Lawn Fawn Intro: Hay There, Hayrides! and Hay There, Hayrides! Mice Add-On

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Fall & Winter 2023 Inspiration and Release week! On August 24 our 12 new stamp sets and coordinating dies along with 21 new standalone die sets, new paper collections, and so many more exciting new products will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

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Today is our showcase of Hay There, Hayrides! and Hay There, Hayrides! Mice Add-On and their coordinating dies! Nothing says “Happy Fall” like a hayride with all your friends around the farm! This set comes with a tractor (and adorable farmer or chicken driver), wagon, and lots of image options to fill your wagon with fun. And then you can take your mouse friends on a cheesy harvest adventure with this add-on to Hay There, Hayrides!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details! And leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Hay There! Audrey‘s card is so much fun! She colored her tractor in traditional John Deere colors, placing it in an adorable farm scene! I love how she included the Hay There barn in the distance with the hillside filled with corn stalks!

Yainea created a collage-style card with Outside In Stitched Maple Leaf creating a fun focal point window. She layered Fruit Salad paper in a perfectly Fall orange behind the window to highlight the tractor, driver and chicken navigator! The cute farm animals call attention to the greeting.

Elena‘s long slimline card is just right for adding an additional wagon behind the tractor! And the fun grouping of pumpkins, corn stalks and a sign fill in the rest of the space. There’s a sweet homespun look with the Fruit Salad gingham in the background!

Hey Big Cheese! This charming vignette gives a little hint to the surprise inside Grace‘s Ta-Da! Diorama! interactive card!

The cutest Hay There, Hayrides! scene appears when you pull open the diorama! Grace also featured the Hay There, Hayrides! Mice Add-On mice, cheese and tractor driver. Keep a look out for the Intro Video to this fun, new interactive die tonight!

Who wouldn’t love a card filled with this much fun?

Lynnette‘s fun farm scene features the mice of the Hay There Hayrides! Mice Add-On set! I love how she lined the hillside with corn stalks!

Latisha went with an amazing pastel color palette for her design! She also featured the cute mice of the add-on set, layering both the mice and the cheese wedge! So adorable!

Elise captured all the excitement of a hayride in her happy design! She built her Hay There, Hayrides! scene on Stitched Hillside Borders, then filled it with lots of fun Fall images!

Hay There, Hayrides! and Apple-solutely Awesome are so perfect together! Megan also included the Hay There, Hayrides! Mice Add-On to fill her scene with more adorable mice.

Tammy took advantage of the width of this slimline scene to add another wagon to her tractor! I love the warm fall colors she chose and the pretty Fruit Salad gingham framing her scene!

Caly‘s bright blue sky and green landscape captures the end of summer and the promise of a happy Fall! Her scene features the mice of Hay There, Hayrides! Mice Add-On.

Always a talented scene builder, Marine created the happiest pumpkin patch scene! She included Tree Before ‘n Afters, Tiny Farm and Tiny Friends with a beautifully inked Autumn backdrop!

Our cute tractor driving farmer is making sure the cute mice have a day filled with fun! Mindy used the Grassy Stencil and Cloudy Stencil to create a fun farm background!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Hay There, Hayrides! and Hay There, Hayrides! Mice Add-On! We will share some fun ways to use these versatile new sets. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

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I hope you have enjoyed this look at Hay There, Hayrides! and Hay There, Hayrides! Mice Add-On! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if you’ve been on a hayride by August 23rd at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Friday, August 18th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week; we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one of them puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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Hay There, Hayrides! and coordinating dies
Hay There, Hayrides! Add-On and coordinating dies

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586 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Hay There, Hayrides! and Hay There, Hayrides! Mice Add-On

    1. What a fun bunch
      of cards! Love that
      Tractor. I have been
      on a hayride and it’s
      quite fun.
      Carla from Arizona

      1. Oh my, these cards are really adorable! I can see using some of these stamps and dies for fall festival layouts also.

  1. The tractor in this set is absolutely adorable. For sure my 3-year-old nephew loves the tractor too.😍
    I’ve never been on a hayride, but I can put my self in a card using this set and the tiny friends sets I have💕

  2. Hayrides are the best! We’ve been on so many kinds over the years…such fun for the kids & adults! I love the adorable tractor in this set.

  3. We don’t do hayrides here in Germany but as a kid I loved riding in the trailer of a friend’s traktor, I guess that counts! Love the Hayride stamp sets and already know that my nearly 3 yo grandson will be over the moon for the tractor!

  4. As I worked in a nursery school for many years, we went with the kids to a farm yard and there wen have the chance to do a hayride. It was so much fun. So the stamp set remind me on this wonderful event.♥

  5. I’ve been on a truck with hay bales, but nothing pulled by a tractor or horses. And the hay wasn’t all that comfy, but the animal friends and mice sure make it look like fun! Love the tractor.

  6. When I was much younger, me and my friends use to go on hay rides during thanksgiving in October!!
    Great stamp and die set.

  7. Love the Hayride & Mice cards that the design team created. 🐭🚜🐔
    I have been on 2 hayrides as a child. My husband had purchased tickets last yr.
    for a Spooky Maze Hayride but ride cancelled due to rainstorm! 💗

  8. Yes, once in Virginia, once in Germany. Long long time ago, tho, like 4 decades ago!! I remember that was fun! These sets are super cute and DT’s cards remind me of those fun time!! 😊❣️

  9. The old McDonald and his farm!!! I love it! The tractors and cornfileds reminded me so much of the Midwest! I miss that!

  10. I have never been on a hay ride.
    The tractor riding by a cute mouse or chicken is so cute and funny. I like this set very much.

  11. This set became cuter and cuter by the second! I have never been on a hayride before, I don’t think they’re really a thing where I am from

  12. So cute!
    When my kid were little we used to go to Cox Farm in VA every fall and ride the hay ride. They loved it.

  13. It’s been a few years since I have been on a hayride. I used to take my preschool class to the pumpkin patch for a hayride.

  14. Hay rides through the orchard is a wonderful way to kick off the fall season!, we go almost every year to a local orchard for a ride around the fields then enjoy a delicious cup of apple cider. These creations by the DT are amazing!!

  15. I have been on hayrides – loved the tractor the most and this new little tractor is adorable! Love all the little scene details as well.

  16. Last time I was on a Hay Ride was in 6th grade and I have asthma so I got super sick. I haven’t been on one since.

  17. haven’t been on one in years but would love to! JUST NOT THE HAUNTED TYPE… the mice make it look like happy, wonderful fun!

  18. EEK!!! So many adorable projects!!
    I have never been on a hay ride! We did take the kids caroling one year with their youth group in a pulled trailer – does that count haha?!?

  19. Awww I love these stamps- so cute!! Yes a hayride to the pumpkin patch and apple picking is tradition in our house!

  20. I’ve been on hayrides my whole life. When our kids were young, we would have Halloween parties and hayrides were always included. I love this set!

  21. I have been on a hayride. Where I live we are surrounded by pumpkin patches and every holiday there are hayrides.

  22. This set is just too cute. I enjoyed watching the videos about it and it’s definitely going to be a set I will be buying soon. It reminds me of all the times I and my family went on hayrides during fall festival days. I am so looking forward to release day as well as seeing the other new products coming out soon.

  23. I have t been on a hayride yet. One question though, if you Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, should you let the chicken drive the tractor?

  24. I have been on a hayride, several times. Lots of fun! These sets are adorable! Can’t wait to get them in my cart!

  25. I love this! We live in the country and this set will be PERFECT! I also spy a pile of leaves…. could it be another add on for the how you bean set? *eeeekkkk!* So excited!

  26. We live near a wonderful farm that offers hay rides in the fall so I’ve definitely been several times!

  27. This set is so much fun!! My kids watched the video with me when it went live last night and we’re all excited about this one!

  28. These little guys are the cutest! Yes I was on a nighttime slightly spooky (G rated 😂) hayride when the kids were little. So much fun!

  29. I love going on hay rides. These stamp sets are so adorable! Love Chari’s platform pop up card with the cute tractor!

  30. Yes, I have been on many hayrides! Fall is my favorite season, and here in Ohio we do it up big! Haunted hayrides are my favorite!

  31. As a child in late 60’s, early 70’s and also in US some 30 years ago visiting a pumpkin patch.
    Looking soooo much forward to these sets. Adorable!!!

  32. Yes! There was a hayride involved at a haunted house to get you from the parking lot to the actual haunted house. It went through a haunted cemetery and haunted corn field first. What a fun and scary memory!

  33. I went on a hay ride with my Girl Scout troop back in high school around Mackinac Island. What a fun experience.

  34. Kelly, thanks for a great tutorial last night. I learn so much from you and all your artists! I cannot wait to get my hands on this set. I have plenty of mice and squirrels to ride that wagon! I NEED to put that piece of cheese on a mouse head! Yup, I’m in Wisconsin. Thanks for dovetailing the new with the past sets. It adds such value to what I’ve already purchased to see it used in fresh ways!

  35. Lat time I was on a hay ride was with a teen group at church, many, many years ago. It was so fun! Everything about these sets is just adorable ❤️!

  36. I love,love fall! These stamps and dies give me more reasons to send cards and inspiration for all of my scrapbook layouts. I love how Lawn Fawn products are so universal for cards and scrapbooking! The tractor is adorable!!!

  37. This set is absolutely adorable! I am in the weird place of not wanting summer to be over and can’t wait for fall! I love hayrides and look forward to all the fall activities starting up soon!

  38. When I was a teenager a boy I liked took me on a hayride at his grandfather’s farm. It was so much fun riding around seeing all the farm animals. I love, love, love this set. The chicken driver cracks me up. I love how you got the mice in on the action too.

  39. I’ve been on a few hayrides in the past, including a few “haunted” ones lol it’s a favorite fall activity in New England to go pick pumpkins!!

  40. I never had a hay ride but my uncle use to take my cousins and me on a ride in his wagon pulled by a tractor. Lots of fun and good memories. Love lawn fawns little mice and these fall scenes are so cute! Love them all!

  41. Watched and liked this video today! So cute! Haha have not been on a hayride but the little critters are so cute! Love the chicken driving the tractor

  42. Being from a different country, my first hay ride was when we took our daughter to her first pumpkin patch when she was about 5 months. Just seeing how much she loved it made my day. I have beautiful memories associated with it.

  43. Many years ago when I was in High School and college. I remember the fun we used to have. Now that my grandchildren are old enough to enjoy them, I will have to take them on one in the fall.

    I love these two new sets. Can’t wait to get them. They will be so fun to create cards with. The cards made by the design team are adorable.

  44. I haven’t been on a hayride but I’m a pro at other fall activities: carving pumpkins, picking apples, corn mazes, wearing sweaters : )

  45. I have only been on one hayride so far, I think it was with the Girl Scouts many years ago. Would love to go on another with my kids!

  46. I have been on a hayride. Great fun! You would think I grew up in the country with the way I love farm-themed images, and these are the cutest ever! Looking forward to playing with these new products. Great projects from the design team.

  47. LOVE this NEW Set and ALL of the AMAZNG Inspiration!!
    YES, we’ve been on Hayrides and ENJOY going every Fall!! It’s one of our FAVORITE Fall Activities!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS Release Week!!

  48. I haven’t been on a hayride but I e sat in the back of a truck to get to a pumpkin patch on a farm. I love the tractor and the chicken driver is the best!!

  49. There is a fabulous Christmas hayride in my area and I have taken my granddaughter on it. Such an adorable set!!

  50. Every year we take 3 of my grandkids on a hay ride just like this. It is at an apple and pumpkin farm. This year we even went to a corn maze so this is such a perfect set for me. I love every part of it.

  51. I have never been on a hayride, but these cute stamps and dies will make it fun for all the Lawn Fawn critters and tiny friends. My son, when he was little, loved John Deere so I see a fun birthday card coming his way this year. He will be 20.

  52. We went to a pumpkin patch once when I visited my husband in Georgia, but it was too hot to go on a hay ride. It was a great experience though seeing all of those pumpkins and hay bales! These stamps are a very cute addition 😊

  53. These are must-haves! I lived in Iowa for a while, and I LOVE farm-themes, especially for fall! Way to go, Lawn Fawn!

  54. The mice add-on set is extra adorable!
    It’s been a while, but the historical farm near where I grew up (Sweden) would collect people by hayride for the midsummer celebrations ☺️

  55. Oops, didn’t read the directions! And YES, I have been on several hayrides in Iowa, and upstate New York. Fun!

  56. Such fun scenes, and I love the diorama cards! The farm animals are just adorable!
    I have been on a hayride!

  57. Went on a hayride when we visited our friends in Kansas. What a fun thing to do. I don’t think we looked as cute as the characters in your cards, though.

  58. Yes, I have been on hay rides before. The rides are so much fun! Love this new set-so many possibilities to use with other sets.

  59. Hayrides are so great. There is a place nearby where you take a hayride to and from the pumpkin patch. I have been several times. It’s fun seeing the type of pumpkin everyone picks out!!

  60. Yes! The hayride is one of our favorite things at the pumpkin patch we visit every year! This tractor stamp is tooooo cute!

  61. Many years ago I regularly went on hayrides. Now, It would be quite difficult as I get older, I get slower and find wagons too difficult to deal with . They are fun, though.

  62. Years and years ago I did go on a hay ride. Don’t remember much about it. Love your adorable new stamp sets especially the mice and cheese add on.

  63. This little tractor is darling! It reminds me of my grandpa. If he were still with us I would have used this on every card made for him and he would love every one of them.

  64. These stamps/dies are so cute! So many ideas floating in my head–slider cards, flippin cards–love this!

  65. When my (now grown) son was little, we would visit apple orchards and pumpkin patches every fall. The highlight of each visit was always the hayride. He delighted in bumping up and down, being pulled by a tractor and tossing hay up on the air.

  66. I grew up in Minnesota in farm country, but I have never been on a hayride. I’m already in love with the hayride stamps. And it’s only day 1 of the intros!!

  67. I have done a lot of hay rides…we put up hay every summer the entire time I was growing up on the farm. So they weren’t always fun hayrides, but there’s nothing like the smell of fresh cut hay.

  68. Not exactly a hay ride, but I’ve been on the back of my cousins tractor as a joy ride with my kids. Its great to see the joy on their faces. I adore this set so so much and can’t wait to make a card for my cousins family.

  69. For several years we lived in a city that had many growers and it wasn’t October without going and taking a ride out to the pumpkin patch.

  70. I have been on a hayride. Some have been just through the woods during the fall to peep on some colourful leaves and also haunted hayrides at Halloween full of suspicious characters! I love the tractor and trailer as it is so versatile in what you can put in it…..some watermelons in summer, some spring flowers or chicks in spring! I love it!

  71. I have been on a hayride once a very long time ago. It was lots of fun. I love the tractor and wagon and can’t wait to have a play with it.

  72. I haven’t been on a hayride this year, but usually in the fall we head out to a pumpkin patch nearby and enjoy a hayride with some friends.

  73. Oh yes, hayrides ate fun family time with children, from pumpkin patch to haunted spooky Halloween hayrides. What a cute set with so many possibilities

  74. I feel like there is an entire genre of activities that I have missed out on – I have never been on a hay ride, in a corn maze, picked a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch… either way I am OBSESSED with this set!

  75. I haven’t been on a hayride in many years but when I was young I went on many hayrides as well as haunted hayrides and it was always so much fun! Super excited for this set as my son in law works for John Deere Tractor so I see some fun cards in his future 🙂

  76. My brother hosts a hayride every October, so I’ve been on many! That’s also the reason that I’m so excited to get these sets when they’re available.

  77. I’ve been on lots of hayrides. We always took the school children Christmas caroling in December on hayrides. I love this new set!!

  78. I have been on a hayride. We went apple picking, and that was part of it. I LOVE the pig and cow stamps!

  79. When I was growing up we had hay rides at camp and I loved them. There are so many Fall hay rides where we live, these stamps will make perfect fall cards.

  80. We dairy farm….our hayrides tend to be a bit different and work involved. 😅 I’m super stocked for this farm themed set!

  81. I’m from a farming family, I spent most of my childhood having hay rides, here in the UK.
    This set is a wonderful edition to the array of fabulous designs. I love all the design team cards.
    What I also really love is how you have used older sets to make the scenes. It’s something I absolutely adore doing, shopping my stash to see what goes together. Each new stamp set I purchase from you ( including older sets that are new to me), I stamp the complete set using my stamping platform, straight out the packet & laminate them so I have my own fun lawn fawn catalogue. Or should I say mouse-alogue with the number of mice sets I have 😁

  82. I grew up where there are a lot of pumpkin patches and huge farms that grow them! So, yes I’ve been on many hay rides! I am allergic to hay though so it’s not fun if I sit on the hay and it gets on my skin, LOL!

  83. Yes I’ve been on several hay rides. Especially after loading the trailer with at lest ten rows (criss-cross so they stay together). So much fun to ride back on top!

  84. I’ve been on lots of hayrides, but not lately.
    Getting too old and creaky for that.
    Love the release. thanks for sharing.

  85. I am so in LOVE with this new set!!! Yes we go on hayrides every year when we take our grandsons to the pumpkin patch:)

  86. This stamp set is so cute!!!
    Oh my goodness I have not been on a hay ride in so many years!!!!
    Can’t wait to see what else is in this release!!

  87. These are so cute!
    It has been awhile, but I have been on a hayride. The most memorable one was one that I went on at Christmastime through a light display.

  88. I’m a no hayride vote here, but it sounds fun! I’d totally go on a hayride with a chicken in the driver’s seat!!!

  89. I actually have NEVER been on a hayride. I live in the suburbs and we don’t have hayrides here. I would love to one day, just to say I have been on one. The Hayride stamp set is absolutely adorable!!!

  90. I’ve never been on hayride , in the UK it’s not really such a big thing. Think it has to be organized for a special with bonfire or Halloween party, shame.
    This set is mega cute & I’m so glad a mice set comes with the options.

  91. Yes! Lots of hayrides when our boys were younger. Pumpkin patches were a favorite! Loving all these cards today, they’re getting me in the mood for Fall!

  92. The tractor is so cute, reminds me of my dad’s John Deere. Every year I make sure sure to go on a hayride while at the pumpkin farm. Fall is the best!

  93. i took my nieces on a hayride when they were little. a good reminder that i am due for one! that chicken driving the farm animals is just TOO MUCH!

  94. Hayrides and pumpkin patches are our favorite part of fall! Can’t wait to create cards with this adorable set!

  95. Every year, my son and I would go on a hayride to pick pumpkins.. now he goes with his girlfriend….
    I love all things AUTUMN. Funny part is his girlfriends name is Auntumn!!

  96. I have been on many hayrides! The most memorable was a hayride at night we went to a cave with all kinds of Halloween surprises! Spooky 👻

  97. Love love love this new tractor addition. Hayrides are a for sure thing every fall around here along with apples, pumpkins and corn mazes.

  98. Yes, I have been on a hay ride but not one with a chicken driving. Love this set!!!! Can’t wait to order it.

  99. The tractor set is so cute! The mice are adorable! My favorite part of going to a farm is always the hay rides! One of the local farms does hay rides to their big corn maze.

  100. Such a cute set! I’ve been on a few hayrides and they all were super fun! Two stand-out favorites: a fall hayride in Colorado around sunset (such a gorgeous fall sunset); and a winter hayride in the Rockies (so cold!) with a chili feed afterwards!

  101. I’ve been on hayrides many times. This stamp set is so cute! And so versatile! Love all the amazing inspiration!

  102. Our favorite way to go on a hayride is to go caroling to neighbors and friends at Christmas time! Such great times! I love the tractor! My grandkids will love the tractor too. They love the Tractor Mac books and now we can make Tractor Mac cards!

  103. I LOVE HAYRIDES!!! I don’t get them every year, but each and everyone that I’ve been on has precious memories (and a couple hundred photos on my phone!)

  104. Never really been on a hay ride but I have helped at a farm collecting the hay and to store it. By the way… I love this set so cute… I so need that tractor!

  105. Yes! I’ve been on several hay rides from a child on up! I live in an area where it’s pretty common and you could always find a ride somewhere along the way especially outside the city limits! Such a cute stamp set! Love the big cheese!

  106. I haven’t been on a hay ride, but I remember having picnics in the field at hay time, sitting on bales of hay!

  107. This is probably my favorite set of the new release, but I know there is more to still see. I was on a hayride a long long time ago. It was a lot of fun, big big as much fun as it will be creating with this new set.

  108. I worked at a day camp on a farm when I was a teenager and went on lots of hay rides! Also took my kids on hay rides when they were little at pumpkin patches in the fall.

  109. I’ve been on hayrides but it was a long time ago. Happy memories! Hay There and Criiters on the Farm are my most used Lawn Fawn sets so I’m very excited to see these fun additions!

  110. We did a hayride for my daughter’s Brownie troop one Christmas time. Filled the pickup truck with hay, threw blankets on top and drove them around the neighborhood to sing Christmas carols at friend and family homes. Lots of fun!

  111. I went on a real hayride as a child and that’s when we discovered I’m seriously allergic to hay!!! 😂😂was still really fun tho!!

  112. I love hay rides! When my kids were young, we would take them apple picking and we would get a hayride there. Great memories

  113. Some friends of mine do an annual hayride at Christmas where we ride along and sing Christmas carols. I’ve only been able to go one year, but it was a lot of fun!

  114. I haven’t been on a hayride since my kids were little. We always had SO much fun riding around the pumpkin field and then picking the PERFECT pumpkin for carving.

  115. I have been on several hayrides and they were so much fun! At Halloween they were spooky and at Christmas we sat around a campfire and sang Christmas carols.

  116. I have been on multiple hayrides. In college they’d have a harvest party with live music and bonfires etc as well as hay rides.

  117. I have been numerous hayrides! We had rides trick or treating with the kids , our 4H group did hayrides with a potluck dinner, the best one was for my sons wedding they went on a hayride!

  118. I went on a hay ride when I was a kid. Not sure where I was, but it was probably the Royal Melbourne Show or something similar.

  119. I don’t recall ever being on a hayride…probably something I’d be allergic to, lol. Hay There, Hayrides! and the Mice Add-On are too darn cute!

  120. Went to a pumpkin patch about 2 years ago and you had to ride in the wagon (filled with hay) to go pick out pumpkins.

  121. My old boss used to have a tractor and wagon and would take us on hay rides every year and then we would have s’more.

  122. My aunt lives in my grandma’s old house, she used to decorate inside and out for a fun, family Halloween party. One year, we had the party at night and it included a haunted hayride around her yard. So many memories, so much fun!!🖤🎃

  123. Omg! The samples are amazing! I was blown away when I scrolled and saw the pink tractor , wagon and even some of the pumpkins! The color combination is so cool. Seriously though, ALL the samples are so great. 😃

  124. Wow – so many fun and sweet fall cards!! So thankful for all the inspiration the design team members has shared with us.
    Though it has been many years ago, I have enjoyed a hayride or two – so much fun!!!

  125. Love this set, being raised on a farm! And with the Barn Dies a perfect pair! And yes, hayrides every fall at the pumpkin patch!

  126. So far as I know we don’t have hayrides in the Netherlands. So the answer is no. But the new stampset is looking awesome!

  127. I’ve been on rides at local farms but without the hay for seating (unfortunately!) It was still fun though!

    I adore Latisha’s pastel card design!!

  128. I’ve never been on a hayride, but would love to! Regardless, this new set makes me REALLY look forward to fall – my favorite season!

  129. we don’t have hay rides (or corn mazes) in the Netherlands, but this set is the cutest! And so versitile!

  130. I have been on a hay ride! I love going to fall fun farms with my family where you can do corn mazes, hay rides, shop the little shop of baked goods, see farm animals, etc.

  131. My kids went on a hayride last week at our local PYO fruit farm. I think my youngest wants a tractor for Christmas now – she might get a tractor card instead!!

  132. Me and my family go EVERY year to a corn maze and pumpkin patch. We always make sure to take a hayride to the pumpkin patch and pick out our pumpkins! My kids love going its been a yearly tradition!!

  133. I have been on a hayride but never one that has been pulled by a tractor or driven by a chicken. Very cute set.

  134. I’m so excited about this stamp set. I can see myself using it as a bottom border on a scrapbook page. So adorable. I know this is on my list to purchase.

  135. I have been on many hayrides in my lifetime. It’s a fun thing to do here in the fall in Michigan, followed by a campfire and s’mores..

  136. Love the Hay There Hay Rides set. Every summer a local farm offers hayrides through their sunflower fields. Would love to see some sunflowers sized like the corn plants!

  137. I have been on many hay rides! I grew up on an apple farm. I can’t wait to make my dad a card with the new tractor and the apple trees from last year!

  138. Cute stuff! I have been on a hayride. Each year my daughter and I go to the pumpkin farm near her house and we take a hayride out to the fields to pick out our pumpkins right off the vine.

  139. It’s been ages since I was on a Hayride.

    A few years ago I was driving across country and camping. We arrived at a campsite when they were having “Christmas in July”. We were sooooo tired, we went to sleep but they were having hay rides around us. It was very cute.

  140. Yes, we went up north for a “fall vacation” just last fall, it was so fun! I just LOVE this cute tractor!!

  141. These are all so cute, but I especially love Latisha’s pastel version! I haven’t ever been on a hayride, but I would like to go on one.

    1. I’ve been on many hayrides and they are always such a blast! We go yearly out to a pumpkin patch to pick a pumpkin after riding a tractor hayride out to the field. It’s one of my favorite fall traditions!

  142. I have I have been on a hayride. More when i was younger at the pumpkin patch. I need a kid to borrow to do that now! lol Maybe my nephew this year :p

  143. It’s been years (and I mean 40+ years) since I’ve last been on a hayride or even a tractor ride without hay! The new sets are cute though!

  144. I grew up in a Farming community, Every event had a Hayride!!!! I can hardly wait to see the fun thing we can do with these Dies!

  145. Been on hayrides and where I live when you get married it’s “tradition” to go on a manure spreader ride through town 🙂

  146. So adorable! I love the card with the mouse pulling the giant cheese behind him. 🤣. When my kids were little, they loved going to farms in the fall for hay rides

  147. Yes I have, and I grew up on a ranch driving the tractor! So I can relate to the chicken 😉 love this set!

  148. Mice are always a favorite! Can’t wait to see some of the other items shown in these cards – that leaf die is wonderful!

  149. I’ve never been on a hay ride, but my boys grew up driving my parents’ little tractor mower, giving their friends rides in the trailer. This set is great for cards for my boys!

  150. It’s been years since I’ve been in a hayride. Seeing these awesome cards makes me want to go on one real soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

  151. Yes, I’ve been on hayrides. We used to go to my dad’s company picnic, and every year there was a hayride.
    In my adult life, the most recent ride was about a decade ago, when my neighborhood playgroup arranged for a holiday hayride for our families – so festive and fun!

  152. Yes I have been on hayrides. We used to take my kids to the pumpkin patch and did hayrides at that time. Loads of fun!!!

  153. I was on a hayride at a pumpkin farm several years ago. It was a windy and cold day….needed hot cocoa afterwards.

  154. I have never been on a hayride. We don’t have that hayrides in Hawai’i, however the stamps are so adorable and makes it look like lots of fun fun fun!!😁

  155. I’ve been on a hayride, probably twice. Once as a kid and again when I would take my daughter to the pumpkin patch.
    The chicken driving the tractor is hilarious to me!

  156. I’ve never been on a true hay ride, I have been on a wagon ride at a small local farm. It was fun for the kids! I do love autumn farm days!

  157. Yes, I have been on a hayride. They are so much fun unless you are allergic to hay. These sets are so cute.

  158. These cards are all so cute! I love this set!I have only been on a hayride once when I was at a corn maze. It was after I moved to Georgia. We didn’t have hayrides in Florida! It was a lot of fun! Too bad we didn’t have a chicken driving us cause I sure would have liked to see that!

  159. I’ve been on quite a few hay rides over the years. My favorite memory of a hay ride was the one I took with my grandkids. We were in a peach orchard and picked bushels of delicious peaches. They were the best peaches I’ve ever tasted, fresh off the trees.

  160. I’ve never been on a hay ride and unlikely ever to do that now Im in my 60s but I can make some imaginary ones with this set. LOVE LOVE IT!

  161. I’ve been on one hayride! Turns out I’m allergic to hay but it was still fun! These sets are adorable!!!

  162. I have been on a hayride! and when I used to work on the farms I used to drive the tractors too!!

  163. I have been on a few hayrides always a fun time, love all the teams cards but I adore the ones with the mice, too cute for words.

  164. Yes! I have been on a Hayride. I loved it. I rode a tracker and saw some cows. Afterward I went to a bon fire and roasted marshmallows. It was a great day.

  165. OMG – I’m looking forward to all these – the cards are soo cool!! I have been on a hay ride – back in high school. Of course, I was the nerd and when the tractor stopped all the love birds ran in the dark. I was left on the wagon with the other nerds. On a happier note, I went on one last fall with my granddaughter and grandson. His pumpkin hat that I had crochet flew off and I had to jump off to rescue it and walk to the corn field. Memories…..

  166. We have had a tractor pull ride while sitting on bales of hay. I would liove a hay ride with loose hay and a singing cowboy.🚜🌻🌻

  167. Yes I have been on a hayride.. I love the tractor and the line of farm animals so cute.. Also the mice add on to be able to use other mice

  168. I’ve been on lots of hayrides at pumpkin patches and apple orchards, good memories from when my kids were little. 🙂

  169. I have been on one hayride … But want to go on more! It was fun. This stamp set and add on are super cute. Can’t wait to create with them.

  170. Unfortunately I haven’t been on a hay ride since I’m allergic to hay but I think this set is so cute!! My husband is a farmer so I’d love to make some cards with the tractor.

  171. Hayrides are enjoyed by my whole family except the husband who is allergic! Just might have to get the tractor set “for my nephew” who loves them!

  172. This set is so cute. So many possibilities for that cute little tractor. It’s been a long time since my last hayride, but I’ve done a few to either pick pumpkins or do a haunted hayride. I can’t wait to make a haunted hayride card!

  173. Yes, I have been on a few hayrides. Used to always take my grade one class to a farm where we would get a hayride on a wagon through the pumpkin patch. So much fun! Love, love, love this set!!!! 🚜

  174. Adorable stamp sets, I moved to Tennessee and our yard backs to a cow pasture. I have a new found fondness for farm animals—especially cows!

  175. Love the cute hayride stamps!! The little critters look so cute driving and riding in the back!! I have actually never been on hayride. It’s on the list 😊

  176. Yes, I have been on a hayride. However, a chicken was not at the wheel! LOL. Love what you have shown us!
    Lori S in PA

  177. Love the new release. I used to go on hayrides as a kid, but now I think I’m allergic. My eyes get red and itchy and my throat feels scratchy! Guess I have to stick to craft scene hayrides!

  178. Yes, I have been on a hay ride. Fall is my favorite season, so even if I have to drive hours away from home to find somewhere that is celebrating fall, I will.

  179. Oh HAY! This is so cute!! I have been on a hay ride- some friends have a pumpkin farm so got to do it there! Really fun!

  180. I have been on a hayride! Many years ago with my boys at a place called Roves Farm where we were on a pumpkin hunt! So much fun!

  181. I love the tractor and the mices are super cute!
    This tractor can be used for so many themes….fall, farm, masculine cards!

  182. I have never been on a hay ride. But I think it would be fun. Adorable cards I love the chicken driving the tractor. Take care ❤️

  183. We have been on a wagon ride, they didn’t have hay. Drove around the pumpkin patch and over to a corn maze.

  184. I have so many ideas for these two stamp sets, I’m not sure where to begin! I love the tractor. You need to make a flip-flop of the tractor so that the chickens can play chicken on them! Haha! 🙂

  185. Such a cute stamp set. The designers cards are fabulous! No, I have not been on a hayride but I have been on mini train rides at the pumpkin patches.

  186. AHH! I’m so excited for this set. I haven’t been on a hayride since childhood, but maybe this year I’ll go!

  187. I have never been on a hayride. But…it’s definitely on my bucket list and living where I do it should be a possibility!
    The lawn fawn design team rocks! What absolutely amazing creations.
    I’m in love with the tractor and the farm animals.

  188. Weee! I remember riding tractors with my relatives when I was a kid. Very, very illegal nowadays in Sweden (to let kids ride with the farmer). I wish there was a girl who could ride the tractor in the stamp set as well. I have female farmer relatives and I would have loved to make cards for them making the driver look like them (although the chicken is absolutely ADORABLE, it’s not quite the same haha). (same with the dragon/fairytale-set, would have been great to have a girl knight to fight the dragon for my friends’ daughters who are tough cookies haha)

  189. Yes (sort of – vicariously through the kids lol). We’ve been on tractor rides and they’ve been on hay rides at pumpkin patches, apple orchards and at campgrounds.

  190. The mice get me every time, they’re so freaking cute! My uncle used to take us on hayrides around his farm

  191. Yes, I went on a hayride at a farm not far from our house! I love Latisha’s pastel pallet card – the pink tractor is off the charts!!

  192. Unfortunately, I have not been on a hayride. I would love to one day! But in the meantime, I’d craft away with the theme 🥰!

  193. Hayrides are so fun, my sister puts one together every year for Halloween to go around her neighborhood so I go to help with my neices and nephew’s

  194. Yes, long long ago, when I was a little girl. We used to visit my grandparents they lived in a ranch. Beautiful memories

  195. I most certainly have been on a hayride! My husband’s grandfather takes everyone on a hayride every September, he is 89 & still farming!

  196. I’ve been on several wagon rides and even an ox cart ride, but not the traditional hay ride. But a cheese ride definitely looks more fun 🙂

  197. I have been on a hayride, such fun and neat memories come to mind! I just love all of the awesome card samples! Those mice are darling! They are so adorable!!!

  198. I can’t recall if I have been on a hayride or not, but these mice sure make it seem like it would be a fun time!

  199. This is the only type of hayride you’ll find me on. I’m allergic to hay. But I think I will enjoy this hayride tremendously!

  200. I absolutely love fall and it’s not complete without a hayride, fresh donuts and apple cider! That’s the best part about living in the Midwest!

  201. We love hayrides. I have so many wonderful memories of going through corn mazes. Then we would do a hayride through the fields. Afterwards, we drank hot chocolate and ate apple cider donuts.

  202. Last year my twin sons both worked at a pumpkin patch. We went on hayrides every year before that, but when the pumpkin patch put up a Halloween light show, it was extra fun!

  203. So I think I’ve done this the wrong way but will try again. Hayrides are the best. Went on one in Kansas while on vacation. This reminds me of that adventure.

  204. We don’t have hayrides in my country but they sure look fun and I love how they inspired this set, it is the cutest!

  205. We don’t have hayrides in my country but they sure look fun and I love how they inspired this set, it is the cutest!

  206. YES! We’ve been on a hayride before. This set is perfect my toddler son who LOVES tractors. We went on a ride just this past spring and he really enjoyed himself.

  207. Yes, I’ve been on a hayride. It’s been years ago at a family reunion at my uncle’s ranch on OK. It was fun getting to see his ranch.

  208. I took my kids on a hayride to a pancake breakfast at the old Ponderosa Ranch in Incline Village, NV. Unfortunately, the Ponderosa Ranch is no longer. I have also been on a hayride at the Harvest Festival in my town.

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