Design Team Favorites Week {Day 4}

Welcome to this special Design Team Favorites week! We are excited to share the favorite stamps, dies and papers of our Lawn Fawn Design Team this week! They have created amazing inspiration using their favorites! We will have daily giveaways all week; so be sure to comment on each post August 9 – 13 to enter for a chance to win! We are giving away a stamp set with coordinating die of your choice along with a 6×6 paper pack!

Chari is back with part two of her fun camping mini album! This time she uses her favorite set Love You S’more to add a front cover to the album! You can watch her video tutorial below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching!

Chari‘s photos from her annual camping trip with her cousins are the subject of this special mini album! She used her favorite set, Love You S’more to add the sweet forest critters to the album cover! She added more camping themed goodness with Build-A-Campsite and Finley’s ABCs. Chari wanted to give the letters a rustic look, so she she stamped Paper Bag cardstock with Woodgrain Backdrops.

To finish the back side of the cover, Chari added die cut elements from Build-A-Campsite and Forest Backdrop! The sentiment from Love You S’more is the perfect caption for this special mini photo album!

Mindy loves an awesome background on a card design, so she used her favorite Sunburst Backdrop! She gave it some inky goodness before adding a frosty look with Snowflake Trio Stencil! And then, she built up her little scene with Forest Border before finishing with cute squirrels from Let’s Go Nuts!

Melissa is Lawn Fawn’s scrapbook specialist so it’s no surprise that her favorite is Really Rainbow paper! She used the rainbow colors beautifully to highlight adorable photos of her niece! Using a circle grid like this is a great way to incorporate lots of the fun paper patterns!

Melissa added perfect little sentiments from Magic Messages along with a sweet Oliver’s ABCs title!

Be sure to join us tomorrow for our last day of Design Team inspiration! But for now, it’s giveaway time!

Giveaway Time

Leave us a comment telling us your favorite from our Lawn Fawn gift collection (mug, tote bag, enamel pins, sticky notes, etc.) by August 13th at 5:00PM ET. We will randomly pick one winner each day. Winners will receive their choice of stamp set with coordinating dies and a 6×6 Petite Paper pad!

If you post about our Design Team Favorites Week on social media, leave another comment for another chance to win!

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Friday August 13th for our next Design Team Favorites post! We hope you guys are loving this week!


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174 thoughts on “Design Team Favorites Week {Day 4}

  1. I absolutely adore the sticky notes and would love to see an ocean pack, maybe with the seahorses and manatees. 💚

  2. My favorite gifts is the coloring books for the Holiday & Spring!
    I must included the gift pin’s esp. the Holiday one’s! 😊

  3. Sorry for having messed up and having Poster this as a reply to someone’s comment. My phone always goes into that reply to last comment mode first and I don’t always remember to change it. So here’s my comment again.

    As a coffee addict I absolutely love your mug. Nothing better than looking at it during a stressful time at work to remind me, that my stamps are awaiting me at home to relax.

  4. I am a tote bag junkie. I love the sweet designs on the Lawn Fawn totes! Would love to see some seasonal designs.

  5. The pins are just so adorable! I think you should make t-shirts! I can just imagine an underwater-themed one, a forest critter-themed one, a rainbow with sun & cloud. The possibilities are endless with all of your sweet characters and images!

  6. I ❤️❤️❤️ the mini notebooks! I have one in my person, one on my craft table, one in my kitchen so that I can jot things down, Love the mini journal and scrapbook page and card today!

  7. I would love to have that cup for my coffee!
    As for giving to others, I love the post-it notes! SO cute!!

  8. I’ve wanted an enamel pin for awhile now because they are adorable, but my hands down favorite is the sticky notes. Especially the Let it Snow ones. I love using them in my planner! They actually stick, the color is perfect and they are cute. What more could a girl ask for??

  9. The coloring book is my favorite. I had no idea that you sell those… granddaughter would LOVE to color your cute images made larger.

  10. I just love the mug💚❤️💚 but it’s just hard to purchase from Canada😔 hard to justify the cost. I really really really want it! I use the sticky notes all the time!! So handy for crafting! I really would love to see a cover your bum cozy sweatshirt! 💚💚💚

  11. I love the sticky notes! Every time I use one, it makes me smile and think about making cute lawn fawn cards!

  12. I don’t have any of the gift collection items yet, but would love to get a tote bag and will be ordering some sticky notes soon.

  13. Such cute cards. I like the pins. Would like to add the avocado pin to my set since I missed out when it was first offered.

  14. My favorite is the Wish upon a tote bag!
    It’s so cute! Thanks for a fun week with all of the new collection items and inspiration!

  15. I love the enamel pins! When my craft room is done, I will have a display of all my pins where everyone can see them

  16. I’m a girl who just can’t have enough tote bags, so I’m in love with all of your tote bag designs!

  17. I have the sticky notes at work, it makes me happy to see something from my happy place (home, craft room) and I love my sending hedgehug to rehab, I keep it in the trunk of my car.

  18. I can’t decide between the coffee mug and the enamel pins. I love drinking coffee while I do pretty much anything but the pins are soooo adorable!

  19. The perfectly plaid mini notebooks are probably my favourite little gift (would be a sweet stocking stuffer as well!)

  20. I love the Wish Upon a Tote bag! Can’t have too many tote bags. Love the mini note books too. The Hello Sunshine mini notebook makes me smile.

  21. that camping album is totally awesome! Favorite from the gift collection is EVERYTHING! Too hard to choose just one thing. lol

  22. I think your enamel pins are the cutest! I really liked when you sent them out and I look forward to seeing some more in a future release! Hint, hint!😍 The dino enamel pin is my most fav!💚

  23. What a fun week this is! My favorite are the sticky notes (with the mini notebooks getting honorable mention!). Thank you for the chance to win!!

  24. I love the “you’re just my type,” tote! We use it as our library bag! It’s perfect for that! I would love to see wild for you animals on a tote sometime!

  25. I didn’t know Lawn Fawn had a gift collection – cute stuff! I love the mug/sticky note/pen set. Perfect way to start the day – a Lawn Fawn mug with coffee, and your blog to read and drool over. 🙂

  26. The pins are nice, but I think I would have to say the COLORING BOOKS are my favorite items from your gift collection. They can be made into tags, wrapping paper and cards. Very versatile!

    I could watch Chari make videos from now until the cows come home! Hey, that is something I have meant to say for a while. LF needs to do something more with cows. Herd you were… lonely / sick / celebrating a special day… Moochas gracias…. From the whole herd…. I’m sure there are more punny sentiments (something with “bossy” maybe? or “milking it”? Anyway, it seems like there is no small amount of sayings that could go with a cow stamp set!

    Mindy’s card is fab; I will look for it at her site. The others featured besides Chari’s awesome project are also terrific!
    Thanks, LF and especially Chari!
    Lori S in PA

    1. Lori your comments are hilarious! I agree – more cows stamps would be simply moo-velous!

  27. Sticky Notes! They are on my desk and all my work notes and reminders go on them. I also liked the wee notebooks – I took one on my road trip way back when and use it to journal what we did and saw.

  28. I like the Hello Deer enamel pin. The deer in the Christmas stamps are some of my favorites. The pin has the same sweet look. Plus, I love a good groan-worthy pun!

  29. I love the ‘wish upon a tote’ – so cute and very useful!!
    Adorable inspiration today, as always. 😉

  30. Agh! You guys keep asking tough questions haha! I love my upon a star tote and I gave my daughter a hedgehugs one which she loves! —but the mug is probably my favorite! 🥰

  31. Definitely the perfectly plaid remix mini notebook, the totes, and the enamel pins too. Hard to pick just one because they are all super cute!!

  32. I love the totes, I don’t own one, but they are so cute! I am blessed to have pins. All the ones that came with purchases over a certain amount. I love them dearly and have them on a bulletin board!

  33. What adorable projects!! I LOVE Chari’s album; soooo cute!! I would have to say that the Dino-mite enamel pin is my favorite; so adorable!

  34. Hmmm. I stopped shopped and feel badly that I’m uhh not one to purchase or use any of the items I saw in the the collections store. I saw some said sticky notes, I’ve used those, but didnt see any in the list. If I am able to pack a little away for a purchase it will be for your wonderful stamps or dies. Cute things, just not for me. Wow that’s honesty, but feels rude, but you asked,… So I’ll end with a (((hug)))…

  35. I love the mug!! I really hope I get one for my birthday this year. Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  36. I love the tote bags. I would like to see more designs for the tote bags. I think they would make good grocery store bags. It would be fun to have Halloween, fall, Christmas, and other themed ones for different times of the year.

  37. I really like the mini notebooks, they can be used for so many things! Thanks for posting more scrapbook type projects!!!

  38. It has to be the Smile Everyday mug! It’s just wonderful and inspiring when I’m crafting and enjoying a yummy cup of coffee.

  39. We have a stack of notebooks we like to give away as a small gift (and my kids love them, too) but I (almost) wish I had a baby to wear one of those cute onesies!!

  40. I am always so blown away by the great projects shared on the Lawn Fawn blog! You have an incredible design team.

    I love all the cute pins, but if I had to choose a favorite for myself I’d pick the totes! They bring a smile to my face!

  41. So, I love a lot of the totes (but sadly don’t own any) and a lot of the other items, but so far the only gifts I have received or bought myself are the enamel pins. I guess I just like that I can have them on display on my wall and they don’t take up much space. I think the sticky notes and notebooks are neat, but I fear I wouldn’t want to actually write on/in them cuz they are so cute! So yeah, the enamel pins are my favorite.

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