Lawn Fawn Intro: Fall Leaves Background Stencils and Stencil Paste

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Fall & Winter 2021 Inspiration and Release week! On September 16 our 13 new stamp sets and coordinating dies, 19 new standalone die sets, two new paper collections and all of our exciting new products will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

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AND today’s post too!

Today is our showcase of Fall Leaves Background Stencils and Stencil Paste! Create a beautiful, leafy background with this set of two Fall Leaves Background stencils. They work well with a variety of crafty techniques, including our new Stencil Pastes! Add dimension and lots of fun to your projects with our Stencil Pastes in White, Silver, Gold, Pearl, Fairy Dust and Glow-in-the-Dark!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have two videos at the end to showcase our featured products.

Audrey used cheerful Autumn colors to stencil the Fall Leaves Background over the Stitched Rectangle panel. Then she used our Stencil Paste in Fairy Dust to stencil iridescent details over the top!

Tammy colored the leaves in from You Autumn Know in rich seasonal colors to match the her pretty Fall Leaves stenciling in the background!

Yainea got really creative and stenciled the Fall Leaves in white Stencil Paste on top of patterned paper! The sweet polka dots from Sweater Weather Remix 6×6 look so pretty behind the stenciled leaves!

Latisha used soft warm colors to stencil an all-over pattern on her lovely card. I love the sweet Hearts and Stars Skinny Tag that she stenciled to match!

Elena designed a Giant Thanks So Much that is so beautiful! She stenciled the leaves in a neutral color palette on kraft and then added the red berries for a pop of color!

I just love the look of Fairy Dust Stencil Paste over the stenciled Fall Leaves Background! Mindy‘s colors are so lovely and the delicate Scripty Autumn Sentiment is the perfect greeting!

Lynnette used White Stencil Paste over Canned Pumpkin cardstock and it looks so amazing! I love the dramatic look of the black Scalloped Rectangle that frames her beautiful design!

I love how Grace switched thing up, putting the Purrfectly Wicked cats in a sweet Fall scene! She matched the colors of the stamped leaves perfectly to the Fall Leaves stenciled in the background! This card is just so sweet!

Melissa‘s Giant Thank You card is so pretty in beautiful pink! She used White Stencil Paste on a pink panel that she softened with the use of scalloped panel of vellum! The die cut greeting adds so much sparkle!

Kara added lots of elegant shine to her Lovely Latte design using Stencil Paste in gorgeous gold! It looks so amazing with the rich colors she used for the leaves and the background inking!

Wow, just look at that gorgeous sparkle and shine! Elise created so much dimension on her card by adding Stencil Paste in Pearl on some of the leaves and Fairy Dust on others. The Scripty Autumn Sentiment stands out white-embossed on Black Licorice cardstock!

Here’s another look at the glow-in-the-dark Stencil Paste on a spooky Purrfectly Wicked interactive Magic Picture Changer!

Intro Videos

And now we have a video to introduce our 6 new Stencil Pastes! Chari will create 7 awesome cards while sharing ideas for getting the most out of our Stencil Paste! You can watch the video below of click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Fairy Dust Stencil Paste on Snowflake Background Stencils

Pearl and Gold Stencil Paste with Plaid Stencils

Stencil Paste – Silver on Blue Jay cardstock with Giant Let it Snow

White Stencil Paste with emboss resist inking and Magic Iris Snowflake Add-On

White Stencil Paste dyed with Peacock Reinker, so beautiful!

Lights on and lights off with Stencil Paste Glow-in-the-Dark

And now we have a video to introduce Fall Leaves Background Stencils. We will share tips and ideas so you will get more out of these versatile stencils. You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Fall Leaves Background Stencils and Stencil Pastes! Tomorrow is Release Day and we will also announce our giveaway winners! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if have ever used stencil paste on a card project by September 15th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Thursday September 16th for our Release Reveal and some more fun product introductions!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


Fall & Winter 2021 products will be available on September 16th!
Fall Leaves Background Stencils
Stencil Paste

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387 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Fall Leaves Background Stencils and Stencil Paste

  1. I have tried glittery stencil pastes before, but I always found them difficult to smooth down.
    That’s why I’m so excited about these pastes – I just know that you guys will have made them perfectly, and they will look amazing on my cards.

  2. What a wonderful array of stencil pastes! The glow in the dark one is especially cool! I LOVE the gorgeous fall leaves stencil. I’ve used glitter stencil paste before. It’s always so much fun the peel off the stencil after smoothing the paste out, to reveal the awesome texture and design.

  3. Actually, I have never used any kind of paste. I love the glow in the dark one. I see a try it in my near future!

  4. I have, and I enjoy it very much, except the glow in the dark paste. That’ll be fun on the cards! Love those leaves stencils, too! <3

  5. Yes I did – and learned a lot while doing it. Like some like to pick up the color from underneath and get stained. So my first attempts were all disappointing, but I kept trying and got to love it. This Fairydust and the Glow in the Dark Paste are going to be soo much fun. And from watching the video I can already tell that I love how smooth your pastes seem to be to get layed down.

    Thanks for this amazing week of inspiration, product reveals and fun. It made waiting for tomorrow so much easier – just not on my bank account – and I can’t tell how much I appreciate all the work and time you all put into it! Guess you all deserve a glass of champagne once the release hits the store tomorrow!

  6. I’ve used a similar product but it dried up quickly so most of the container was wasted, and was really disappointing. I’m excited to try these instead and I’m pleased you’re making them as I love the lawn fawn inks and embossing powders.

    I was watching the video during the night and loved Chari’s projects with each colour. My only problem is that it’s made me want all six 😂

  7. Love using stencil paste, is a fun way to add texture to a card. Super excited to try out the glow in the dark, especially with my star stencil and the camping critters.

  8. I am so excited you guys are making your own stencil paste now!! I started using it about a year ago for backgrounds because I was inspired by cards here at Lawn Fawn. I am especially excited about the glow in the dark paste. Will be amazing for stars.

  9. I’ve used stencil paste a few times – I like using it with Starry Sky stencil or a cloud stencil. But the one I have is pretty dry and flakes off some, so I’m excited about how smooth Lawn Fawn’s new pastes look. And the fairy dusty and glow in the dark ones look fun!

  10. I have never used stencil paste but I am excited to try these new ones, especially the pearl one! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s release day! 😀🎉

  11. I have used sparkle medium paste before, but with such a vast array of choices, I’m really excited about these new ones!

  12. I have never used Stencil paste but the glow in the dark and the gold and silver is definately on my things I need this release.

  13. I have never used stencil paste. I have always been intimidated by it. But after watching today’s videos, I’m excited to order some and give it a try! Thank you guys for your informative and fun tutorials!

  14. Yes, I have used stencil paste and am very excited about the new LF pastes! Thanks to Chari’s awesome video, I think I want them all!!!!

  15. I have not used stencil paste on a card. Bi am excited to get the glow in the dark (grandkids will love it) and the fairy dust. I love the fall leaves stencil!
    A BIG thank you to your design team – they have done a great job highlighting all of the new release!

  16. I have used texture past on my cards – mostly for starry skies. But I am really looking forward to the Glow in the Dark paste!

  17. These are some super cute card’s, yes I use stencil paste on some of my card’s and I want to play with these new ones

  18. OMG! Love the new pastes! And stencils! Wow!
    I love using pastes in several ways, through stencils, to add texture and colour.

  19. I have used stencil paste before and I am very excited to try the new lawn fawn stencil paste! Love the color choices! The friary dust and glow look so cool!

  20. Wonderful stencil and stencil paste inspiration here today! The cards are amazing!
    I have used stencil pastes before. I love the texture they add!

  21. Woot! Way to go, Lawn Fawn! Stencil Paste is so much fun! I have used Stencil Paste before. But these colors will definitely up my game. I love the fall leaves stenciled background with the gold accents and berries. Gorgeous card! Thank you!

  22. Yes, I have used paste with stencil before but not much. I do like the fairy dust and glow in the dark. My nieces and nephew will love the glow in the dark, especially if the project is interactive.

  23. I have never used paste on a card before. I love all the colors of ur pastes but my favorite has to be the pixie dust.

  24. Yes, I have used stencil paste before. Love the glow in the dark paste, so many possibilities with these new pastes!!!

  25. Yes, used it before! Very cool and so much fun now when LF has their own!! Can’t wait! And for tomorrow – may the best Fawnie win! GOOD LUCK, EVERYBODY!!

  26. I have never used stencil paste … but I will be ordering some from Lawn Fawn – maybe one of each!! And of course the autumn leaves stencils too!

  27. I have not used stencil paste before, I’ll have to give it a try. The glow in the dark stencil paste for the night sky and on Halloween cards looks amazing

  28. I have never used stencil paste on a card project before but the pearl, fairy dust and glow are on my list to get with this AMAZING release!
    Lawn Fawn always has the best products 🙂

  29. I’ve used embossing paste before with stencils, but I love this option of shiny and glittery pastes! Looks awesome, and now I have something else on my wish list!

  30. Love the new stencil paste. Yes, I have used stencil paste, it is fun to use. Kind of always looking for the best ones, so can’t wait to try these, especially excited about glow in the dark.

  31. I have used pastes before and I’m so excited to see this new awesome array of products. I love them all and the glow in the dark just blows me away!

    1. Using texture pastes is one of my favourite things to do-I’m so glad that Lawn Fawn has developed these. I think I need them all 😉

  32. Great creations, everyone!! Love them all! I’ve used pastes before and have one or 2. I need more practice haha!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  33. I’ve only been curious about pastes from afar, not really looked into how best to use them but Chari’s backgrounds in the intro-video is making me exited to try! Especially using the white paste as an embossing that “resists” inking on top, the effect looks so lovely!

  34. I love adding white paste on a snowy background stencil to pretty much all my Christmas cards. I’ve never used or even seen glow in the dark paste before, I can’t wait to try it.

  35. I’ve done it couple times. I try to keep things clean which paste definitely doesn’t. But I am always happy with the result when I do use it.

  36. I have used stencil paste before and actually really like it – it’s great for giving your projects some dimension and texture without actually adding any bulk

  37. I have used stencil paste on one or two card projects. I am excited to use your stencil paste. I love the variety you offer.

  38. I have used stencil paste once during Jen Shurkus’s crop on the cape. It was for foiling. I thought it was pretty cool.

  39. I have not used stencil paste before. I will have to look into it and try it. I do like the look on these cards for sure! The Fall Releases are all so much fun!

  40. I love stencil paste on cards! I’m not usually a fan of messy products but there’s something just fun about pastes! I was going to say which card I loved best but as I kept scrolling I just loved them all and can’t choose! The design team knocked it out of the park!! 🎉🎉🎉

  41. I love using stencils and pastes on projects. You can get so many unique and fabulous looks and can totally personalize them to your own taste.

  42. These are so gorgeous! I’ve used stencil pastes a couple of times, but I really should use them more it seems! I love the iridescent one and I can’t believe I’ve not tried using stencil paste over patterned paper- what a lovely effect.

  43. Loving the stencil paste.. can’t wait to play with it using the fall leaves stencil, I especially like the white and the glow-in-the-dark pastes. Only one more sleep til we can order! Yay!

  44. I have used stencil paste Love the look.
    But I have to admit that I haven’t used
    it a lot – it’s to easy to just stamp my
    cards. thanks for sharing

  45. Just used for the first time recently, loved the texture! I used it over a blended ombré like background and it was so pretty. Lots of new ideas here

  46. I’m fairly new to stenciling and have only used inks. I’m looking forward to trying pastes in the future once I feel more comfortable using stencils. Love all the samples and how colorful they are.

  47. I have never used stencil paste before but love seeing all the different ways it can be used. Thanks for the inspiration.

  48. I have used stencil paste a couple of times. I will definitely be using it more. Can’t wait to get my hands on fairy dust stencil paste and the gold is beautiful!

  49. I have used stencil paste on a project before and I love it so i’m super happy that you have a paste line now and I especially love the gold and glow in the dark ones

  50. I have used stencil paste. The dimension it adds to a card is very interesting. Glow in the dark stencil paste will be fun.

  51. I personally have never used card stencil paste on a card before but I love seeing the amazing results from the use of it.

  52. Yes, I have used it on cards before but mostly in my journals. I love the glow paste! I will need that one for sure.

  53. I’ve used stencil paste for the first time a few months ago and loved it! Looking forward to trying out the new stencil pastes in this release – especially the glow-in-the-dark one!

  54. I have tried various pastes before but I’m looking forward to trying these out, especially the fairy dust one for my Christmas cards

  55. I’ve never used stencil paste but you make it look easy so I want to try it! Thank you for all the great examples. My questions are: does it dry out once you’ve opened the jar? If so, how do you keep it fresh?

  56. I have used stencil paste a couple times for snowflakes on cards. I love it and I’m so excited to try the new colors!! So much fun!!

  57. I used stencil paste years ago on Christmas cards, I colored in the stencil areas with the ink color, then applied clear paste over it and quickly added micro glitter on top! Turned out beautiful! I am really excited to order yours, my old paste dried up and I didn’t replace it!

  58. What a fun week this has been! Love all the new stuff. When I first started making cards I had some metal stencils and stencil paste that I used a few times. It gives a great look and texture so I’m excited to try the new LF ones! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  59. I need to have that stencil pastes! Fall leaves stencil is so Beautiful and I love that just changing color pallets, it brings all new different looks!

  60. Wowee! You make stenciling look so easy! I’ve only tried it a couple of times, but I’m not so good at it yet. Ha ha. I love the look—especially with the fairy dust paste! No, I haven’t used any of the pastes yet. Hah. (Still a newbie, but eager to try.)

  61. I love the look of stencil paste, but haven’t had much luck with it. It has a tendency to leave streaks. I’m sure it’s the operator, practice makes perfect ha ha

  62. I bought the snowflake stencil last year and haven’t used it yet! I think tonight I’ll break it out and then it will justify buying new pastes! haha

  63. I’ve never been much for making fall cards, but this amazing release has my crafty fingers itching to do so! You have the best designs and products!

  64. I’ve tried stencil paste a couple of times and am really excited to try the pearl one with the snowflake stencil on Christmas cards.

  65. Yes, I have used pastes before. Love using sparkling pastes with my Snowflake Trio Stencil, and I can’t wait to use the new beautiful stencil pastes with the new stencils in the release.

  66. I’ve used the Ranger grit paste with the LF brick wall stencil and loved it. These new ones look great but which colors to choose? Oh the fun!

  67. Wow! Loving the new Fall stencil and am really looking forward to trying the glow in the dark and the fairy dust paste, in particular! Enjoying the design team’s fabulous creations!!

  68. Never have used stencil paste but I am intrigued to learn more! Always fun to discover new techniques and have reasons to buy more supplies!!!

  69. I have used stencil & glitter paste before! I’m looking forward to trying out
    several colors from this release! I can’t wait to have fun! 🥰

  70. I have not used stencil paste. I have seen videos of it done and thought that was cool and bought some from Simon says stamps not knowing you guys were going to make some lol but I NEED the glow in the dark one!!
    Love love love all the cool stuff!! I can’t wait for tomorrow!!

  71. I have tried texture paste with stencils but was not very pleased with the results. Then the paste dried up in the jar so that was the end of that! So excited to see that the LF stencil paste looks very smooth and creamy and easy to apply! Think I can finally give stencil paste a try again after seeing all the beautiful colors! Yay!

  72. I have used the cloud stencil so many times! I love it. I can’t wait to create some colorful leaves with this stencil!

  73. Oh goodness, I love making a mess crafting so pastes are definitely a must for me! Super excited about all of these additions!

  74. I haven’t used stencil paste yet but it has been on my dying to try list for awhile! I LOVE them all! Hope that I can achieve this dream soon!

  75. When I think Lawn Fawn can’t get any better; you go and make awesome stencil pastes!!! I can’t remember ever looking so forward to fall and winter as I do this year 🍂🎃❄️

  76. I have not used any paste yet but I did buy a whole bunch after Chari’s video showcasing with the snowflake stencil!

  77. I have never used paste before but am not only excited to try it with the new Lawn Fawn pastes especially the fairy dust but I am also excited to play with the new layered fall stencils. LOVE!

  78. I have never used stencil space specifically, but I have used modeling paste over a stencil, it was a bit messy, but gave me a neat effect. I’m excited to use something that will hopefully be a better texture to pick up the details of the stencil. I’m holding my breath in anticipation for Purrfectly Wicked!

  79. Yes – I’ve used several stencil paste on my Cards with Succulents and Easter Cards and some Backgrounds.
    Thanks so much for sharing all the AWESOME designs!!!
    Pssstt…I can’t wait to get my hands on that Pumpkin House!!! =)

  80. I love Kara’s card. Coffee is always a good theme and her colors are really cool. In addition to the regular autumn colors she added that dark purple and it really ups the drama.

  81. Even though I own a ton of stencils, I haven’t ever used them or stencil paste. It always looks so petty when I see inspiration videos but I haven’t been brave enough to try it yet. Chari makes it look SO EASY!!

  82. I haven’t used “stencil paste” but a LONG time ago, I used “embossing paste”, which I suspect is an early version of “stencil paste”. I bet by now the formulation is nicer to work with!

  83. I have used stencil paste in one of Jenn Shurkus’ classes and LOVED IT! I am SO happy that you have come out with your own, I am going to buy them all!

  84. I have used some craft supplies like stencil paste. I love the texture it adds and always makes the card extra special in my opinion.

  85. These stencils and stencil pastes are so cool! I love all the different colors and textures. I have used pastes before. Can’t wait to get try the pastes.

  86. Love these new stencils and colored stencil pastes! I’ve use stencil paste before and love this medium! Can’t wait to try to other colors!

  87. I have never used stencil paste before, but now I definitely want to try it. I really like the glow in the dark one.

  88. Until this release I’ve had little interest in stencils and pastes but seeing the gorgeous backgrounds AND the dimensional layering effects achieved in the video I’m certainly going to try this technique. The fall backdrop stencil is delightful and I have ideas already just waiting to be let loose!

  89. I have not used stencil paste. I love it, looks great.. but if it didn’t come out nice I would be bothered. I am not a fan of my perfectionism, it’s often a road block. I have to learn to embrace that “homemade” will and should look….homemade. I do have to say I love leaves. I am not sure why? Maybe b/c I live in the pines and leaves aren’t quite the same as the type of leaves on the stencils that I love.

  90. Your stencil pastes are beautiful! I love the glow paste! Yes, I have used paste before- I love the texture it gives to a card!

  91. I used some type of paste with a stencil once but did not have good results, but it looks like I’m going to have to try again.

  92. I used glitter stencil paste before and loved the results, can’t wait to try the ones from this new release. Thanks for an amazing Inspiration and Release Week!

  93. I have used stencil paste on cards and love the results. I should probably use it more often. So excited for release day tomorrow!

  94. I just used a product on top of a card the other day with a stencil, & it might have been stencil paste; but I feel like it was called something else. It had some shimmer to it. It was fun to use and the video was so neat to see how Chari used it so many ways! Fun release for sure Lawn Fawn, congratulations, you did it again by knocking us out of the park!

  95. No I have never used stencil paste, but cannot wait to try this glow in the dark paste. I just tried the other day the glow in the dark embossing power I saw one of you use on a card with the fairy wings and lightning bugs but I think this will be so much easier. Can’t wait to try.

  96. Still pretty new to stencil paste but can’t wait to get my hands on the gold and glow-in-the-dark. My kids go crazy for anything that glows in the dark… so my head is swimming with the fun projects that can be created with it!

  97. I have used stencil paste before and it’s so much fun. I’m super excited for Lawn Fawn stencil paste since your embossing powders are my favorite!

  98. I have indeed used a paste on my cards and project, I love how it texturises and pops off of the page! I can’t wait to try the glow in the dark paste!!

  99. I have not used a product called “stencil paste” before. I have used Nuvo’s equivalent and have it in just about every color. I have used Gina K’s similar Glitz Glitter Gel and have maybe 3-4 containers of that. I have Simon Hurley’s Lunar Paste but have not yet used it, I am sorry to say. I love to use leaf /heart / star stencils or any other (waves) that has a regular pattern.
    Am excited about this release. You all just keep kickin’ things up a notch! Thanks for all the videos this week!
    Lori S in PA

  100. Oh I am loving these fall leaf stencils. Yes I have used paste on stencils before. Used it on a wave background. Makes the cards look amazing.

  101. I have used stencil paste once before, but not entirely successfully. However, I love the glow in the dark paste that I may just need to keep trying!

  102. Fabulous projects – love that stencil! I have used stencil paste before, although not very much yet. I definitely need to play more with it because it’s so much fun!

  103. I have used white stencil paste with a small polka dot stencil over dark blue paper for a snowy night sky. So pretty!

  104. I love the amazing variety of looks that are possible with these great stencils! I’ve never used a stencil with paste for a card, but I’ve used them together on scrapbook layouts—and I love the results. I need to do some more; thanks for the inspiration!

  105. I have used various store bought and DIY pastes on my cards in the past. So many options to create fab cards with the new pastes!

  106. I have used it a little but my biggest win was collecting my 5 year old daughter early from after school club so we could craft together and I taught her how to do it, she used the stencil paste with the LF Star stencil to make a card for her grandparents. She’s given me her release shopping list now too.

  107. Yes!! I love using stencil paste! It really makes the background pop and gives it such a cool look. I am sooo excited for the glow in the dark paste to be released!! I loved all the samples and the video!!

  108. I haven’t used stencil paste before but seeing this video gave me so many ideas for cards! Especially the mixing of the paste with re-inkers was so inspiring! And I love the stencils for fall cards as well!

  109. I love Fall the best. Being here in South Florida, we don’t get much color change in our trees…. but I do have 2 Southern Maple trees that start out with new red leaves and turn green. Lovely sight!

  110. I’ve only used white paste. I love all the color options, especially the glow in the dark! It looks like so much fun and a great addition to Halloween cards

  111. I have ordered some stencil paste after watching the video with the brick stencil a while ago. Cannot wait to try it out and then get these stencils for even more ideas!!

  112. I have used used stencil paste. I never think to use it. Your videos are so inspiring! Love the new gold and silver paste!

  113. I have used stencil paste before – it’s a bit tricky getting the ratio right otherwise you’re left with blobby images.
    Such adorable cards.
    Hugs from Canada!

  114. I have never used stencil paste, but I do have one jar of hot pink glitter stencil paste from a previous Simon Says Stamp kit.

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