Lawn Fawn Intro: Critters in the Desert & Desert Canyon Backdrop

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Summer 2024 Inspiration and Release week! On May 16 our 11 new stamp sets and coordinating dies along with 21 new standalone die sets, new paper collection, and all of our exciting new products will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Critters in the Desert & Desert Canyon Backdrop! These desert critters are tortoise-ly awesome! Build a scene for your critters with the included cacti, agaves, and rocks. With lots of fun sentiments, you’ll find the perfect way to pass on warm wishes!

We can’t wait for you to mesa-round with this fun backdrop! This creates an amazing desert scene complete with a scorpion, prickly cactus, agave plants, rocks, and sand wave slit to tuck your elements into your scene.

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these fresh new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and then leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Wow! Audrey‘s Critters in the Desert card is so amazing! She used Desert Canyon Backdrop to build the scene on with a gorgeous, stenciled sunset sky!

Elena‘s desert scene also included the new Cactus Hillside Border, which she layered behind Desert Canyon Backdrop. I love the how the bright green of the desert flora pops against the muted colors of the background.

Grace arranged the cutest scene with Critters in the Desert on a Platform Pop-Up! She also used Desert Canyon Backdrop on the Platform Pop-Up Add-On. And of course, she used the cutest pun for this birthday card.

Grace used a strip of acetate to affix the speech bubble above the cute little fennec fox!

The cute tortoise and snake are having dessert in the desert! Elise used another fun punny sentiment to create a fantastic birthday card!

Yainea‘s desert canyon landscape is so amazing! The contrast between the golden hues of the desert and the dark twilight sky is absolutely stunning. And I love how she colored the cacti and road runner with shadows and a glow from the last bit of sun! So cool!

Marine‘s beautiful card is sure to bring a smile to the recipient! Her happy scene combines the fox, tortoise, snake and little scorpion in a landscape of cacti and agave! I love how she combined a sweet sentiment from Critters in the Desert with another one from Offset Sayings: Everyday! She also used a new Stitched Sentiment Banner!

Latisha trimmed the sides of the Desert Canyon Backdrop to fit a portrait style card. I love how she used turquoise on the mesas to complement the rusty orange and sand colors! Then Latisha finished her design by tying a bow with our brand-new Coral Hemp Twine!

How fantastic is Megan‘s design?! I love the mix of turquoise, orange and brown colors! She created her scene on an Outside In Stitched Square Stackable adding the Desert Canyon Backdrop rock formations without the frame. It makes a totally different look. All the critters are so adorable, especially the fox saying he’s “all ears”, love it!

Tammy created an amazing sunset scene as the perfect backdrop for this Critters in the Desert birthday party! She used dusky colors for the background and then filled her desert scene with lots of cuteness!

Mindy‘s card is so cute! Her coloring is amazing, making the critters and cacti come to life! I love how she inked the starry sky and Desert Canyon Backdrop!

Rebecca used a panel of Pint-sized Patterns Summertime to add sunny color to her desert scene! And that stitched sun is so clever, it’s part of a new embroidery hoop set! I love that fun and punny sentiment so much!

Marine enjoyed crafting with Critters in the Desert so much she made another amazing card! This slimline design is so perfect for showcasing all the cute critters and scene builders in this set! She also filled the background with more cacti from Cactus Border and Cactus Hillside Border!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Critters in the Desert & Desert Canyon Backdrop! We will show you some great ideas while creating four cards including a Platform Pop-Up. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Critters in the Desert & Desert Canyon Backdrop! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if you have traveled to desert locales by May 15th at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Saturday, May 11th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! We love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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421 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Critters in the Desert & Desert Canyon Backdrop

  1. Theses stamps kit allows original cards and can be good opportunity to create and remember a travel !

    1. Just returned from a trip to Moab and Canyon lands & Arches National Parks. It wasn’t necessarily desert but it was dry and windy with lots of red rocks. That background would pair perfectly with photos to remember this trip.

    2. Yay! Usually when I try to comment I have to scroll a few times! This time it was super quick. Just getting ready to watch the video! 😎

  2. Yes I’ve been to the desert, but I much prefer dessert.
    I think a little sombrero would be fun on those cactuses. These new sets are great for masculine cards. My bank account is going to cry.

  3. I use to live in the desert! No more 120 degree days for me… but I can make some really hot cards with this set!

  4. Absolutely adorable set! Yes, I have been to Arizona and we actually had comfortable weather during our visit! I didn’t see any creepy scorpions either! Thank the Lord!!

  5. Yes! I have traveled to Big Bend and Guadaloupe National Parks. Also the Grand Canyon, and Mesa Verde. I love the desert. Thank you so much for creating this stamp set.

  6. I LOVE the desert … lived in Arizona for about a decade AND was stung by a scorpion once! And we took a field trip to the desert with my students every year. This set is simply the best – I am so excited for it. I adore all the desert beauty & creatures!

  7. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon. Does that count? : ). Lawn Fawn is the best. You think of everything; every locale. No one’s interests get left behind!! : )

  8. Oh that roadrunner is soooo cute! I like on St. Croix, USVI. The island is covered with cacti so I say I live in the desert!

  9. Aww this set is adorable!!! The design team did such an amazing job making cute and colorful n desert scenes! I was in Arizona when I was very young and would live to go back someday.

  10. We used to goto desert areas frequently to ride ATVs. I learned to love the beauty and silence of the desert ( when no one was riding). I love the snake and roadrunner in this set! This whole set is so different and adorable

  11. Yes, we have been to Arizona and Utah. For our 25th anniversary we did a cannon trip. It was great. The roadrunner is so cute.

  12. I’ve been to AZ for a few visits while my daughter was going to ASU. This set is adorable and that backdrop—WOW!

  13. The only desert I’ve seen is the foothills outside Las Vegas, does that count? Would love to see Moab someday.

  14. Adorable new Critters in the Desert!🏜️ So glad I made it to last night’s YouTube premiere video for this stamp set and new background! I have been to Arizona a few times to enjoy some cacti and epic views.

  15. I have traveled and hiked in the desert! I love this set!! Loved our one hike in CA desert and saw the big horn sheep!

  16. I need this set just so I can have a roadrunner in my collection (I am a bird nerd!). So cute! We went to GC, Bryce & Zion two years ago and had a great time!

  17. ‘Sorry I’m running late’ is literally my tagline 😀 lol.
    When I was a young teenager my parents took us on holiday on a road trip along the west coast (we live in the UK so was a big deal), from LA to San Fran (I think), via Death Valley and Vegas…! What an amazing place it was and SO hot!!

  18. I went to Pahrump, NV, 2 years ago and we are going back next year. I was fascinated by the terrain. It is so beautiful. A nice place to visit for sure.

  19. Love these samples – the skies on so many are stunning! I have been to the desert in near Las Vegas a long time ago – took a really fun hike.

  20. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon and looked down on it – I guess that’s as close as I’ll ever get to a desert

  21. Vegas is as close to the desert as I’ve been, but I see CAS of several of these gorgeous DT cards in my future!

  22. I’ve never actually been anywhere desert-y. But making cute cards with this set might be the closest I want to get to that type of area!

  23. I like the desert cards. I have never been to the desert, but love succulents and cacti stamps and dies. I guess paper is as close as I will get.

  24. Love these stamp sets and dies. The cards are beautiful and brings back the memories when I traveled in Egypt and lived in Saudi Arabia and the southwest. They are definitely a keeper.

  25. Just returned from a trip to Moab and Canyon lands & Arches National Parks. It wasn’t necessarily desert but it was dry and windy with lots of red rocks. That background would pair perfectly with photos to remember this trip.

  26. Just returned from a trip to Moab where we visited Canyonlands & Arches National Parks. While it wasn’t the desert, it was dry and windy. That background would pair perfectly with the red rock photos from this trip.

  27. I haven’t been to a desert yet, but it is on my to do. I love that little scorpion, so cute!

  28. In Eastern Oregon we have the high desert, which isn’t quite the same, but Lake Billy Chinook is amazing and one of my favorite places to camp.

  29. Love these new products! We’ve traveleda few places that are considered desert ir semi-desert – Sedona, Tuscon, Zion National Park. I find the rock formations stunning.

  30. No, I’ve never been to a desert, but I love the awesome pun – desert-dessert you came up with for this stamp set! So clever!

  31. I have been to the Grand Canyon and Joshua Tree National Park. This stamp set is so adorable, I especially love the fox!

  32. has there ever been a cuter scorpion??
    i went to the grand canyon last july and rafted 166 miles of the colorado river for 5 days. we camped in the canyon during the major heatwave. it was nuts. thank goodness the river is cold!

  33. Have not been to a desert location yet but it’s on the list 🙂 We usually head for beach areas. I have a dear friend who travels to Arizona every year so I know I’ll be making her a card or two with this set!

  34. There is a desert like landscape a few hours away called spirit sands. I’ve been there a few times. I’ve also been to the badlands but would love to see more traditional deserts in the future

  35. I have been to a desert location. Oregon is amazing in that you can find most any climate you could imagine.

  36. We’ve driven through the desert on our way to Las Vegas but never stopped to visit the desert.
    Such cute critters love them.

  37. The fox & the roadrunner are so adorable!! I have a hard time liking the adorable scorpion, unfortunately, since I live in the Phoenix AZ suburbs and scorpions are insidious evil incarnate. I love how everyone knocked the mesa shading out of the park!

  38. I have been to Arizona and the Sand Dunes in Colorado? It was a trip that I honestly don’t remember what state we were in most of the time. It was amazing though

  39. We used to live in the desert (Fort Huachuca, Arizona) when my husband was in the Army. Our second child was born there! The sunsets were beautiful but I missed grass.

  40. I have been out West to Monument Valley & Grand Canyon. This is the closest I’ve been to a desert

  41. Having just traveled through AZ, NM & TX for the eclipse this set is really timely! Leave it to LF to make a scorpion look cute!

  42. I’ve been to Arizona and love the Red Rocks of Sedona. We landed in Phoenix and made our way to a Sedona and then the Grand Canyon. Such an amazing Roadtrip!

  43. This new backdrop is amazing! I love the stamp set too. No, I have never traveled to the desert.

  44. Oh my gosh…these goodies are amazing! I love the backdrop and desert animals! My family and I traveled out west for a vacation a few years ago and loved everything we saw!

  45. I’ve never been to the desert but it’s definitely on my bucket list. Would love to see all that beauty in person.

  46. I’m so excited for this release! Living in the desert, I love all desert themed card making designs!

  47. I’ve been to the Mojave desert, and semiarid deserts in Arizona and Utah. Love this desert theme release.

  48. Yes, we’ve been on quite a few trips to dessert, I mean desert areas. And I absolutely love the LF scorpion!

  49. I live in Arizona and see the desert daily! Cactus are awesome! Rattlesnake are cool to look at from a distance. The Scorpions I don’t like. This set is adorable, definitely need it for my collection.

  50. So adore the new snake and scorpion on these amazing cards, love the styles of sunset scenes used. I’ve never been to a desert but I’ve been close to camels.

  51. Yup! I live in AZ and I served in military and got deployed so safe to say I have been to the desert! AZ is much prettier though! LOVE LOVE this new set!

  52. I’ve been to the desert a few times in my life. The one I can remember the most was the Painted Desert.

  53. When I was young we took a family trip to California and stopped in Nevada, Las Vegas, we only drove thru the dessert at night since it was very hot. I am not much is a hot person, I guess Canada suit me fine!!

  54. A few years ago we took a long road trip to SanDiego and made it a point to travel through some of our country’s desert states. Beautiful landscapes for sure but Death Valley was unbearably hot!

  55. I’ve driven across most of New Mexico, some of Utah and Arizona, and the desert is very empty and can be bleak looking but has a unique beauty in its own way.

  56. I have driven from LA to Vegas through the desert. Too hot for me, lol. Love this new set with fun critters.

  57. Seeing as the roadrunner is the official state bird here in New Mexico, I am loving this set! We are in the high desert at almost 7000ft in elevation.

  58. My brother spent some time in Death Valley a few years ago and I went and visited him there. It’s really beautiful, even if it is mostly rocks and dirt.

  59. Oh my gosh!! I need this!! My hubby and I just visited Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon on our way out and back for our Great Eclipse Road Trip!! Both places are incredible, these sets remind me of that fun trip. That backdrop is stunning!!🧡💛

  60. this set is so cute and quirky!!! We traveled a lot and loved going to the sand dunes when I was a kid:)

  61. I have been to NM (Carlsbad Caverns), the Grand Canyon and the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert. Very pretty.

    Adorable showcase today!

  62. Yes have traveled to many desert areas. Love these desert critters! Have coyotes, scorpions, turtles, snakes and roadrunners on our property.

  63. Grand Canyon is one of my favorite places to visit, and I’ve also vacationed in the Mojave desert.

  64. I love the desert, maybe because my mom was from a rural town in NM. The endless sky has always fascinated me. I have a pix of mom at age 5, wearing cowboy boots. It’s how I sometimes think of her. ❤️

  65. The closest I’ve come to the desert is when I visited Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon should be on everyone’s bucket list, especially the Southern Rim and Grand Canyon Village. I’m loving the little road runner and the canyon background die!!

  66. We have been through Arizona and drove through the desert coming home! So hot couldn’t put your hand out the window when driving!!!
    We do lots of road trips, so we have hit quite a few!

  67. We have visited friends in Tucson and went to Saguaro National Monument (it is now Park). The sunsets are just beautiful! We have also spent time in Joshua Tree National Park and at the Grand Canyon.

  68. Beautiful landscape and colors. Have been to Grand canyon, Bryce canyon Joshua Tree Park etc during Geocaching in America… ❤️

  69. I have been to the desert – here in the US. My in-law used to have a place in Tucson, AZ and my sister has a place just outside of Phoenix

  70. I’ve never been to a desert locale, but I have been to plenty of dessert locales!! 🍨🍧🍦🎂🍪🍰

  71. I live in the high desert in Nevada, and have also been to desert locales in Arizona and California.

  72. Love the new desert set with the cute critters, and the new backdrop is spectacular. I’ve been to Joshua Tree in California. It’s our closest desert. As a child we drove thru the desert to get to the Grand Canyon.

  73. Love the desert scenes and cute critters. Would have visited the designers but they are all on instagram and I am not. Doesn’t anyone have a blog anymore other than me and you Lawn Fawn??? Hugz

  74. I have never been to the desert. I have spent my entire life in the eastern United States. I would like to see the Grand Canyon one day.

  75. I was born and raised in the desert in Arizona and I LOVE this new set!! I love the tortoises especially!!! The scorpions are a little too close to home for my taste LOL!

  76. Having lived most of my life in New Mexico and now Arizona, there is a special place in my heart for roadrunners. This set is going to jump to favorite status quickly!

  77. My son live in Albuquerque now so I visit the desert often. Previously I have been to the West Texas desert, And the deserts in southern New Mexico and Arizona. The huge cacti are amazing to see in person.

  78. I have only been to the dessert once. My hubby and I were in Vegas years ago when the Gulf War had started. Before flying home we were taken with our luggage out to the desert where it was checked before going back to Canada! I haven’t thought about that is years!

  79. My family and I saw some desert vistas in Arizona a couple years ago. I would love to use that desert canyon backdrop on some cards!

  80. Love this stamp set with all the different critters. Yes, I grew up in El Paso, TX. I HATE the desert and have seen my fair share of scorpions and black widows. The scorpion stamp cracks me up. Fun Fact: If you go out at night after dark and turn on only a black light scorpions glow in the dark!

  81. This is so different, no sure I have ever seen a desert themed stamp set. I have never visited a desert, I mostly prefer coasts and water.

  82. I live in a super-humid climate, and I’ve been to Utah and Nevada. They both felt like the desert to me, even though I wasn’t in the actual desert part of either state.

  83. I visited Tucson, Arizona, and went to the Desert Museum. Fun to learn about the wildlife and the saguaro cactus!

  84. I’ve driven through the desert from Cali to Vegas. So so hot! I love the different animals like the fennec fox and snake for boy cards!

  85. Yes I’ve been to some desert locals …arid national parks in Colorado and Utah. Wonderful cards.

  86. Does Las Vegas count?! 🤣 I’ve driven from Nevada to the Grand Canyon and that definitely felt like a desert environment.

  87. My daughter and I visited the western states a few years ago. We loved the desrts and canyons.

  88. i’ve been out west a few times. I love the desert, canyons and beautiful lakes. Hard to pick a favorite!

  89. I love the desert and I live in Arizona so the desert is part of my everyday life! This stamp set and the two desert die sets make so super-duper happy. I am SO inspired by all the gorgeous desert artwork your team has created!!!

  90. I live in a desert between Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon. I love the desert but the “cute” scorpions are not so cute if they are in your house or classroom! They have both happened to me.

  91. Phoenix and southern Arizona and Phoenix to San Diego and the Salton Sea is always interesting scenery but way too hot for me.

  92. From the desert of Arizona and now live in Michigan. Would love these sets for sending cards back home

  93. I live by the beach but only a couple hours from Palm Springs, so I’ve been to the desert many times. Roadrunners are my favorite, and one recently knocked on my Mom’s glass front door with a small lizard in its beak! Today’s stamps and dies are at the top of my wish list!!! Now to go find my mini jackalope set from many years ago.

  94. I have family in Arizona and like to visit in the winter and spring months. It is cooler and the desert is so pretty in the spring.

  95. SQUEAL!! I LOVE the AMAZING Inspiration being shared today!!
    I’ve NEVER been to the Dessert, but would LOVE to Visit some Day!! THANKS for sharing and for the chances to WIN!! Have a FABULOUS Release Week!!

  96. I have been to Las Vegas many times. I am going again this summer. It’s a great place to visit.

  97. I like desert locales and scenery. I’ve been to some in AZ, UT and NM. I love the fox and the roadrunner so much. Great ideas for cards.

  98. I’ve visited Arizona and desert areas outside of Los Angeles. Such beautiful places, and so different from what I’m accustomed to in Alabama!

  99. I have been to Arizona Several times. I have seen roadrunners, rattlesnakes, tarantulas, coyotes, wild pigs called and cowboys up close. I love the desert. Scottsdale is my favorite place to shop there. This set is too cute and everything is represented well.

  100. No, I have never been to the desert. Honestly, not sure I want to. Snakes!!! 😭😭😭 Plus, I would manage to get lost. 🤦

  101. I’ve never been to the desert. There are sand dunes not far from where I live, you can rent sand boards and ATVs. It’s very popular for tourism and I might go one day. Not really the desert but something like it. 😊

  102. Yes, I’ve been to the desert when I spent the summer living with Grandparents & traveling up & down the California
    to Mexico. We scene snakes, scorpions & a roadrunner in the hot desert!

  103. Wow!! The desert theme is so cute. I have never been to the desert but would love to visit a lot of deserts. I want to see rolling mounds of sand, and the vastness of it!

  104. Used to live in the desert of Tucson and now go back to visit often. The Saguraros in the set remind me of home.

  105. Death Valley, going to Las Vegas! Cool! Well, not cool COOL, it was HOT outside – but the journey was cool…
    Love the roadrunner!

  106. I have enjoyed several trips to Arizona to spend time with my grandparents. It was lots of fun to go on adventures in the desert with them.

  107. I live in Phoenix and can’t wait to play with all the desert cuties! Loving the punny sentiments 😂

  108. Death Valley is on my bucket list, I have traveled to the 4 corners and Utah which is a desert landscape. Adorable cards, love those little critters.

  109. Sadly, I haven’t been to a desert. Although the Sun also doesn’t like me so maybe it’s a good thing 😂

  110. Wow! The coyote’s ears are adorable! I love all the new characters you’re introducing to our family of Lawn Fawn characters. I haven’t ever got to experience seeing the desert. I hope too one day. Our America is beautiful, and has so much to offer. Can’t wait to see all the new sets for this release.

  111. Wonderful dessert themed projects! CUTE set! Since I live in the Midwest, the closest I’ve been to what “felt” like a dessert to me was Las Vegas, NV! LOL

  112. I’ve been to Las Vegas many times! On the way when we were young my brother would catch lizards!

  113. I live in the desert, El Paso, Texas! We also travel through Southern New Mexico and Arizona a lot, too! In 2023, we took a four-wheel drive tour in the sand dunes of Dubai- looked just like home!

  114. Been to the beautiful desert in Arizona. I’m a cool weather person who is used to lots of snow, but I am just crazy about these desert critters!

  115. Adorable new set!! The little critters are so super sweet! I Iived in the desert during my childhood until I was a teenager in Colorado and it was so beautiful!

  116. We haven’t been to the desert yet, but planning to when we retire. I love the colors used on these cards, especially the ones that represent a night sky.

  117. We to death valley in the summer, walked the dunes, it was warm! Also live near a few very desert spots.

  118. These are the only cute snakes and scorpions that I know of! I have visited the USA southwest desert area many times.

  119. I’ve been to eastern WA – high desert – twice. I saw a coyote crossing the road. I somehow ended up on some sort of gov’t compound ??!! To this day, IDK how I got there but I know I was happy to get the heck out of the enclosure.
    This new set is adorable. All the cards are fantastic!! I love Yainea’s card’s sky!!!
    Lori S in PA

  120. I have family out in Phoenix so yes, I have visited the desert. I would recommend visiting Sedona. It is beautiful.

  121. Wow, love all the cards created with this wonderful set! I have yet to travel to a desert, but there are several places on my bucket list – Bryce Canyon and Sedona.

  122. I remember going to “Desert of Maine” located in Freeport, Maine. Small, 40 acres, but fun to visit!

  123. We’ve been to New Mexico/White Sands and Arizona/Grand Canyon to see gorgeous desert vistas…and my daughter is moving to El Paso – dry desert climate and will be more commonplace for us soon!

  124. I have never been to the desert, although there is plenty of it in Australia as the Australian Deserts cover around 18% of mainland Australia.

  125. I haven’t ever been to a’s not the same but Grand Canyon is on the bucket list!

  126. I have traveled to a desert place when I traveled for business. It was the first time I saw a road runner in person.

  127. I adore this set! And the backdrop! It’s my bday month and I am dangerous! Can’t wait to order this. So unique!!

  128. Arizona is one of my favorite places! We hope to retire there someday too. The desert is so beautiful.

  129. Not to a desert per se, but here in PR we have a dry forest and it’s the closest thing! Lots of cacti!

  130. The town I grew up in considered desert, but it’s probably borderline. It does get pretty hot in the summer, but it can get pretty cold in the winter too. I have yet to go see “real” deserts.

  131. Well, if the desert/large hilly beach area at Maspalomas on Gran Canaria counts, then yes, I’ve been to a desert. I was with a friend and the next town, where we wanted to go, looked so close, we thought it might be a great idea to take the “shortcut” through that desert there. Boy, we walked those hills for hours until we finally made it through! I think, this is as much of a desert experience I needed in life. Allthough one of my daughters was in Chile last year and went throug a real desert there – she shared pictures and it looked amazing! So I might change my mind one day…

  132. It was a while ago, but my family made a car trip from Illinois to the Grand Canyon and back. There is a lot of open space out there.

  133. I’ve never stopped in the desert, only drove through after flying into Nevada. But if I did, I hope I would see cute, friendly critters like these. 🐍

  134. I live in Arizona where saguaro cactus flourish. I personally have six saguaros in my yard. The desert has its own unique beauty.

  135. Super cute! Yes I’ve traveled to many desert locations. The best was Grand Canyon in Arizona! So pretty.

  136. My bestie lives in Phoenix. I’m so excited for new supplies to make her Statehood day cards, instead of Valentine’s Day ones

  137. The critters in this set are adorable. I have in-laws in Arizona and I know that they would love cards with these critters on them. My favorite is the road runner, so cute.

  138. My sister lives in the Arizona desert. This set is perfect for making cards to send her between my visits.

  139. I drove through the desert in Nevada once and we almost ran out of gas because there is a stretch where there are not very many gas stations and someone did not realize how few.

  140. We were blessed to get to see Arches National Park, Canyonlands, and Island in the Sky a few years ago. Absolutely beautiful! This background reminds me of the scenery at Arches!

  141. Sadly I’ve never been able to travel anywhere, but these cute critters could help me feel like I’m in a far off land!

  142. I have been to the desert in Arizona it was a lot of fun! I am so excited about the Fennec Fox, it is one of the animals I requested to see Lawn Fawn come out with!

  143. Those little desert critters are so sweet. My favorites are the turtle and the running bird! I don’t like snakes, but this one is a cutie pie. I have never been to the desert.

  144. I have been to a lot of desert locals in my life. Spent many summers in the Mojave as a kid. I love all of the desert scenes, so pretty.

  145. I’ve only been in mid-west states and have never travelled to the desert. This is a way to live vicariously.

  146. I’ve driven through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, eastern California. It was beautiful in its own way, and these stamps go perfectly with that!

  147. I have never been to a desert however my husband and I went to a state park once in WI that actually had cactus it was crazy.

  148. Hi Kelly,
    While moving from California to Indiana (true story) the car trailers tire blew in the Mojave Desert. That’s where I saw my one and only real life roadrunner. There are danger signs along the interstate warning people not to walk into the desert due to rattlesnakes!
    Our other car broke down in the Painted Desert (clogged fuel pump!). I was very happy to leave the deserts. 🤣

  149. I have been to Drumheller, Alberta as well, and also Arizona. Your little critters are quite cute and I like the backdrops for these cards.

  150. I haven’t been to the desert in ages- I’m more of a water gal- but these critters and that backdrop are amazing!

  151. Critters in the desert is my new favorite Lawn Fawn set! I grew up in the desert in Nevada. I miss the smell of the sagebrush and sand. And the jack rabbits and ground squirrels. I don’t miss the scorpions tho, but this one is pretty darn cute!

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