beautiful fun cards from the designers. I don’t tend to change my decor for each season.

  97. Decorating for spring… Before children that was a thing! Loved the color combo for Megan’s card with the glitter leaves and blues/greens. Very cute cards and projects everyone!

  98. The frog is the cutest!! I decorate with Easter things-eggs,bunnies etc all around the house. After Easter chance decor to more summery things

  99. We don’t really have spring here. But there’s a lot of different types of flowers all over the house. My mum and dad love plants.

  100. I usually do a tiny bit of decorating for Easter like a few chicks and rabbits here and there. But for Spring, it’s mostly cleaning and decluttering!

  101. Great inspiration. My wish list has grown really long (again…lol). I decorate for spring with fresh flowers inside, new potted plants outside, spring wreath on the front door and butterfly window decorations. My tulip bulbs, planted last fall, are starting to pop up. Hope no more snow. Thanks LF!!

  102. Don’t really decorate the house for Spring as such. I love seeing all the beautiful flowers outside, but I cant bring them in as they make my allergies crazy.

  103. I don’t really do much Spring decorations. I take the time for Halloween and Christmas, but not so much for Valentine and Easter, so nothing special there.

  104. Easter is all the decorating I do and then I let nature take over. I already have crocus blooming in the yard.

  105. I decorate by putting a wreath on my front door and several pieces on my mantle. When we have people over, I decorate the table where the food is located.

  106. Those little frogs are just too cute!! I really don’t do any spring decorating, though I might pick some daffodils for a vase now and then.

  107. The build a house is on my wishlist and I had a lot of fun playing with the mushroom house and gnome stamp sets today. I can’t wait to get my gnome die in the mail Friday!!

  108. Flannel sheets get stored for next years snowfall, and the springy sheets and darling matching pillows make their appearance with any fresh cut flowers I can get my hands on!

  109. I love decorating the house with flowers! Tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, etc. And around Easter I sometimes buy some curly branches to hang cute Easter decorations on

  110. I know I missed the deadline but I love decoding the houser with nice floral and pastel items! Plus my My peonies start to bloom (my profile pic) and I just love this time of year!

  111. I’ve been eyeing the build-a-house item and recently bought the spring add-ons just b/c they are cute. Now I think I will be taking the plunge. This little froggy is also very cute and more versatile / useful than I realized.

  112. Such cute examples! I start looking at my balcony and figuring out what I want to do about plants and feeders ect. I have even been known to rig up a hammock out there.

  113. I don’t do too much because we actually get most of our snow during the spring months, but I do have a pretty wreath that is filled with pinks and yellows that I hang up.

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