Lawn Fawn Intro: Giant XOXO and Giant Be My Valentine

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Valentine Inspiration & Release Week! On December 9th our 4 new stamp sets, 8 new die sets and a new stencil set will be available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

We already have three places you can leave comments to win:
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Today is our showcase of Giant XOXO and Giant Be My Valentine! Send super-sized Valentine wishes or hugs and kisses with these giant greetings! These large sentiments will fit on a standard sized card.

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a little video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Tammy‘s brilliant set of Valentines kick off our inspiration today! In addition to the Giant XOXO and Giant Be My Valentine she combined Scent with Love and Scent with Love Add-On with Quilted Heart Backdrop! Also included in this beautiful trio are Peppermint Stripes Backdrop, Mini Slimline Stackables and a Stitched Scalloped Rectangle Frame!

Mindy‘s beautiful Giant XOXO card is so traditionally romantic! The color combo of aqua and deep red is so lovely and the accent flowers from Fab Flowers! Our Lacy Heart works so perfectly with the Quilted Heart Backdrop: Portrait in the background! Check back on Release Day to find out how to get the set with this sweet “I heart you” sentiment as a free gift!

Megan‘s Giant Be My Valentine card is so adorable with mice sending love notes! She combined You Autumn Know, Virtual Friends Add-On and Love Poems to add the mice. Then she combined envelopes from Love Letters and Special Delivery to complete her cute theme!

Marine‘s pair of Mini Slimline cards feature Giant XOXO with cute critters and sentiments from Bugs and Kisses! These cards are so bright and happy!

With a traditional Valentine theme of hearts plus lots of pink and red, Latisha‘s card updates the sweet old Valentine vibe! Quilted Heart Backdrop: Portrait is so perfect as the starting point for the sparkly Giant Be My Valentine!

Elise also had the idea to pair the Giant XOXO with the pretty Quilted Heart Backdrop! I love how she added 3 die cuts, in graduated shades from light to dark! So simply beautiful!

Using a bold color combo of black and red, Lynnette created a striking Giant Be My Valentine design! The Gingham Backdrops are perfect for adding the look of “buffalo plaid” giving the adorable Scent with Love skunks a fun background!

Kara worked her amazing design magic to create this fantastic Giant XOXO design She used lots of frosty textures included Pixie Dust Sparkle for the die cut, Let it Shine Snowflakes silver foiled paper and a shiny silver-embossed sentiment! You will also want to check back on Monday to see how she transformed our new Tiny Gift Box Skunk Add-On into this adorable yeti! It’s so clever!

Audrey‘s Giant XOXO card is so fun! It makes me smile with its Simple Stripes: Portrait background and inking sentiment die cut! She included lots of charm with Say What? Pets and Critter Chatter: Pets!

This Giant Be My Valentine card by Melissa is so cheery! I love the Really Rainbow paper in the background, also how sweet is that skunk holding a rose!

Wow, Elena‘s design is so adorable! She used an Outside In Stitched Heart to create a fun shaker window flanked by the two cute skunks! The Giant XOXO gives them the perfect place to stand!

And here’s another awesome shaker card, this time featuring Giant Be My Valentine! Grace gave her gorgeous card some shiny detail by cutting the greeting from metallic gold cardstock and then filling the shaker with beautiful Chunky Glitter!

Now, I have a little video to introduce Giant XOXO and Giant Be My Valentine! I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Giant XOXO and Giant Be My Valentine! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if you make Valentine cards for friends by December 8th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Sunday December 5th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, and Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

Valentine 2022 Release Products will be available on December 9th!
Giant XOXO
Giant Be My Valentine

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390 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Giant XOXO and Giant Be My Valentine

  1. I love to make valentine cards for friends as there is so much cute stamps and dies use. These new big sentiments will make r eating valentine cards a lot easier. 😍

  2. I love making valentine’s day cards for one and ALL !!! BEST WAY TO GOVE OUT LOVE IN THE WORLD !!!
    Be it friends, family, roommates, boyfriend, boyfriend’s parents, milkman, , neighbours… If I like you, you are getting a card from Me 😁

  3. I make valentine’s day cards for my grandchildren and some type of treat project for their classmates! Just loving this release and the bold xoxo. Love the scripty xoxo, but this new one is such a great addition.

    1. I make Valentine’s for my hubby, two sons and the little kids I take care of. Thanks so much for your kindness and generosity.

  4. I enjoy making Valentines Day Cards for Friends and Family!, the giant sentiments are a perfect addition to add to your crafty Valentine Day stash!

  5. I like making Valentine’s cards and treat toppers/holders for my husband and sons. I imagine they’ll include skunks in 2022.

  6. I only make a Valentine card for my husband. However, with some of these cute stamp sets it would be easy to make some for family and close friends.

  7. Yes I make valentines for friends, I just love pink all year and this is my favorite kind of card! And Halloween 🎃

  8. We usually only make valentine’s cards for family members. However, little kids will sometimes make little notes for their friends.

  9. Yes I do valentine cards are so much fun to make I love reds and pinks for valentines.
    The cards today were so much fun to lo9k at thanks designers

  10. The XOXO is great although I’m known for writing XXOO, so I would modify that 🙂 The ideas are wonderful. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. I don’t usually make valentines cards. But the skunks and all the hearts are just so stinkin cute I might have to step up my game. Lol

  12. I make Valentines for my niece, nephew, husband & residents at the nursing home near me. I love the Giant messages dies!

  13. I make Valentines for my kids and all my many nieces and nephews. It’s so much fun; it my favorite holiday to make cards for 💌

  14. I only make them for my boyfriend. Sometimes for my mom. But that’s it. I would love to have more time so I could do more.

  15. I usually only make a Valentine’s Day card for my spouse. I have been sending cards for a nursing home, so this year I will probably create a few for the residents.

  16. I haven’t ever made any valentines cards for anyone yet since I don’t own any valentines sets, but these new sentiments are amazing! I’m definitely going to have to pick them up on release day!

  17. I make cards for my adult children and a few older relatives. Snail mail is great to put a smile on their faces.

  18. I only make a Valentine card for my hubby – usually. Every once in awhile I’ll make one for my nieces & nephews, but they’re all getting older now (and 6 are young men – need I say more? haha). But I could sit here all day looking at the super cute & beautiful inspiration!!

  19. Love these! They would make card making so simple. I love making valentines cards. They are just so fun and a great time of year to let those you care about know you are thinking of them!

  20. I do to make Valentine’s for my friends. Although my husband and I do not give gifts at Valentine’s Day, I do make him a card.

  21. Of course I make Valentines for friends and family… any excuse to make a card and I’m there!
    Darling release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I made Valentine’s card for my husband last year! This release is so Awesome that I want make more than just for my husband this year! Definitely want these amazing giant dies! Everyone’s cards are stunning and full of inspirations!

  23. I would love to make Valentine’s Cards for friends, but I have two children with birthdays in February, so I am lucky to get Valentine’s cards made for my family. I do make about 10 to send to siblings and children. I love the new valentine things in this release.

  24. These large sentiments make fab focal points on these sweet cards. I usually make Valentine notes for the girls in my Scout troop.

  25. Typically, I just make valentines for my family. 😍 These are some neat products and I absolutely adore the quilted heart backdrop and the quilted heart heart! So fun to see the slimline larger and longer sentiments!

  26. I usually don’t have time to make cards for all my close friends, so I keep it to my partner and family.
    Loving the giant messages with the mini slimline format!!

  27. I love making valentine cards for my family and friends! Because I work at an Elementary school, I make Valentine’s for the kids in the classroom as well! This release will make Valentine’s super fun to make!

  28. Sometimes I make Valentine’s Day cards for friends, but almost always for my mom, sister and kids, and always for my husband.

  29. I have made Valentine’s cards for friends. Lots of ideas on today’s post for sure. Those skunks are adorable!

  30. I make valentines cards for lots of people and these dies will definitely make it more fun. Thanks for the chance to win.

  31. These are so cute!! I make Valentine Cards for all my grands, nieces and a few small cousins ! All the littles! ❤️❤️😘😘😍😍

  32. I make Valentines for my grandkids to take to their classmates, for friends and family and most importantly for my husband! Your creative staff are wonderful!

  33. The only Valentine’s Day cards I make
    will be those that I demonstrate for my
    card making class. At my age, most
    of my friends are gone and I see the
    family around the holiday. Fun
    release. thanks for sharing

  34. Most of my Valentine cards go to family. Love all the cute Lawn Fawn products coming out!! My have to start sending them to friends too.

  35. I love Kara’s creative and fantastic yeti card! I can’t believe that started out as a little skunk. Fabulous! I don’t usually make Valentine cards, but these are all amazing!

  36. My card making abilities depend on how my back is because I am physically disabled from a failed spinal fusion surgery. If I am able, I’d love to make Valentine’s cards this coming year!

  37. I love to make valentine cards, and Lawn Fawn is always my go-to choice for stamps and dies. You make the best! Plus you give me so many cute ideas.

  38. Yes, I make Valentine cards for friends. It’s also my son’s birthday so I make a Valentine Birthday card for him!

  39. I make Valentine’s cards for just one of my friends just because she and I love making cards haha. I’m not too big on Valentine’s.

  40. Wonderful cards and new products. I don’t make them for friends but I do make them for hubby, daughter and granddaughter.

  41. I only make valentine’s day cards for my husband, sending them to my friends would be sort of weird from where I live 😂

  42. Ove making cards for friends and family no matter what season! Extra cards for my hubby sine 2/14 is his birthday!

  43. I started making valentine cards last year with your Special Delivery set for family and friends. I think I will continue next year too!

  44. I have a group of fellow crafters and we usually make each other small cards or tags with little treats for each other!

  45. I used to at the elementary age but now there’s really not even a “celebration” – just chocolate (works for me!)

  46. Love all the inspiration from the designers! So creative. I used to make Valentine’s Day cards for friends but have gotten away from it recently. Maybe this year I’ll begin again! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  47. I make Valentine cards for our nieces and nephews children. Every year it gets harder to find something to enclose that won’t cost a fortune to mail.

  48. I do! I especially like making the animal boxes as Valentine Advent calendars and putting a little treat inside and a heart on the top with the number.

  49. I don’t make many valentine cards but I make little treat boxes for my son’s class as well as the school personnel. So fun!

  50. I am loving this release so far! So many wonderful goodies coming our way!! I enjoying making Valentine’s cards for family and friends.

  51. So cute! Yes, this year I made and mailed Valentine’s cards to my friends because the pandemic was hard on everyone and I think we need to normalize platonic love! So i made little valentines and told everyone how much I love them and appreciate their friendship.

  52. Great dies! I make Valentines to give to nursing homes and hospice facilities in my area. Sometimes I make some for friends and family as well.

  53. Who doesn’t remember giving and receiving sweet Valentines messages as children! My grandchildren love to get cards!

  54. I don’t usually make valentine cards but I do use the stamps to make wedding cards! These new ones are going to be so much fun!!

  55. My little one and I work together to make valentines for her classmates but I do not make any for my friends. I do make them for my family though.

  56. Yes, I love making and sending valentine cards to my friends and family to let them know I’m thinking of them and how much they mean to me!

  57. I don’t typically make Valentine’s cards for my friends, but I plan to make a card for my husband (it’s also our anniversary), and my young grandson. If I had these cute stamps, I’d have to make more however!

  58. I look forward to making valentines every year!! I’m sad my daughter is out of elementary school because I loved making them for her classmates!!

    These 2 new dies are amazing

  59. I make Valentine’s cards for friends and family! It’s a great way to remind those who mean the most, that we love them.

  60. I always make Valentines for family and friends. That heart border is absolutely adorable! A must have for my heart collection.

  61. I have made Galentines for my friends 2 years now and plan to again in 2022. It’s a great winter activity for me!

  62. I always make Valentine’s cards for my kids and my husband but not usually for friends. Sometimes for other family members (my sisters and nieces) but may I’ll do some friend ones this year!

  63. I haven’t made Valentine’s for friends in a long time. I usually just make them for my family, especially my son who lives out on his own now.

  64. When we all still worked in the office I oved to eave “secret” valentines. Not sure if I will do them this year.

  65. I can’t wait to see how you transformed the Skunk add on into the Yeti!!!! You have to know that that would catch my eye being your #1 FAN. And, yes!!! I make Valentines Projects and Cards for my Niece, Great Niece and Great Nephew and Friends…But, probably not so much this year as Covid is re-hitting Michigan hard again.
    I can’t wait to see more. Yippy Skippy!!!

  66. I don’t make any for my friends but I do have a couple friends that would probably love to receive a card like this!

  67. Grandkids and I use to make them for their classes but they’re all grown now. I make a few for very close friends only!

  68. I don’t make many Valentine’s cards anymore, although my kids and nieces may get some surprises in the mail. 🙂

  69. HI, Love all these examples. Thanks for sharing them!!
    Yes, I do make valentines for my hubby, parents, and a few other friends and family. I make maybe 12-15 in all.
    Looking forward to the new XOXO since I sign that way on cards all the time.
    Lori S in PA

  70. I used to make Valentines for Vets but I couldn’t many helpers so I had to give it up. Sometimes I make them for friends and relatives.

  71. I make many Valentine’s Cards – a couple for friends and then 60 for my kids’ classmates – 3 kids, 20 kids in each class plus 3 teachers. It is a great time/excuse to bust out all the fun cute sets and play!! Fun January project!

  72. I do make Valentines cards for my friends, family, and my kids from Sunday School. It is so much fun. I love using Lawn Fawn products too!

  73. I try to make cards for friends for Valentine’s, i like sentiments that reflect friendship on Valentines.

  74. Love these!! Super cute!!!
    Can’t wait to get these! I love that you are making bigger sentiments! I love making bigger cards like 6×6 or 5×7 and these are perfect for the bigger cards!!

  75. Actually, we do not send any Valentine’s cards, but I love the “Giant Be My Valentine” die. So, I may will send a card this year to my bestie.

  76. I usually make Valentine cards for my sons’ classmates. I only have my youngest son to create this for but I do look forward to it every year. Love the backdrop! So excited for your release.

  77. I do make Valentine cards for friends and family. Some years I make more than others – some years I just make one for my hubby and son. I’m hoping to make more this year – especially after seeing all these great examples!

  78. These XOXO dies are awesome! I do make Valentine’s cards. Sometimes I create little giftie packages instead of cards but I mostly do cards. I love all of these new products! THANK YOU Kelly Marie, Erica, and Mike!

  79. I love to make valentine cards!! It’s a special day, my mom’s Birthday. Wow these are such fun projects!! Love the giant word sentiments.

  80. So cute!! I do send valentine cards to family and friends and also to the students in my class! I’m a first Grade teacher!! ❤️

  81. Might make a Valentine’s card for my friend this year. I am really loving the ‘Be My Valentine’ die. Perfect for the oh so popular Mini Slimline & Slimline cards.

  82. I’m starting some Valentine’s cards for an organization that sends cards to seniors. These big dies will be so fun to use!

  83. I just love all of your cute little characters! They have such sweet expressions on their faces. Your designers are simply amazing! Can’t wait to get my new sets.

  84. I make valentines for a couple of close friends and for my adult kids ( still) ! I love the big sentiments and the DT did an amazing job- so much inspiration ❤️

  85. I do! I make Valentine’s day card to my dad even he passed away 17 years ago, every year, my best friend and my godmother. Always! <3 This big script dies always come in handy! <3

  86. Only one card for my hubby. But XOOXO is very dear to me. My mom used to always sign her cards OXox so I have for years too. I cannot find it easy to say X first, so I laugh and think of mom every time I flip Xo around to its PROPER OxOx. Tee hee

  87. I make valentine cards for my grandchildren, children, husband, and friends to let them know I’m thinking of them. It is always nice to get a paper hug.

  88. Lately I’ve been making a Valentine’s Day card only for my hubby. This year though, I will be making a bunch to send off to soldiers so they can send to their loved ones.

  89. I make only a few Valentine Cards but I’m hoping this year to make some for my friends, the Seniors and troops. My goal is to make more cards next year. Thanks for the chance to win m. Good luck everyone.

  90. I do make Valentine cards for my friends, what better way for them to show their love if not with the cards (I made)? 😍

  91. Valentine’s Day cards will be going out to seniors in nursing homes in February. Looking forward to using some of this new release on their cards!

  92. Love the large sentiment dies!!! I make Valentine’s for my grandchildren.. But not normally my friends. Unless there is a specific thing going on.

  93. I love to do Valentine cards for my coworkers and family. I now have a grandson that is in preschool so I am super excited to help make things for his classmates & teachers

  94. I love to make love cards for people I care about, so I use hearts and love sentiments year round, but I seldom make valentines cards.

  95. I only make a couple of Valentine cards but what I love about Lawn Fawn is the stamp set can be used for so many different occasions. I LOVE Valentine cards tho, I get so much inspiration from your videos.

  96. I don’t make Valentine’s Day cards as I actually don’t celebrate that holiday, even with my husband – we show our love for each other and our families all throughout the year, so making a big deal of it on one day doesn’t really make sense to us.
    However in saying that, I love the giant XOXO for a ‘Thinking of You’, ‘Thank You’, or ‘Just because’ card that can be sent at any time of the year. I love that they can be so versatile and not limited to one use only.

  97. Yes! I definitely make Valentine’s cards for friends.
    I love making cards and this gives me a chance to let them know how important they are to me.

  98. I haven’t made valentine’s day cards for many years. I do try to at least make one for my hubby and kiddos.

  99. I usually only make 1 or 2 Valentine cards a year, but with stamp sets this stinkin’ cute I’d be making more ❤

  100. I don’t make Valentine’s for my friends, and I don’t really need valentine’s stamps since my kids are older. Could you guys always include a non valentine phrase in each set so we can multipurpose it? 🙂

  101. I am a teacher, so the valentines I usually make are for my students. My favorite ones were the ones I made with the Woodland Critter Huggers dies. I made them into wolves, our school mascot. They were a howl! ;0)

  102. I do like to make Valentine cards. I don’t always but have been trying to do better. I think I got cards out the last two years. My goal is to continue my streak. I want to use the cereal bowl, so cute!

  103. I do make Valentine cards for many friends and family. I want them to know how much I care about them and Lawn Fawn products help with each card. Thanks so much!

  104. I would love to make my friends and family Valentine cards coming year! Especially with these amazing new dies and stamps! I am going to make that a priority in 2022!

  105. I usually just make a valentine’s day card for my husband but this year I might make some punny ones for my close friends if I have enough time!

  106. Wow 🤩 Valentines isn’t really a thing here in Sweden, but I do usually try to do something romantic with my boyfriend.
    Maybe this year I’ll make a few cards for friends and family so that I can play with this new release ☺️

  107. Loving the inspiration! I like to make Valentines Day cards for friends, and my kiddo loves to raid my LF stash to make valentines for their class.

  108. I love to make cards for friends as it gives me an excuse to make multiple pink cards which is my favourite color. 💕

  109. Great cards. I love making cards for family and friends for Valentines day; they don’t always get sent out on time but I enjoy making personalized valentines.

  110. I love making Valentine cards for my family and grandchildren. I love the new quilted heart backdrops and the giant XOXO and Be My Valentine. The skunk setting is absolutely adorable!

  111. I’ve made Valentine cards for my best friend before. I should make them for other people too, but it takes me so long to make a card that I usually only make just that one for her!

  112. I don’t tend to make valentines cards for my friends but lots of people ask me to make cards for them, for their partners!!

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