We Wish You a Very Fawny Holiday Week 2016 {day 3}

Hello everyone! Welcome to our special Fawny Holiday Week! This week is all about getting ideas for the upcoming Holidays! We have Lawn Fawn Design Team samples, giveaways and videos! (Make sure to comment for a chance to win a stamp set of your choice and a Perfectly Plaid Christmas or Winter 6×6 pad!)

We will be featuring Lawn Fawn Holiday products this week, both old and new! Woohoo! And, we also have team members from Lawn Fawn Head Quarters (LFHQ) and our friends from Lawnscaping Challenges joining us for extra inspiration! I can’t wait to show you all of these gorgeous projects!

Let’s check out some awesome samples and a fun video!

 Samantha‘s gorgeous scrapbook layout features colorful trees from our Let it Snow set!

 How fun is Lynnette‘s adorable card combing Cheery Christmas and Toboggan Together?! The bright colors make me smile!

Melissa combined Home for the Holidays with several of our great scene building Lawn Cuts sets! She added the snow flurries from Snow Cool for a wintry chill!

 The Cheery Christmas squirrels are frying up some tasty latkes on Nancy‘s whimsical Hanukkah card!

 Debbie is one of our new Fawnies, and I just love her sweet mini tag featuring Making Frosty Friends with a greeting from Tiny Tag Sayings!

Jessica‘s card is a super cheery clean and simple design! I love how she added the light bulbs from Winter Big Scripty Words to the fun greeting from the same set. The snowflakes in the background are from an older retired set.
Now we have a video by Nichol demonstrating how she made her awesome Sweet Christmas light up card! You can watch the video here or at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching! 

I love the warm glow in the windows of the gingerbread house! This is such an awesome card by Nichol!

I hope you have enjoyed this fun look at some of our Holiday sets. Tomorrow we have another fun Fawny Holiday celebration!
For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment letting us know if it has started to snow in your town yet (It doesn’t snow here in Southern California, so we are living vicariously through those of you that have wonderful winter weather!) by November 19th at 10:00pm  EST, and we will randomly pick one winner for a stamp set of their choice and a Perfectly Plaid Christmas or Winter 6×6 pad! Post about our Fawny Holiday Week on social media and leave another comment for another chance to win! 🙂
Make sure to come back tomorrow, Thursday November 17th for our next Fawny Holiday post! We hope you guys love this week! 

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187 thoughts on “We Wish You a Very Fawny Holiday Week 2016 {day 3}

  1. I love the projects posted! Southeast Michigan – Still lovely Fall weather – 60 degrees. This week will be snow in upper Michigan though.

  2. Loved watching this scene card come together in the video, so cute! No snow here in Australia, we are heading into our Summer, thank goodness, I'm so over the rain! Have a lovely day. Cheers Donna Z 🙂

  3. No snow here in the south of England, Berkshire, near Windsor castle. Not all that cold either, we live on a hill so
    I don't like to drive in it! My little Westies love it so our walks are fun. Thanks for the chance love Jane x

  4. Gosh these projects sure make me smile! No snow in Denver…yet. Today we may hit a record high and tomorrow it could snow and the temp could drop 30 degrees! Seriously. Gotta love it! 🙂

  5. No snow here in Northern Virginia. Every year I wish for a white Christmas but that never happens. If we get snow, we usually don't see it until January or February.

  6. We had our first snow last week here in the Czech Republic but it was rather "decorative only" for a day or so :). It keeps in the mountains but otherwise it's rainy since then.
    I love today's inspirational projects!

  7. I am loving all of the holiday card inspiration! We haven't gotten any snow yet here in Montreal (Canada), but they are calling for some next week. I love the first snow!

  8. Great job Lady's!!! No it hasn't snowed yet in the upper peninsula we usually get 2 to 3 feet of snow😃!!! I Love Love Love snow!!!!!! Let it snow in the UP!!!!😃😉😃😉😃

  9. No snow in Seattle. It has been the warmest November on record but I did just read it snowed in the passes last night. They say it could be a rough winter here.

  10. No snow in Seattle. It has been the warmest November on record but I did just read it snowed in the passes last night. They say it could be a rough winter here.

  11. One day of snow in south-eastern Ontario. Looked like a blizzard then it all melted. But that was almost a month ago. Nothing since. We've had lots of no-coat days since. What great projects!

  12. Thank you for all of the adorable holiday inspiration!! We have only had one snowfall so far this season, which is really unusual. Can't wait for those snowflakes to start piling up!!! It's supposed to snow Thursday!!! YAY!

  13. It's started to snow in our mountains but not in the valley where I live. Fingers crossed we get some this year though. We're lucky if we get it once a year so I live vicariously through everyone else too.

  14. So many awesome cards with your holiday sets!!! I love Nichol's card with the chibi lights. We don't have any snow here yet. We live in Seattle so we hardly ever get snow. But I always hope for some every year 😊

  15. Such cuteness today! Love the squirrels frying up some breakfast – adorable!
    No snow here in So. Florida! lol We did get some snow flurries back in the late
    70's. Melted before it hit the ground, but it sure was fun to see!

  16. I love those Let it Snow Christmas trees! And I love that plaid paper–it's going on my next order. It hasn't been cold enough for snow in Cache Valley, Utah. We've had unseasonably warm weather, which has been great, because we just finished an eagle scout project! Now that we are finished being outside for extended periods, I say let it snow! 🙂

  17. We've had snow twice now here in Germany, but none of it stuck. The kids were thrilled to see it though! Love all the ideas floating around here! They all look great!

  18. Fabulous selections of projects! Yes we have snow here already (in Helsinki) – we've had it for about a week now, but the weather has turned warmer so it's started to melt again!

  19. Love these ideas! I just ordered the alpaca set yesterday and can't wait to make cards with it. No snow here in Moose Jaw, SK Canada yet, but I'm sure it's coming!

  20. It's in the 60s to 70s today and tomorrow. Then a cold
    front comes in and it will be in the 40s over the weekend.
    I live in southern Illinois so we seldom have a big snow.
    It's hard to get my mind around the idea that I should be
    thinking about Christmas cards. Where did summer go?
    thanks for sharing.

  21. Love all the projects! We've had a little snow here in the Finger Lakes region of NY but not enough to stick very long. There's snow in this weekends forecast so here's hoping ❄️☃️

  22. I live in Edmonton, AB and the farmers almanac predicted early snow and a long, cold winter. It snowed once in October but it melted and we are having unseasonably warm days. I love it!

  23. Love these cards!
    It's snowing in the mountains now so hopefully we'll see some show within the next few weeks. We hardly got any snow last year and I missed it so I hope this year makes up for it.

  24. Lovely sets, cards and inspiration! I'm currently in Helsinki, Finland, and we've had lots of snow already for the past 2 weeks. It's currently starting to melt, but I'm sure it'll be back soon! 🙂

  25. Love the light up card – so fun! I am in Omaha, NE and we haven't had any snow yet this season. It's actually in the seventies today and tomorrow! I heard it MIGHT be a mix of rain and snow on Friday though. To be honest snow is great until you have to shovel it or drive somewhere! Lol. Be safe out there everyone! 🙂

  26. I live in North Eastern Washington and I woke up to the first snow fall of the year this morning! It was beautiful for a couple hours but had melted by lunch time.

  27. Great looking card,
    love the lights.
    We are expecting
    snow this evening
    through tomorrow.
    It's already snowed
    up in the mountains,
    but not in the valley
    yet. We'll see.
    Carla from Utah

  28. It's snowed once in 16 years here on the coast in Northern CA (north, not the bay area which is really central CA). We usually get rain and fog. I love the look of cards with snow but I'm always torn over whether I should make and send them myself or not.

  29. No snow in Dayton, OH yet. Although there is some rumblings about possibly flurries but no accumulation early next week. It's going to be near 70 on Friday and barely above freezing by Sunday.

  30. Nope, no snow here yet (hopefully by December 25th though!) I LOVE these cards and tags – they are ALL so beautiful! Makes me want to recreate every single one! Thanks so much for the chance to win!! 🙂

  31. Nope, no snow in Houston, TX. 😉 In fact today it was in the 80's.
    There's supposed to be a cold front soon, though, so we're hoping for 50's-60's – true "fall" weather for us here in Texas – by Thanksgiving. 🙂

  32. Love the cards and tags!! Great team effort as always!! No snow in the mountains of North Georgia. Bad forest fires! North, east & west of us. Need rain!! Thank you to the fire fighters from all over the country for coming to help!! God bless!!

  33. No, we don't get much snow here. We are getting smoke from forest fires to the west that were set on purpose. I am, however, watching Christmas movies with lots of snow!

  34. No snow for us here in northern Illinois yet. Which I'm totally ok with. I'm rather enjoying this awesome fall we've been having! I'm also enjoying all these super cute projects everyone is making!! 🙂

  35. Snow? Snow? What's that? LOL I I live in northwest CT so snow is usually a big part of the year from Nov. to March, sometimes April, except for last year. On Christmas Day I usually wear my once a year beautiful, heavy, Christmas sweater. Last year it was 65! I couldn't wear it! We had one day where we got a lot of wet snow last month I think around the end of the month or maybe it was at the beginning of this month. It snowed all day and was quite messy out but the whole state didn't get it and we got the most. It ruined a beautiful mum plant my sister my sister got us. It snowed almost all day but was gone the next day.
    I love all the cards but that lite up one is amazing! Who wouldn't want to get a card that lights up? I love the car going pass the mountains. We have plenty of those in CT, mountains that is and cars too. Great job everyone and I hope I get to win something! That would be so cool!

  36. Adorable holiday creations. It doesn't snow here in the subtropics (actually never seen snow in real life) so I certainly live vicariously through others too. We are going into summer and the temperatures have already been 36oC.

  37. I am SO loving all of these wonderful creations for everyone!! 🙂 That light-up card is fantastic!! It has not snowed here as of YET, BUT, I'm hearing it is going to coming very soon just a stretch up north from me by tomorrow! I hope it holds off for just a bit for us right now! LOL!

  38. It is so much fun seeing all these great projects! It's hard to believe Christmas is so close! The weather has been very warm here in the Western suburbs of Chicago with no snow yet (and we're supposed to get up to 70 today, which is crazy warm for this time of year, but in typical Chicago fashion Saturday's high is supposed to be 39 with snow in the forecast.)

  39. No snow in Atlanta but snow thanks to Yeti ink and some lawnfawn stamps!!! Wishing for snow here, toboggans are ready but until it does I get my snow through my crafting.

  40. Awesome layout, cards, tags and just everything is so adorable.
    We had a dusting of snow on October 26 and none since. We are supposed to get some snow this weekend.
    Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  41. Beautiful way to use your stamps on the layout!! Adorable!! Also loved the cards and especially Nichol's Chibitronics Chibi Lights card!!
    No snow here in Orlando, Florida! If there was, Mickey would sure be surprised!!!

    No snow here … the nearest we get to snow is an occasional frost or hail storm, I savour everyone's chilly snow experiences from the dry warmth of my computer 🙂

  43. Oh what sweet projects. Love that cheery christmas squirrel.
    We saw our first few snow flakes 2 weeks ago but they melted as soon as they fell. Bracing myself for some more flakes this weekend.


  44. I live in Colorado, and after an 80-degree day on Wednesday, we just got our first snow of the season yesterday! We only got about 4" at our house, and it's already starting to melt under the blue sky and bright sun today.

  45. I live in CA too, but in Northern CA. If it does snow it will be in Tahoe. I believe it has not snowed just yet. Waiting patiently to take my kids to the snow this year.

  46. Last week we had so much snow that public transportation was cancelled, people couldn't get to work and old people couldn't leave home [Stockholm, Sweden]. The snow was half a metre high so I had to make a snow angel for the first time in decades. 🙂

  47. No snow in Austin – although that's not much of a surprise! The nationwide cold front that brings snow elsewhere is bringing Sweater Weather this way, FINALLY, so that's great! 🙂

  48. It's been unseasonably warm here in Wisconsin (50s and 60s)! Until tonight…! Now we're dropping to the 20s with 40mph wind gusts. Could possibly see our first dusting tonight. I'm really hoping for lots of snow this year!

  49. Probably won't get snow 'till January here in mid-NC. Unusually warm days recently. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration- you guys know how to inspire the Christmas spirit! I'm so glad I ordered the forest tree border- it looks so cute with the car on Melissa's card!

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