Lawn Fawn Intro: Elphie Selfie Flip-Flop and Pop-Up Smile

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Today is our showcase of Elphie Selfie Flip-Flop and Pop-Up Smile! Have you ever thought “if only I could flip that stamp over…” Now you can! The cute elephant from Elphie Selfie has been flip-flopped, and is now facing the other way!

Surprise someone with a pop-up message inside their card! Pair Pop-Up Smile with Oliver’s Stitched ABCs and colorful cardstock to create a fun pop of color!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a little video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this new set! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Elise created a fun Swish ‘n Pop Pull-Tab interactive scene with our new Elphie Selfie Flip-Flop and our original Elphie Selfie set! This is an adorable way to welcome a new baby!

How cute is Audrey‘s happy scene! I love how she used the 2 elephants to hold the balloon with their trunks! The watercolor background adds lots of bright color to coordinate with the colorful party balloons!

Elena used the Sunburst Backdrop to add a pop of color to this sweet scene! The cute Bubbles of Joy critter, is planting a kiss on the Elphie Selfie Flip-Flop, so cute! She also used images and the sweet sentiment from Butterfly Kisses.

Lynnette‘s bright design is sending sunshine and smiles! She used the Sunray Backdrop and with rainbows and clouds to decorate the card front with a sentiment from All the Clouds!

She added more sunshine to the inside with Pop-Up Smile! She brought the rainbow to the inside with Oliver’s Stitched ABCs in bright colors!

Life is a Circus with this adorable Elphie Selfie Flip-Flop elephant! Tammy created a fun circus theme on a slimline card. She created curtains for the big top with a mix of Shadow Box Card Theater Add-On and Stitched Hillside Borders!

The fun performers are from Really High Five, Snow Much Fun, Wild for You and Elphie Selfie. I love the fun striped Oliver’s Stitched ABCs greeting!

Follow the leader to a happy birthday! Grace‘s super fun shaker card starts with Meadow Backdrop: Landscape and Sunburst Backdrop! The new elphie is leading her friends from Big Thanks and Wild for You!

Latisha made an adorably simple Elphie Selfie Flip-Flop card with a happy surprise! She added Pop-Up Smile, die cut from bright cardstock, to add pop-up fun to the inside of her card!

I love this sweet card by Megan! The Elphie Selfie Flip-Flop set includes the little “boop” sentiment that makes this simple scene so special!

Lynnette‘s card is an adorable way to welcome a new baby! She added the It’s a Boy Border along with a sentiment from Elphie Selfie!

Now, I have a video to introduce Elphie Selfie Flip-Flop and Pop-Up Smile! We will share some fun ways to use these new sets. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Elphie Selfie Flip-Flop and Pop-Up Smile! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us which set you would like to see flip-flopped by March 24th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Monday, March 22nd for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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315 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Elphie Selfie Flip-Flop and Pop-Up Smile

  1. I would love to see the peacock as well as the coater critters flipped. It’s always hard to try and mirror them perfectly.

  2. Happy Trails would make a nice flip-flop, or Home for the Holidays 🙂 We could have cars that driving on both sides of the road.

  3. I love this adorable elephant! How about flipping a giraffe? I noticed “critters on the savanna” has a cute one.

    1. I’m for flipping any of your animals because they are so cute. You’ve already flipped some that I have and I love it!!

  4. Critters in the sea & critters down under! I want that dolphin, whale and crocodile to be flip flopped! <3 On the release day, I didn't know what the BLUE background packaged stamps meant, and ordered none. I was too excited for the new release, but later, I learned. What a great idea! I love all the critters which LF makes! <3

  5. I have a few, firefly, plane and simple, lady bug, charge me up just to name a few. Loved all the cards today

  6. Love all the inspiration! The sitting bear from Den Sweet Den, and Critters at the Dog Park both would be great!

  7. I’d love for one of the little guys from Bicycle Built For You to be flip-flopped, so that they could face each other.

  8. I have so many requests! The bike, the submarine, the airplanes, the sailboats. As for animals, the shark from you’re jawsome, the koala from you(kalyptus), the llama, the ducks from rub-a-dub, the lion from critters on the savanna. So many options! Should I keep going?! Surely my bank account will deplete if you make more of these flips since I have so many of your stamps already.

  9. I’d like to see “get well before ‘n afters”, any of the “critters in the..” sets, “duh-nuh”, or “you are sublime” flip-flopped.

  10. I love all these examples! So cute design team! So I looked back to see which ones I would like to see flipped and there are really several of them like the bear in heart happy holidays, I saw cows, koalas, cute little deer, dolphins etc. There were just so many but please no more mice. I think the mice are cute but if you have ever had one in your house eating the food in your pantry it kind of turns a person off on mice being cute. ( just saying) I don’t have a problem with them but I know people who have and I don’t think they would want a card with mice on it no matter how cute they look. My sister-in-law is terrified of mice. I love everything Lawn Fawn though!

  11. I’m so exciting you’re flipping some of the images! The cat and dog from Christmas Dreams would be sooo cute flipped! So they could cuddle head to head

  12. Since I am new to your company and have a limited number of stamps….I would have to say any animal stamps! The versatility would be awesome!

  13. Flipping critters! Sounds exciting and I think critters on the Savannah would be a great, fabulous, and fantastic set to do because the giraffe, lion, zebra, and rhino would all look great facing the other way! Plus winter bunny 🐇 would be a good one to flip for fun winter scenes! Paired of course with the slimline stitched hillside borders and the slimline cloudy ☁stencils!😍

  14. Any of the animals from the Critters sets. Any of the fairies. The llama. The shark. Love the flip flop sets so far.

  15. Cute cards! I would love to see the bunnies from Hello Baby flip flopped. The bunny family needs a daddy bunny too!

  16. Oh my, what a good question. I love to use the unicorns and mermaids, so more variety/flip-flops for those would be awesome. I LOVE Elena’s card with the little mouse kissing the elephant. How adorable is that!?! 🥰

  17. I’d love to see the sloth (hang in there) flip flopped. I’d like to be able to hang it the other way. I love every one of these designs! So inspiring. Thank you.

  18. I would love to see the unicorns flipped and ho-ho-holidays as well. Flipping them is such a fun and easy way to give new life to older stamp sets!

  19. That’s a difficult question. I guess I would like a flip flop of various critters. I always seem to want them to face the other way.

  20. Absolutely love all of these cards!! Love the flips or mirrored images! They are so fun! There isn’t an image you make that wouldn’t benefit from having a mirror image! Deer for sure would be #1!!

  21. Den Sweet Den. Love the bears.
    The flip-flop elephant is wonderful.
    thanks for sharing so many
    fantastic cards.

  22. there are so many stamps that could be flip-flopped. I guess if I had to pick one or maybe two I’d pick winter penguins, use that one a lot or the dolphin from critters under the sea. Very cute cards.

  23. there are soooooo many choices for flip flops!
    i think i’d just about get any one of them mainly because i need All. The. Things. !! 🙂

  24. All of these cards today are adorable! I would like to see Den Sweet Den flip-flopped, but any of your stamp sets would look great flip-flopped. Btw, I love all the mice in your collections and hope you continue to add them in future collections. This has been so fun.

  25. I think any of the critter sets would be cute flip flopped or High Five would be fun too. Such a fun idea to flip flop these sets.

  26. Such adorable card’s, I would like to see any of the set’s that y’all have flip-flopped all of them are just way too cute

  27. GORGEOUS scenes! I would like to see the llama both for cold weather and the regular one flip flopped!

  28. Such adorable samples from the designers! I think Critters of the Sea would be great flipped but really, any of the critters would be useful. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  29. The angler fish in the you are sublime set, the pirates and any other critter stamp. It’s always good to have a mate.

  30. Well now, I’m with so many who can’t choose — I’d start with the lion from the Savannah set (all the critters from the Savannah set) because my DIL loves lions and I’ll be using it for my grandson’s first birthday — but enough about me (LOL), I also like the idea of all the bears from the Happy Den set. But as so many others said, I’ll be thrilled with any and all mirror stamps! 🙂

  31. I love seeing all the possibilities with Elphie flipped! Hello Baby would be adorable flipped so the bunnies, frogs, and ducklings could be touching noses. The animals in Jump for Joy and Let’s Go Nuts would also be fun to play with if they were flipped.

  32. Love the Elphie Selfie set — Adorable!! Critters in the Sea /Critters on the Savannah would both be good ones to flip!
    Thaks for all your awesome designs and videos!
    Lori S in PA

  33. Love all of today’s cards! The flip-flops are awesome! I’d love to see the Winter Bunny heading downhill the opposite way!

  34. I am LOVING that you introduced Flip Flops! I don’t have any yet, but really hope to get some soon! I would LOVE to see all 4 large dinos from Critters From The Past, the car & camper from Happy Trails, and the reindeer and sleigh from Ho Ho Holidays all Flipped! And while we’re at it, Hang in There would be nice, too! (and I’ll even add the lamp from You’re Just My Type 😋 )

  35. Someone special to me loves llamas, so I use Llama Tell You quite a bit. It would be great to have a flip-flopped llama!

  36. I would love any of the ocean stamps – scuba diver, submarine, sea critters to be flip flopped!
    Your DT does such a great job creating backgrounds and scenes. Love learning from all of them!

  37. Such cute cards! Any other animals flip flopped (besides mice… There are plenty of mice sets already…) Let’s get some Lawn Fawn pandas! And koalas!

    1. That’s a tough one…Critters of the Past, Farm or Sea? I’m sure there are any number that would be fun to have.

  38. You flipped my favorite critter! Yes! Thank you so much! I would love to see “Hey There” and “Butterfly Kisses” flipped.

  39. I think the duck in rub a dub would be great to flip flop or the critters in the sea. I just love these elephants. They are so cute.

  40. Such cute cards!!! I would love to see all the dog themed stamps flipped, especially Happy Howloween and Critters at the Dog Park!

  41. Any of the critter stamps would be cute as flip-flops! Would really like to see the ducks from Rub-a-dub flip-flopped! Maybe the lamp from You’re Just My Type, too. And what about that cute dragon?

  42. Love the smile pop-up. Such a fun card. I love the critters, so Critters in the Sea or Critters in the Arctic would be fun to see flipped.

  43. I’m not sure what I would want flip flopped. I think for the most part I just work with the image as is and if I really want something flipped I attempt the mirror technique. It’s nice to have options though.

  44. Love the flip flop concept as it is tricky to get a mirror image, how about Rub-a-dub dub ducks, or Year Five the Otter, the llama in Winter Alpaca or Llama tell you…

  45. Oh boy. I think the adorable Den Sweet Den or maybe the bubbles of Joy so they could spin on the bubbles.!, any critter would be wonderful! This is such fun thank you!

  46. So cute, I love the elephants! I think I’d like the critters on the farm flip flopped because I’d like to have a lot of animals on my farm! lol!!

  47. Such a sweet image, love the elephants, they’re so great for many card designs! I’d like to have the sharks & the koalas flipped, please, and maybe some of the under water critters, too!

  48. Mice on Ice is my choice to flip flop. I LOVE these animals that you are showing. The rhino is just adorable.

  49. I think the mouse looking up and to the left from Bubbles of joy would be nice flipped. And the mice from Mice on Ice. I have more that I would like flipped. Several Christmas and Halloween sets, Plus the Llama, sloth, koala, little dragon, the unicorn from a little sparkle and the bear or bunny from butterfly kisses. I love working with the sets that already have flip flop images, like the whale, sea horses, and stud puffins.

  50. Happy Trails would be a great set to have flip-flopped.
    I am so excited to see this elephant from Elephie Selfie mirrored! I am going to run out to my store and pick her up! Woohoo!!

  51. Love the little critters,,,would love to see bigger mice for a flip flop and anything for magic picture changer.

  52. I love the flip flops and any of the critters would be fine with me. I seem to use High Five a lot so that would be on my list. Another one is the bunny in Some Bunny too.

  53. Oh that’s a tough question! I use my winter alpaca and meow you doing sets a lot so would love to see those flip flopped!

  54. I LOVE the new flip flop stamps. I don’t have anything specific that’s coming to mind right now…. 🤔 maybe the shark or fairies. Any of them really!! I don’t have good luck with mirror stamping lol

  55. I would love to see more of the car critters flop flopped so I could make cards with two way traffic! Thanks for all that you do, Lawn Fawn.

  56. The sample cards are adorable! Any of the critters flipped would be great. But I agree with others, flip the people too so they can face each other.

  57. Gosh, I love the Swish and Pop! And all of the flopped stamps and dies. So fun and creative! Inspiration Week always excites me! Thank you, LF.

  58. Any critter that has a “nose” because I’m having a hard time thinking what else you could do with a mirror image besides ‘boop”, lol!!! In particular, I’d love to see the llama mirrored so you could say “Twice the (llama) drama”!

  59. the dolphin from critters in the sea, or the ants from happy summer, Ocean Shellfie’s octopus, and the Hippo Birdie hippo. But any are great!

  60. The circus theme with Elphie is adorable. I also have the Butterfly Kisses Flip-Flop set, the inspirations are very helpful.

  61. The elephants are sooooo cute!! Specially that little baby! I don’t have a specific set to flip-flop, but probably any set would be a good idea!

  62. That’s a tough one…Critters of the Past, Farm or Sea? I’m sure there are any number that would be fun to have.

  63. How cute are those Elphies! <3 I would love to see Critters at the Dog park flipped for sure – but love all your critters!

  64. Today my favorites are the circus card and the wild birthday. I have young grandsons and these are great ideas for them.

  65. I don’t have a specific image, but have wished before that there was a set (or two) of mirror image critters for some of your stamp sets.

  66. Thats a hard question. One of my favorite sets is High Five, so maybe. Anything flipped wood have its advantages. Great Inspiration from the sign team!

  67. I would absolutely love to see the bear in den sweet den flip flopped! Would be so cute. Another one I would really want is the people in bicycle built for you. Also the llama would be great!!

  68. So much cuteness! I’d love to see the Rub a dub dub set flipped – then I could have a mommy and daddy duck. 🙂

  69. it would be useful to have a hummingbird and bee flying in the opposite directions …. so many flower stamps, it would be good to have the ability to place the bees and hummingbirds coming in from different directions, thanks for asking!

  70. I would really like the little car from happy trails. It took forever but I used the stamp on plactic trick to flip it for some cards over X-mass. Sometimes you need the car to go the other direction!!

  71. I think the Jump For Joy set would look adorable flip flopped. You could have the foxes jumping into each other. Adorable!
    Huge from Canada!

  72. That’s a hard question, but off the cuff, I’m going to say Coaster Critters. I was just working with that set and I couldn’t get everyone to line up at the ticket booth and have somebody in the booth facing the right direction.

  73. For me, Hay There would be the one filp flopped. With little nieces that live on farms I use it often. I love the pop-up smile die.

  74. I think that these flip flop stamps are so creative and should be the norm for most stamps. That would give us even more possibilities when stamping.

  75. I love the new flip-flop sets! Any of the critters would be great, like the rabbits in ”Hello Baby” stamp set, but as I said any of the critters would be great.

  76. These cards are the cutest!! I love the flip-flop idea! I’d love to see a flip-flop of Meow You Doin’!

  77. All the critters would look great when you flip dlop them. But the high five critters would be nice to have both ways.

  78. There are so many I would like to see flipped. Bicycle build for you, critters in the sea – dolphin and sea turtle, rub-a-dub – ducks, dandy day – blowing mouse with flower, holiday helpers – elf’s, Let’s go nuts – throwing squirrel, on the mend – sick turtle, out of this world – astronaut, really high five, super star – mouse, Tiny Christmas, Wild for you – alligator, and cats. Just to name a few.

  79. Love these critters. I think all critters would be nice to have flipped. But if I had to give an answer it would be critters from the Savannah and the Bicycle Built for you would be nice to have.

  80. I can not wait for my order to come in because I have ordered some Flip Flop stamps with dies. But I would like to see, some of the Critters on the Savanna flip flopped. I could also use a flip flopped Duh-Nuh and maybe the Little Dragon.

  81. Hard question… If any probably the critters in the savannah. I think you guys so a great job of keeping the critters straight on our offering both directions in the set

  82. Den Sweet Den-because it’s my favorite. Would love to see the sitting bear from both sides and each holding different objects!

  83. Wow – such goodness here! I love the Elphie Selfie Flip-Flop! I think I would like the Believe in Yourself jackalope in a Flip-Flop. He is so cute and needs a friend! I love Lawn Fawn releases – so looking forward to everything the design team brings! THANK YOU!

  84. I love the elphie flip flop so much! Even more than additional flip flops, I would choose to bring back the Merry Mice set! 🙂

  85. Not a creature was stirring would be a nice flip-flop! Basically any critter would be great just to be able to mix it up! 🪞

  86. One of the reasons I love LF so much is all the adorable animal and cutsie-type stamps. It’s so my style and each one is cuter than the other!

  87. I love all of the cards but Elise created the most adorable Swish ‘n Pop Pull-Tab interactive card with the Elphie Selfie Flip-Flop elephant ❤️

  88. I would pick Critters Down Under set to be flipped. I used it once to make a background paper for a 12 by12 scrap page and would have loved using a reverse image.

  89. Oh gosh, I’ll take any to be flipped. But I’d say Critters at the Dog Park, in particular. I use this set all the time!

  90. This is a tough one, but off the top of my head Winter Alpaca, Rawr, Duh Nuh, Winter Unicorn, Year Four, or Year Five would all be great for the flip flop treatment

  91. I would love to see Critters in the Dog Park flipped. Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  92. Fantastic showcase. Love them! Please flipped the Dragon. More fantasy/fairytale critters will be awesome. The possibility for scenes to create will increase too. Plus it will go nicely with the Swish & Pop die, don’t you think?

  93. I love this ideal of them being flipped and have already used the elephant (it’s my oldest daughters favorite animal!). The mermaids are the ones that I would really like to see flipped but also any of the mice and squirrels would be great too!!! 🙂

  94. I love the flip flop idea! Already got the chameleon and can’t wait to use it. Also Swish and Pop on the left side of the card… Thank You for showing that!!! I can’t wait to try it that way.

  95. LET’S GO NUTS! That’s what I’d love to see flip flopped! I have the flip flop angler fish (I think it was a bonus through Simon Says Stamp) and I’d love to have a die for it. The flip flops are fantastic!! Thanks for making them

  96. A couple weeks before these were announced, I had been working on a card using Elphie Selfie and had wished this were possible. So excited to see that it is now! I think it would be fun to have some flip flopped vehicles too.

  97. A flipflop choice is hard! I am currently working on the open challenge for Lawn Fawn Fanatics and I’m using a lot of modified people (adding legs to mermaids) so I’ll go with that set. IT would be nice if their hair was flowing the other way 😉 Super fun cards. I totally need to try my had at a circus card. Those colors really pop!

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