We Wish You a Very Fawny Holiday Week 2017 {day 1}

Hello everyone! Welcome to our special Fawny Holiday Week! This week is all about getting ideas for the upcoming Holidays! We have fun ideas, giveaways and videos! (Make sure to comment for a chance to win a stamp set of your choice and a Perfectly Plaid Chill, Knit Picky or Knock on Wood 6×6 pad!)

We will be featuring Lawn Fawn Holiday products this week, both old and new! Woohoo! And, we also have team members (Fawnies) from Lawn Fawn Headquarters and our Lawn Fawnatics Design Team joining us for extra inspiration! I can’t wait to show you all of these gorgeous projects!

Let’s check out some awesome samples!

Samantha M used her awesome clean and simple blend of watercolor, black accents and lots of white space to create this striking Baaah Humbug card!

Elena gathered a fun group of critters to share some winter cheer! The bears from Beary Happy Holidays play nicely with the deer, penguins and seal from Here We Go A-Waddling, Toboggan Together and Sealed with a Kiss! A Knit Picky paper pattern creates a pretty frame!

Ivy combined the adorable penguin carolers from Here We Go A-Waddling with Shut the Front Door and the tree from Christmas Dreams! The Mini Wreath adds sweet detail to her cheerful design!

It’s going to be a joyful holiday when this card comes out of its envelope! Lynnette created a colorful Christmas scene with Winter Village, Ready Set Snow and Stitched Hillside Backdrop: Landscape!

Karin‘s gorgeous Winter Village card has a bright surprise! She added an awesome light up effect with Chibitronics! Our Push Here stamp set provides the perfect prompt for the recipient!

 Nancy created elegant gift packaging using our Gift Box, Tiny Gift Box and Fancy Box Lawn Cuts die sets! She used gold, silver and glitter papers and embellished with Large Wreath, Mini Wreath, Scripty For You and Scripty Joy!

I hope you have enjoyed this fun look at some of our Holiday sets. Tomorrow we have another fun Fawny Holiday celebration!

For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment sharing a favorite holiday memory by November 18th at 10:00pm  EST, and we will randomly pick one winner for a stamp set of their choice and a Knit Picky 6×6 pad! Post about our Fawny Holiday Week on social media and leave another comment for another chance to win! 🙂
Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday November 14th for our next Fawny Holiday post! We hope you guys love this week!

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226 thoughts on “We Wish You a Very Fawny Holiday Week 2017 {day 1}

  1. I love how many of your stamp sets can be combined together for fun looks! Now i"m adding some of the older sets to my wish list! Really beautiful projects today!

  2. Such adorable projects … I'm especially taken with Nancy's gorgeous packaging … the shimmer and shine is so elegant! Favourite Christmas memory … midnight mass with the angelic voices of the nuns's choir! Anita 🙂

  3. The year that my older son was worried that Santa wouldn't come because his little brother, Liam, was "fooling around," is one of my favorite memories. It is the only year that all four of us spent Christmas day away from home at my parents' house.

  4. Love the great inspiration with awesome stamps and dies and fantastic paper. I have so many "favorite" Christmas memories. Re-watching the videos of my son and daughter as Joseph and Mary in the Christmas program and when they were in the Children' Choir (they were so little) brings back so many memories.

  5. My favorite Christmas memory is when my daughter was about 18 months old. We bought her a doll and stroller. She took the doll out of the stroller, put her stuffed Grover in it and proceeded to wheel him around all day. Kids are so stinking cute!

  6. This is going to be a fun week! Love today's inspiration. My favorite Christmas memory is a funny one my whole family was in town and we decided to get pictures taken. The place we went was so small that in the pictures we looked smashed together and couldn't see the tree in the background!

  7. I have a fun holiday memory. When I was a kid, I remember waking up early trying to convince our parents to go open presents right away. Well, they said, not yet! At the time I thought they were just wanting to sleep in longer, but now I realize that they must have been up all night wrapping and preparing, and they weren’t done yet!

  8. Everything today is simply wonderful. How kind to offer such a generous prize! A favourite holiday memory would be the first year we had our old dog Bob. We gave him his own stocking full of dog treats and toys, one of which had a squeaker inside. When I squeezed the end of the stocking it was almost like his little face lit up with excitement because he knew what was in there. He has been gone many years now but I will never forget that fun Christmas morning. Cheers.

  9. Oh my goodness – so many sweet and creative designs. Thanks for the inspiration.
    My favorite holiday memory was seeing my little brother's face the year santa brought him a bike. That look of surprise and joy has stayed with me for 30 plus years.

  10. Looking forward to a weeks worth of inspiration! My favourite holiday memory was several years ago when I celebrated in NYC! It was my first trip overseas, NYC has always been on my bucket list AND my first white christmas! It was such a magical place to spend the holidays (especially when it snowed!).

  11. Loving all of these beautiful holiday projects!!

    My fave holiday memory is any when my parent's were still here. It's weird not having them. Everything is different and I miss it! I do enjoy making new memories with my husband and kids though 🙂

  12. My favorite holiday memory is from many, many years ago, when I had my first "real" boyfriend. He and his family showered me with presents on Christmas morning. They bought a lot of things that I wanted but I honestly had no idea how they knew! I was not expecting any of it, and it was one of the best Christmases I can remember! Sad to say that boyfriend and I later parted company, but it's still a good memory 🙂

  13. Those are some beautiful cards! My favorite holiday memory is anything that has to do with decorating the tree and just being around my family. It’s the only time we are all at home together, so any holiday memory with them is the best!

  14. Lovely design team inspiration–I especially love Karin's lighted card! One of my favorite holiday memories was listening to the radio broadcast of a Christmas Eve concert (my dad was one of the performers).

  15. I always loved making the trip from FL/TX to visit my dads side of the family in Indiana. My grandparents lived next door to each other, we would all start at one house then walk together to the other to continue. Oh and the chances to see snow around Christmas while visiting where even better! 😉

  16. So cute! Thanks for all of the fantastic inspiration! 🙂 One of my favorite holiday memories is from a couple of years ago. My family has been adopting a family in need instead of exchanging gifts. We deliver gifts and a gift card to them so they can have a good Christmas meal. Anyway, this family had a four year old that was SO excited to have us see their tree and decorations. He was so sweet and excited. The joy on his face was exactly what Christmas is about. I can still see him and feel his excitement! I highly recommend finding ways to help other in your own communities. <3

  17. My favorite holiday memory would have to be when we went down to Massachusetts and picked up our male German Shepherd Kayhil as a puppy it was just a couple of days before ChristBirth. The cards are just adorable. I can't believe that ChristBirth is just around the corner.

  18. Love all the cute projects! My favorite holiday memory was when I was a little girl. Dad had lost his job unfairly about four months before Christmas. With six children to feed, he was devestated. The union helped him get his job back in December. It was the best Christmas ever in our big family.

  19. So stinking excited!!! My Birthday just passed and all I wanted was stamps, dies, paper and rose gold embossing powder from you guys as I have been dying for it all year. Unfortunately I didn't get anything for my Birthday sooo I get to keep drooling or hopefully maybe with fingers crossed I might win. I adore so many of your lovely products as they are perfect to make a card or craft to send to someone to put a smile/glow on their face

  20. These are all just gorgeous projects with lots of sparkle and fun! My fav holiday memory was when my boys were little, Santa got them each a new guinea pig. The trick was trying to keep them hidden and quiet until Santa could put them under the tree for morning! LOL!

  21. Thanks for the holiday inspiration!
    My favorite holiday memory is traveling down to my Mom's house to help her decorate for Christmas. She *loved* to decorate for the holidays, but as she got older many of the things became too much for her to do on her own. So I made it a tradition to spend a vacation week with her at the beginning of December to give her a hand.

  22. My favourite holiday memory is my niece's second Christmas. She was about 14 months old and was so surprised by the presents she fell on her butt with the cutest shocked face 🙂

  23. I remember when we used to go cut a fresh tree and it always looked the perfect size, but it was ALWAYS too big for our house, and we had to take it back in and out two or three times to get it cut to fit!

  24. My favorite holiday moment is the year that my sister and I stayed up all night and opened all of our gifts, switched them appropriately, then wrapped them back up. It was the beginning of a holiday tradition that lasted the whole time we lived at home. We were awful, right?! Lol!

  25. Having our son home for his second Christmas. He was hospitalized for his first Christmas when he was just 2 months old. The next year, we were overjoyed to have him home with us safe and healthy.

  26. What cute cards from the DT! My favorite memories are of a scavenger hunt that my mother created for my brother and me. She wrote rhyming clues (they were pretty bad rhymes but that was the fun of it!) and sent us all over the house to finally end up with a present on Christmas Eve. Thank you for the chance to win!

  27. I absolutely love all the different projects shown here today. Each one is clever, cheerful and full of holiday fun!
    My most treasured memories are the ones I have of being at my grandparents' house at Christmas. It was such a sweet time. Nothing extra special, but just being together was what made it so precious!

  28. Awesome job to all the fawnies! From elegant to whimsical, these cards are amazing, I especially love Elena's group of critters! One of my favourite Christmas memories was when after a terrible fever and hospitalization in December, my toddler was well enough to come home for Christmas! It really made me more aware of what is the true meaning of Christmas! Thanks for all the inspiration.

  29. These are so fun! I particularly love the WInter Village cards. My favorite holiday memory was my first year with my husband on Christmas morning. 🙂

  30. My favorite holiday memory is going to my friend's apartment when I was in graduate school and helping him decorate the tree with our classmates – good food, good friend, holiday music, SUCH a good time! I love ALL of these beautiful creations! Thank you for the lovely inspiration!

  31. Christmas memory: Discovering and sharing the contents of our Christmas stockings with my siblings, then waiting (impatiently) for my aunt and uncle to arrive so we could dive under the tree 🌲

  32. Cute critter cards, lovely light up scene and fabulous gift wrapping. Favorite holiday memory is how much fun the grandkids have playing with each other.

  33. My husband was a hunter. He had a gun that he was
    wanting but he didn't think we had the money to buy.
    Two kids, mortgage, etc, this was back in the 60s.
    The kids and I got together and pooled our money
    so we could buy the gun he was wanting. When he
    opened it Christmas Day – he had tears in his eyes.
    He was thrilled and so surprised. Didn't often
    get to surprise him. thanks

  34. Such wonderful inspiration. Really makes me want to create a Christmas card or two. I have lots of memories of Christmas but there is nothing more thrilling than to see Christmas through a child's eyes. One Christmas we took my niece and nephew to see Christmas lights. So we rode around town checking out all the big displays. At every one my niece would say "Look at the wonderland!" And every Christmas since as we pass a display of lights we say "Wonderland!" I love Christmas with kids. Everything becomes so magical!

  35. I love all of these amazing cards! They are so sweet and beautiful. One of my favorite memories is when we spent Christmas in Mexico and my sister set up a surprise paper tree that none of us were supposed to know about. Middle of the night we all hear a crash and can't figure out what it was. A small gecko had knocked the tree over and the ornaments hit the floor and broke. We didn't need the tree or ornaments, the thought was enough.

  36. Such fun cards!!

    My grandparents used to take my sister and I to NYC every year around Christmas. One year my sister was sick so I got to go with them alone. My grandpa got us a carriage ride around Central Park and just as it started to get dark it started to snow very lightly. With all the stores decorated for the holidays it was truly magical, especially for a young girl who thought her grandpa had made it all happen just for her 🙂

  37. My favorite holiday memory is baking pies with my Grandmother, Aunts, and Mother every Thanksgiving. It has always been a great way for us to bond and spend time together, sharing recipes, and cooking techniques.

  38. I absolutely love everyone’s take on their cards! So creative and the one thing I love about lawn fawn, is how you can combine and work all the stamps sets together! I’m on the newer side of card making but finding it fun! Can’t wait to see what’s to come the rest of the week!

  39. My favorite Christmas memory is of me and my boyfriend spending our Christmas together, instead of with his or my family. We dressed up nice, and had a stay-at-home lovely dinner. The look on his face when tasting the fancy soup I made was very gratifying. Worth all the trouble of making the soup. We made the main course together and he made dessert.
    I love the holiday sets inspiration! I especially love the combination of old and new sets.

  40. my favorite holiday memory was waiting at the top of the stairs christmas morning with my sister! we weren't allowed to go down until all the adults were dressed and ready. it was torture!

  41. Really cute cards! Sounds like a fun week ahead. 🙂 I guess my favorite holiday memory was when I was 8, and got a Barbie Dream House for Christmas! If I remember the story right, my parents had to drive to a Toys R Us near Dallas (from our home in East Texas) to get it, because the closer store didn't have one in stock. My younger brother almost spoiled the surprise when he found The Box in our office and called me to come look. Thankfully, Mama was right there and was able to distract us! My father was a radio announcer, so he pretty much always worked on Christmas morning. When he got home, we opened presents. That was the last one opened that year, and I bounced around the box when I unwrapped the newspaper wrapping!!! I played with that house for several years. 🙂 ~ Andrea

  42. It's hard to choose just one but I will go with Christmas morning a couple of years ago when my daughter was questioning Santa so we stepped up our game a little by doing special wrapping and getting exactly what she asked Santa for. The reaction was priceless!

  43. That Card by Elena is gorgeous!
    My favourite memory was the one of christmas two years ago: Because for my Grandpa it's too stressful to buy presents to us he gives my mother money and she buys the presents for him and wraps them and on christmas day it's even for him a surprise. My Mom got me as the Grandpa-present one of those very very big scarfs in quadratic shape, that you wear like a triangle. It's perfect when its Cold and you can wear it like a blanked if you are inside and think it's too cold in the room. My Grandpa was so delighted by the present, happily talking about how practical it is and that you could use it for a picnic and when its cold and its so soft and looks so nice and even if i loved the present we all loved the way my Grandpa was happy about it even more. My Grandpa died but I carry the momory on this day with me every time it's cold and I get my big scarf. I love this scarf even more because it reminds me of this happy day and my cheerful Grandpa.. I miss him so much

  44. Cute, cute cards!!! My first Christmas as a mommy was one I'll never forget. Rocking my baby boy with only the lights of the Christmas tree was very emotional! Oh, he's 36 now, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

  45. So many cute projects. I think my fondest Christmas memory from the past was decorating the house. We really went all out, especially since we sold all the outdoor items at craft shows. Now my crafting is in paper and it doesn't hold up to well to this humid climate. But now I am collecting new memories with my Grand daughter, she is our world, and giving us so much joy during the holidays.

  46. My favourite holiday memories are of my father being so excited about Christmas that he would be up before we children, making noise with doors and calling to my mother hoping to wake us up so he could show us what surprises Santa brought us.
    What a fabulous collection of cards!

  47. So many wonderful Christmas memories. I was blessed to be able to make sugar Christmas cookies with my son and my nieces when they were little. They all had so much fun cutting them out and decorating them

  48. Love the cards! My most memorable Christmas was the last one I had with my Mom. She handed me a gift, I opened it to see a beautiful sweater and horrified, my Mom said, That's for your sister! She had put the wrong tag on the package. Super funny!!!

  49. When I was very young, we(the kids) was kicked out of the kitchen when our Grandma would bake and bake and bake more cookies and filled apple size boxes full. Then we gave them away. We were not allowed in the kitchen while she made them. But they sure tasted good. Love those cards you all made. Lawn Fawn you Rock!

  50. One of my most favorite memories is that my grandma would sew handmade matching pajamas for my whole family! She would deliver them on Christmas Eve and we’d wake up cozy and matching! Thanks for such a fun week!

  51. Beautiful design team inspiration !! My favorite holiday memory is when my dad (in the active-duty Air Force) was home for the holidays and would take us to cut a real Christmas tree <3

  52. One of my favorite holiday memories is when my son and daughter-in-law announced that they were expecting and gave the great-grandparents a t-shirt that they had created that said "I'm a great-grandfather" and "grandmother". Love seeing all of these cards and gifts.

  53. I remember a Christmas when I was in kindergarten or first grade. I thought I saw Santa and his reindeer flying in the sky. It was so magical. Just thinking about it makes my heart feel light.

  54. I have so many memories. We started traditions when the kids were small – cutting down the perfect tree complete with whining and snowball fights, dated ornaments, pics with Santa, lottery tickets in stockings and more. For over 20 years I have held these dear. Now that they are older and married it is harder to continue. But, we have a new granddaughter so I am looking forward to starting new ones with her.

  55. Love the cards!!! My favorite memory is going to midnight mass and then home for dinner and presents – we wouldn’t get to bed until 4 or 5 in the morning 🙂

  56. Wow
    Love the Inspiration ladies

    My favorite memory is sitting and wrapping gifts all day to prep for my 3rd child to arrive – it was my fist day off work and had a heck of a lot planned for the next few days before his arrival – well sitting legs spread with pressure on your hips all day puts you into labour! So we had Christmas with the baby & not everything on my OCD list was completed that year! Unexpected babies at Christmas makes for great memories!

  57. Such beautiful cards! My fav holiday memory is that of going to visit my grandparents, spending quality time with them, remembering all the golden moments, eating yummy delicious food, etc 🙂

  58. One of my favorite holiday memories is getting married on Christmas Eve 2012 after Christmas Eve service. That's how much my husband and I love Christmas! To me, Christmas Eve night is the most calm and peaceful night of the year. It wasn't anything fancy but it is a night I will remember forever ♥ 😍

  59. My favorite Christmas memory was the one year we strung popcorn on the tree, and watching in amazement as my cat climbed all the way up it to eat every last piece on it, without disturb one ornament or candy cane!!

  60. Amazing cards, especially Elena's – oh, the masking! One of my favourite memories of Christmas is the time we spent it in Austria (not where I live!) and for the first time it was really cold, rather than the usual summer Christmases we have.

  61. My favorite memory is when my brother and I were little (i was maybe 3, so he was 4), our dad was snowed in at his work place. He told our mom to let us go ahead and open our gifts that morning (we used to open all of our gifts Christmas Eve night, and it was the morning of Christmas Eve). So she made us wait until after the Flintstones to open them.

    Then the next year we expected to get to open them in the morning and thus a family tradition was born.

  62. My favorite holiday memory would have to be when my Grandfather (who has now passed away) came over from the UK to spend Christmas with us. It was so much fun having him here for an old fashioned American Christmas. We had a blast showing him all of our traditions here and taking him out in the snow! I miss him terribly, but will always remember that Christmas!

  63. Beautiful cards! My favorite holiday memory is from the first time my daughter was old enough to help bake holiday cookies with me, to give to family and friends. We now do it every year together.

  64. All of the projects are so cute, and Elena's group of critters-Amazing! One of my favorite memories was when we were done opening presents and I didn't get the one thing I wanted, but then my parents sent me on a scavenger hunt and I found it in the car. It was a big stuffed polar bear and I named him snowball:)

  65. What an adorable bunch of inspiration, can't wait for the coming days! 🙂 My favorite holiday/Christmas memory is related to my childhood times – back when I believed in the gifts being brought by an Angel (in Poland Santa Claus brings gifts at the beginning of December, we're lucky like that LOL). Waiting for the time to open the gifts, and then spending time with the family & singing Christmas carols – there's just something magical about it!

  66. Wonderful inspiration! Fav memory- opening a baby doll for Christmas, packed with lots of homemade clothes. My mom & grandma were so good @ sewing. We had little money, so the doll was extra special, & I loved playing with her!!!

  67. Thanks for the inspiration. Favorite memory if I have to pick one only…picking out Christmas trees in the piny woods in south Mississippi. The pine smells so wonderful when you bring it inside fresh like that.

  68. Some wonderful winter cards!! Looking forward to this week and seeing all the creations. A favourite memory of mine would have to be setting up the Christmas tree and decorating the house. My mom LOVES Christmas and goes all out!! Growing up we'd spend a whole evening early November. Mom would have bought Christmas oranges, candy and chocolate and it would come out for this occasion – and not before!! Lol. Decorating for Christmas took a good 8-10 hours. Wonderful memories!!

  69. Fantastic cards ! I specially love Elena's card : this is such a great idea to group critters from various stamps set. The result is stunning ! But of course, all the other cards are also really beautiful.

  70. In recent years, my favorite memories are decorating the tree with my husband. We collect ornaments on our travels and I but a special personalized ornament every year for us, so decorating the tree is really a celebration of all of our adventures and years together.

  71. When my son was little, he spent half t he morning opening his presents. He was careful with opening each packaging and looking at the present. It was the cutest thing ever!

  72. My bestfriend and I live far from each other (France – Hong Kong), my favorite memory was to decorate the Christmas tree while using facetime with her. It was a bit like if she was with me decorating the Christmas tree

  73. Hard to choose one favorite holiday memory – such cherished memories of Christmases past with loved ones – trying to find one moment that is my favorite makes me realize how blessed I am to have so many wonderful memories to choose from!

  74. Those are some great inspirations! My favorite holiday memory is my when I thought I was done opening presents one year and then I go outside and there was a bike with a big bow on it! I was super surprised……it was pink too!!! I was in heaven!!

  75. SQUEAL!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the AMAZING Inspiration!! My FAVORITE Holiday Memory is Sleeping in the Living Room with my Siblings Christmas Eve Night trying to catch a peek of Santa Clause!! We were ALWAYS AMAZED Christmas Morning as Santa came with our Gifts and none of us had heard/seen him!! So Magical!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  76. My favorite holiday memory is the year that I left out treats for Santa's reindeer. When I got up the next morning, I came into the living room and next to the fireplace it was clear that Santa had shared the carrots with the reindeer because they had teeth marks in them. This blew my little 7 year old mind.

  77. What super cute examples you all made! ♥

    A favourite memory of mine is simply my mom and me, sitting in front of the fireplace, laughing, eating clementines and tossing the peels into the fire (that scent is amazing) on the last X-mas she was with us. It's a very random one, but it makes me smile.

  78. My favorite holiday memory is when I was 9. It's a bit of a long and personal story but let's just say it involves the kindness of others. There's a lot of holidays and stuff I don't really remember but that one stands out. 36 years later and best Christmas ever.
    Goodness, all those cards are adorable!

  79. Cute cute cute…love those holiday critters. My favorite memory is sliding down the stairs at midnight to see what santa had brought us.

  80. Such fantastic cards! Ohhh, favourite holiday memory is a tough one. I don't have a specific memory, but when we were kids, me and my brothers would huddle between the doors to our rooms waiting for our parents to wake up.

  81. Late Christmas Eve. Santa has been here (yes he is early in Sweden) and the guests gone home and we made it cozy in the sofa with some hot beverage and chocolate and watch a christmas movie. House was perfectly calm and silent. That is my favorite memory!

  82. My favorite holiday memory? Not sure if there is one that stands out, but I do remember our first christmas with my new in-laws in our new, teeny apartment… with 12 people stuffed in it! Happy, cozy and full of laughter!

  83. Oh so adorable Christmas creations, your DT are amazing! My favorite Christmas memories are hearing our 2 children waking up on Christmas morning, then the rushed footsteps upstairs along the hall and down the stairs to wake us to show us their santa stockings and open all their little presents. XOX Lucy

  84. My favorite holiday memory is when my daughters would set up cookies and milk for Santa and head immediately to bed in hopes of Christmas morning- Thank you for all the holiday design inspiration.

  85. Yay! I'm excited for all of the Holiday inspiration! My favorite holiday memories are when my little brothers would go to sleep and I would help my dad with last minute preparations – stuffing stockings, wrapping gifts, etc. My dad was a single dad of 4 kids and I never realized we were doing stuff last minute because he was working and ran out of time. It was always something special that we shared!

  86. Great christmas ideas, thanks for sharing!
    My fav holiday memory? Watching a christmas movie together with the family, all tucked under a blanket and sitting close to each other.

  87. Karin's card is just incredible and CASE-worthy! I love the added effect from the Chibitronic lights she used. My favorite holiday memory would be the Christmas my husband and I spent in Charleston. It was just wonderful and perfect.

  88. My favorite holiday memory is going to Disney World for Christmas!! I love Disney and seeing all of the Christmas decorations was the best!! I also love Elena's card!!

  89. Talk about waiting until the last minute to participate in the holiday week but I am here now. I'm looking forward to seeing all of the wonderful inspiration. My favorite holiday memory is my dad taking us around neighborhoods to find houses with holiday lights. Now that he is gone it is such a sweet memory

  90. Love all of these! Adding lights to the houses makes them even more charming. A favorite holiday memory is the year I finally got my dad gifts he loved. He was tough to shop for. It was his last Christmas before he passed away.

  91. One of my favorite holiday memories is staying overnight on Christmas eve at my Grandparent's house with my parents, my aunt, uncle and cousin waiting for Santa to come. Then we'd get up the next morning, open presents and my Grandpa would fix us a big breakfast. It was wonderful.

  92. My first Christmas with my hubby is a favorite holiday memory. Going to a tree farm and searching for a perfect tree, cooking favorite holiday treats, cozying up near the fire, etc.

  93. I have fond memories of dressing up to go to company Christmas parties with my dad; where they would give out different gifts to the children based on age. Fun times!

  94. My favorite memory of Christmases past involves going to my grandparents' house after Christmas Eve service for goodies and family time. Lovely memories, but makes me miss them and my Dad so much!

  95. A favorite holiday memory of mine is when I was about 8 years old & our dog had her puppies on Christmas day! We named the first one Dasher 🙂 My dad was a commercial pilot & he called long-distance (this was in the 60's so it was a big deal to call long distance ) to wish us a Merry Christmas but we were so excited to see the puppies being born that we barely said "hi" to him. Quite a day! 😀

  96. One of my favorite holiday memories is when our six kids were little, loading them all up in our tiny little car to look at Christmas lights. We didn't have al lot of room but we had a lot of fun singing Christmas carols and drinking peppermint hot chocolate!

  97. My favourite memory is putting
    out carrots for the reindeer!!
    My daughter likes to watch
    all the Christmas movies each
    year!…over and over! Lol
    Dana from Quebec

  98. Holiday memories include many fun times but I think my favourite is going out into our "back yard" (22 acres) to cut down a Christmas tree with my dad, dragging it back to the house, and decorating our find with ornaments new, old, and homemade. 🙂

  99. My fave memory is goingbout into the "backyard" (22 acres) and choosing our Christmas tree. After it was cut we'd drag it back to the house and decorate it with ornaments new, old, and homemade. 🙂

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