Lawn Fawn Intro: Simply Celebrate Fall & Simply Fall Sentiments

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Fall & Winter 2022 Inspiration and Release Week! On August 25th our 12 new stamp sets, 20 new die sets, 3 new stencil sets, 2 new paper collections, and more exciting new products will be available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways! Then in September and October we will introduce the rest of the Fall & Winter 2022 Release!

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Today is our showcase of Simply Celebrate Fall and Simply Fall Sentiments! Celebrate Fall and Halloween with this fun set of borders. This set will help you make a quick and easy greeting that’s super cute! The sentiment is perfect for sending happy fall wishes! For even more sentiments, pair the borders with the Simply Fall Sentiments set to help you celebrate all season long!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these new products! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details! And leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Tammy made a pair of delightful Halloween cards with a quick and easy design! She paired the sentiment from Simply Fall Sentiments with a Henry’s ABCs greeting then added the rows of cute Simply Celebrate Fall pumpkins and ghosts! I love how she added the cute hats to the ghosts! The little accessories can be found in Fox Costumes Before ‘n Afters!

Grace created the cutest Peekaboo Pop-Up card featuring lots of acorns and Let’s Go Nuts! She layered the rows of acorns with the squirrels and leaves with a stenciled Sunray Background. Then the Big Acorn and another cute squirrel pop up when the card is opened! So much fun!

Elena‘s happy design is so quick to make! She started with a cheery orange patterned paper backdrop. Then she added the rows cuteness! She borrowed the speech bubbles from Simply Celebrate Critters, and they work perfectly with the little ghosts!

Audrey created a fantastic Halloween card with the row of pumpkins! I love the gorgeous background she stenciled using Nighttime Sky Stencils; that dark blue sky is so amazing! For even more fun she added the Spooky Fence and even spookier bats! You can find bats in either Scalloped Treat Box Haunted House Add-On or Build-A-House Halloween Add-On.

Chari created a subtly stamped background of candy corn for this clever design! She inked the card in candy corn colors and then finished with Giant Trick or Treat in glittery black!

Megan paired the Simply Celebrate Fall ghosts with a larger Booyah ghost! I love how she colored all the ghosts! Her “spooktacular” graveyard scene also includes headstones from Spooktacular.

Kara‘s card is so beautiful. She started by stamping Woodgrain Backdrops, then she layered one of the new Giant Thank You Messages on top. She arranged the rows of pumpkins to look like a farm stand pumpkin patch!

Caly‘s simple design is elevated by those colorful pumpkins! To finish her card all she needed was a greeting from Simply Fall Sentiments and some pretty fall patterned paper! So beautiful!

Wow! Latisha‘s stenciled sky is so gorgeous! It’s the perfect backdrop for her adorable Halloween scene! She paired the pumpkins and ghosts with a Simply Fall Sentiments greeting. We will introduce the Pumpkin Wagon set a little later this week.

Elise made a fun pumpkin patch by pairing the pumpkin borders with Stitched Wavy Backdrop! I love how she added the cute “farmer” mouse from Apple-solutely Awesome!

I love how Lynnette used all of the Fall images with the sentiment from Simply Celebrate Fall! It’s such a beautiful way to welcome this favorite season!

Marine created the happiest fall scene! It’s so much fun! She combined the pumpkin border with Happy Harvest and mice from You Autumn Know, Berry Special and Bubbles of Joy! Her stenciled background is just so beautiful in the colors of fall!

I just love Mindy‘s fun Halloween shaker card! She got really clever and snipped apart the ghost borders, so they can appear in each of the Foursquare Backdrop: Portrait windows! The row of pumpkins at the bottom provides a punch of color!

Chari‘s simply beautiful fall design pairs the row of brightly colored pumpkins with Build-A-Barn! This sweet farm scene is assembled on a simple background of Watercolor Wishes Rainbow paper. To add extra detail to the barn, Chari also used the Woodgrain Backdrop! It looks so cool!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Simply Celebrate Fall and Simply Fall Sentiments! We will share some great ideas for these fun sets. I hope it inspires you! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Simply Celebrate Fall and Simply Fall Sentiments! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your suggestions for new a Simply Celebrate set by August 24th at 5:00pm ET. You can check out the Simply Celebrate Collection HERE. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Monday, August 22 for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week; we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one of them puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


Fall & Winter 2022 Release Products will be available on August 25th!
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574 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Simply Celebrate Fall & Simply Fall Sentiments

  1. A summer time simply celebrate with toucans, tropical drinks, tropical leaves and coconuts or a ocean simply cleberate with different fish, seaweed and coral would be so cute 😍

  2. Possibilities are endless! I love this set!!!!! One I will use very often. I think I would also like to see a round 2 for Christmas involving reindeer, elves, Christmas cookies and trees.

  3. A nautical theme could be cute- seagull, turtles, seahorse, dolphin, boat, fish, etc. Or lighthouses of various styles and shapes. Or a movie theme- camera, film, stars, popcorn, lights, a screen, etc.

  4. I like the idea of a set to coordinate with the Stitched Teapot, Stitched Teacup, Stitched Mug, Thanks a Latte and Tea-riffic Day. It might include sugar cubes, marshmallows, coffee beans, petit fours, doilies and books.

  5. Simply celebrate sets are so cool! I love these one too, can’t wait to have them. I would suggest some, Xmas: christmas elves line, verious hot beverages (coffee, cocoa), reindeer line (with Rudolf in the middle), santa, reindeer and christmas elves line. I also would be happy with weather set (sun, rainbows, cloud, moon etc.)

    1. Wow, you knocked it out of the park with this Simply Celebrate set! It’s fabulous!! I’d like to see another Christmas Simply Celebrate set and a set with cute food items.

  6. too many— simply celebrate sports; simply celebrate music; simply celebrate fruit; simply celebrate desserts; simply celebrate fiesta; simply celebrate boys (video game controller, train, construction trucks, etc.); simply celebrate girls (unicorn, mermaid, bows); simply celebrate back to school; simply celebrate baby

  7. Super cute card’s, i would love to see a different Simply Celebrate critter set with some pandas, monkeys, koalas or some other kind of animals

  8. I love the Simply Celebrate series! I saw lots of fab ideas in the previous comments. I would also like to see another Christmas set, plus some more critters. Some little kids would be cute also!

  9. Something tropical for summer – a like of cocktails, coconuts etc. Christmas stamps would also be good too – a line of cheeky elves, poinsettia etc.

    1. I love the pumpkin wagon as well as the giant thank you! Those giant messages are a great way to create fast cards!

  10. Cute samples as usual! I think fruits and different foods would be darling. Also, something to go with the new beachy Christmas that we haven’t seen yet.

  11. I think a simply celebrate set with different foods commonly found at celebrations would be cute!

    I love this set so much!

  12. I just adore this new Simply Celebrate Fall set, so fun and cute!! Possible ideas could be a Holiday set with reindeer, mice, bears and/or a Valentine set with hearts, candy, mice, etc. Wonderful projects from the DT!!

  13. Simply celebrate new baby would be great with rows of little flying storks, prams, rattles, even nappies (diapers)

  14. Hearts, flags, candy canes, bowls, tacos, to go coffee cups, so many possibilities. Food ones to coordinate with the critters with one that has a bite out of it. I really like all the simply celebrate sets. I’m working on getting the whole collection.

  15. I like how you did it this time, so a Christmas set with the usual Christmas items. A Christian set with the manager etc would be great. Spring time items in a set or summer in a set. How about set for different work jobs that would be awesome too

  16. I love the Simply Celebrate sets! I’d love to see a row of hearts, that can be decorated as conversation hearts or as box of chocolates; a line of baking tools; a line of sugar cookies (generic and/or holiday shapes; a line of cupcakes and/or cake slices; a line of bees; and a line of craft supplies.

  17. These are really cute!! I’m thinking of simply celebrate occasions (new baby, wedding, new house, engagement…)

  18. Simply celebrate school- books, crayons, school bus, music notes, playground equipment, pencils, science lab supplies…

  19. I think I agree with what I am seeing in the comments about celebrations. Be good because I don’t need a Neel set for new baby, as it doesn’t happen often. Same with weddings. It would be good to have one set to cover a bunch of situations that a card would be handy but it doesn’t occur often.

  20. I love the ideas suggested of candy or baking simply celebrate sets. Also, maybe a version that goes vertically would be fun! 😀

  21. I would love simply celebrate Winter – not the Christmas holiday but mittens, skies, skates , snowflakes and maybe a cute wintery critter, a sled dog, snowy owl….. Love the new release!

  22. Oh my gosh I CERTAINLY love these newest but for the future maybe a SC All Season set that has a mix of things from all seasons and I would also love another with different critters and any borders that go with themes we already have stamps for, like Under The Sea or Outer Space, In the Jungle, and Food etc.

  23. I would like a simply celebrate set that has things for the critters to sit behind….like a brick wall, fence, etc.

  24. It would be fun to make another Simply Celebrate set with more critters. This time it could have: squirrels, penguins, bears, skunks, sheep and sloths.

  25. simply celebrate us – with sentiments and Icons [there must be a coffee icon] – and saying like Love you to the moon and back, this is our happy place, love you more

  26. What about one with something for all seasons? Spring tulips daffodils, summer daisys/ hibiscus, fall mums sunflowers, winter snow/poinsettia – ocean theme, drinks theme! Oh my there are lots of ideas!

  27. Very cute fall and halloweeen cards. I would like to see a set for foodies (dessert/ popular meal items), outdoor activities (camping/hiking boots/fishing), ladies night (purse/shoes/makeup), nautical (anchor/sailboat)…I could keep going!

  28. Might be fun to have Christmas lights or ornaments. Will there be a video showing how Marine did that background? It’s gorgeous!!

  29. A simply celebrate vacation or back to school set would be great. They could be used to adorn journal boxes on scrapbook pages.

  30. Loving everyone’s ideas! I think food (macaroons, coffee beans, tea sandwiches) and landscaping add-ons (coral, seaweed, fence, flowers) are all great

  31. What about a set going in the opposite direction, as in hanging down from the horizontal line? Monkeys, sloths, etc.
    More awesome work from the DT. I love how they use traditional borders to make scenes.

  32. I think a christmas or birthday themed simply celebrate could be really fun. I think a row of cakes, cupcakes, birthday presents, birthday hats would be really cute!

  33. Can’t wait to use the ghost and pumpkins for a scene. Lawn fawn should make a bat and spider and grave stone, skulls or cat simple border too!!

  34. These sets are my favorite, I’d like to see a mixture of animals in a row, farm, jungle, pets. Maybe some ABC lines for school scrapbooking layouts that would be easy to piece together.

  35. Since I make the most birthday cards, I’d love more birthday. Maybe a celebration version that has graduation hats and diplomas, wedding and congratulations toasting glasses, new baby congratulations with a line of pacifiers or baby clothes.

  36. I would love a second simply celebrate Christmas, and I would really love one image featuring ugly Christmas sweaters and one featuring backed goods in it!

  37. Simple Celebrate Love (hearts, Valentines, Weddings, Anniv.)
    Simply Celebrate Sports
    Simply Celebrate Crafting (copics, ink pads, etc.)

  38. I like the idea of another winter/Christmas set with snowflakes, a different set of trees, cookies, etc., but also a back to school would be good-books, pencils, calculators, etc. Another idea might be just create things that can be cut apart to put into critter hands.

  39. Some simply celebrate stamp sets I would love to see are birthday (like cake, presents, candles) or tropical (drinks, waves, palm trees) or another Christmas set (gingerbread cookies/houses, sugar cookies, trees, elves) or an all season one (covers spring, summer, fall and winter in one set) or baby (baby clothes, rattles) or congratulations (wedding, baby, birthday, graduation). I love the simply celebrate stamp sets!

  40. I didn’t realize how many different sets you already have for the Simply Celebrate line – they’re all fabulous! I’d love to see something with musical notes and different kinds of flowers, and different sizes of stars. Those are images I find that I most often use on cards. Thank you!

  41. So cute! I would love a simply celebrate school. It could be for beginning or ending of school with pencils, backpacks, buses, calculators. The ideas are endless!

  42. I love that you’re expanding the simply celebrate stamps! They are so fun and easy to create with! I think jungle themed with monstera leaves, toucans, jungle vines, etc. would be cool too! School themed with be awesome and my last immediate idea is ocean themed – seashells, maybe waves somehow, mini mermaids and fish. So much fun!

  43. These are adorable! Simply Celebrate Back to School would be so cute!! Little flashcards, school chairs, pencils and books =)
    Everything Lawn Fawn does is amazing!

  44. I love the new Simply sets. I have most all of them and use them a lot. I like the other commenters with their ideas for a new set. I have enjoyed each one, so whatever comes out will be a wonderful addition.

  45. I would like to see a Simply Celebrate at the theme park. So many cute ideas for theme parks since my family goes to them all year long.

  46. Maybe a coffee theme or an underwater theme? They are always so cute and impossible to resist. Love your inspiration week!

  47. Already some great ideas. Different drink cup with drink items and one line could be a row of books. Santa in sleigh with sack with his reindeer out in front. Different wild flowers would be great.

  48. These are so cute. I saw in the comments someone suggesting sweaters – how about all winter clothing, hats scarves, mittens?

  49. Idk…u guys have so many already 🤩 I do know that whatever u may come up with, it will be amazing ✌🏽

  50. All the Simply Celebrate sets are so cute! I would like to see a new baby set, or a cooking/baking set, or maybe even a music set! Maybe even a set for masculine cards – fishing, more sports ideas etc. Sometimes masculine cards can be challenging to make!

  51. So adorable! Those pumpkins and mice go together so well. I would love to have more Christmas such as ornaments, trees, holly, candles.

  52. A Simply Celebrate “Teacher” set would be right up my alley!! Pencils, markers, kids, apples (yes, again), flowers, school houses, busses

  53. More animal simply celebrate sets would be awesome! Dinosaur, unicorn, farm animals, etc! Keep up the amazing new releases!

  54. Maybe a Simply Celebrate tropical set – I know you have pineapples, but a row of surfboards, palm trees, sand castles, bucket/spade, crabs, turtles, and sea shells might be good. Or more trees – in different seasons, with flowers? I love the animal critters, so maybe ocean animals might work?

  55. This is a great set for fall. So many ways to use it. I love everything coffee-beverages. So sets and sentiments themed around that would be great. Even for summer with drinks and flip flops. Coffee and latte sentiments. Lots of inspiration here!

  56. I use the Simply Celebrate sets often, and this one is a must-have. I know I’ll like whatever you design – another for Christmas, springtime, ocean creatures, whatever! I’ve had fun with ones I can put little “conversations” above.

  57. OMGoodness what great sets! I love the critters and Dad jokes and would love to see more like that with a jungle or underwater theme. Thank you Lawn Fawn and design team!!!

  58. I could see a set of farm animals in the next simply celebrate or Valentine’s theme with hearts, X’s and O’s and flowers in rows
    These fall and Halloween celebrate it and so devine, so many possibilities of so many cards can be made with these sets. Love them!

  59. I would love to see more themed foods like fast food (fries, hamburgers, shakes) or maybe something totally different like seas creatures.

  60. This Simply Celebrate set is too cute! Any theme you come up with is a must have on these sets! Everyone has great ideas for future sets!

  61. Those ghosts are adorable, I’d pick up this set for them alone! I think maybe a simply celebrate set featuring smiling vegetables? Sounds corny (hah) but it might be super cute.

  62. Love all the Simply Celebrate sets. Maybe an ocean themed one or a second winter one with snowflakes, happy new year, reindeer, etc.

  63. These are the sets I’m most excited about. Love the simple celebration collection and the large word dies.

  64. I think a simply celebrate line for different cultural celebrations like Tet, Hanukkah, Kwanza, etc would be nice.

  65. I would take a second set of critters any day (I love them) and you could do bugs, bears, foxes, and elephants. A new thought I had was Tea Party – a row of little people, a row of strawberries, row of teacups, row of cakes, a row of sweets, and maybe a row of finger sandwiches. In was also thinking maybe a Beach theme – a row of sand castles, a row of shells, a row of fish, a row of mermaids?

  66. I think a set with farm animals- horses,goats,piggy’s would be adorable or a Valentine’s Day set with hearts, Cupid etc.

  67. Sports themes, various balls, cheerleading poms; could be for coach’s thank you, birthdays, sport fans, etc.

  68. I think a Simply Celebrate food set might be cute! You could have a row of hamburgers and French fries, coffee cups, popsicles, etc. Another good theme would be love for Valentine’s Day and weddings plus generic hearts for year-round.

    PS Another fabulous day of goodies!!!

  69. Oh dear hmmm…another summer one with beach balls, umbrellas, lotion,etc would be cute. Or maybe a Happy New Year theme with fireworks, champagne buckets, party favors ??

  70. To go with the sports from last time: balls


    Or sports in general


  71. I really love the significance of what Dragonflies and sunflowers represent. Maybe a row of them together would be pretty.
    Also the cards this week are gorgeous. You guys are so talented 💖

  72. I think a fun simply celebrate idea would be balloons, tropical drinks, aliens, monsters, coral, toys (for Christmas scenes), pine trees. This is another great set.

  73. My suggestion for a new simply celebrate set would be positive affirmations or uplifting messages:
    You’ve got this!
    You are amazing!
    Remember to breathe.
    You are worth it.

  74. How about a Simply Celebrate Baby for baby albums, showers and new baby cards, etc. Simply Celebrate Fall is my favorite new product so far!

  75. I’d love to see a simply celebrate set with ocean critters. It would great to pair with our the wonderful ocean/fish sets Lawn Fawn already has.

  76. My idea is to have a Simply Celebrate Wedding set! There could be a row of rings, mini flower bouquet, bells, hearts entwined, cake, etc.

  77. I’d like a simply celebrate patriotic theme. I picture flags, fireworks, stars, BBQ foods, etc. Great for July, summer parties, military….

  78. Love the cards and of all the simply celebrate, I think this is my favorite. There are also a ton of great ideas already listed, but the two that came to mind were ‘simply celebrate travel’ and ‘simply celebrate get well soon.’ Not sure either of those are celebrations per se, but I could see a bunch of band aids and pill bottles for a get well soon card.

  79. I think a new celebrate set could have a Thanksgiving theme… turkeys (cooked or uncooked LOL!), pies, corn, pumpkins, crows, sunflowers, pilgrim hats, cornucopia, fall leaves
    (I LOVE this post with these new sets!)

  80. I almost always color the simply celebrate images in rainbow order. They also make really nice clean and simple cards.

  81. How about a sports themed “Simply Celebrate” set? People love to celebrate when their favorite sports team wins!
    CUTE new release! Love the design team’s examples with these fun new supplies!

  82. Wow what a great set!! And wow what great ideas!! Lots of good ideas and I would like to see a wedding and baby one. Wonderful ideas with music and animals. Thanks for such great products and a chance to win!

  83. I love your Simply Celebrate line! The fall one will be a great addition!
    I’d like to see one that is Simply Celebrate Cats, and a bee themed set too!

  84. How about a Simply Celebrate Flowers. Row of different flowers like roses, tulips, daisys. It can be paired with a new mice set picking flowers like the picking strawberries and picking apples set. And of course inside-out stitched dies.

  85. These Simply Celebrate are adorable!! I think Simply Celebrate Flowers would be fun – lots of pretty flowers in a row. Include roses and peonies and daisies and plumeria and hibiscus. That would be so pretty! I love Lawn Fawn!

  86. My vote is for a baking/kitchen theme to coordinate with my baking sets, like pot holders, cookie decorating items, etc.

  87. I say a Simply Celebrate stamp with all the seasons ( summer, spring, fall and winter) or with food (coffee, donuts, tea, and cookies).

  88. Either sports, baby, or only birthday, even though the original set has candles and balloon, how about party hats, cakes, horns, etc? Love the new stuff!

  89. How about a Simply Celebrate all those everyday heroes who take care of us and our loved ones (e.g, doctors, nurses, police, fire, teachers, veterans, etc.).

    Also, we should celebrate Canada Day!

  90. How about a Simply Celebrate highlighting snack foods! Around our house we always say “It’s all about the snax!” 🍿🍪🥤🍩🍭🍫🍬🧁🍦🍰

  91. The Simply Celebrate line is great for creating quick adorable cards. How about a date night/group activities version? Movie popcorn buckets, cheers-ing cocktails and beers, cornhole boards and dart boards, sushi rolls and burgers, etc.

  92. Simply Celebrate Back to School with pencils, apples, paint brushes, books, globes, etc. Could be used to celebrate the first day of school, colleague gifts throughout the year, rewards for students during the year and teacher gifts at the end of the year.

    Simply celebrate Easter with bunnies and chicks, eggs, cross with flowers, peeps, etc.

  93. Summer beach vacation would be fun! Beach balls, umbrellas, sea turtles, sand castles, surfboards, cars (because who doesn’t encounter traffic!!), tourists.

    Orrr….summer vacation in the mountains. Mountains (with or without snowcaps), cars, mountain goats or sheep, rocks or boulders, trees, tourists!

  94. Wow. So many ways to use these stamps. I can see the ghost raising out of the cup as steam. The pumpkins as the design on the tea pot and the tea cup.

  95. Any of the holidays would be great for Simply Celebrate stamps/dies. I love Christmas so anything to do with that would be great—all of Santa’s reindeers, etc.

  96. Love these little borders and it would be great to have some winter ones too-snowflakes, hats, snowmen, skates.

  97. So many great suggestions! What about Fourth of July and carnivals/fairs. Fireworks, patriotic themes, carnival rides, picnic/fairground foods, critters or little people in a parade.

  98. Hmmm – how about Simply Celebrate School or Simply Celebrate Crafts (or maybe a mix). Things to include: School and craft supplies, or little easels/chalkboards, lunchboxes, sewing notions, etc. Fun!

  99. So many cute ideas above. I would go for a baked goods, or drinks simply celebrate, coffee and tea themed, under the sea, or how about sleeping critters? Or tiny friends and items?

  100. One for Xmas, winter and summer would be awesome….dolphins, sea turtles, flip flops, Palm trees, penguins, snowmen, and Santa to name a few!

  101. Love simply celebrate fall set. Would like to see something with babies (boys and girls). Something in the line of toddler boys, dinosaurs, trucks, cars, airplanes etc.
    Everyone keep up the great work.

  102. Another vote for a shoreline style to expand out the ocean themes. I’m picturing a rock/boulders that could be used for shoreline or mountain cards with the sentiment “when life’s rocky”
    “I’m / we’re” “here for you”
    “know you’re here for” “me / us”

    Dune grass strip could be used for multiple scenes depending on how it’s coloured. And then we can build upper and lower cards or make slimline where the top half is the shore and the ocean critters are below having a party.

  103. Your amazing designers could come up with images to reward children for achievements – or money with tickets and bingo – or puppies and kitties and pets – or get well speedy recovery medical things.

  104. This is my favorite. Would like to see critters “Simply Celebrate Birds” such as red birds, hummingbirds, robins, blue birds, woodpeckers, chickadees, yellow canary’s. Possibly a collection of state birds, flowers, etc.

  105. Really fun inspirational post today! Love this cute Halloween style “Simply Celebrate” line! I think it would be fun to do for every season of course! Autumn/Fall, Thanksgiving passing down food, Christmas, Valentine, Easter, etc. Love seeing what comes out next!

  106. I love the idea of a nautical theme of boats, lighthouses, anchors or a beach theme with beach balls, umbrellas, flip-flops, starfish, seashells, or a transportation theme of cars , buses, airplanes, boats and bicycles.

  107. I think a Simply Celebrate Sea would be so much fun. There could be lines of coral, seaweed, starfish, jellyfish, school of fish, mermaids, seahorses, crabs……I could go on and on : )

  108. Awww, these supplies are so cute! I love how Lawn Fawn’s style is so whimsical! New ideas, let’s see, dogs are my favorite, you already used those… I also crochet – a row of balls and skeins of yarn and crochet hooks and knitting needles for the knitters would be cute, a row of old fashioned diaper pins leaning diagonally this way and that would be cute for baby cards… cocktail glasses in various shapes and sizes (I’ve always loved the sentiment ‘Have yourself a Merry Little Cocktail’… a row of deer/reindeer would be cute too… Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  109. I love the new Halloween and fall themed stamps. For another simply celebrate I’d like to see things like squirrels, boxes, school supplies such as pencils/crayons, clouds, different pieces of candy, sunflowers, seaweeds, etc.

  110. I would love to see a simply celebrate set with mermaid tails, sea shells, hermit crabs, anchors, etc. The ocean and beach set could coordinate perfectly with those 😊

  111. So much Fall goodness! I love all of these images – the tiny acorns are so adorable!! I always love a good pumpkin stamp. The design team makes are so incredible – such talent!

  112. I love/echo the teacup, teatime idea = teapots, teacups and saucers, little fancy sandwiches, lemon slices, teabags…

  113. Loving the simply celebrate fall borders designs! How about a Simply Celebrate camping with tents, s’mores, canoes…. or beach house with umbrellas, seagulls, beach chairs, waves, lifeguard chair…or winter fun with skates, sleds, skis, gondolas, little chalets…. ok this is fun!

  114. Maybe sweet treats? coffee to-go cups, cookies, cake (slices and/or whole), candy, tea mugs, pie slices with a little whipped cream dollop on top…

  115. Simply Celebrate Critters would be good – five or six cute critters. Simply Celebrate Seashore?
    I’m thrilled to see Simply Celebrate Autumn because I emailed Lawn Fawn to point out that it was missing from the lineup!
    Great video and uber-cute cards shared today!
    Lori S in PA

  116. I love anything ocean so a string of shells, jellyfish, crabs, turtles, etc would be wonderful! Also summer flowers

  117. A simply celebrate for every season would be great. Like if you did one for spring with spring stuff like butterflies and flowers. Summer could be waves and sunglasses. Winter could be snowmen and mugs with hot drinks.

  118. It would be good to see a Simply Celebrate collection with birthday items (cupcakes, party hats, presents) or baking items (muffins, cupcakes, donuts). I’d also like to see different animals that could be put on the platform popup.

  119. I LOVE all the Simply Celebrate sets but I think this one may be my favorite yet!
    I can’t think right now of a set that you haven’t already touched on at least a little, so maybe go back & make 2nd versions of what you’ve already done just expanding on them.

  120. I love the simply celebrate series! I don’t own any yet, so this fall one will be my first! I love the ideas from the other comments. I like the idea of a Christmas and school themed ones!

  121. What about a baby theme? Pacifiers, onesies, bibs, a sentiment banner ‘Hello world’ or ‘Welcome to the word”. I love this line of stamps and dies.

  122. Fall is a favorite, so these hit great for me! Other ideas – babies, weddings, winter, beach, carnival/amusement park

  123. I’d suggest graduation (diplomas), baby shower stuff (like toys) and, the most important one – coffee 😍

  124. Ohhhh so many possibilities…
    Maybe a simply celebrate:
    Sweet treats ie cupcakes, ice cream, pies
    Holiday variety one from each of the holiday/seasons ones
    Basics ie hearts stars rainbows

  125. I love this! I think a simply celebrate school would fun- pens, backpacks, rulers, etc or a simply celebrate kids version – toys that look like Lego’s, cars, dinosaurs, trains dolls.

  126. So my idea for a new simply celebrate would be love, simply celebrate love, could go with valentines day, new baby, anniversary, the little things you do. Thanks for checking out my ideas!

  127. I think a simply celebrate birthday (cupcakes, presents, party hats, etc.) would be fun! I would love one of the lines to be numbers 1-9. You could color in the number for a kids birthday, or just incorporate the numbers for a grown up!

  128. It would be cool to see a “other” celebration set. With little menorahs, Diwali lamps, Kinarras etc. a really inclusive set. It would also be really nice to see a “Tiny Friends” set with people using wheelchairs or other mobility devices, seeing eye dogs or hearing aids or glasses. Thanks for asking.

  129. I would love to see Simply Celebrate set for summer theme down at the shore, with rows of
    under the water ocean critters, seashells, sandcastles, lighthouses, mermaids, mermen
    aka King Neptune! I also would love Christmas with cooking cookie cutters, gingerbread men,
    Cookies and some sweet treats! Thanks Lawn Fawn! 💙🥰💙

  130. I would love to see more animals in the simple celebrate sets. Maybe jungle animals like toucan do it or marine animals, seals, dolphins amd whales.

  131. I would like to see a Simply Celebrate with sea creatures or beach theme or Simply Celebrate Foods like wine glasses, bread, cheeses, grapes.

  132. I think different foods/drinks would be so fun! Even though we already have a Winter set, maybe another “holiday set” with reindeer, stockings, elves, Christmas lights, etc.

  133. I think a row of different drink and cocktail glasses would be fun. A row of school supplies would be cute too. A row of reindeer would bee sweet for the holidays.

  134. Simply celebrate landscapes. Rows of trees, bushes, flowers and grass, clouds, coral, ocean waves, etc…

  135. How’s about some more birthday, cupcakes, party hats, birthday cakes, soft serve ice cream cones, gift bags, etc.

  136. I like the Simply Celebrate sets because while they’re themed, there are so many different image types – so I can use the images for lots of different things. I don’t have any ideas for anything new, but love some of the ones already posted here.

  137. Simply celebrate holidays, simply celebrate flowers, simply celebrate seashore, simply celebrate zoo, simply celebrate birds are a few ideas.

  138. I would like a simply celebrate set with tiny friends because I’m lazy and then i wouldn’t have to die cut them all separately 🤣🤣

  139. I love these Simply Celebrate sets… they make for easy and gorgeous cards!
    I would love to see a fantasy style set (think D&D or LOTR) which could include dragons, unicorns, wizards, archers, knights, etc.
    Also I think a sea-themed one would be cute too.

  140. Hmmm… I would suggest a simply celebrate with the tea pots, tea cups, coffee cups, coffee to go cups. I’ve been wanting one since I love anything coffee or tea themed. This new simply celebrate set is sooo cute!!! I love the candy corn (yes, one of my favorite Halloween candies) and the ghosts are adorable.

  141. Simply candy or sweets! Chocolate bars, Christmas red & white swirl candy, macarons, jelly beans, lollipops, Chocolate bunnies, candy corn, popcicles, donuts, chocolate chip cookies, bon bons/Dots, gummi bears…

  142. Ohhhhh, I would love to see teapots, tea cups, coffee cups, coffee pots, coffee beans, tea bags…..what fun that would be!

  143. I have a few ideas. I would love a set with rows of snails, envelopes, postage and packages – to use on envelopes or packages. Little people with rows of hats to put on them – like pilgrim hats, santa hats, witch hats, chef hats and more 🙂 A set with cakes, cupcakes, ice creams, popsicles, cookies.

  144. So many ideas for this- Birthday- balloons, cupcakes, hats, etc. Christmas- reindeer, snowmen, trees, you could also do dogs, cats, birds, mice, or other animals and then may be things to add for different seasons or occasions. Of course the other seasons- Summer and Spring, and as I was typing that, just thought of one for the beach- shells, fish, crabs, sea stars, mermaids, etc.

  145. These are all so fun! I think something with coffee, cupcakes, cake, cookies, waffles, etc. (sweet treats) would be fun or even foods like burgers, tacos, with soda/drinks. 🙂

  146. I would love to see a Simply Celebrate Special Occasion set..New Baby, Retirement, New House, as examples. Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  147. For some new simply celebrate sets I would suggest Santa’s workshop (elves, reindeer, cookies and milk, toys, mugs with hot drinks, stockings, sweaters), an ocean/beach theme (shells, little fish, seaweed, sea anemones, sea urchins, star fish, beach balls, sandcastles, buckets and shovels, umbrellas), sports, and baby items. Some wild critters might be fun too.

  148. These are adorable!!! I love the pumpkins!! I don’t know why it came to mind, but a Simply Celebrate S’mores set would be too fun!! I can just see rows of marshmallows, chocolate candy bar pieces and graham crackers with smiling face; so fun!

  149. This is such a fun set … and so many great cards

    How about a window / door set with some people to peek in or out?
    Or a school themed.
    Someone suggested travel which would be great too!

  150. Love the new fall additions to the Simply Celebrate series. Maybe something Thanksgiving themed to coordinate with this set? Another idea Simply Celebrate -Valentine’s Day.

    1. How about a at the sea theme with fishes, seashells, boats and banners. Or with Wild animals from the forrest hedgehogs, foxes and so on

  151. Having a hard time coming up with a Simply Celebrate set, although will say I’m loving this new one (and that great sentiment set). Have we seen a winter themed set yet? What about a set devoted to transportation . . . cars, planes, trains, air balloons, etc.

  152. These sets are so cool! Super cute. I would suggest some beverages; like cocktail drinks, type of beers, wine, coffee, cocoa, etc.)

  153. The first thing I thought of was the topic under water, but many of the previous ideas are also great: tropical, school or food. I would also find the phases of the moon interesting as a sequence…

  154. I would absolutely love a Christmas set with cocoa mugs, Christmas sweets, snowflakes, gingerbread houses, that would be wonderful!

  155. I would love to see a farm themed one. All the animals and accessories from “hey there”, “you goat this, and critters in down on the farm!
    a winter critter themed one: mice on sleds, kitties wearing scarves, puppies wearing various winter hats including ear flap hats, mice on skates, etc!
    This is one of my favorite stamp sets!

  156. My son (6) is in love with the pumpkins and ghosts… I’M trying to dislike them… impossible… not good for my wallet…

  157. So much opportunity for these types of stamp…different critters like the penguins or deer would be cool then they could be used with the speech bubbles to be saying phrases…Christmas cookies, mittens and mugs would also be nice…basically everything!!

  158. Alcohol themed- a variety of cocktails, beer mugs, ice cubes, little fruits, wine glasses

    Gender themed- construction trucks, a row of trains, bows, little stuffed animals 💕

  159. A camping theme would be so much fun – marshmallows, lanterns, firepits, etc – and would work so well with the current camping sets!

  160. I love the Simply Celebrate Fall set. I can hardly wait to buy it. I have big plans to use it with my Scripty Autumn Sentiments!

  161. I think a simply celebrate craft supplies with scissors, jars of glitter, thread, and the like. Also a simply celebrate mythical creatures with unicorns, dragons, yeti, and the kraken would be so cool.

  162. These simply celebrate dies can be used in so many ways. Thank you for making card making fun. I think if you could design one with baby animals they could be used for Baby, Birthday, Mother’s and Father’s Day cards!

  163. I would love to see an Easter simply celebrate. Easter eggs, bunny feet, baskets, peeps there are so many Easter icons that would be perfect for these stamps!

  164. You could make a simply celebrate set for New Year’s Day with 🍾 🍾 🍾 🍾 🍾 , 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷and 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  165. I know you already have a Simply Summer but I love anything summer, beach, tropical so maybe another Simply Summer with other things like tropical drinks, etc.

  166. I have absolutely no original ideas for this, but I love most of the suggestions above! Basically I would never turn down ANYTHING from Lawn Fawn.

  167. This one is so good !! Uhm I’m thinking like fruits in a row similar to the strawberries w the mice !
    Also maybe sports all the balls, bats, oh and golf!
    We all got golfing hubbies, brother or someone we know lol imagine cute golf puns too!!

  168. Oh my gosh, I love the new Simply Celebrate addition! I would love to see rows of Little Friends characters. Perhaps a border of birthday friends, a border of Christmas friends, a border of Halloween friends, and a border of snow-gear friends. It would pair nicely with the other Little Friends stamp sets without having to mask them to make it myself!

  169. Such wonderful Fall products – squirrels, pumpkins, ghosts, and leaves! Love the large sentiments too! Thank you for sharing.

  170. Sports – football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, trophies, pennants
    Babies – socks, diapers, onesies, bottles, duckies, hearts, sailboats, rattles
    School – books, pencils, glue bottles, buses, school houses, notebooks, pennants
    Outdoors/camping – tents, trees, campfires, stars, pinecones
    Coffee – coffee mugs, to-go cups, coffee beans, donuts

  171. I would love to see a Simply Celebrate “Valentine” set that has hearts, cupids, candy hearts, chocolate, etc…or a “Simply Celebrate “Thanksgiving” that has pies, turkeys, pilgrim hats, corns, etc…

  172. I would love to see a set with different styles of hearts, and a row of chocolates for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day with 3 leaf clovers – you could add a 4 leaf one from the other set in the middle, pots of gold, or leprechaun hats. For the 4th of July a US flags, fireworks, maybe a sparkler.

    I’d also like other underwater/seaweed options, other plants for gardens maybe, fruity cocktail style drinks.

    I might have a problem…😂

  173. Christmas: Santa hats, pine cones, gloves, socks
    Summer: starfish, surfboards, umbrellas, sunflowers
    Easter: rabbit ears, chicks in eggs, bunnies from behind
    Women: lipsticks, shoes, dresses, bags, nail polishes
    Males: joysticks, ties, mugs of beer, bottles of wine

  174. I think a Christmas one would be great. Or a craft one to go with all the new sets that came out earlier. Easter would be awesome! Little rabbits, tulips, daffodils and eggs!

  175. I watched the youtube video for the intro to Simply Celebrate Fall and loved all the examples, my favorites were the ones where the borders are used repeatedly to create a patterned background, I would’ve never thought of that, I think it’s great!

  176. I would love to see a simply celebrate set with more fruits (strawberries, cherries, tiny lemons and limes) and one with snowflakes!!

  177. Holiday themed ones are great! Another Christmas themed one would be wonderful – reindeer, snowflakes, elves, etc. A valentine themed one and a tropical themed one would also be cute!!!

  178. Simply Celebrate Treats (cake, ice cream cone, popsicles, candy) or Travel (cars, planes, ship, train, suitcase, globe, maps)

  179. Simply Celebrate Vacation! You could do lots of different ideas of vacation. Theme parks, beach, mountains, city skyline.

  180. I just LOVE the simply celebrate sets! I’d love some bears! Or, a wedding/anniversary and baby set. So many things to do with those! Bells, rings, booties, blocks, etc!

  181. Love all the cute images in the simply celebrate Fall. The little ghosts are adorable. I think a fun set would be one for a little girl with princess/unicorn/mermaid theme and a little boy set with trucks/cars/sports balls, etc.

  182. I love the simply celebrate line. They make the easiest cards that look like I put in a ton of work. If you don’t have it already I see a birthday line.

  183. I would do a simply celebrate birthday with birthday themed sentiments or one for the big moments – wedding, kid, retirement, leaving your job / new adventures, get well, sorry for your loss, etc etc. The last one isn’t really a celebratory thing but you get my train of thought! ❤️

  184. I love the idea someone mentioned about a matching set for the tea pot. You can do sugar cubes and tea bags or even coffee beans.

  185. Hmmmm how about dinosaurs? Or little superheroes? Or books and coffee? Or little cars and trucks? Bears and penguins?
    Love this new celebrate release very much!!

  186. I love how everything in the Lawn Fawn catalog can be so cohesively mixed and matched. These simply celebrate images are a great example of that.

  187. I think it would be cute to have Simply Celebrate using the jungle animals or farm animals. These Simply Celebrate strips are so fun.

  188. I would love to see a Simply celebrate vacation set. There could be a row of suitcases, travel gear, beach accessories, sightseeing items (mountains, Lady Liberty, Mt. Rushmore, palm trees, etc.). I’m sure there are more that would look cute for vacation. Oooh maybe a row of globes and a row with different ways to travel, plane, car, train, etc.

  189. These are soooo cute! Must have! I dont have a simply celebrate idea but please make a cute critter set for lawyers, judges and court. I could not find sets anywhere!

  190. I would love simply super hero’s. We all have people in our lives that are super hero’s and would love to celebrate them

  191. Sweet treats like donuts, cookies, macarons, ice creams, etc. would make a cute addition to birthday cards.

  192. My favored way to eat apples is freeze dried. They aren’t messy so I can take them to my craft table as a snack!

  193. A nautical theme that could also be used to make Fourth of July cards. Sailboat or Pirate ship border with little pirate mice.

  194. I love the Simply Celebrate, I believe I have them all. As for a new design, I am not sure. How about building on the Holiday theme. A set with different holidays represented rather then devoting the entire stamp set to just one theme.

  195. Love all these amazing DT inspirations, many thanks for sharing.♥
    Love to see these new stamps:
    Simply celebrate with santa and reindeers
    Simply celebrate with mermaids or under water theme
    Simply celebrate with different spring flowers
    Simply celebrate with fruits and /or cocktails

  196. A new one for celebrations with cakes or cupcakes, drinks (different glasses), gifts and snacks (burgers, fries, hot dogs, etc.)

  197. I always love the cute little animal sets with cats! Some more fall sets with owls would be awesome too!

  198. I am so happy you have released a CC Fall! I was needing that. 🙂 Other possibilities: any critters, underwater critters, sports, other holidays – mixed together maybe, birthday hats. New Year–really anything. I love the speech bubbles!

  199. I have the simple celebrate critters from the spring. These will be a cute addition. The pumpkins are my favorites. Especially done in the multi-colors.

  200. I love the multiples banners You could use these to create picture boarders or cut them out individually to scatter throughout your design. I love the fall sentiments, so many possibilities and the critters are always adorable.

  201. I would love a simply celebrate Valentine’s Day or New Years Eve or Simply celebrate critter banner: all mice, bears, cats etc

  202. This time pumpkins and ghosts win <3
    I would love to see a Simply celebrate set created with a school theme: pencils, backpacks, crayons, scissors, alphabet, books. You could also try with an art kit, scissors fit perfectly here too, markers would be great. A set with food and drinks would be a fantastic idea: different types of cups, biscuits. 🙂

  203. Simply celebrate traveling: trains – with different cars, airplanes, boats, bicycles, trucks, buses the list goes on.

  204. There are so many wonderful inspirational ideas on this day that I am finding it hard to wrap my mind around it to come up with my own. I love everything.

  205. A simply celebrate space with little aliens, planets and UFOs would be cute, or a valentines set with hearts and flowers.
    A second Christmas simply celebrate would be one I’d have to add to my stash, too!

  206. A simply celebrate set with all different birds – owls, songbirds, toucans, hawks, pelicans, flamingos or all beachy items – dolphins, sandals, seashells, shovels & pails, seagulls.

  207. Hmmm, you’ve covered the seasons now so how about simply celebrate Valentine’s Day? It could include hearts, candy hearts, little boxes of chocolates, flower bunches … or how about a wedding theme? It could include entwined rings?
    A new baby/baby shower theme would be super handy too: nappies/diapers, little booties, dummies, little teddy bears, prams, baby rattles, and storks carrying a little bundle are some ideas I have.

  208. A combo Valentine’s Day and St.Patrick’s Day Simply Celebrate set would be cute…hearts, letters, shamrocks,…

  209. I love the simply celebrating sets they are so super awesome! I would love to see a blackberry one. It could also be cool to have a bunch of tiny people in a row

  210. I love that barrel!!
    My favourite Christmas cookies have apple in them. It’s oats, raisins, apples, cocoa and a lot of brown sugar and some butter rolled into balls. They are delicious and it’s my favourite way to eat an apple haha.

  211. A simply celebrate wedding/love will be a great addition, with flower bouquet, chocolate boxes, hearts, cakes & rings.

  212. I would love either a forest critters simply celebrate or another Christmas one, oohh or one with greenery like monstera leaves

  213. This is a hard one! I think a Simply Celebrate School could be fun. Books, pencils, crayons, scissors… so many options!

  214. Candy canes, mugs of cocoa with marshmallows, different shaped Christmas cookies, oven mitts, maybe a line of cookie cutters Christmas themed, Candles in a candleholder (old style) cookie tins or jars.
    You always have the cutest designs.

  215. I would love to see a homemade happiness set with crafting and baking themes. That’s a set that I would use often during the fall and winter!

  216. I have a daughter who is almost a teen and would love to see some tween and teen themed images for a celebrations set. We love Lawn Fawn at our house and it would be great to have images to take us into the teen years.
    Another idea is a farm set…goats and chickens anyone?

  217. Since I have a new grandchild, and so many family members are pregnant or trying to start families, I would say Simply Celebrate family, which would include the youngest to oldest. What kind of animal is up to you, whether 2 or 4 legged.

  218. Ooh I think a celebratory retired or previous STAMPtember one where those of us who missed out could get a simply celebrate version 💚

  219. Well, that is a difficult question. I think it might be nice to have simply celebrate life. You could include baby, wedding/anniversary, congrats, get well, retirement and even sympathy.

  220. I would love to see more flowers, maybe to go with the different seasons (roses, tulips, succulents, hibiscus, sunflowers, poinsettias, etc…). Also, a summer, nautical them would be great!

  221. Simply Wonderful Winter: holly garland, hot chocolate mugs, snowflakes, Christmas lights, dreidels, candles

  222. I second an under the sea simply celebrate! Or, how about forest animals like moose, bears, deer…Simply Celebrate
    forest friends.

  223. So many great ideas! Rebecca Furtak (comment 185) read my mind. I’d love to see all of those — but especially sea turtles, surfboards, and simple sand castles!

  224. The Simply Celebrate are one of my faves from LF. So simple yet so much impact! The critters were amazing and this fall set is the perfect addition to round out the seasons. Hmm… fruits? More critters such as the penguins and bears? Maybe!

  225. Simply celebrating wildlife/zoo animals. I would love to see a giraffe, sloth, monkey, elephant and lion, peering over a wall!!

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