Lawn Fawn Intro: Anglerfish Flip-Flop & Tiny Gift Box Anglerfish Add-On

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s July Inspiration and Release week! Our Summer 2023 Release including 10 new stamp sets and coordinating dies along with 13 new standalone die sets, new paper collection, new hot foil set, 2 new stencil sets, and 3 new washi tapes are available now at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! This week we will wrap up our highlights of our Summer 2023 Release!

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Today is our showcase of Anglerfish Flip-Flop and its coordinating dies! Have you ever thought, “if I could flip that stamp over…” Now you can! This cute anglerfish from You Are Sublime has been flip-flopped and is now facing the other direction!

We are also highlighting Tiny Gift Box Anglerfish Add-On! Pair this set with Tiny Gift Box to create adorable critter boxes that are perfect for small treats! This add-on set has everything you need to turn Tiny Gift Box into a cute anglerfish. It’s also great for adding lots of cuteness to cards, scrapbook pages and other crafty projects!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love! You will find an Intro Video below!

Anglerfish Flip-Flop Inspiration

Tammy‘s design is so much fun! She combined the anglerfish from You Are Sublime, along with a bunch of other images, with the new Anglerfish Flip-Flop!

Elise filled her underwater scene with so many colorful and fun fish from You are Sublime and Anglerfish Flip-Flop! She inked the background using Ocean Wave Stencils, then she stamped lots of bubbles for extra texture.

Kara‘s Anglerfish Flip-Flop design is so cool! Using layers of Stitched Dens, she created a deep ocean cavern, so perfect for her anglerfish. I love her no line coloring and her inked “ocean” is so gorgeous!

Caly‘s Anglerfish Flip-Flop brightens this adorable light up card design! She also used ocean images from You Are Sublime and Mermaid for You to fill in her underwater scene!

Latisha‘s card is so sweet and simple! She made it special by framing the cute anglerfish with a Reverse Stitched Scalloped Square Window.

The How You Bean Seashell Add-On shells add so much brightness to Lynnette‘s cheery design! She combined the Anglerfish Flip-Flop with the original one from You Are Sublime, then she included a fun greeting using Big Scripty Words!

I love how Audrey added bright yellow behind the anglerfish lures so they look like they are shining! She also included the lobster and other scene setting images from You Are Sublime!

Jessica used a Chibitronics kit to light up the lures on the anglerfish! She flipped the Bayou Backdrop upside down to create ocean vegetation. Then she layered it over an inked and splattered Stitched Ripple Backdrop. Check out the video below to see her clever interactive design in action!

Tiny Gift Box Anglerfish Add-On Inspiration

Elena‘s whimsical pastel Tiny Gift Box Anglerfish Add-On critters bear little resemblance to their deep ocean namesake but are so adorable! They will add so much charm and cuteness to any ocean-themed party decor!

This charming anglerfish looks so much at home inside the deep water cave created with Stitched Dens! Grace added texture to the background with Sunray Stencil and then she stamped fish, seaweed and coral from Mermaid for You. Her sentiment combines Henry’s ABCs and You Are Sublime.

Kara‘s clever inky techniques give her Tiny Gift Box Anglerfish Add-On so much personality! These would be so adorable filled with treats at a kid’s party!

Oh, my goodness, how cute is Yainea’s Goodie Bag? She inked the water and sand, then she added texture with splatters. Her Tiny Gift Box Anglerfish Add-On looks so happy to have some Ocean Friends to join him! Yainea tied on a Hearts and Stars Skinny Tag with a sentiment from You Are Sublime.

Megan‘s anglerfish takes center stage on her mini card design! She added lots of bright color with die cuts from Build-An-Aquarium before finishing the card with a sentiment from Life is Good!

Marine‘s beautifully unique design uses the Magic Iris Snow Globe Add-On as an aquarium, so clever! She also included the tiny fish from Build-An-Aquarium to keep the anglerfish company!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Anglerfish Flip-Flop and Tiny Gift Box Angerfish Add-OnChari will show clever ways to use these adorable sets while making two cards. You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Anglerfish Flip-Flop and Tiny Gift Box Angerfish Add-On! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us which set and image you would like to see “flip-flopped”, by July 26 at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday, July 24 for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys so much!


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237 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Anglerfish Flip-Flop & Tiny Gift Box Anglerfish Add-On

  1. The virtual friend’s mouse and chair.
    Not really a flip flop, but the back of the car for car critters, so they could be passing each other on the road.

  2. Furry & Bright’s the “standing-up”-dog, one on the sofa and the other one for wanting to get up there…
    And great suggestion above; the back of the car for the car fritters…. Great idea!!!

  3. 🤔 maybe the mice on ice to create a reflection on the ice
    Or the bicycle and the two cyclists…
    Just wanted to mention that I love these anglerfish stamps and dies 😍 and of course the wonderful DT projects

    1. I also have thought backside of the car. Maybe mermaid for you Narawhale. I like flipflops not just for flipping critters but so I can have a little of a stamp set when needing to stick to a budget.

  4. S’more the merrier would be great! Or the crocodile from Wild for you…
    And could you bring back Merry Christmouse? That’s a set I have wanted for years! You could even flip it 😉

  5. The bears from “den sweet den”, especially the one sitting up that can hold stuff. :). That would be amazing!

  6. I want tiny christmas (the santa mainly) flip flopped so he can ride in the sleigh from tiny winter friends and being in the right direction! Also the dinos from rawrsome. Basically anything!

  7. I like the comment from above to have a side view of the car! But everything you guys create is so cute! 🙂

  8. Also, though I know I’m only supposed leave one comment, I’d like to put in a plug for an undersee grotto/coral reef backdrop die. It would be so cute with all your underwater stamps!!! Thanksbfor your consideration.

  9. Any image of animals, people, etc. should be
    made to flip-flop. Love to see them coming
    and going on the same card. thanks for

  10. Such fun samples with this cute set and the add-on!
    I’d like to see some of the kitty images as flip-flops!

  11. A flip flopped llama for llama Tell You would be fun. It would also be fun to have some flip flop bees for hive Five.

  12. Some great sets/stamps to use for flip-flops: critters in the sea-the dolphin or whale; furry and bright-the jumping dog; ho-ho holidays-the sleigh and deer; little dragon

  13. I’d love to see a car like in Home for the Holidays flip-flopped so it’s facing the opposite direction. 🙂

  14. You can’t go wrong with any of the sets but I love the idea of flipping to the back of the car including back of the heads for the car critters!

  15. As others have suggested, how about the back of the car? Riding off onto the sunset would be awesome!!

  16. Sorry not to leave a specific suggestion – because I’ll pretty much buy any critter you flip-flop. I do like the idea of the back of the car critters too!

  17. I would like to see all the critters on these sets flip-flopped:
    on the savanna, farm, jungle, sea, down under, dog park, ‘burbs, concert, artic, from the past, forest, ever after, snow and toucan do it plus yappy birthday.
    This will keep me busy for awhile. lol

  18. I love the anglerfish and all of today’s samples! I’d like to see the cow from Critters on the Farm flipped.

  19. I think any of the characters in S’more The Merrier or High Five! would be great flip-flopped. Keep up the amazing work DT!

  20. I would like to see one of the mice on ice or any other set mouse flip flopped.
    I would also like to see under the water critters like dolphins, sharks,
    fish & seahorse flip flopped! Love all the card created today!
    Thank you, Lawn Fawn & the design team. 💙

  21. I’d like to see some bees from bee hive flipped. I also would love the back of the car so characters can be looking at the sunset rather than driving away from it.

  22. Winter alpaca, unicorn and a creature was stirring. I love all the cards and crafts on this block. I love lawn fawn. Y’all are amazing ❤️

  23. I would like to see the unicorns from unicorn picnic. I also love the idea for the back of the car in car critters!

  24. Bicycle people, the back of the car/critters, and so many other great suggestions already for flipping. It would be great to have critters that can look at each other in a scene or be used for a reversed image in a pond or the ice rink.

  25. I enjoy all the flip flops I currently have. Any of the dogs or cats would be great to have as flip flops.

  26. I love the back of the car idea. Any of you critters flipped would be good. I wouldn’t mind a fox, moose, maybe more of the mice, which are my favorite! The ideas listed, are all great!

  27. I think the suggestions to flip all the critters is great, as is the backside of the car. You have such smart fans!

  28. That gift box is just adorable! I absolutely love it as both a box and as a card piece. I adore any of the woodland creatures, so any of those sets flipped would be cool.

  29. I would love to see the critters in the jungle flip flopped. I especially use the elephant and monkey from that set A LOT.

  30. So many choices that it’s really hard to just pick one or two. Love all the ideas above but I’m good with just about any of them.

  31. Wowee! Okay, so I just got the car critters set, so the little bears are going everywhere in their car. But I’d kind of love to see them once they’ve arrived…and are necking or watching a sunset or fireworks. Or hiding from the kids. Ha ha. So a hind view of car and critters. (Not a left/right profile thing.)

  32. Any of the larger images, including the camper, would be great to flip flop
    These anglerfish designs are so cute!

  33. The back of the car is a great idea. I would like more license plates too and maybe a tiny alphabet to personalize the plate. Some of the farm animals need to be flipped.

  34. Den Sweet Den sleeping bear, Little Dragon or the stretching kitty from Meow You Doin’ would all be great.

  35. I’m going to join the voting for the backside of the cars, great idea! These darling fish make me smile today.

  36. These anglerfish are so cute and fun. Great cards from the DT!
    I know they’ve only just been released, but any of the dogs from Yappy Birthday and add on would be really cute!

  37. Ohhhh I can’t pick one, so every critter needs a flip. Get going lawn fawn. Lol. Such a cute little fish.

  38. oh my heck! the inspiration today is amazing! And I’m with lots of others here- the back of the car would be so fun!

  39. The anglerfish is one of my all time favorite Lawn Fawn critters! This isn’t from a current set (I don’t think) but I would love to have flip flop images of a spotty little fawn.

  40. I like the idea of the back of the car, it would make a 2 lane road with cars in both lanes possible. Like driving off to college or a long distance move, road trip, getting drivers license

  41. Wow, so hard to pick one… I’d be happy with any flip flop stamps. I don’t think there would ever be a wrong choice.

  42. Maybe a peek a boo animals set with separated paws so you can attached the paws at any directions you like would be cute and adorable.

  43. I’d like a flip-flop version of the little hedgehog in the Tea-Riffic Day set – maybe with a different hat style, but so that they could have a hedgehog tea party

  44. I liked the idea of mice in ice so they could be re-elected in the ice. Any of the mice, they are so fun to put in lots of cards

  45. Not really a flip flop, but would like to see the back of the car from car critters with back of critters so it looks like they are driving away from you. Then the next set could be a side view of the car and critter driving then we could use the other ones waving from back seat while they look out at the window.

  46. Love all these samples that you’ve shared. I think A Little Sparkle or Believe in Yourself would be two good choices. Butterfly Kisses and Critters in the Forest would be two other wonderful sets to flip.
    Lori S in PA

    1. I would love to see the rawrsome dinosaurs flip-flopped and also the winter penguin, i have him skating one way only! The beary holidays polar bear too! 😍

  47. Sorry, my previous comment ended up in a reply. Not sure how to remove it.

    I would love to see the rawrsome dinosaurs flip-flopped and also the winter penguin, i have him skating one way only! The beary holidays polar bear too! 😍

  48. The two that come to mind are Den Sweet Den and Elephant Parade. I would also like to see some accessories flip-flopped, like the branch from A Bug Deal. A side view of a car from Car Critters would also be nice.

  49. This Tiny Box Add-on is adorable!! So fun to use the flip-flop fish too. I would like to see pretty much any / all of the Critters flip-flopped. The dolphin would be fun, so we could have dolphins swimming and jumping from both sides of a card. It would be nice to have the Dinosaurs flipped too. So many possibilities!

  50. All of them, lol. It can be hard sometimes when you are designing a card if the stamp isn’t facing the way you would like. I had that issue with Dandy Day, until I realised there is already a flip-flop for that one, haha.

  51. I think “Critters In The Sea” would make a good flip flop. It’d be cute to have the matching whales and dolphins together.

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