Lawn Fawn Intro: How You Bean? Seashell Add-On

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s July Inspiration and Release week! Our Summer 2023 Release including 10 new stamp sets and coordinating dies along with 13 new standalone die sets, new paper collection, new hot foil set, 2 new stencil sets, and 3 new washi tapes are available now at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! This week we will wrap up our highlights of our Summer 2023 Release!

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Today is our showcase of How You Bean? Seashell Add-On and its coordinating Lawn Cuts dies! If you put your ear to these adorable shells, you’ll hear a shell-ebration! This set works well on its own, plus it coordinates with How You Bean? to make cards and crafts for any occasion!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end to inspire you! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Marine‘s colorful shaker card pairs How You Bean Seashell Add-On with Mermaid for You! Her bright colors are so fun and give the seashells a whimsical look in this fanciful scene!

Kara‘s weathered beach design is so gorgeous. She gave her seashells a realistic look with no-line coloring, then she inked the Simple Stripes: Landscape panels of woodgrain cardstock in pastel shades.

Tammy filled her slimline scene with lots of cute critters from Ocean Shell-fie which pair so perfectly with the seashells in the How You Bean jar! And how gorgeous is Tammy’s inky background which coordinates with the beautiful purple and teal critters!

Caly created a beautiful ocean shoreline before layering all the pretty seashells at the water’s edge. I love her custom sentiment using Henry’s ABCs and the phrase from How You Bean Seashell Add-On. Her inked letters are so pretty!

Grace filled her How You Bean jar with pretty shells before replacing the jar lid with a unique cork topper! She colored the Rub-A-Dub-Dub tub to resemble a cork, then she fit it into the jar. The crab from Life is Good is so cute sending a cheery “shello”!

Audrey used a combination of the seashell cluster and single seashells from How You Bean Seashell Add-On to arrange in her beautiful ocean scene. I love how she added the cute smiley faces, so cute!

Megan created her underwater scene using a Stitched Wavy Backdrop: Landscape. Then she arranged the Ocean Shell-fie critters around the jar full of seashells! She also filled in the scene with rocks from Mermaid for You!

Latisha used a lovely pastel color palette for her seashells! Her arrangement on Honeycomb Shaker Gift Tag hexagon shapes is so very unique!

Elena‘s beautiful card design is further proof that our cute mermaids are a perfect match for the new How You Bean Seashell Add-On set! She also used the Stitched Wavy Backdrop, this time in Portrait, to create a fun ocean background!

Mindy used ink-blending and a Stitched Scalloped Rectangle Frame to highlight her lovely seashells! Her design is so simply beautiful!

The mice from Crazy Antics and Sew Very Mice are getting into some so much mischief! It appears that the have overturned the seashell jar which gives them a cause to “shell-ebrate”! Lynnette‘s card is so fun and I love the Fruit Salad “tablecloth”!

I love Elise‘s all-over seashell design, it’s so clever! She colored the shells in pale pastel shades before arranging them on a Fruit Salad Berry Cute background! Then she added her custom sentiment, cutting the Henry’s ABCs from Rose Gold Metallic cardstock.

More How You Bean? Shell Add-On Inspiration from recent videos!

Use the links below the card photos to watch the video tutorials.

Monochromatic beach-themed card with Chari

Ink-blended ocean card with Christy

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce How You Bean? Seashell Add-On! This set is so versatile, and Chari will show two creative ways to use this new set. You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

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I hope you have enjoyed this look at How You Bean? Seashell Add-On! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite place to hunt for seashells, by July 26 at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Saturday, July 22 for our next inspiration week post!

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285 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: How You Bean? Seashell Add-On

  1. I haven´t got a special beach, but I love to go looking for them every time I get close to a beach.

    1. Love to hunt for Sheashells on the local beach .
      But only when the Wind direction is right

      Otherwise its full beach of Jellyfishes 🪼

  2. Whether it’s our beach at home, or one on holiday, I’m always on the lookout for pretty and unusual shells

  3. I always search for sea shells at the beach. I most recently found some beautiful shells on St. Kitts.

  4. Sanibel Island was always the best place for sea shells. I haven’t been there since they were hit by the hurricane, but hope they recover soon so we may return.

  5. I love looking for shells when I visit my childhood home in the northeastern part of New Brunswick, Canada. We are heading there for vacation in a few days!

  6. My favorite place is anywhere with my youngest son. No matter where we are, he always finds the most uniquely shaped and colored shells. I have quite the collection at home. 💕

  7. ANY beach, most ANY place! I LOVE to hunt for seashells and other cool beach treasures and things with pretty markings! The seashell add on sayings are AWESOME!!!!!

  8. Any beach is good. I made Christmas ornaments with tiny shells and a little sand from our vacation in Puerto Rico almost a decade ago.

  9. I don’t go to the beach very often but when I visit my sister in Prince Edward Island, I love the beaches !!

  10. We love shell/sea glass- hunting in Narragansett, Charlestown, Block Island & the Cape!
    We had a beach house in Narragansett, which was a stones throw away from Scarborough so we had TONS of jars filled with beachy finds all over the house! Lol

  11. The last place I hunted for seashells was at a beach close to Charleston, SC – a beautiful getaway! Sadly, we hardly ever get to the beaches in Texas, my home state.

  12. My favorite place to go shell hunting is on the beach in Sanibel island Florida. We went on vacation there a few years ago and the beach was covered in shells. I was in heaven. This set is soooo cute. I have tons of ideas running through my head.

  13. Door County, Wisconsin is a relaxing place to look for shells on the shores of Lake Michigan or Green Bay. One of my favorite places to visit.

  14. I enjoy looking for seashells on the beaches in Florida! Each trip you would always find a new or different sea shell, such a fun experience!!

  15. My favourite place to hunt for seashells is in Tofino, BC. I will often find many sand dollars and have a whole collection of them!!!

  16. i have been to the beach 2 times. I was able to find shells in Florida. but thecbetter ones came from the store.

  17. I am not close to any ocean or sea, or even a lake, so I don’t get sea shells. I do have a jar of my favorite

  18. Caly’s card is absolutely stunning and I will definitely be trying to recreate it! We’re lucky enough to live near the lake and there’s nothing better than grabbing a tea and going for a walk in the sand. We made frequent trips there when the kids were younger and they’d play for hours in the sand looking for buried treasures.

  19. I don’t live very close to a beach, so it is hard to have a favorite place to hunt for sea shells. However, I have been able to visit some beaches in California and hunt for sea shells.

  20. I live in the Midwest so hunting for seashells is a special activity reserved for times we’ve traveled to the east or west coasts. Love the different looks the design team created with these products.

  21. I look for seashells anytime I’m at the beach on our west coast. Absolutely love all the DT samples but Kara’s realistic shells just blew me away!

  22. I don’t live near a beach, but, we visited Kauai once. There was a nice beach where the tide could come in two directions. That was a fun place! And also, Glass Beach. The beach was covered with small, polished fragments of glass…. So smooth you could walk barefoot! Among the glass you could sometimes find tiny shells.

  23. So many beautiful creations with these pretty shells!
    I love to hunt for shells at Shell Beach on the central CA coast!

  24. I love almost EVERY beach, but my FAVORITE are the Caribbean beaches to find beautiful shells and sea glass!

  25. Every beach I go to I look for shells. Favorites have been Hawaii, Sanibel Island, and the Caribbean Islands.

  26. Love the sea shells. As a child one of my favorite activities with my dad was looking for sea shells on the beach early in the morning. We either went to Virginia Beach or Myrtle Beach.

  27. I don’t go to the beach much, but I would look for shells at the beach about 35 minutes from my cabin up north

  28. Love all the inspiration!! I don’t get to the ocean very often, but one of my favorite places to look for seashells in the past was Naples, FL when I was down there on business.

  29. The Caribbean beaches….you can find whole shells….around here, they are mostly broken. But once in a great while I may find a whole one!

  30. I haven’t been to a beach in a very, very long time, so I really don’t have a favorite place to hunt shells. The hazard of Midwest living.

  31. My favorite place to hunt for shells is ANY beach I’m on. Anywhere, anytime, anyplace I’ll hunt, but I usually don’t gather, I leave them for someone else to find as well.

  32. Although I live in Florida, my favorite place to hunt for shells was anywhere in South Carolina. I have the Where You Bean set so i am really excited about this add-on.

  33. I just love how cute the seashells look in the jar! This summer while on a roadtrip I found a couple of cool shells on a beach near the Redwoods in Northern California.

  34. We have two beaches nearby that are fabulous for finding seashells and we always take time to walk them when we go.

  35. I haven’t been to the beach in many years, but I look for shells whenever I am at one. Love today’s inspiration!

  36. I love to go to the alabama coast or the oregon coast and look for shells and all kinds of other fun treasures.

  37. I don’t live near any beaches. My husband and I always have a friendly competition to see who can find the neatest shell when we are at a beach. Last beach was in Denmark, next year…Hawaii! Aloha!

  38. I love collecting seashells, they are so gorgeous. I love searching for seashells close by my home (Washington state) and on every vacation close by beach( I was searching for seashells at Hawaii,Italy and Uk). Im looking forward for collecting and searching for fossil seashells when we will go back to Texas this fall.This set is so beautiful. I love it and I love seashells 🩵🐚

  39. I have found shells atmany shorelines so I don’t really have one favorite beach. Love all the inspiration for this set!

  40. Many of our beaches are state parks, so seashell hunting isn’t really something I do (because you’re not supposed to remove anything). But I do feel lucky if I see a sand dollar.

  41. My kids hunted for seashells in Maine and they had a blast, so that’s my favorite place because of the memories.

  42. My favorite beach in the city is often crowded on bright sunny days. I’ve never found an intact shell there, but that doesn’t keep me from looking for one.

    The idea of finding a whole jar full of shells is a treasure, indeed!

  43. If I go shell hunting, it is always at the Oregon coast.
    These are some great designer samples. I especially love Kara’s no line coloring and the colors on her card!

  44. The only time I ever looked for seashells is when we would vacation by one of the oceans. Since I live in the central part of the US the’re aren’t to many shells. A clam shell here and there, that’s about it

  45. My favourite place for seashells has always been Sanibel Island in Florida. But since Hurricane Ian screamed through and destroyed so much of the island and demolished where we always stayed I’m going to have to search for a new spot. Each shell I have gathered (and I have about 50 pounds of them!!) is a treasure! This set was a MUST have!

  46. I live in Missouri, so I have no idea what is the best place to find sea shells. I know my mom brought back a lot from South Carolina when we went there with all of our extended family when I was in high school.

  47. Once, My husband and I went to Bodega Bay for an anniversary getaway and found some shells that we brought back to mount in shadowbox picture frames. We made one for each of our 4 children.

  48. Cute projects! My favorite place to find seashells is at Pismo Beach. It is very near my daughter and granddaughter’s house and we can look for them there together.

  49. I’m not sure I have ever gone hunting shells although I have visited many beaches. I do love to look for unusual stones and glass on the shores of Lake Superior. I have an explosion of snails in one of my aquariums right now and have to keep cleaning shells off the filter intake.

  50. This is a great addition for the How You Bean! I’m sure Jenn Shurkus is loving this one!! I don’t go to the beach so if I’m looking for shells it would have to be in a store.

  51. My favorite places to hunt for seashells are any of the beaches along the west coast – from Alki in Seattle down to Mission Beach in San Diego!

  52. What is there not to live about these shells? Takes me to my happy place. Outstanding card designs. Thanks for the inspiration.

  53. I love looking for seashells on any beach, but I’m fond of the beaches along the Gulf of Mexico: Tampa/St. Pete, Pensacola, Panama City, Gulf Shores…

    I adored this stamp/die set so much that I had to get it before it’s inspiration week!

  54. In The Netherlands we have a beach called Zandvoort I’m always looking for sea shells there with my kids to decorate are sandcastles 🐚

  55. I love walking the beach. I usually look for stores while doing so. The most fun I had looking for shells was walk on the beach while on vacation in Florida.

  56. The best beaches to find shells were in Mexico. It’s been a long time since I’ve been hunting for sea shells. But I love doing it.

  57. Picking up shells reminds me of my childhood rummaging on the beach at Christmas time when camping at the beach, it’s summer down under. I absolutely love ALL the inspirational DT posts today they are all so fab and I want to make them all.

  58. It has been so long since I did any shell seeking but I used to enjoy looking for them at the beach in Florida.

  59. I have never picked up seashells, so I think my favorite place would just be picking them up on the beach.

  60. I don’t get to the ocean often but when I get the chance I like to collect seashells. The last two places was Cape Cod and Antigua.

  61. I spent every summer down the Jersey Shore & loved walking beach shore collecting seashells!
    My husband & I have visited the beaches up & down the East Coast, West Coast, Gulf of Mexico,
    Bahamas & Bermuda! Our favorite was Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda has a cove & we spent
    the day swimming, snorkeling in crystal clear blue water & laying on the beautiful pink sand. 💗
    I love how you bean seashell add-on stamp & die set & all the cards the design team created! 🌞

  62. It’s been a long time since I looked for seashells. I used to look for them during trips to the local beaches with my family.

  63. I don’t have a specific beach, but when I visited Aruba, it was so relaxing searching the beach!

  64. These shells are really cool! I use to hunt for shells on Lake Erie as a kid. They were tiny, but it was fun! Now I don’t live by a lake or ocean, so my shell hunting is limited to the craft store.

  65. This set is sooooooo adorable!
    As we are living on the coast we have several places to hunt for shells…. Actually there are also a couple of places out here ON LAND where shells can be found; from those days “we” were under water here….

  66. These seashells! I love this stamp set. My favorite place to hunt seashells is on beaches in Hawaii. I love finding shells and seeing all the beautiful colors and shapes. Thanks for this incredible stamp set.

  67. I love the variety of cards from this stamp set.
    I don’t have a favourite sea shell hunting place but I did major damage to my son’s collection when I knocked down the jar holding them ….

  68. Such lovely design team cards! I don’t think I’ve gathered seashells since a family holiday in Greece over 10 years ago, but I do enjoy picking out perfectly shaped beach stones, smoothened by the water.

  69. I only get to visit a beach when I am on vacation but always look for shells no matter where I am.

  70. What a great add-on! I love the beach theme! I used to love hunting for seashells when my kids were young!

  71. Shell-o to some amazing inspiration. No beaches where I live, but if I were shell collecting, would do so on the coast of BC. So pretty there…

  72. My favorite place is anywhere along the Oregon coast. Seaside is a fun place to look for shells and shop.

  73. We always found shells on South Padre Island.
    Haven’t been able to go for a few years but I
    enjoy looking at the shells I have. Love the
    play on words. thanks for sharing.

  74. Ft Walton Beach FL. It’s been years since I’ve been able to do that. We are not close to any beaches now. But a girl can dream!

  75. Of course any beach is the perfect place to look for seashells. But since I’m not really near a beach I find them in my local craft store.

  76. Wish I lived closer to a beach to have a place to find them! It was fun collecting some years ago on a trip to Florida.

  77. Sadly, no favorite place to hunt for shells. I haven’t seen the beach in more than 4 decades. Lovely cards! I really like the no- line coloring one, so realistic and great color choice

  78. Anywhere on the Florida Panhandle is our beach of choice. Not a lot of big shells, but tons of little ones!

  79. When i was younger, loved going to the beach! Haha seldom see any now! Only look out during travels now!

  80. Sadly I have never been to the ocean so I have never caught a seashell 🥹. But…I think the stamp set is pretty and fun!

  81. Love the How You Bean: Seashell Add-On. Already purchased it!. I’ve live in Florida most of my life and have spent many vacations on Longboat Key relaxing & shelling.

  82. My grandparents used to own a unit on the Sunshine Coast (in QLD) and I spent many summers as a kid down by the beach. My grandma and I would walk from Kings Beach over to the calmer waters of Bullcock Beach, and there was a rocky passage separating the beaches which was perfect for collecting shells. I have very fond memories of that time of my life.

  83. I am lucky to live only 1,000 feet from the beach, so that’s where I always go shell hunting 🙂 Love these many different ways to use this set! Everyone is so clever!

  84. My favorite place to hunt for sea shells is wherever I am that the ocean has delivered them to the shore! Who can pick one spot as the ocean is constantly changing the shore.

  85. Guam, US territory. But their seashells are rather small. By the way, I already purchased this set (cuz I do have the original jelly bean set!) and already used SELL-EBRATE stamp! That, and SHELLO words crack me up! 🙂

  86. I know LF is loved for all their cutesy mice and other animals, but Kara’s card KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK! It’s absolutely beautiful and proves that LF images can be used in so many different ways! I love looking for shells anywhere – and living in Florida means I have lots of beaches to check!

  87. unfortunately we don’t have sea but if we go for holiday to any sea, I will always try to hunt for seashell.

  88. I have never caught a seashell, I don’t live by any ocean. Wish I did tho…I learned from Jen Shurkus that 90% of all living animals live in the ocean and I do love me any kind of animal 🥰

  89. There is a special beach on the west coast of Florida that has many beautiful seashells. I’ve never been there but I would love to go.

  90. I love looking for sea shells along Lake Michigan. Thankfully I live only a couple of miles away… but I have always loved looking for shells while on vacation in Florida or the Caribbean.

  91. LOVE this set & the combo with older sets! We enjoy going to Sucia Island in the San Juans to hunt for shells & seaglass!

  92. I live in the Czech Republic so I do not have option to collect shells. But as a kid I was in Tunisia where I collected sea shells.

  93. My favorite place to search for shells is any beach. Only get to the beaches on vacation so its always a good time.

  94. I don’t have a favourite place to find seashells, I’m far from any beach 🙁 But three years ago I had the money to make a vacation at sea and I found so many pretty shells! I saw the most beautiful one in the water, picked it uo but it was already inhabited lol. I said sorry and after a bit of shell admiration I put the hermit crab back 😀 I’d love to craft myself or others that holiday beach feeling with this set!

  95. We do not go to the ocean but it definitely would be shells or stones in Lake Michigan! Thanks for sharing!

  96. I live in the Pacific Northwest and we have amazing beaches filled with snail shells, with the unicorn horn shapes being the most plentiful. 🦄

  97. I love looking for shells on Chincoteague Island, Virginia. I did once find a sand dollar on the gulf coast, lots of great shells at Lido Keys Beach, Fl. Great set and very versatile.

  98. I’ve only collected shells once at a little local beach, and they were such tiny little shells. I love these ideas ♥

  99. It’s been a long time since I hunted for seashells, but Wildwood, NJ always had a good variety. Cape May, NJ is also a terrific spot for that activity. Love Chari’s video and thanks for sharing all the terrific and ex-shell-ent sample cards!
    Lori S in PA

  100. Any beach I am on is my favorite to hunt seashells! I am so excited to finally have a seashell inspired stamp set to play with! Thank you Lawn Fawn!

  101. I love to hunt for seashells with my 7 year old niece at the beach not far from my house. I live about 5 minutes from the Pacific Ocean in the beautiful Pacific Northwest so there’s only a couple months each year in the summer when we like to spend the day at the beach, lol!

  102. I have found some really pretty seashells in Mexico before but I really don’t have a favorite place to hunt for them

  103. I am not a beach person, so I do not do much sea shell hunting. I do think they are beautiful though.

  104. I enjoy looking for shells at any beach that I go to. Currently looking for shells at the beach in San Diego.

  105. We really do not have anywhere to hunt seashells here. I do love visiting tide pools on vacations though. The Oregon coast was amazing.

  106. Oh my gosh! We collected shells on Sanibel Island in Florida years ago – that was definitely my favorite place. The shells were amazing!

  107. I actually don’t hunt for seashells bc it isn’t good for the animals who need those shells. I do however enjoy seeing them in the beach and around tide pools!

  108. There are lots of shells at my local beach, but the best shells I have ever found were on Mud Island. It’s a little island off the coast in Victoria, Australia. I went there on a 42ft catamaran with a volunteer group. There were lots of huge shells in pristine condition littered all over the beach, but I wasn’t allowed to take any home because apparently it is illegal. Not sure how true that is, but I left them there anyway!

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