We Wish You a Very Fawny Holiday Week {day 2}

Hello everyone! Welcome to Day 2 of our special Fawny Holiday Week! This week is all about getting ideas for the upcoming Holidays! We have Lawn Fawn Design Team samples, giveaways and videos! (Make sure to comment for a chance to win a stamp set of your choice and a Perfectly Plaid Chill, Knit Picky or Knock on Wood 6×6 pad!)

We will be featuring Lawn Fawn Holiday products this week, both old and new! Woohoo! And, we also have team members (Fawnies) from Lawn Fawn Headquarters and our friends from Lawn Fawnatics joining us for extra inspiration! I can’t wait to show you all of these gorgeous projects!

Let’s check out some awesome samples! To start us off today Chari created a wonderful video tutorial to show how to make her Christmas Tree Advent Calendar using our Tiny Gift Box! You can watch the video here or at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

 Chari used a mix of new and older Christmas papers to create her Tiny Gift Boxes. The individual boxes are embellished with a Mini Wreath and die cut Finley’s 123s! The tree topper is the star from Tiny Tags with a greeting from Tiny Tag Sayings.

 Lynette is up to her creative hi-jinks again! This time she turned our Gift Box into a shadow box-style tree ornament with our Outside In Stitched Scalloped Rectangle die set! She used Christmas Dreams with Bannertastic and papers from Perfectly Plaid Chill and Knock on Wood to fill the ornament with a cozy Christmas scene!

 Samantha Casey added a festive shaker element to her Goodie Bag design! The cute Oh Snap gingerbread men fill the shaker and adorn the sweet Tiny Tag! Candies from Sweet Christmas add colorful fun to the shaker!

To make this colorful scrapbook layout super spectacular, Samantha Mann did a whole lot of water-coloring, then she die cut lots and lots of Stitched Snowflakes! She added greetings from Merry Messages as her journaling and framed the page with a bold black and white diagonal striped border.

 Melissa M created a beautiful background with traditional holiday color layers for our fun snowman from Making Frosty Friends!

 Winter Otter is bringing cozy greetings on Jenn‘s delightfully cute card! I love the mix of solid and plaid Ocean Wave Borders she layered for our happy little otter!

I hope you have enjoyed this fun look at some of our Holiday sets. Tomorrow we have another fun Fawny Holiday celebration! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment sharing your favorite holiday cookie by November 18th at 10:00pm  EST, and we will randomly pick one winner for a stamp set of their choice and a Knock on Wood 6×6 pad! Post about our Fawny Holiday Week on social media and leave another comment for another chance to win! 🙂

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Wednesday November 15th for our next Fawny Holiday post! We hope you guys love this week!

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192 thoughts on “We Wish You a Very Fawny Holiday Week {day 2}

  1. so many great projects! I just love the shadow box ornament!
    We don't really have holiday cookies in Australia, but my favourite treat at this time of year is my mum's fruit cake, with pineapple in it!

  2. It is not actually a cookie, but my favorite treat during the holidays is called 'kerstkrans'. It is a treat here in the netheslands of puff pastry filled with ground almonds and sugar.

  3. Stained glass cookies. (Many different brightly colored sugar cookie dough chunks out net to each other before rolling so you have a patchwork of color then cut with cookie cutters). And cookie press cookies. Rum balls. We only made these at Christmas.

  4. My favorite holiday cookie would have to be the classic Chocolate Chip! Love to sit by the fire with a BIG glass of milk and some BIG Chocolate chip cookies and a classic Christmas Movie!

  5. Love the projects from the DT girls! That advent calendar and shaker goodie bag are just fabulous! My favorite holiday cookie are shortbread cookies. Yum!

  6. Some really awesome Christmas projects today. Love the tiny boxes and the ornament. Cards are very cute! My favorite holiday cookie is buckeye. That's a family tradition in our house. I try not to make them any other time of the year now or I would gain way too much weight. When my kids were little they would request buckeyes for their birthday but now that they are grown I try to reserve them as a Christmas treat!

  7. Oh my goodness…that advent calendar of boxes is utterly brilliant!!!! Cookies…what would Christmas be without them. Our favourite is a Butter Pecan ball cookie that is rolled in confectioners sugar after baking. Decadent! Cheers.

  8. WOW! Great projects! Love the advent calendar, the shadow box, and the shaker goodie bag-brilliant! My favorite Christmas cookie is peanut butter:)

  9. So cute! Love all of the projects today and the video tutorial for the calendar is great! 🙂 I love all cookies but if I have to pick a favorite I would say spritz cookies! They are so light and buttery! Yum. 🙂

  10. So much Christmas related cuteness 🙂 I love gingerbread cookies, there's a special type of soft gingerbread cookies covered in dark chocolate in some of the stores I buy at – LOOOOOOOOVE them, and always buy a few packs 😉

  11. I love tha advent calendar idea and thanks so much for showing how to get the best use out of the paper. We spent days making special holiday cookies when I was a child at home. The variety was staggering. I think my favourite was a small cookie made from ground hazelnuts, egg whites and sugar? I’m not sure of the recipe, I just remember hand grinding the hazelnuts for them with a big thing clamped to the kitchen table. Today I love my father-in-laws Scottish recipe shortbread cookies.

  12. That advent calendar tree from the Tiny Gift Box die is to 'die' for! Lol! I'm a big fan of gingerbread because they hold their shape so well and are super fun to decorate – although admittedly, I don't like the flavor! We host an annual holiday cookie exchange where people bring 2 dozen of their favorite homemade cookies and a tin with them, and then fill their tins with treats from each other, and share stories of their cookie-baking masterpieces (or sometimes disasters!), and fun holiday memories together! I think I need to snag the gingerbread stamp to use in awards or decor this year!!

  13. These are all such great projects! I love the Christmas tree advent calendar using our the little boxes! Candy cane cookies are my favorite. My mom made them every year, but it wasn't until after college that I realized they were supposed to have broken up bits of real candy canes sprinkled on top…my mom doesn't like candy canes, so she never did that part 🙂

  14. Gosh, I love that Tiny Box Die … can't wait to get my hands on it and start playing! Gorgeous projects, thank you! Favourite cookie at Christmas … cinnamon … scrumptious! Anita 🙂

  15. My favorite design is the shadow box ornament, Beautiful. My favorite Cookies for the Holidays is my Mother's Russian Tea Cakes rolled in Powder sugar. Now that she's passed I make them as a family tradition.

  16. Oh my goodness, love, love, love all of the sample projects, cards and scrapbook pages!!! My favorite Christmas cookie is chocolate chip.

  17. My high school boyfriend's mom used to make these christmas wreaths with cornflakes and marshmallow died green and redhots for holly berries. Those are still a fave!

  18. My favorite holiday cookie is the same favorite I have for every day of the year: chocolate chip pecan!!! I rarely eat cookies but if I do have one, I want it to be this kind!!

  19. I'm very classic with the sweets : It's chocolate and coffee ! Chocolate for the cookies and coffee for the ice-cream !
    All the creations presented are lovely ! Your team has so much imagination, it's really great to get all this inspiration.

  20. I am in such see of the talent on the DT.My favorite holiday cookie is hard to choose. We have always made large plates for neighbors and friends with about 9 different kinds. I would probably say the spritz cookies are my favorite though.

  21. That goodie bag omg! So cute!

    My favourite Holiday cookie.. uhm I have several but I'd say my most favourite one are a hazelnut-baiser cookie (google translate recommends "kiss" for baiser, don't know if that's true) 🙂

  22. Great projects. Don't know if it is considered a cookie but my favorite were my Aunts Burbon Balls. She never actually used Burbon but she called them that.

  23. My favorite holiday cookie is a 'musket kransje' and I have no idea what that's called in English. A chocolate cookie with some sort of crunchy bits on top in a wreath shape.
    Love the inspiration today. Even though I've finished with my handmade Christmas cards.

  24. We call is a sour creme cookie. Got the recipe from my
    mother-in-law many years. it is soft and delicious.
    Now you have me craving one – guess I need to get the
    ingredients when I go to the store.
    thanks for sharing.

  25. My favorite cookie, any time of the year, is the chocolate chip cookie, bar none. Cookie Monster sums it up when he says, "'C" is for cookie, that's good enough for me," while holding a chocolate chip cookie.

  26. Great projects, and thank you to Chari for the video tutorial! My favorite cookie is my homemade mint chocolate chocolate chip cookies with dark chocolate ganache frosting on top. I basically make "regular" chocolate chip cookies, but substitute mint extract for vanilla and add 1/3 cup of cocoa. Then frost them after they've cooled. Sinfully delicious, if I do say so myself!!! 🙂 ~ Andrea

  27. My all-time favorite cookie that I only get at Christmas are my mom's no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies! My dad and I could seriously just eat the mix straight out of the bowl together!

  28. My favourite holiday cookie are Empire cookies that my mother-in-law used to make. Two cookies sandwiched together with Rasperry jam in the middle and iced with a cherry on top.

  29. I love how there is a mix of old and new! All the projects are so cute and colourful. Lynette's project is so clever, great job! My favourite Christmas cookie is a ginger snap, chewy on the inside!

  30. My favorite cookie to eat is a decorated gingerbread man cookie with lots of icing (though I do feel funny eating them, like I am a cannibal or something) and my favorite kind to bake is the Spritz cookie using my Wilton cookie press. Thank you for the beautiful holiday inspiration!

  31. LOVE that Lynette used the gift box to create a little shadow box diorama… that was SO super creative! 🙂 My favorite holiday cookie is a spritz cookie! 🙂

  32. My favorite cookie is my old stand by Chocolate Chip, I have a recipe I have made for 30 years with chocolate chips, nuts and shaved Hershey bar with oats. Yum, I can't wait to make them.

  33. These projects are absolutely beautiful! 😍 I have those snowflake dies and now I'm super inspired!!!
    On a side note, my favorite cookie is chocolate chip walnut. There's just something so yummy and warm and calming about them around Christmas time!

  34. Oh my favorite cookie, which we only make at christmas time, is a gingerbread cookie with a peanut butter cup inside!

  35. SQUEAL!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the AMAZING Inspiration!! My FAVORITE Holiday Cookies are Sugar Cookies with Frosting and Decorations!! We make them as a FAMILY every year and the Kids just have a BLAST!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  36. Those are beautiful projects! My favorite holiday cookies are homemade pumpkin spice soft sugar cookies and gingerbread men! Yummy! I can't wait for next week (Thanksgiving break) when I get to break out the baking sheets!

  37. Great job by the DT! Always loving these posts with SO much inspiration! 😀
    My favourite X-mas cookie is an old fashioned Swedish cookie called "horse shoes" that are a bit similar to gingerbread snaps in taste, but heavier on the cardamom – and they are also much more brittle and melts in the mouth… My mom always made them and they are amazing! 🙂

  38. projects such cute projects!! Thx
    for sharing!! ! Love those little
    otters and there’s nothing more
    Christmasy than a fireplace
    Dana from Quebec

  39. So hard to pick just one…
    all these projects are
    beautiful!! Still loving
    the little otter but I also
    love the colour combo
    On the Scrapbook page
    with the snowflakes!.,
    Thx for sharing!!
    Dana from Quebec

  40. Wow, Chari's Advent calendar is amazing! So are all the other projects – the multi-coloured snowflakes on Samantha's layout are so beautiful. I don't know about them being holiday cookies, but I love white chocolate and macadamia biscuits, fresh out of the oven!

  41. hmmm… I don't know. But for several years now I make chocolate peppermint chip cookies. (add 1/3 cup baking cocoa to your favorite choc. chip recipe and use Andes peppermint chips instead of choc. chips.)
    I really like the projects.

  42. Cute, cute projects! My favorite holiday cookies are Dream Bars that were my grandma's recipe. They are a layered bar cookie that has all the good things in them 🙂

  43. Super cute projests. Love the scrapbook pages and the shaker treat bag.
    Favorite holiday cookie is my homemade shortbreads.

  44. My favorite holiday cookie is the sugar cookie with vanilla icing. My sons and I used to make them every Christmas and decorate them. Inspiration week is awesome. Great ideas and projects!

  45. Sorry, I can't pick just one cookies!! LOL I love them all. Once I was called "Cookie monster", so you know! LOL. I love to bake Rugelach for the holidays, tho. Once I baked for my jewish friends family and ever since, I get that request every year. LOL.

  46. Love that colorful snowflake scrapbook page!!! So unique and happy! My favorite holiday cookie, hands down, is Lemon snowballs… shortbread cookies sandwiching tart lemon curd, rolled in powder sugar… mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  47. I love tons of Christmas cookies. I think some of my favorites are sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, and anything with sprinkles!!

  48. Wow, Lynette's gift box/ornamenet is AMAZING! Such a cool treasure to keep always. While I bake a variety of different cookies each year, my favorite is always my mom's spritz cookie. 🙂

  49. My favourite holiday cookie is what our family calls "moose balls". They are so delicious with oats, apples, raisins, cocoa and rolled in icing sugar. So yummy!!! I now want to go make some…maybe after I make a card. 🙂

  50. So inspired by the advent calendar! As for cookies, pfeffernusse is a must have for me during the holidays — but I've never made it myself!

  51. My favorite holiday cookie is my mom's German Twist. That's not their real name, I don't know what they are called, we called them that because she was German & these cookies are in a twisted rectangle shape. Best ones are the ones that are almost burnt but not quite because the sugar is so deliciously caramelized 🙂

  52. My favorite holiday cookie is the Peanut Butter Blossom. I bake inexpensive with the kisses on…it just gives them a different flavor that I really like! 🙂

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