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Today is our showcase of Batty for You! We’re simply batty for this adorable set! This sweet bat works with the Waving Pull Tab Starter Set to bring your creations alive and comes with a variety of posing images including wings open or closed! This set is perfect for Halloween greetings, birthdays, and any special occasion.

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this “batty” new set! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details! And leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!!

Megan placed her Batty for You bat front and center on her interactive card! The Waving Pull-Tab Starter Set lets this cute bat “be flappy”!

To create this fun card, Megan borrowed the moon from the new Wild Wolves set and also included some spiders from Fangtastic Friends!

Lynnette‘s Halloween card is so clever! She stenciled the Nighttime Sky moon before layering Giant Happy Halloween and the smiling bat over the top! Such a fun way to send a happy greeting!

Elise prettied up her cute Batty for You card with lots of pink, showing this set isn’t just for Halloween. I love how the bat is hanging upside down from the flowery branch. Elise included a custom sentiment stamped out with Violet’s ABCs!

The Spooky Forest Backdrop scene and eerie colors can’t dim the cuteness of Mindy‘s Batty for You bat!

Today is all a-bat you! Who doesn’t love a great birthday pun! Elena‘s colorful card sends a charming birthday message with a pair of Batty for You bats! I love her clever use of the separate wings, using one wing to cross the bat body! So creative!

Yainea‘s paper-pieced bats are so adorable! I love how she created a window with an Outside In Stitched Heart, stenciling clouds in the background. Her card shows the versatility of the Batty for You set. You can stamp full wings or stamp them closed like the upside down bat!

Marine took advantage of the slimline format to feature a trio of the large Batty for You bats! She stenciled the Nighttime Sky and Cloud Background before arranging her scene. She used the Waving Pull-Tab Starter Set to make the center bat interactive with flappy wings! So cute!

Tammy also stenciled an amazing backdrop using Nighttime Sky Stencil and Cloud Background Stencils! Then she combined the smaller Fangtastic Friends with the large Batty for You bat! Her custom “batty” sentiment features Henry’s ABCs.

Grace‘s birthday card with Batty for You is so special! She started by adding lots of shine with the new Starry Sky Background Hot Foil Plate!

She used Waving Pull-Tab Start Set to give the bat wings movement. Then she added birthday fun with the banners from Fangtastic Friends Add-On and a super-sized cupcake from Birthday Before ‘n Afters!

Latisha‘s pink and purple design is so much fun! I love the clouds stenciled in shades of pink. Then she layered the new Spooky Forest Backdrop over the top, finishing her design with the cute bat!

Audrey‘s purple bat stands out so well against the eerie green of her stenciled background! Her design is so perfect for Halloween or just for sending some “flappy” encouragement!

Caly‘s Batty for You critter flap her wings with the help of Waving Pull-Tab Starter Set! I love the pretty shades of purple in the background this beautiful card!

The larger Batty for You bat is so fun paired with Fangtastic Friends!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Batty for You! We will share lots of ways to use this clever new set. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Batty for You! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite critter associated with Fall/Halloween by August 23rd at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Sunday, August 20th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week; we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one of them puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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Batty for You

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500 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Batty for You

    1. I just love the puns in this set. My favorite fall animal is the squirrel, but I know the new wolves set is going to be a close second.

  1. There are so many critters that go well with Halloween, just like your adorably spooky bats. But I think a black cat is one of my favorites to use on a spooky card

  2. I like Halloween critters, but I have to say fall woodland critters are my favorite! I’m especially fond of foxes and hedgehogs.

  3. Gosh, I don’t think I could pick just one ! There’s squirrels and foxes and chipmunks and bats and turkeys and . . .

  4. Mine has to be the critters with costumes from LF like people in a Jack’O Lantern or witch costume or the foxes up in a bee or cupcake costume.

  5. I just love this new set! It’s hard to pick a favorite fall/Halloween animal. I had a black cat who was the sweetest. I also really love squirrels!!

  6. Bats, black cats, and costumed doggies are my favorites, though I love all things Halloween…except spider (eek)..

  7. Black cats, ghosts, and bats. So I love your purrfectly wicked set/add on, fortune teller tabby, and the fangtastic friends/add on set. But also loved the foxes dressed up in the fox costumes before ‘n after set.

  8. Bats and Cats are critters I think of for Halloween. Scarecrows, crows, and pumpkins remind me of Fall. I love all of the LF critters though.

  9. Black Cats are my fave critter for Halloween! My family had a black cat for years and she always had this way about her during the halloween season. Love all the inspiration today!

  10. Seriously, bats are my favorite. In my family, bats are tops! We all love them. We just went to Austin, TX to watch the bats come flying out from under the bridge….like bats out of he–, well, out from a bridge 🙂 So I adore these bat cards. The pink one that says Hang In There is maybe my favorite. ADORABLE!

  11. I’m not normally a bat fan, but the bat from this release is adorable! It’s my favorite, hands down!

  12. My favorite animal associated with Halloween is a black cat! That’s mostly because I have one of my own but bats are definitely a close second! I already have the Fangtastic Friends sets and I can’t wait to get this new addition.

  13. Cute bats. For me fall/Halloween is about haunted houses, witches, ghosts and graveyards. Toss in a few black cats, bats and spooky hayrides down a dark eerie countryside road and you have a fun filled night at the Halloween ball. Favorite childhood memory.

  14. I love the new Bat set – as it is my favorite Halloween critter, I will get a lot of use out of this very cute one. Now, I need the Waving Pull Tab, too. Yay! More toys!

  15. I think Frankenstein is a cute representation
    of Halloween. Many parts put together to
    make a “lovable” man.

  16. I usually wouldn’t call a bat cute but these sure are! I think ravens and toads are fun for Halloween too.

  17. Love all the fall critters…but if I had to pick I’d say the fox. Or maybe squirrels and chipmunks. Well maybe black cats. Hmmm like I said love them all!

  18. When I think of fall critters my favorites are the critters in the forest for some reason – squirrels, chipmunks, mice, fox.

  19. I love cats & squirrels for Fall and a cute ghost for Halloween. But I might be a bat convert with these cuties!

  20. I like the bats in Fangtastic Friends (and now Batty for You), great for fall/Hallowe’en and other seasons too!

  21. These bats are so cute! I’m not sure if this counts as an animal, but I’m a dog person, so I love wolves and werewolves

  22. For Halloween bats are definately my favorite critters. As for fall I guess I have to go for hedgehogs and squirrels. But when it comes to crafts, I think you can make any critter fit the season you’re working for.

  23. My favorite fall critter would have to be Halloween related. Love cats and bats for sure. But squirrels are awful cute too.

  24. I like bats for Halloween because I learned a lot about them when I was a teacher. They’re actually cool little animals! I also like black cats because my parents had one named Dr. Phill!

  25. I love Fantastic Friends and Purrfectly Wicked kitties. Both sets have year-‘round critter appeal. Bats are a lucky symbol in Chinese mythology, and cats are ALWAYS mischievous (seemingly without holiday provocation). Halloween is just a great excuse to celebrate everyone’s creativity and imagination. It’s a time when anyone can be anything!

  26. The squirrels! They are so cute and fun! Pumpkins and colored leaves are in the running too! Bats for Halloween! Love the Fangtastic bats! Made some fun cards for my grandkids. I like stamps that has multi use!

  27. Black cats are the favorite Halloween critter here (my beautiful black cat would disown me if I didn’t say that).

  28. Bats, bats and more bats! I love bats for Halloween and all year long. I definitely need this new bat. Love the ideas.

  29. Up until this release I would have said the bats, but having seen the sneak peeks of those adorable wolves (though not technically Halloween) they are now my new favorite!

  30. Well these are freaking adorable! I do love bats but I think my favorite spooky critter for fall is definitely the Raven.

  31. I can tell you what it is not … Say no to spiders. I do love bats… We have a bat that flows around our house each night eating up all the bugs. We named it Gabriel… We love to sit and watch it do it’s nightly acrobatics.

  32. So many great cards here! I love all the cute fall critters but I think the bats, spiders and cats are my favorite for Halloween

  33. Live outside of the bat capital…so I like bats but love when the crows come! When I hear the crows caw, I know fall is here!!!

  34. Lawn Fawn certainly makes the cutest bats on earth. It’s perfect for fall and Halloween. I also like the cute puppy in the happy howloween set.

  35. SQUEAL!! ‘m in LOVE with the SWEET Batty Image!! ALL of the INSPIRATION is AMAZING TOO!!
    My FAVORITE Halloween Critter is a Black Cat or a Bat!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!!

  36. I love bats, ghosts, skeletons, haunted houses, haunted mansions, tombstones and funny sayings to go on them, creepy fences, all things spooky. This bat is absolutely adorable. He will be fun to play with!!

  37. Love, Love, Love this! I’m batty for you, Hang in there, Don;t worry be flappy…love it all… perfect for little cards I leave for my hubby and send to my son, brother, nephews etc… I love sweet puns and making cute clever cards using them.

  38. This will fit in with my favourite stamps that I use, all are around a goth/ halloween 🎃 theme . With that said bats are my favourite critter for Halloween, followed by owls.

  39. My favorite are all the ghosts but since those aren’t critters I would say the bats are my favorite! I’d love to see a stamp set or an add on stamp set with some costumes for the bats!!!!

  40. Hmmm, foxes, turkeys, bears, beavers, and now your new wolves!
    Autumn is my favorite time of year so any fall critters are great by me.

  41. The ghosts with hats are my favorite, but the sneak peaks of wolves make me think I may have a new favorite!

  42. OMG this set is too cute. My sister’s birthday is Halloween – How perfect to make a card for her with this set. I like cats year around – obviously a black cat is the greatest fall critter. And yes, my sister, born on Halloween has cats and her favorite one is black.

  43. I just love the puns in this set. The squirrels are my favorite fall critter, but I know the new wolf set is going to be a close second.

  44. There are several critters that are my favorite Halloween critters. Spiders, ghosts, cats, bats and costumed foxes are some of my favorite.

  45. that was a hard question, I was like bats- no, snakes- no, frogs-no, but Halloween Cats- Yes! Lawn Fawn makes all Halloween critters cute though! 🙂

  46. Yay for more sets for the wave pull-tab dies!!
    Since cats are the best, I’d have you say a cat witch’s familiar ❤️

  47. I love the bat and spiders when associated with Halloween, not in real life. The new bat is adorable.

  48. My favourite critters in real life, in the fall, are probably squirrels. But I really love the LF bats! And I am terrified of real bats!

  49. I love all the critters for fall / Halloween … But the bats might be my favorite. And, I also love the Critters in Costume set. Bring in more of these please! I also like the Halloween kids set in costume (going blank on the name). Those are adorable.

  50. Really fun set and amazing creations.
    We don’t really celebrate Halloween in Australia so I don’t have a favourite critter – and I can’t think of any critters here that are particularly active in Autumn either!

  51. My favorite Fall/Halloween critters are actually bats! I follow several bat rescues and have lots of bat Halloween decorations. Black cats are a close second! =^. .^=

  52. My favourite critters for fall are hedgehogs, deer and squirrels! I also love bunnies and mice! Hahaah! Not really big on halloween here but lawn fawn bats are cute!

  53. These bats are adorable! I initially thought they would make great Halloween cards but seeing the birthday ideas makes them more versatile. Thanks for the inspiration!

  54. Bats and spiders b/c they were both easy enough for me to draw as a kid. I also like raccoons b/c they come with a mask already in place… but they are harder to draw.
    GREAT, AMAZING cards above from the DT!!
    Lori S in PA

  55. The bats are so adorable and the farmer with the tractor with the chicken and the mice add on. It’s too hard to choose just one.

  56. I pray all are safe while the Hurricane passes thru Cali and AZ. Have lots of water, Battery powered candles and M & M (my hurricane comfort food here in FL)

  57. Black cats are my favorite. I had never thought about wolves so this new set has got me hook on them but don’t forget about spiders.

  58. Such cute cards!! Although the bats are cute – my favourite critters for Halloween are spiders (preferably in or hanging from a web) and ravens. For Fall I’m drawn toward most forest critters, especially chipmunks, squirrels and owls.

  59. Here in Germany we are not really into Halloween but I love fruit bats (flying fox) 🥰 and crows/ravens.
    I adore this new set, so cleverly designed 😍

  60. The critter with all the Halloween costumes is pretty cute but these bats are too! I love that the new releases give new life to older sets.

  61. I always love squirrels. It’s always entertaining to watch them scamper around, always busy at something.

  62. I love fall. I would say the gorgeous fall leaves, apple pie and cider are all my favourite things about Autumn.

  63. Black cats. I’m in my second black female cat. They both have been the most intelligent cats.


  64. So many creatures running around my yard during the fall… brother has a camp and I really enjoy seeing moose….they just slowly, methodically walk around, no care in the world. Now, I’ve never got to close to one, the y can be speedy and aggressive, so I capture them with my camera. They are magnificent.

  65. Cutest little bat ever! I will need this to send to a little girl I know in Germany who is in a kindergarten class known as Little Bats.

  66. Oh the new batty set is so super adorable!! 🥰 I would say bats are top on my critter list for Halloween projects!

  67. My favorite has to be all the mice. They just have always had my heart. But this bat is too cute for spook too ✌🏽

  68. Wow, that is a tough question. I love black cats, but I love them all year. I do love bats, we have some really cute bats in my area. I also love wolves and they get associated with Halloween too. Honestly, since Halloween if my favorite holiday, I can’t really say there is a critter I don’t love associated with the holiday.

  69. my fav halloween critter is definitely the bat! i was in the maldives last september and have never seen such big bats in the wild before. they were very cool to watch!

  70. My favorite critter is the squirrels for autumn! But for Halloween, definitely the bats I’m so excited for the new bats!

  71. Oh my goodness I LOVE the bat inspiration! I think bats may be my fave? We have one that sleeps in our patio umbrella when it’s closed that we’ve named Bruce- and of course love that they eat all the bitey things lol! Thanks for the chance!

  72. I love owls! I even saw one swoop over head one Halloween and was thrilled! This bat will be coming home with me for sure!

    1. I love black cats for Halloween, although that maybe just because of Sabrina the teenage witch haha. Oh and the cats stirring cauldrons cards I made with my Lawn Fawn stamps!

  73. Does a friendly ghost count as a Halloween Critter? I’ve always liked the friendly ghost images. I associate Scarecrows more with Autumn than Halloween, but one of the favorite Halloween costumes I made for my younger son was a scarecrow outfit!

  74. Sorry – my full name didn’t post with the last comment (friendly ghost/scarecrow) and I didn’t see a way I could edit.

  75. I love black cats for Halloween, although that maybe just because of Sabrina the teenage witch haha. Oh and the cats stirring cauldrons cards I made with my Lawn Fawn stamps!

  76. I’m in love with your cute bats, and I cracked up so hard at the silly new sentiments. I don’t think I could bring myself to stamp “you old bat” to send to anyone I know, but the sentiment did make me laugh.

    My favorite critter fall critter is definitely the black cat, of which I have one. He is spectacularly annoying, but I love him.

  77. I’m in Australia so I don’t have any animal associations for Halloween or autumn, but I do think hedgehogs are cute – do they have anything to do with autumn in particular?!

  78. Black cats and bats. I love them. I loved the batty for you and I am so excited about the interactive element with the new little bat. So cute!!! Take care ❤️

  79. I love all the critters but I think the penguins are my favorite. I would love to see more uniq critters like these super cute bats!

  80. It best critter for fall is a Golden Retriever. I love how they blend into the leaves. When they try to hide in a leaf pile it’s absolutely adorable.

  81. I’d have to say the black cat would be my favorite halloween critter.
    I love this adorable bat and the larger scale of it.

  82. My favorite critter associated with Fall/Halloween is a black cat. But I am loving these bats. They might be my new favorite.

  83. Halloween is more candy than critters for me… 😀 It’s not the same as in Mexico or the US here. But that bat is sooo cute. We used to have bats in the chimney of our country house. Once one exited the wrong way and flew into the house while we were getting ready for bed. Very happy they have those sensors so they don’t bump in to stuff.

  84. My favorite fall critters are the foxes in their adorable costumes 😍 the little bee one makes me smile every time!

  85. My favorite fall critters are mice! For Halloween, it’s bats and black cats, of course! Not spiders… NEVER spiders…

  86. While I don’t like spiders, they are kind of fun to decorate with. Black cats are probably my favorite Halloween/fall critter.

  87. I love Halloween cats and would love for Lawn Fawn to make a paper piercing one!!! Just a cat with a separate witch hat to use for different occasions 🙂
    And also make a dog with a separate Santa hat so that we can use them on both and switch them up please! 🙂

  88. My favorite fall/Halloween critter is definitely a fluffy squirrel (even though some chewed up the insulated lining of my car hood this spring) & friendly ghosts. I despise all these creepy with Halloween, which is why I am thankful that LawnFawn is whimsical and friendly.

  89. My favorite Halloween critters are bats and cats! The Just Batty set is darling! Such a sweet and happy bat! The card samples are awesomw!

  90. This is the cutest bat i’ve ever and I love the sentiments! My favorite halloween critters are ghosts and black cats!

  91. My favorite Halloween critter is a bat! I absolutely love this set!! The bat is so cute! I can’t wait to get it.

  92. Because I mostly make cards for our church shut ins, I can’t get spooky. I love the scarecrow and All THE MICE!

  93. These bats are TOO CUTE! I love cute little ghosts for Halloween … do they count as critters? Haha!!

  94. This set is adorable and I love that it coordinates with Fangtastic Friends. The bats are great for halloween although my favourite halloween critter is a cat.

  95. I love the fox dressed as a cupcake and all the critters you can dress up! I don’t make Halloween cards but have all the Halloween stamp sets. I use them when I am making cards with and/or for kids.

  96. For sure bats! One of my favorite sets I own is the fangtastic frirends because they are soooo cute. I will definitely have to get this set AND the waving pull tab because this bat is too adorable!

  97. My favorite is Scarecrows! i have a wooden one I put in my yard in the fall. complete with overalls and corn husks sticking out of the pockets.

  98. Love these bats – think I would love to see raccoons for next year. They are always slinking around in the shadows wearing their masks!

  99. My favorite fall critter would have to be a squirrel even thought they chewed the lining of my thermal car hood……

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