Lawn Fawn Intro: Just Add Glitter

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Summer 2022 Inspiration and Release Week! On May 19th our 11 new stamp sets, 17 new die sets, 3 new stencil sets, new paper collection, and more new products will be available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Just Add Glitter and its coordinating dies! The mice are back, and they are glittering all the things! This set is filled with the stuff we love about our paper-crafting hobby! It includes crafty essentials and a table to cover with card-making fun!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this fresh new set! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Caly‘s design is so pretty with a pink background and plank “flooring”! The cute Just Add Glitter mice are busy making cards with all the fun accessories found in the set. I love how she added the glittery Henry’s ABCs letters!

Marine‘s mini slimline card is a glittery masterpiece! I love how she included the mouse from Really High Five shaking glitter on everything! So adorable!

Elise got so clever with her fantastic card! She stamped all the fun craft supplies first. Then she flipped the stamp over on the block to stamp the color over the top! Such an amazing background with the Henry’s ABCs greeting!

Mindy created a colorful craft room scene with Just Add Glitter! The bright backdrop is so creative and it enhances this happy scene!

Raise your hand if you create “craft-tastrophes” when you craft! Kara‘s delightful card features a fun color combo and retro style greeting with Henry’s ABCs. She found the sentiment phrase in Science of Love and it works so perfectly.

Grace created a glittery striped background for her Just Add Glitter card that is so perfect! I love that she invited the mouse from Virtual Friends Add-On to the crafty party!

Elena added cute details along with a custom greeting to create a totally charming card! She used the picture frame from Den Sweet Den, inserting the scissors, so clever! Then she used a sentiment from Let’s Toast, selectively stamping just part of it to create the punny greeting!

I love how Audrey combined Giant Thank You with the sentiment from Just Add Glitter. She also used some new All the Dots paper to make the stripey background!

Lynnette‘s birthday card featuring Giant Happy Birthday to You and Just Add Glitter is so adorable! I love how she scattered the craft supplies all around the greeting!

Latisha‘s monochromatic design is so unique featuring a glitter gold Stitched Scalloped Rectangle Frame! I love how she gold embossed some of the tiny images directly on the background. Then she added more images gold embossed on white for variety!

Tammy‘s shaker card is so full of joy! The additional mice from You Autumn Know and Really High Five are happily glittering everything with abandon!

Elise created a sweet craft room scene for the Just Add Glitter mice! She used Flower Market paper for the wall and also included the shelf from Purrfectly Wicked to hold additional craft supplies, finished cards and a potted plant!

Rebecca and I created a card that shows all of our new artsy sets together! In addition to Just Add Glitter, there is Art Supplies, Canvas and Easel and a fun new Paint Splatter Background Stencil.

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Just Add Glitter! We will share some fun ways to use this new set. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Just Add Glitter! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us; what you would like to see the mice doing in future sets by May 18th at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Friday, May 13th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week; we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one of them puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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609 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Just Add Glitter

    1. Wonderful idea! I already left my comment but second this idea for sewing mice, just like in Cinderella!

  1. I just finished watching the intro video right before the blog was updated. I love this set so much!!

    Some little tools would be handy for the mice- they can do some DIY or the ones in little overalls would make great mechanics!
    Mice tucked up in bed with a bed time story, little playgrounds or toys for playtime mice (just imagine a tiny doll house- especially if there was tiny mice dolls!!) and things like little fishing rods would all be super cute. Theres so many fun things they can be put into!

    1. Rachel – I love your idea for DIY mice – This Old House (with mice). Little hammers, saws, and can I put in a vote for a trowel and a little stack of bricks???

  2. Super adorable! Mice on vacation could be fun! Suitcases, Eiffel Tower, Gondola ride, hotel, cafe, swimming, lounging by the pool, playing baseball, flying, riding a train or bus, county fair, or farmers market.

    1. I was born in the year of the mouse/rat. So I love everything that has a mouse. Lawn Fawn mice are the cutest! Glad to see them crafting. Will love to see these mice doing DIY (great for creating masculine cards) or traveling by airplanes/trains/cars to go sight seeing (suitcase/camera/taking selfy/passport) in the future! Love all the inspirational projects.

  3. Well, as a Girl Guide leader I would love to see Guiding/Scouting mice! Especially selling cookies, or doing good deeds. But swimming mid would be fun too!

  4. This set is fabulous! I love all things mouse! Would love to see them traveling, hiking, cooking or in school.

  5. everything mice do in “if you give a mouse a cookie,” so maybe some spring cleaning (sweeping, dusting, spray bottles), eating cookies and milk, reading, trimming (barbershop mice!), etc. it would be nice to see some mice doing sports stamps since you have none (basketball, soccer, tennis, etc.)

    1. I would love to see the mice shopping, maybe for Christmas? The would look so cute with the Happy Village sets!

    2. How about a cute set with the mice packing and moving!!!! That would be cute cards for a new home!

  6. Im so happy there’s a crafty set…it is amazing having those cute mices now using glitter! Great addition!

  7. I was born in the year of the mouse/rat. So I love everything that has a mouse. Lawn Fawn mice are the cutest! Glad to see them crafting. Will love to see these mice doing DIY (great for creating masculine cards) or traveling by airplanes/trains/cars to go sight seeing (suitcase/camera/taking selfy/passport) in the future! Love all the inspirational projects.

  8. I think I would like to see the mice having a little dance party. Any kind of dancing would be fine but a little late summer BBQ or fall hoe-down with hay bales might be fun.

  9. These mice are so darling!! The aprons fit nicely with a creature was stirring. I can picture making some fun baking scenes with this table and the mice in aprons.

  10. So cute!!! Another mice winter fun set…building a snowman, having a snowball fight, sledding, drinking hot cocoa

  11. Very cute and perfect for all these card making people! It would be cute to see the mice in the tropics.

    1. I would love to see a mouse Halloween set! The mice at the beach seem fun too!

      This stamp set is adorable!

  12. I think gardening/farming mice would be adorable, or some back to school/ playground games mice (jumping rope, swinging, four square) would be cute too.

  13. …or how about mice surfing? Or waterskiing? Or swimming? I just pictured a little mouse doing a cannonball. 😂

  14. I’d love to see the mice playing sports, baseball, soccer or football. I think that would be so adorable.

  15. Let’s see what should the mice be doing. . . How about a set of raincoat mice to go with this years bears!

  16. I love this set!
    I would really love the next set to be the nice at the gym! With little weights, kettlebells, a treadmill, a step, a yoga mat, etc … 🙂

  17. Girl and boy scout mice camping. Mice singing, playing instruments, acting on a stage. Mice boating. Mice sewing. This stamp set is so cute, and all the DT projects are amazing!

  18. WOW thanks for listening to your customers. This set is so cute. Mice adventure…like the idea of the mice boating/fishing, sewing, riding a motorcycle, playing volleyball/other sports and agree with them doing DYI projects would be great for masculine cards.

  19. I would like to see the mice doing karate. My daughter just started going to Karate and she would love this!

  20. So cute! The little mice have been up to some fun activities this year that is for sure! I love adding sparkle to my creations so this new stamp and die set is perfect!

  21. Love seeing some mice playing at a park, sliding down slides or swinging? Swimming? Sliding down a pool slide and into the pool?

  22. I’d like to see the mice cooking/baking, swimming, gardening, playing sports, boating or enjoying a day at the beach. This stamp set is so fun! I can’t wait to create with it!

  23. I just love the mice! I think it would be cute to have them doing fall activities, like carving pumpkins and drinking apple cider!

  24. I’m happy to see a new mice stamp sets & their crafting with glitter! The entire Lawn Fawn team designed spectacular cards! 🐭
    I would love to see beach scenes with mice in swimwear trunks, bikini, beach towels, umbrella, flipflops, floaties, beach ball, cooler, with soda cans/bottles, tropical drinks & in the ocean scuba diving with underwater critters, mermaid & mermen! I like to see a Fall scene with mice carving pumpkins decorating for Halloween, Winter scene with mice building snowmen, sledding, snowball fights outside in the snow! I also would love a male mouse’s who plays various kinds of manly sports/activities such as football, baseball, basketball, soccer, golfing, fishing, & camping! Lastly a family of mice going on vacations with their luggage at airport/cruiseship & arriving at their destinations like amusement park, Italy, France, Mexico, or Islands etc.! 🥰
    Thanks Lawn Fawn I can’t wait to see the entire 2022 Summer release! 🌞

  25. These are adorable!! I think it would be cute to see the mice with hammers and nails for more Father’s day cards! Also mice doing yoga would be sooo cute!

  26. I would like to see the mice sewing, working with tools like hammers, nails, work belt, etc., Hawaii vacation, working out on treadmill, elliptical, bike, weight lifting.

  27. These scenes are adorable! I would love a fall set with hayrides and apple orchards and pumpkin farms for the mice. There are so many cute possibilities. I love the way the sets interchange!

  28. Nice cards. Like to see the mice rowing, fishing in a boat, skiing, and anything water, camping, outdoor activities. We live near lakes and this is a major weekend and yearly activity.

  29. I would like to see the mice going to school, or sock so a bed and dresser inside not feeling well, or traveling.

  30. Love the mice!! It would be awesome to see the mice with a mechanics and cars or racing set. A mouse accessory set with toys and tools would be fun too. Earlier comment mentioned a doll house with dolls and I love that idea!!

  31. Instruments and sporty stuff would be cute- other hobbies essentially that could translate to being used with the larger people sets- which we need more of too 😉

  32. This set is adorable! I love seeing the mice crafting!! Can’t wait to play around with this set!

  33. Love these little crafty mice! I’d love to see health care mice set – doctors, nurses, ambulance. Would make really cute get well cards, etc!

  34. Such fun card ideas!
    I’d love to see the mice visiting a zoo! Also a Halloween set with the mice dressed up for trick or treating would be fun!

  35. For Fall/Winter: Mice raking leaves, playing in the leaves….mice playing in the snow, making a snowman.

  36. Wow these samples couldn’t be any cuter!

    I would love to see graduation mice as I am making grad cards or vacation mice going to Vegas. Pull that slot machine!

  37. I would love to see a nice at Halloween set and the summer beach mice sound fun too!

    This stamp set is adorable!

  38. I never thought about cutting the stamps until the video. Not sure I have the nerve to do it, it’s like writing in a book 😳

  39. I think it would be fun to have the mice golfing. That is my husband’s favorite hobby and would be fun to make him golf cards.

  40. This set is adorable. I’m thinking sound kind of dollhouse with accessories that the mice could be a part of.

  41. I would love to see the mice playing summer sports croquet, volleyball, badminton, tennis, surfing, biking, hiking, etc.

  42. Love the cards with the mice doing their
    craft projects. All of the cards are wonderful.
    Great to celebrate our favorite pastime.
    thanks for sharing txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  43. I’d like to see the mice at a birthday party with a bouncy castle, some party games and then a die for a big birthday cake that they could pop out of will the pull tab.

  44. Thanks Design Team for adding some sparkle and glitter to my day and excitement for the release next week. You always come up with such great designs and uses. You are always an inspiration!!

  45. I would love to see the mice playing at the beach! These samples are too cute! LOVE the lettering!

  46. Such bright and happy cards with this fun crafty set, so much sweet inspiration with these mice. They will be so cute as characters in fairy tales.

  47. Such adorable samples from the designers! I would love to see the mice sewing and doing cross stitch, etc. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  48. The DT crds are amazing, especially Kara’s and the un-side-down mouse sprinting glitter. I am not sure what I’d like to see the mice do next–perhaps under the floorboards in a cozy little room with human things repurposed as furniture, etc., sort of like “The Borrowers” or Stuart Little

  49. I would love to see the mice hosting a surprise party or a dance. Maybe a lemonade & cheese stand too. Lol! Or the mice going to the beach. That would be cute as well. Lastly, the mice shopping… with a little shopping cart, bags, etc.

  50. This set is so adorable! I think mice at the beach would also be cute or mice graduation with caps and gowns!

  51. Glitter is my ultimate favorite so I am so excited about the stamp!

    Because I love all the educators, I would love to see the mice teaching! It would be such an adorable card to gift to educators.

  52. I would like to see the mice on a Hawaiian vacation, or Christmas in Hawaii. Just imagine a mouse in the Hawaiian shirt, or surfing a wave. You could even have the mice, whale spotting.

  53. The mice should go to a carnival. Or visit other countries and their famous landmarks. How cute would a mouse in a beret holding a baguette standing in front of the Eiffel Tower be? Or one in a striped shirt with a mustache be rowing a gondola in Venice?

  54. So adorable mice – I would like to see Coffee drinking mice – such as Hot and Cold as well as other fun drinks such as Milkshake – ice tea – lemonade – etc.

  55. Oh my goodness! Your mice as sooooooooo adorable! Can you send the mice to the Magical House of the BIG mouse???

  56. Love the crafty mice! I would love to see the mice having fun in the summer. They could go to the beach, play sports. Also like the idea of DYI projects…hammering, painting, using screw drivers. Thanks Lawn Fawn!!!

  57. Maybe the mice could be playing football or working on cars or maybe driving cars or trucks…. 🙂

  58. Oh my gosh, so incredibly adorable! And so much fabulous inspiration! I love those mice so much, that anything works! A little early for Christmas, but working in Santa’s workshop would be fun. I don’t remember if you have done that yet.

  59. Mice at a carnival, amusement park or on vacation would be cute. Or a set with accessories for mice that we already have.

  60. This stamp set is fantastic! I love to glitter everything!!! Mice (or any other critter) on the lake, kayaking and paddle boarding would be so cute.

  61. Oh my gosh, the mice are so cute! I love that they are crafting…adorable. In the future I would like to see mice knitting, decorating a baby mouse’s room (a new arrival), a pregnant FEMALE mouse in a maternity outfit, a proud papa mouse, grandma and grandpa, quite a few tiny mouse babies that have different looks on their faces and their bodies are in different positions, cheese and mousie decorated baby blankets, little books stamps (so mommy and daddy can read to them), a cute stroller, etc.

  62. I would love to see a set of mice playing sports. Then have some accessories like soccer/basketball/footballs, tennis rackets, hockey sticks and some nets to set the scene.

  63. I’d love to see the mice go on a safari of go scuba diving so they can be combined with the ocean sets

  64. Oh my gosh… this crafting-set is soooo cute!!!
    Mice-ANYTHING will do me – I love them whatever fun they are up to…

  65. I love the mice in the craft room. In fact, I love all the mice you’ve included in thematic activities. I’d like to see mice playing soccer or performing gymnastics!

  66. Your mice are absolutely the cutest! Think the mice in school would be cute! Maybe mice working in a coffee shop? Or maybe mice at a carnival? Maybe Santa needs elf mice in his workshop?!

  67. I would love to see mice in a get well soon set. With a bed and sidetable as furniture. I think it will be so cute and versitale.

  68. Oh that set is so adorable. Honestly I think it would be cool if the mice were doing ‘dad’ things – like mowing th lawn, cutting branches, etc. It would be a cute addition to the small but growing ‘dad’ style sets.

  69. I’d like to see the mice on vacation. They’d need sunglasses, maps, binoculars and such things. Thanks for the chance to win.

  70. I love these crafty mice! And I can’t wait to see what the glitter queen herself (Jenn Shurkus) makes with this set. I would love to see them using power tools or building something in the future.

  71. These mice are adorable and I don’t know how you could top these little crafty critters, but maybe they can be building a house or getting married? 😉

  72. Absolutely love this set! And the cards are all adorable. I would love to see the mice on a beach, surfing and snorkeling. A wonderful mouse vacation.

  73. I watched the intro-video for this set this morning, great way to start the day and the inspiration week. I’d love a set with accessories to do more winter sports (like snowboarding, skiing) would be adorable, with little helmets and scarves to keep them safe and warm!

  74. omg, this is the CUUUUTEST. i love the sneak of the easel, too. i just love that we craft crafty mice. hmm, future ideas could be doing magic tricks, going to the movies or traveling!

  75. The crafty mice are so adorable! Lots of great ideas already! Sporty mice, fishing mice, musical mice playing instruments would all be fun!

  76. You can’t go wrong with glitter!! What a fabulous little set. If love to see mice at school with desks and books and maybe even die-cut/paper piecing playground sets. That would be so much fun to play with!

  77. I absolutely love the mice … have they ever taken a trip? I can just see a little mouse on a sailboat or perhaps peeking through a life preserver that says bon voyage!

  78. Oh my goodness, this set is adorable! I love all of the comments about what the mice should be doing. My vote is for sports, cars, trains, hunting, anything for men and boys. I would like to see mice playing instruments especially a piano – maybe even a whole band or orchestra.

  79. Mice traveling the world would be adorable – little suitcases, passports, cameras, maps, airplanes, bus, etc. Plus a set with mice sized world landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Pyramids, Golden Gate Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Sydney Opera House, Stonehenge, etc.

  80. I think it would be fun to give the mice a job, maybe an ice cream truck, or a coffee shop!

    I also love sets like this that have a object that we can use with other sets. The table and chairs looks so useful! I am want it just for that!! Lol

  81. I think it would be nifty if your sweet little mice were camping. I just love me some Lawn Fawn. Thank you again for another chance to win. Your company is so generous.

  82. These cards are so cute. I’m excited for the new release! I would like to see the mice graduating or in school student and teacher with a chalk board and books. I would also love to see them with tools for building/repair. Another idea would be to have them having a bbq.

  83. Is this set inspired by Jenn Shurkus? I know she likes to glitter all the things! LOL! Cute set!

  84. The mice are so cute! Maybe Trick-or-Treating Mice, Wrapping Presents (generic so it can be holiday or birthday), Swimming, Travel (on planes, cars, buses), Father Mice, Sporting Mice, Thanksgiving Mice, Easter Mice. You have the Merry Mice and A Creature Was Stirring, but maybe Mice with stockings, Santa hats, Sugar Plum Dreams, list making.

  85. Yeah, I’m going to need this set 🙂 I can’t think of anything for the mice to do. But I love your ideas.

  86. Gotta have this set! It would be fun for the mice to have tools in order to make masculine cards for birthdays and Father’s Day.

  87. Such fun mice! Love the ideas. Maybe fishing or driving a fast car would be fun things for the mice to do.

  88. I’d like to see the mice doing some sports, for example holding a hockey stick, golf club, tennis racket.

  89. Maybe we could see the mice having tea, running a coffee shop or playing in the fall leaves. What would be really nice if all the stamps could be on one sheet so they could be all stamped at once and then cut out with one die.
    Absolutely loved today’s inspiration cards.

  90. The mice are so adorable! Love the stamp set. Maybe the the mice could spent the day in the mountains.

  91. How cute are those crafty little mice….since I love summer and the beach, I’d like to see those cute little mice at the pool or at the beach!

  92. Adorable!!! Gotta own Just Add Glitter!! Maybe Summer themes. Boating sailing would be cute. Little bikini for the mice laying out in the sun. Dressing up these cute mice with different outfits. Even a wedding couple.

  93. Yay, how cute are all of these cards? I live by the “when in doubt, just add glitter/sparkle” rule, hahaha! It would be nice for the mice to do some gardening/farming, or perhaps to have some fun on the beach? Or maybe they want to dress up for Halloween?

  94. I love this so much!!! I love the Lawn Fawn mice and I would adore a dancing set. bullet, waltz, samba….etc.

  95. Who doesn’t live these adorable mice! Seeing them around the craft table reminds me of my grandchildren. It would be cute to see them on a jungle gym or swings on a playground, as well as playing soccer or baseball. I’d love to see one wearing a baseball cap! Love the sewing idea too!

  96. Super sweet mice set…maybe for the next stamp set the mice doing hide and seek…in all kind of for interactive cards kids could try and seek them…with flaps under which the hide behind things..etc.

  97. These mice are so naughty and look just like my kids doing art!! I would love to see mice being in healthcare, little nurse mice would be so cute and a baby in a blanket as I am a labour nurse!

  98. Never liked the little creatures until Lawn Fawn. So, so cute. With Lawn Fans, I’d guess they’d be cute doing anything. Since they’re crafty here, maybe quilting or sewing, baking…

  99. What cute projects and cute mice set. I don’t know what I’d like to see them doing next, but I’m sure whatever it is, it will be adorable.

  100. These mice are so cute anything they are doing will be adorable. And there are lots of good suggestions in the comments already. For some reason I see skateboarding mice with little helmets! And I liked the ideas of bedtime mice reading books and Christmas mice.

  101. Have the mice gone to school yet? I bet they’d be excellent scholars as well as enjoying lunch and recess.

  102. I think I would start with the Flippin Awesome die set! Showing how those little mice making cards! Reminds me of my granddaughters!

  103. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mice and crafting is so perfect. I’d love to see the mice getting some reading time in. Gotta keep them smart!

  104. I would love to see more “boy” themes with the mice like construction mice, race-car driving mice, or sports mice.

  105. I would like to see the next mice sets going to a pumpkin patch and trick or treating in costumes. I also wouldnt mind the mice in gingerbread costumes and feeding reindeer at the north pole.

  106. So adorable, love!!! Would love to see the mice going on vacation. Or maybe a ballet set – perfect projects and cards for dancers!

  107. Mice having a spa day would be really cute. I’m envisioning cucumber slices over their eyes and spa robes…..

  108. Love glitter! Love the mice!! Would love to see the mice playing sports, or building stuff. Just amazed at all the imagination and inspiration you provide.

  109. You totally rocked this preview kick off with this amazing mice set! Can’t wait to introduce them to my craftroom and share the mess I use to make there with them….
    I’d love some craftsmen/mechanics with tiny tools and overalls – perfect addition to all the amazing mice sets that are out already and also great for those hard-to-make man cards. Also mice on the beach or on a jungle expedition with little tropical hats and nets and binoculars would be great.

  110. I’d like to see mice getting ready for fall / winter or doing DIY projects around the house: chopping wood, gardening, painting the house, repairing things – a tiny hammer, drill, etc. would be too cute.

    Love all these examples and thanks for the video!!
    Lori S in PA

  111. I would love to see these mice in a movie theater with a candy and popcorn machine watching movies on the big screen.

  112. Omg this set is soooo adorable! I can’t wait for this one. In the future I’d love to see the mice playing with toys eg. Blocks or riding a tractor which would go nicely with the strawberry set.

  113. So many great ideas in the comments! I agree with Mice on vacation or a Fall set with them apple picking or in a pumpkin patch.

  114. I think the mice need a vacation- to the beach would be my first choice, but hiking in the mountains or forest would be great, too.

  115. I love this set so much! I would love to see the mice going to the fair or a carnival. Maybe even matching in a parade?!

  116. Such a fun set! I’d love to see some little golfing mice or maybe even gold panning mice or parachuting mice would be so fun! You guys really are the best!

  117. The set is so cute!! I’m looking forward to using it. I’m the future I would love to see the mice having dinner.

  118. Maybe the mice need a “sleepy” set where they’re having a sleepover with sleeping bags and eye masks!

  119. I would love to see mice doing sports or mice doing winter activities besides ice skating, maybe sledding, trying to build some snowmen (thinking of 2 mice stacked on top of each other to help put the face on). Anything would be great though, I love the mice!

  120. I adore the mice! I totally want some ‘Mice go Hawaiian’ sets. I can see mice in grass skirts, bikinis and swim trunks with surf boards and snorkel gear. I can see them with a flower tucked behind one ear and one playing a ukulele. There would also be beach umbrellas, beach towels and beach toys and it could be paired with palm trees and pineapples and maybe a grass hut or a surf shack.

  121. I think it would be adorable to have mice doing story time together! I still read to both my daughters (ages 11 and 8) and it’s one of my favorite things to do!

  122. Super cute! Mice having a BBQ and or some sports game. Would make a great team building or family reunion card.

  123. Super cute, I would like to see the mice having a pool party or some kind of travel theme in future sets

  124. I love that we are getting crafting mice! I saw lots of great ideas in the comments. My favorites were mice getting ready for bed and beach mice!

  125. One thought that came to mind was mice flying a kite – of course the kite would probably carry them away.
    Maybe there could be a companion set to Scootin By with Skateboards/Snowboards and mice could be one of the critters included. Each one of the design team cards is cuter than the next. Love this new set.

  126. Carpenters or construction workers, sewing, sports, or make an accessory set to go with mice from various sets.

  127. I would love to see the darling little mice dressing up for Hallowe’en in costumes. The cutest would be a little cat outfit!! Thanks for making such fantastic products. I found you two years ago and have been addicted since! I always purchase something from each new release plus I have bought lots of your older products so I am cultivating a lovely Lawn Fawn collection. It is so fun to look through and mix and match sets to create amazing scenes. Everyone who receives one of the cards or crafts I make with them can’t stop raving about them! Thanks for making me shine!

  128. This is such a happy set! I think the mice on vacation…seaside, swimming pool, hiking would be so cute!

  129. I’d like to see circus, spa, grocery shopping ( I’d like a shopping cart), supermarket, pastry shop, fruit seller, carousel, train, world traveler with skylines of major cities, superheroes…

  130. Love this glittery set! Cant wait to make cards with it! I would love to see mice at the beach. Fishing, getting ready for Halloween, apple orchard, hay ride, boating, gardening or hiking! Sports mice, with volleyball, soccer, football etc. Mice riding horses!

  131. Travel mice with suitcases, passports, tickets. Road-trip mice with a side view of a car, map, etc. would be sweet too. I can’t get enough of them!

  132. Oh my gosh, this Just Add Glitter collection is so cute I can’t stand it… I think I might lose my mind! LOL! I love the theme and the creative sentiments on the samples shown!

    As for future mice sets, I like a lot of the suggestions that have been made… country, county fair, farmers market, apple picking, more autumn mice, travel, beach. I like Pai Meng’s suggestion of mice getting into trouble… LOL! How about a 1950s themed mice set? Or mice riding motorcycles… think Harley, sidecar and scooters. Since you have a set with mice flying on fall leaves… how about mice riding on top of butterflies? Is that weird??? LOL!

  133. Can the mice go bowling? It would be so cute! The shoes, the shirts, the bowling pins and balls? The ball return!

    Maybe they can go to the arcade?
    I would love to see the kids go fishing in a boat or kayaks. The paddles or fishing poles. It would be so adorable!

  134. Such a fun/cute set!
    In the future, I would love to see the mice going on a road trip or playing with their “pets”. 🙂

  135. I would love to see the mice flying planes, a mouse sticking his tongue out, more clothes, hiking, having a pizza party, gardening/farming, cooking, and making donuts

  136. I’d love mice enjoying summer at the lake with a mouse driving a ski boat and a mouse on water skis or a wakeboard.They’d make the cutest platform pop up scene! I’d also love little suitcases for mice on a European holiday.

  137. Travelling with little suitcases and accessories and a plane, bus and/or train for them to sit in/on!

  138. Those mice are at it again!! 😂 I’d love to see the mice make friends with a cat or two… thinking a Tom and Jerry scenario! Hehe!!

  139. Such a cute set!😍 I would love to see the mice on vacation in famous cities like Paris, London, New York, etc.

  140. I love Lawn Fawn mice!!!
    Fall: it would be nice to have one driving a tractor and pulling a cart full of mice playing in some hay. Mice dressed in Halloween costumes (like the foxes) would also be nice. And Pilgrim/Thanksgivings themed mice – maybe eating a feast!
    Winter: Riding snowflakes wearing scarves, snowball fights, building snowmen/snow forts, sledding, wrapping presents, dressed like Elfs and Mr./Mrs. Clause!
    Valentines: Mice holding hands and blowing kisses
    Spring: Planting gardens/flowers (to go along with the strawberry set), playing with butterflies, a girl mouse wearing a “country” dress (to go with the mouse in overalls) and maybe some Easter themed or egg hunting
    Summer: Beach scenes please!!! Playing with a beach ball, riding a surfboard, building a sandcastle (2 can be sitting on either side doing this), eating a popsicle and/or ice cream cone, and different bathing suits to dress them in (or already dressed).
    *Other cute ideas would be a handyman mouse, sewing mouse, mechanic mouse…I have so many more ideas!!!

  141. These mice are just the cutest!! The little details in this set are so super sweet. The little card with the happy face is so adorable. And i love the card with the mouse jumping up with their glitter! Another fantastic set! What would i like to see the mice doing I would have said having a tea party but you have something this month already lol so maybe a set decorating a tree, on a pirate ship or riding a train.

  142. How about some mice athletes? Like football players and cheerleaders, baseball player, basketball player, referee, etc. Or mice sewing?

  143. I love the glitter, crafty mice. So cute!! You will be able to make so many different cards. I love how it shows how my craft room is at times a mess. Love it!!

  144. Love the sneak peek of the paint splatters! I’d like to see more garden/farm equipment maybe a mouse -sized tractor? (we’re farmers!)

  145. Oh these mice are sooo cute and so appropriate with the crafting supplies and table and chairs. Super adorable. I would love to see the mice playing sports, especially hockey because I’m from Canada!

  146. So adorable. So many of us can relate to these adorable mice. I think the mice on a cruise ship or vacationing tropical islands would be cute

  147. It would be fun to have mice doing any sports, sewing, or traveling like around the world on plane, train, and cruise.

  148. I love all these ideas for the mice. I would love some sports options, specifically hockey 🏒 but all sports would be great.

  149. I can’t get over how adorable this stamp set is. I must get my hands on it!! Looking forward to future sets perhaps mice gardening and planting flowers?

  150. I would love to see the mice dressed in costumes for Halloween or Christmas maybe decorating the tree

  151. Mice playing in the fall leaves; mice singing and playing instruments; I would also really love to see a get well set with sick and injured mice, doctor/nurse mice, hospital, etc – a little mouse crutch would be so darn cute 🙂

  152. I think it would be cute for the mice with motorcycles or going to the beach.
    The new set is super cute!

  153. I would love to see scuba diving mice! An action vacation set! So zip lining, scuba diving/snorkeling, surf lessons. Mice mini-golfing.

  154. I would like to see the mice at the pool laying on a float, sipping lemonade, with floated, etc.

  155. I love it when animals dress up as other animals or food! haha! So a mouse dressed up like a panda, mouse dressed up like a cat (ironic, ha!), mouse dressed up like a strawberry or cupcake… etc.

  156. I would love to see the little mice doing fun outdoor activities (riding bikes/scooters, playing on little swingsets, etc) The mice are so cute!

  157. I would like to see them going the beach, surfing, playing baseball, camping, hiking – all the things we do. Also some Patriotic activity would be great.

  158. These mice are so cute. It would be fun to see them sledding, playing in the snow or patriotic mice would be fun too.

  159. I think world traveler mice visiting the Seven Wonders or other landmarks. Maybe mice visiting friends and relatives in other countries/culturals/traditions/languages/foods. Even mice around the US series, visiting national parks or landmarks and going to each state/region. What would be AMAZING to see in mice with different disabilities and special needs included in sets. Maybe even with back to school of of we all learn differently, difference is our strength, progress over perfection, INCLUSION 😉. We are huge on inclusion in our house 💗

  160. This set is so adorable and so versatile!! You could do so much with or without the adorable mice!

    I would love to see the mice on a holiday, having little suitcases packed and tiny little mice outfits.

    Going to the gym would also be adorable with tons of tiny work out equipment that could also be used with the little people.

    And just because my son is obsessed with camping, some tiny mice on a camping trip would be so fun!

  161. Love all the DT creations!!! I would live ti see the mice having an exciting Beach day outing.

  162. Is love to see the mice traveling with some fun maps, binoculars, suitcases, etc.
    I also think they need to go to the beach!

  163. These mice are so adorable, I love all the sets, maybe this one is the cutest. I would like to see them traveling, going on vacation. Movie theme would be also fun (with cinema chairs, popcorn etc.)

  164. These are so cute, I love all the craft stuff they have to use. Future sets doesn’t matter really not into mice

  165. I LOVE them !!!
    I would like to see them having a Party! Maybe together with the other friends (the fox, unicorn, etc.)

  166. I have a few things I would like to see the mice doing: traveling, building and having a spa day!

  167. I love the idea above – mice playing sports! Most sports products are very masculine, we girls play too : )

  168. When I first saw the sneak peek of this set I thought “cute, but I don’t see how I could really use the set much”. And then – WOW! The design team is just so stinkin’ creative! LOVE every single project, but Elise’s really wowwed me!

    I have no ideas for the mice…. looking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with LOL

  169. I would love to see the mice go to the zoo or the aquarium, I think that would be super cute!

  170. Such cute mice! I can see them fishing, shopping, on the farm, at a rodeo, etc. So many possibilities.

  171. The mice could spring clean, scuba dive/snorkel, or maybe Mardi Gras celebration with little masks 🙂

  172. So many cute and fun ideas in the comments…I’d love to see Carpenter Mice with tiny tools building fun!

  173. I would love to see the mice around the world with worldwide landmarks- Sydney opera house, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, etc. lots of possibilities and anything the mice do is adorable!

  174. I’d like to see the mice traveling in outer space. There’s already the nine planets and astronaut, and the alien critters and their flying saucers. I think mice in their own rocket ships would be great! Ha ha! I guess I relate to the mice (we’re height-challenged).
    Thanks, LF! Love this glittery set!

  175. I’d like to see the mice traveling in outer space. There’s already the nine planets and astronaut, and the alien critters and their flying saucers. I think mice in their own rocket ships would be great! Ha ha! I guess I relate to the mice (we’re height-challenged).
    Thanks, LF! Love this glittery set!

  176. I would love to see the little mice playing sports. ALL kinds of sports but especially Lacrosse and Softball 🙂

  177. Would love to see mice as scouts or girl guides with badges, and camping activities. Wall climbing, archery, hiking walking sticks, using compass, rope ladders, etc. there are so many options.

  178. I just love the Glitter set! So cute! I would love to see the mice reading books or at book club!

  179. loved the Craft asterfy! I live in a beach town so yes the mice at the beach having some summer fun.

  180. What about mice sewing/quilting/embroidery and mice spending time in a Library reading, sorting books, etc.

  181. So incredible! The cutest cards ever!!! Everyone is extremely talented! I can’t wait to play myself!

  182. This one kept me up the other night because I watched the video, saw the mice crafting, and I wanted to go craft. It’s like they were having a party without me. So adorable.

  183. I have so many mice sets! I would actually love to see more multi-critter sets. Where all the critters are on 1 stamp set.

  184. Bowling-maybe for a Valentine set? There are so many cute punny sentiments you could do. You bowl me over, you are right up my alley, etc.

  185. Hiking, carrying suitcases, riding in a boat, having a fashion show, dancing, doing the Hokey-Pokey?

  186. This set is so adorable! For future sets a would love to see some mice doing yoga/meditation. Of having a summer cocktail party with a cocktailbar.

  187. Another great set with the adorable mice! Would like to see mice playing different kinds of sports, baseball, tennis, golf, football, basketball, etc.

  188. What a solid bunch of inspiration out there! In article part a’d in the comments section too. I would love to see mice perform on stage in a new set. Quotes from Shakespeare or some great authors too, costumes, wiggs
    …. So much fun to create around this. Thank you so much Lawn Fawn.

  189. I do love the mice, especially crafting mice! This may be my fave new set. I’m ready for some more bigger people!

  190. What sparkly fun these stamps will be. Loved the paint stencil I saw on one card. I am excited to own so much of this collection.

  191. I would like to see mice decorating a Christmas tree with craft supplies then wrapping gifts too.

  192. I love this set (and the mice) but would love to see more varied animals. With the mice sets already, you can basically get the mice to do anything, provided the other elements are available. That being the case, I’d rather have a set with other animals doing things, then if people want they can use those elements with their existing mice 🤷‍♀️

  193. The crafty mice are having such a great time. I like the tiny add on details. Not sure what else the mice could do, but I like that the other images can be used with different critters.

  194. The mice can do so much! Travel mice. You can have a generic travel set(s) with just luggage, travel clothes, airline tickets/counter, etc. Then come out with specific locations as limited editions (New York, San Francisco, Hawaii, Europe, England, France, Italy, Japan, Thailand, Canada, Mexica. . ) would have an endless supply of travel themes. You can even do cruises/boat trips and train trips.
    The other theme that would be nice to have is the mice with awareness ribbons to show support for causes. Many causes with awareness ribbons do different type of fundraisers, like walk-a-thons, bike-a-thons, etc. The ribbon part can be customized by the user to whatever the causes’ colors are.

  195. This is such a cute little set. I love the mice, but I would love to see more of the other critters doing different things.

  196. All the mice are so cute! I’d like to see mice at the beach. They could surf, swim, snorkel, build sand castles, work-out like at Venice Beach, so many things.

  197. Reminds me of the projects my kids and I made when they were little! Glitter everywhere for months!

  198. I’d love to see the mice at the circus and in the circus!! Will go great with the lion in Wild Safari, who could also make a come back.

  199. I would love to see “bee keeping” mice! Mice working a hive in a tiny bee suit would just be the cutest! 🐝😍

  200. Gardening mice with would be cute!
    Maybe the little ones could be sneaking some of the yummy fruits that are growing.

  201. I would love mice being physically active! Hiking mice, mice running marathons, mice lifting weights

  202. What a lovely set! Those crafty mice are adorable! Can’t wait to see the other new artsy sets!

  203. Who would have ever thought? An adorable set built around one of my most common fashion accessories??? Glitter on my face, at my place, etc!! Love it all.

  204. I would like to see the mice doing some military maneuvers. There are multiple branches of service to support and you could have them doing guard duty, training for the obstacle course, driving vehicles, getting medals or awards, running on the beach, climbing over walls or swinging on ropes. Ships, planes, communications, so many options. It could even be military mice patrol who has to defend the cheese! Or defend the head cheese!!!! Living near Camp Pendleton, Miramar, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, El Segundo AFB, The Presidio, Los Alamaitos joint base, and so many more bases in (your) area; supplies plenty of inspiration to garner from those that defend our country for us civilians so we may pursue our crafty dreams!😍

  205. mice on bicycles, mice family with lots of cute baby mice, mice doing parent children activities, mice at a theme park, mice as doctors and nurses, mice at a health care center… 😀

  206. Travelling mice ! With passport, suitcases, monuments, train/aiplane tickets and hiking boots (because what is a travel without a good hike ?)
    Mice doing yoga in downwarddog position, mat and brick, peaceful messages

  207. wow, your mice are already so active! I’m not sure what they *haven’t* done yet. Maybe a salon day? 🙂

  208. I would love the mice to play baseball!!! Swinging a bat, running bases, pitching and catching balls!!

  209. These mice must have seen my own craft room because it looks a lot like the Craft-Tastrophe card! Inspiration doesn’t kick in until I’m neck deep in crafty supplies, haha! I would love to see the mice planting a vegetable garden!

  210. I would love to see the mice traveling across the world. London, Paris, Amsterdam, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Australia, Japan, etc… It would fun to have a mini Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, and other landmarks along with tiny suitcases, passports, tickets for planes & trains, souvenirs, etc… Oh the places they could go!!

  211. Could these mice get any cuter? I think not. What a great idea for a stamp set that speaks to all of us crafters. Love it! As for a set that I would like to see, I would also love seeing a birthday party set with a jump house. The thought of a jump house filled with happy mice makes me laugh.

  212. What a fabulous set – combining the cute mice with something we all love! I think it’d be a great if the mice went swimming, whether it’s at the beach or a pool.

  213. So adorable this is my 7 year old daughter crafting all over glitter everywhere. So as well as cars I could use for a cute element to my daughters scrapbook pages.

  214. I would like to see the Mice camping or wrapping gifts at Christmas time. Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  215. Darling set, love the sentiments.
    Mice with friends hedgehogs and moles
    -In a hot air balloon, airplane or rocket ship
    – riding a vesper or scooter
    -in a candy shop
    -rolling down a grassy hill
    – in a hockey uniform, football uniform,soccer uniform and a baseball uniform.

  216. My daughter suggested ballerina 🩰 mice and western 🤠 mice 🐭!!… two different sets of course. 😉

    1. These mice are too cute and adorable. I love the creative teams video, on the crafty room. So many possibilities for new creations. Maybe more forest floor living with mushroom houses…

  217. I love this set so much … I’d love to see the mice doing a bit of world travelling, with some famous icons in the background

  218. I LOVE everything these adorable mice are up to! I’d love to see a mouse playing the piano with the phrase “you’re a grand___.” friend, mother, father, etc.

  219. I love this set. Would like to see a set with the critters (or mice) doing al adventurous sports like climbing, kayaking etc.

  220. I’d love to see the mice doing outdoorsy/camping stuff. Like one in a ranger hat, one with a walking stick or backpack, one canoeing, some with binoculars. They’d go great with the other outdoor camping sets you guys already have.

  221. I just love these little mice! I would love to see the Mice camping with a travel trailer or RV. Thank you for sharing.

  222. How can the critters have such a darling messy craft room…mine doesn’t look that cute!🤣

  223. I would like to see the mice with tools building something, which would work well for masculine cards. Also hiking or fishing, would be good with the camping themed sets. Maybe even some mouse family in clothes. Mom, dad, baby, toddler, teen, grandparents. Could be really cute, especially for picture style cards, with the magic iris camera. Then again, why not other critters too? Mice can’t have all the fun. Foxes, bears, bunnies…

  224. SQUEAK!! Probably the CUTEST Set Yet!! I’d LOVE to see the Mice on the Farm!! Driving Tractors or a Ranger, Picking Vegetables and think it would be a FUN Set to coordinate with the Barn and Crazy Antics Sets!!

  225. I need to see the mice ready for Halloween, either trick or treating, or pumpkin carving, going on a hayride or something fall and awesome!!!

  226. I would like to see the mice playing jump rope, playing tennis, or really anything…they’re so darn cute!!!

  227. Sewing mice would be neat (quilting, cross stitch, amigurumi). I’d also love to see them reading, playing card or board games or even an Oculus! I saw someone post about home improvement/gardening and I like that too.

  228. I would love to see the ice at the movies, or in school or traveling (like with a suitcase) or home improvement.

  229. Everything is better with a little glitter!! Would love to see these mice doing some gardening.

  230. This set is awesome! The cards are great. Love that it’s craft related. Would love to see the mice traveling through Europe or anywhere.

  231. Cute stamps and very cute cards! I especially love Marine’s and Kara’s cards. I’d like to see the mice celebrating Halloween – trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins, mice in a haunted house, etc. Sewing/cross-stitching mice, mice with tools/doing DIY, card-playing and board-gaming mice, and gardening mice also sound fun.

  232. I would like to see the mice nesting! Getting ready for new baby mice, cleaning the house, preparing baby furniture like a pram, crib, changing table, etc. It has been a while since Lawn Fawn came out with a new baby set!

  233. I would love to see the mice dressed in some cute Halloween costumes – imagine how cute they would look dressed as little pumpkins!

  234. Who doesn’t love a sparkly addition to their cards? Bring on the glitter!! I’m so happy you have designed a crafty set for us crafters!

  235. Super adorable! Would love to see the mice fixing things… Maybe fixing a car, painting the walls, building a dog house, etc. Would be great for the Mr/Mrs Fix It in the family.

  236. Mice doing outdoor activities… like an explorer mouse with a vest and a hat, or a kayaking mouse with a lifejacket?

  237. I think the Mice playing tennis or volleyball would be great. There are a couple of bears and mice that COULD already be playing so all you’d need would be a couple more characters and a net, rackets, balls! Thanks for asking for our opinion!

    1. Maybe the mice could be painting with little easels or having a spa day with yoga. Or maybe little handymice with tools fixing things.

  238. Wow, is there anything these cute little mice can’t do? lol Loved the video too 🙂
    I would love to see them adding decorations to a big birthday cake.
    Imagine a big die-cut birthday cake & the mice adding the candles, icing, strawberries, etc to the cake to decorate it.
    We already have a Creature was Stirring stamp set, but think on a bigger scale 🙂
    Or mice on the beach would be great too.

  239. we need more tiny mice. we have a baby running and one in arms but what about a cuddling mouse and baby? baby mice playing board games or games like frisbee and hopscotch.

  240. The mice are so adorable!
    I would love to see some family mice. Various ages(sizes) that could be used with other sets etc.

  241. I’m a big fan of sea and swimming, so mice on a vacation day is my suggestion! So swimming, but also climbing, skiing and stuff

  242. I would ❤️ to see the mice driving construction vehicles, race cars and someone above said farmers market. That would be adorable!

  243. This set is sooooooo A-mice-ing hahahaha. I would love for the mice to see them racing in F1 cars, doing aqua-aerobics or being ballerina’s/dancers, or skiing and snowboarding.

  244. Goodness, these mice and the glitter are the cutest things ever. I think I would like the mice carving pumpkins, trick or treating, and doing all things Halloween. That would be fun!

  245. I love this set too!!! So awesome!
    I work in TV news, so I would love to see the mice on TV! They could have an anchor desk, microphones, doing the weather, be out reporting on those darn squirrels! Lol

  246. Seeing the mice doing cross stitch would be amazing, it is my other hobby and I’m finding its becoming popular in card making too

  247. I would love to see the mice doing some DIY in a little workshop, I struggle with masculine cards so this would be perfect

  248. Underwater would be fun! We have all these amazing fish sets so to add little snorkeling mice is great

  249. I think I would like the mice to build/DIY stuff… that’s one of my other hobbies and it would be great for guy cards too.

  250. Omg more mice!!! I love it! They are my absolute favorite and I would love to see them wrap gifts for Christmas andmaybe also DIY or woodworking for masculine cards would be so fun!!

  251. I think a birthday/party/celebration set with the mice would be adorable. I can’t get the image of one of the mice jumping out of a cake out of my head.

  252. I think the Mice and the Squirrels should get together in a set Maybe a fall collaboration for pumpkin picking or trick or treating in costumes.

  253. I think seeing the mice at school or on a playground at the park with their families maybe even a reunion or bbq

  254. So super cute! And true! Everything is better with glitter!
    Mhmm…. The mice doing anything would be fun! Them going on vacation would be amazing, my family lives in Italy so I would make so many cards with an airplane and them holding a suitcase!

  255. This set is super cute! I would like to see the mice (and critters in general) doing family activities such as puzzles, bowling, … <3

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