Lawn Fawn Intro: Let it Shine Starry Skies

Hello and welcome to September Inspiration Week! Our Fall & Winter 2022 Release with 12 new stamp sets, 20 new Lawn Cuts sets, 3 new stencil sets, 2 new paper collections, and more exciting new products is available now at your favorite store and! Woohoo! This week we will continue to introduce and highlight the new sets with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways! Then in October we will introduce the rest of the Fall & Winter 2022 Release!

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Today we are shining the spotlight on our shiny foiled Let it Shine Starry Skies paper collection! This beautiful paper collection features gold-foiled stars and gorgeous colors! The versatile 12″X12″ collection pack includes 2 each of 6 papers featuring double-sided starry patterns. And we also have a 6″x6″ petite paper pack with the same beautiful pattern in a reduced size. These patterns are perfect for adding a shiny star-filled backdrop to all your projects.

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing this new paper collection! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details! And leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Elena‘s spooktacular Halloween card features Pumpkin House beneath a beautiful starry sky! Also included in this fun scene are ghosts from Simply Celebrate Fall and a fun Spooky Village sentiment!

Marine started with Let it Shine Starry Skies paper for the base of her Peekaboo Pop-Up card! Then she created a super fun winter scene combining Snow Cool, Snowball Fight, Penguin Party and Yeti or Not!

Melissa Mann used Let it Shine Starry Skies papers with Knit Picky Winter paper to create a beautiful layout! The colors of the paper complement her photos perfectly! She combined Oliver’s Stitched ABCs and 123s to create a fun page title!

Lynnette‘s beautiful birthday card is so quick and easy to make! She paired Starry Skies paper with Giant Happy Birthday! The gold metallic cardstock looks so great with the gold foil stars!

Latisha‘s holiday card is so gorgeous! Let it Shine Starry Skies provides the lovely pattern while Giant Happy Hanukkah sends the greeting! I love how she ink blended on the Twinkling White panel! Then she added multiple layers of the giant greeting to add even more detail to this simple design.

Melissa Stinson’s charming Halloween scrapbook page uses our new Let it Shine Starry Skies paper as a pretty accent. She also used the gold foiled paper to frame one of her photos. Giant Trick or Treat provides the title while Full Moon vellum pieces add spooky detail!

Grace‘s slimline Build-A-Snowman card is so amazing! She used Copic markers to give the snow people and Finley’s ABCs lots of color! Then she layered everything on the B side of Twinkling Navy paper as the dramatic nighttime sky.

No time to create an epic card scene? Just pop some cute Fangtastic Friends on a Let it Shine Starry Skies background, then add a quick and easy Scripty Birthday greeting and you’re good to go! I love that Elise used these cute bats on her delightful birthday card, so clever!

Melissa M is back with another gorgeous scrapbook layout! This design features a pleasing grid pattern with layered circles in Let it Shine Starry Skies paper and coordinating cardstock.

Tammy used the starry paper as a base for a fun winter design! She layered a cute Build-A-Snowman and Giant Let it Snow on top, then she added pretty silvery accent snowflakes from Snow Flurries Backdrop!

Audrey created a striking card with gold metallic cardstock to coordinate with the gold foil patterned paper. She used Giant Thank You and some Simple Puffy Clouds to make a lovely thank you card! Then she added the Puffy Cloud Frames in gold cardstock and the cute heart to finish her card with some whimsy!

Yainea combined 3 shades of Let it Shine Starry Skies paper for her “anytime” card! Her sweet design also proves that the Fangtastic Friends critters are perfect for any time of year!

Twinkling Aqua is the perfect backdrop for Rebecca’s Snowball Fight scene on a fun Peekaboo Pop-Up card!

Intro Video

And now I have a quick video to introduce this beautiful paper collection, Let it Shine Starry Skies! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Let it Shine Starry Skies paper collection! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your idea of a perfect crafting day by September 21st at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday, September 20th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! We love to read your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one of them puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys so much!


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332 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Let it Shine Starry Skies

  1. The perfect craft day would be the day after I clean my craft space, so everything is easy to find, I have a full cup of hot tea to drink and there’s a bit of rain pattering the window😌

  2. My perfect crafting day would include my little Maltese dog hanging out in my craft room with me while I either sew or create cards. It would be perfect if it was raining out, as then I wouldn’t feel “guilty” for spending the day indoors!

  3. Love the ghost coming out of the pumpkin. My perfect craft day would be to go to Kelly Marie’s craft room and create with her. Seriously.

    1. A perfect crafting day would be at a snowy mountain cabin with my best friends and a warm fireplace while we stay snug and warm inside

    1. My perfect crating day would be sitting by the window on a rainy day coloring cute images , making cards and listening to music.

  4. Perfect day – it’s hot, but not too hot. Calming music in the background, cat in my lap and I’m free whole weekend for crafting 😀

  5. Nice inspiration by the Design Team again!

    My perfect crafting day would start with brunch while I look through my favorite craft blogs and IG. Then I would turn on YouTube while I stamp, die cut and color the day away. I would not worry about the mess I made because the crafty cleaning fairy would take care of it.

  6. The perfect crafting day would be when there’s no other urgent chores, it’s raining outside, and the tea keeps getting magically replenished. 🙂

  7. My perfect crafting day is making cards when everything just ‘goes right’ and to plan, then I feel like I have really achieved something 😃

  8. Being able to make as many cards and scrapbook pages as possible, with my music playing and all of my favorite foods without being interrupted by anyone. If I could paint that would be a plus.

  9. I have the perfect set up at my work counter with everything neatly around me and it is definitely rainy or snowy, so I don’t even have to feel guilty about not leaving home… and favorite movies are running in the background, though I don’t pay any attention; my computer has my LF inspiration pulled up and I have a nice big Diet Coke while I work on a multitude of projects! (Prolly 1 gets done if I am lucky!)

  10. The perfect crafting day would be with my friends at a retreat that we go to! The temps would be cooler (because I’m so ready for some fall temps). We would stamp the day away and use each other’s goodies! SO.MUCH.FUN!

  11. Perfect day would be crafting at the beach with cool weather, with walks on the beach and lots of hot beverages to fuel the creativity flow!

  12. These papers are so lovely, great ideas for using them on these cards. My perfect crafting day will involve only crafting, no cooking, cleaning, laundry or errands. A crafty friend will be a lovely addition.

  13. My perfect day of crafting would be spent creating with no interruptions and nothing going wrong. The projects turn out as perfectly as I see them in my mind.

  14. A perfect crafting day would be any day that I spend time being creative – I don’t always have time to be in my craft room but I try to be creative in other ways every day – With cooking, h0me decor etc

  15. Honestly, I’d just love some uninterrupted time… having someone to organize put away my supplies while I craft on would be extra nice, but not expected LOL

  16. My perfect crafting day would be a day with no work or pending cookie orders and a nice long day ahead of creating with Kpop filling the air.

  17. My perfect crafting days are one’s where i have a virtual class to hang out in with other crafters.

    I am excited that i have a whole 3 day weekend of this coming up soon. Btw thanks for supporting events like Crop and Create Delivered!!

  18. The perfect crafting day would be when my chores and exercise is done and I can go into my craft room and have zero interruptions or guilt. I turn the tv on and have my iPad ready for ideas and craft away.

  19. The perfect crafting day would be having the space to myself, no distractions, and the creativity working in my favor. Love the paper. The ideas are so inspiring.

  20. My perfect crafting day would be when I can spread out all my crafting goodies on the dining room table and play my music loud!

  21. I am lucky enough to have my perfect crafting day twice a year! My friends and I attend a crop locally for a few days twice a year. It’s so nice to be surrounded by lots of other creative people and craft till we drop!

  22. My perfect crafting day is heading off to a local retreat with friends- meals are provided, distractions are at a minimum, and we all bring a good portion of our stashes and we just enjoy all the creative energy (I have one coming up in 10 days!) I am excited.

  23. A perfect craft day for me is either taking stuff to work on to the library, or having my husband take the kids somewhere for awhile so I can work alone! 😊

  24. My perfect crafting day is any day when I actually get out my crafting supplies and set up my table and get crafting. Even if I spend time first organising my supplies or storage containers and don’t get much actual crafting done, I still feel productive. Of course, being able to complete a card or two (or three or four) is even better!

  25. Great inspiration. An excellent crafting day would be watching my favorite shows, loads of productive crafting chaos and my cat laying in his favorite chair oblivious to the world around him.

  26. The perfect crafting day would be a day when someone else made all the meals and did all the work so I could sit in my room and not feel guilty! lol

  27. My perfect crafty day would be a rainy, chilly day where I can have hot chocolate and a warm blanket. Sitting by the window so I can see it rain!

  28. My perfect crafting day is when it’s sunny but cool. I can have the window open with a nice breeze and listen to some good music to get the creative juices flowing!

  29. Right now it’s been so busy, Any time would be my favorite. Undisturbed with no gotta go commitments looming about. A cup of tea, a treat and unlimited time.

  30. My perfect crafting day would be free of chores, my cat would be by my side and someone would bring me food in not too long intervals 😀

  31. When summer turns into autumn/fall, when the afternoons are getting darker and darker, when it’s rainy and windy… ahh, then it’s just perfect to stay in my craft room.
    Love this new paper!!!!

  32. My perfect crafting day happens normally on a Saturday or Sunday where I have time to start and finish a card. I also enjoyed quality time with my kitties during crafting time, they liked to sit in the window and sunbathe. My Sophie (16- cancer) and Isabelle (18) passed away earlier this year.

  33. Perfect day would be starting in a clean room, cool weather so the windows could be open, no one else home, and loud music! Love this paper, it’s the best you’ve ever had!!

  34. My perfect crafting day is any day that ends in “y”!! Actually my perfect crafting day is any snowy or rainy day when I can have uninterrupted time in my craft room – relaxing piano music playing quietly in the background – a nice hot cup of coffee and some treats close by – and of course I have my Ugg slippers on!

  35. My perfect crafting day would be having the whole day to make cards, maybe some rain or snow out the window, ready-made snacks (pizza?) in the kitchen, and some music. If my granddaughter could craft with me, that would be a bonus!

  36. The perfect day would be to have nobody else in the house, lunch and dinner ready or delivered, and a great playlist on the radio.

  37. I absolutely love a day when I’m at a Crafting retreat weekend with friends and I can spend hours into the night until I just can’t go anymore; that’s when I get the most creative!

  38. My perfect crafting day is everyday lol!! It can be sunny, rainy, snowy or cloudy! But I do luv it when the sun is coming through the windows!! Can be with friends or alone with an audio book. Crafting makes me smile and gives me peace💚💚💚

  39. Love these beautiful papers! Fabulous creations to show it off!
    My perfect crafting day would begin with my discovery that someone had cleaned off my crafting table and put everything away in the right place!

  40. My perfect craft day would include my husband in the other room watching football so I don’t feel guilty, easy listening station on Pandora, my favorite cocktail and all day to make cards!

  41. My perfect crafting day is when my sisters and I plan a make-n-take day. we pick a theme we each design one or two cards, make kits for everyone and make them together. A lot of fun and we get to catch up each other’s families and just have fun !!!!!

  42. My perfect crafty day would be where someone else feeds the family, plus me and I get to get in the zone all day with my favorite movies playing in the background.

  43. Perfect crafting day is day with no other responsibilities so I can just take my time and let the creative juices flow.

  44. My perfect crafty day would be with all of my crafty friends. Spending time creating, catching up and having an amazing time!

  45. A perfect crafting day would be …waking up, pajamas on, go to my craft space and just create with noone bothering me, nothing to worry about, nothing to do but be creative. No distractions, no worries, just me and my crafts.

  46. The perfect crafty day for me is every day! I am blessed to be retired and am able to make something every day. Love the new papers – so pretty!

  47. My perfect crafting day would be one in which I didn’t have to worry about anything else for the day and could spend the entire day making cards with my sister.

  48. A perfect crafting Saturday would be a very bright day, but not nice enough to spend the day outdoors.
    An inspiring class, or get together between crafty friends, and maybe create about 12 -20 cards. Let’s knock a year of birthday cards, or special Christmas cards. Or we could just do summer fun cards.

  49. A perfect crafting day is once a month when my mom and I get together and work on whatever project takes our fancy. It started out being for Christmas cards but I rarely work on just Christmas cards.

  50. Any day where I find “extra” time is wonderful to spend in the crafting room but it’s especially relaxing when it’s a yucky day outside!

  51. A perfect crafting day is a day where I have nothing else to do and can focus solely on the project – there’d be music, snacks, and a craft supplies tornado afterwards!

  52. My perfect crafting day: home alo e. Wake up very early and craft with coffee. Take a quick nap. Have a little lunch and craft for a couple more hours. Take another nap. Iced coffee and crafting in the afternoon. Have a bit of supper and craft until bed time. (Ha!)

  53. Oh! Perfect crafting day….always hot cup of coffee, someone else cooking lunch & supper, 80’s dance playlist on spotify and no interruptions!

  54. A perfect crafting day would include; no cooking, no interruptions, a bright/breezy room to craft in, and supplies within reach.

  55. A perfect crafting day is a class at my LSS Scrappy Chic Livonia. I just had one on Saturday, another one coming up on October 1. It even makes it better when Jenn Shurkus is teaching! I hope to see her in 2023.

  56. Such a great paper set – one of my favourites! Any day being able to craft is a great day. But one where my craft room is magically completely clean and organized, allowing me to just craft would be a great day. One day I’ll be there.

  57. My perfect crafting day would be when my hubs is out and about for the afternoon. Oooo. And I can play w embossing powder and a heat gun. (He worries that sound means I’ll burn the house down.) I watch all the videos, and I just want to make white type. Bwah ha ha.

  58. My perfect crafting day would be when my hubs is out and about for the afternoon. Oooo. And I can play w embossing powder and a heat gun. (He worries that sound means I’ll burn the house down.) I watch all the videos, and I just want to make white type. Bwah ha ha.

  59. This paper is gorgeous! I can’t wait to play with it. My perfect craft day would be a nice clean craft room with everyone out of the house and nothing to think about but coloring.

  60. My perfect crafting day would really be a whole weekend when my friend and I get together to make cards, try new techniques (or refresh our memories on older ones), or scrapbook. Win, win anyway we do it!

  61. The perfect crafting day would be one in which I could create all day with no interruptions or obligations like running errands, cooking, working…

  62. Every day is a good crafting day, but it’s really perfect when your thoughts for a card idea play out before your eyes and it’s perfect.

  63. A perfect crafting day is any one when my prep work is done and I can join in the fun with either a Create With Us session or one of Jenn Shurkus’ classes. I am so much better about crafting when I have this structure and am creating just for the fun of it – not because I have to get a card in the mail 5 minutes ago. LOL.

  64. My perfect crafting day would be a full day in my craft room sipping coffee with my daughters designing cards, catching up, and creating things together.

  65. My perfect crafting day happens when the days are shorter and I’ve been crafting so intently that I look up and realize it’s already dark outside.

  66. My pervert crafting day would be a day that starts out with a clean craft desk and counter. A crafty friend would come over and we would spend the day crafting. I would have all the supplies needed to make whatever I choose to make that day. There would be no interruptions or distractions from others demanding my attention that day.

  67. My perfect crafting day would start with a clean craft room and end with a pile of completed projects! In between I would use my favorite stamping supplies and listen to some great music.

  68. The perfect craft day will be when I get this splint off my arm and I can start making cards again🤗
    The cards are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  69. A perfect crafting day would be; no chores to be done, house all to myself, cold outside, fire going inside, hot caramel latte!

  70. My perfect crafting day would consist of enjoying time independently in my space listening to music while creating a masterpiece. My family would make their own meals and bring me snacks and meals. It would also consist of a few hours crafting with my granddaughter.

  71. My perfect crafting day would be spending the day making cards and scrapbooking with my mom. We would order take out and have coffee in the morning and have minimal distractions for our crafting day. It would be even better if it were 2 days so I didn’t have to clean everything up until the next day 🙂

  72. Perfect day would be to have someone cook and
    serve my meals to me. Clean up their messes
    when they are finished. turn the phone off
    and leave me alone to do whatever craft I want
    to do.

  73. My perfect craft day would be filled with music, unlimited supplies, lots of glitter and a table full of friends! Never craft alone!! xoxo

  74. My perfect crafting day is Mondays. Everyone else goes off to work and school and I have the day off (like today!) So I can spend the whole day at my desk watching inspiring YouTube tutorials and craft with my loved Lawn Fawn supplies…. Just perfect. The day will be even better if I hear the rain drumming against the window and enjoying a hot coffee

  75. The perfect crafting day would have no commitments or interruptions of any sort. In other words, I don’t have to pick up or drop off any kids. I’m not needed for homework or a project. I don’t have any work obligations. Then I would crank my 80s music. The day would need to be very sunny. My favorite room to craft in has the most amazing natural light. I truly see colors, sparkle and shine when I craft in that room. It’s unbelievable how much lighting affects coloring and the creative process. I would love to get a lot done. Also, since this is a fantasy, I would love a craft room. (I don’t currently have one.) And, when I have to take a break to snack, I can eat chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin spice Bundt cake and brownies without gaining a pound,

  76. My perfect crafting day is the day(s) I spend with my daughter doing cards. We have so much fun together and it’s interesting to see the different aspects of doing the same card!

  77. My perfect crafting day= my crafty friends, no chores, plenty of inspiration, enough desk space and never running out of anything! plus meals provided.

  78. My perfect crafting day would be at the coast, with ocean view and friends. Crafting all day with a break in between to walk on the beach.

  79. These cards and layouts are great! I love this paper collection. 🙂 My perfect crafting day would be a whole day to myself to make cards…with a clean crafting area so I didn’t have to keep searching for lost supplies 😀

  80. My perfect craft day will be having my daughter come visit me and we spend the day making cards together. She lives two states away and will be here for my birthday first time in five years!

  81. Yesterday! A small group of crafty friends got together and each person instructed the others in a card they had designed. In the end we had 6 cards to take home AND it rained all day!!

  82. A perfect crafting day would be a day when I have no immediate chores to do and I don’t have to make dinner, just craft all day!

  83. A perfect crafting day would involve me not having any other commitments (dog training, work, housecleaning, etc) and be able to just hunker down in my craft’s room and create!

  84. The perfect craft day is when its raining outside.I have my favorite candle going in the corner, a cup of hot tea and a new stamp and die set in front of me just waiting for to be used💕😊

  85. The perfect crafting day is when it is raining or snowing outside. A warm cup of tea, hubby makes the meals and I can just craft all day with no interruptions! Hubby would even refill my teacup!

  86. My perfect crafty day would have biscuits and gravy for breakfast with my dad, followed by a massive card making session, Olive Garden To Go for lunch, followed by another massive card making session! I’d have something light for dinner and keep crafting deep into the night!

  87. I need a crafting day with all of my supplies perfectly organized and a bunch of projects that I can complete quickly with lots of good food and fun. Maybe even squeeze in an online class or two!

  88. I love all of the ideas for using this paper collection! My perfect craft day is crafting on a snowy day since holiday cards are my favorite 🙂

  89. My perfect crafting day would begin in a large clean craft room with all the supplies needed and a couple of friends to craft and chat with.

  90. That’s a fun one! A fall crafting day with a large cup of cider or cocoa next to our fireplace, and no distractions (I see I’m not alone in this! 😄) — while getting to join in on some of the Live card sessions like Create with Us. So simple — yet something that seems hard for so many of us to attain.

  91. LOVE this paper! September is my official “Costume Making Month” so I’ve been sewing, gluing, spray painting, making stuff out of foam, and hot glue everywhere! But I used to go to all weekend long retreats for scrapbooking, gosh I miss those! Scrapbooking until like 3 am, then going again in the morning and going till late enjoying drinks with my friends. So much fun!

  92. Perfect crafting day? A rainy day at home with lots of tea, some music or a movie in the background and me sitting on the floor with a big mess of crafting supplies in a circle around me.

  93. I LOVE these new papers! My perfect crafting day is having all my images colored up and just getting to put together the “Card” part with fun backgrounds and layouts!

  94. My perfect crafting day would be a whole day with no other distractions or responsibilities, food being made for me, and where I could just chill and craft, & play fun music! Aka make a mess and hopefully have someone else clean it up! 😅

  95. A nice, rainy day with no where to go . Some uninterrupted time with a bunch of new products to play with (by Lawn Fawn, of course)

  96. I have moved house in July, hence my crafty goodies have been in boxes for weeks now. In the new house, we have on-going renovations, which will probably take another few weeks (at least the ones where my crafty corner will go to)… So, at this point, my perfect crafting day would be ANY day! 🙂 I miss creating so much!

  97. my perfect crafting day is when I get to spend a whole day crafting. No other distractions and with some nice music on. Something to drink and snack close to me, so I don’t have to leave my space to often.

  98. My perfect crafting day would be 24 hours of uninterrupted.time to create. Food already made ready to go so I don’t.have to stop to.think what to make or prepare it, all the house work done, phone turned off some turned up.and some snacks, lollies and chocolate. All the craft supplies I could possibly need so I don’t run out of adhesive, cardstock etc An added bonus would be if I had 1 of every Lawn Fawn Stamp and die set and all the ink pads cardstock, etc too to give me endless possibilities.
    My main craft frustration is having heaps of ideas but not all the supplies or time I need or want

  99. Well my perfect crafting day consists of rain or snow outside, music playing in the background, a clean desk and no interruptions for hours 🙂 A girl can dream 🙂

  100. A perfect day of crafting for me would be a whole day of uninterrupted time to focus on whatever craft I choose to do during the day. It might be cross stitching or stamping. A cup of tea would be a must, especially with cooler weather coming soon for us in the northern part of the country!

  101. For me a perfect crafting day would be to at a crop event with other Lawn Fawn lovers. Sharing ideas, techniques and helping each other if we’re missing that one item to make our projects perfect.

  102. A perfect crafting day would be a crafting getaway with tons of supplies to use and with friends who are like minded crafters.

  103. A perfect crafting day would be right after I’ve cleaned and organised my craft space, and with my fellow crafty friends as we have tea and chat as we craft!

  104. Any crafting day is a great day, but meeting up with two family members at a crop is perfect not only for crafting but catching up together.

  105. My perfect craft day would begin with an already clean/organized craft room. I would have an uninterrupted day to work either with a friend or alone. I would have plenty of iced tea and dark chocolate and I would order carry out for meals so I didn’t have to cook.

  106. A perfect day crafting would be surrounded by my crafty friends, someone else does the cooking for the day. Child care provided or left with a babysitter so it’s a full, uninterrupted day of just playing fun!! (I do this once a year and really look forward to it each year!)

  107. Winter is the perfect crafting time especially when you are snowed in, in your jammies with a warm drink on the side. Ahhh bliss😊

  108. My perfect crafting day would start with a clean crafting area with everything in it’s place. I would have lots of critters colored and cut out and ready to create. I would have my kitties in their places in my craft room because they love keeping me company. Some 80’s music and a Dunkin coffee. Oh, and no interruptions.

  109. My perfect crafting day would be an organised craft desk, inks all juicy after re-inked and having a new/clean stamp shammy and stamp the whole day! With some die cut time at the end! 🙂 love it! ❤️

  110. The perfect craft day would be a day after my Lawn Fawn shipment came and everything was out. The windows are open, and I am drinking Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate.

  111. A perfect crafting day is me alone in the house. I would work in my craft room and really get some stuff done.

  112. A perfect crafting day for me would be the house all to myself and not having to get meals for anyone or have any interruptions.

  113. I have cabin crafting days with some friends where we take turns cooking and that’s pretty up there. If we had massage and a personal chef on hand that might kick it up a notch. 😉

  114. For me the perfect crafting day would be with snow falling outside… a fire hound inside… a cup of hot cocoa with LOTS of whipped cream. Christmas songs playing lightly, Oh and as long as I had the next day off of work… it would be absolutely perfect

  115. The perfect crafting day would be when I have a stash of pictures to scrapbook, some challenges to give me inspiration, and some new Lawn Fawn and other supplies to play with! Oh, and someone to make me meals and bring me snacks to keep up my sustenance. 😋

  116. A perfect crafting day would be if I had everything laid out on the table in easy reach, the pictures cut already, and glue and scissors in easy reach and never lost!

  117. My perfect craft day would be if a craft cleaning fairy popped in overnight and cleared my craft table so I actually had space to craft! (Craft fairy, if you’re reading this, I can DM you my address 😉)

  118. A perfect crafting day is when all the ideas are good ones. Coloring stays in the lines. You’ve got every stamp and die you need. The table stays clean. Someone else makes dinner and you don’t have to get up early the next day.

  119. My perfect crafting day would be after the house mouse cleaned and organized my craft room and I sat and finished projects without getting disturbed!

  120. A perfect crafting day would be sleeping in and spending the rest of the day crafting without interruption. I would have everything I needed and get all my projects finished. Then the craft fairy would clean up and put everything away for me.

  121. Crafting at the beach with friends. Beach walk mornings. Craft alllllll day. Laugh allll day. Then sunset beach walks. Yes please.

  122. The perfect crafting day would be spending the full day crafting with no interruptions, and no need to constantly clear up the crafting area after each project.

  123. The perfect crafting day would last a whole week & consist of not having to go to work, no obligations, not cooking, images already die cut, waiting to be colored, & raining so there’s no guilt of staying indoors.

  124. The perfect crafting day would start with a craft shopping spree!!! Then a day filled with uninterrupted crafting with classes with my fave artists.

  125. A perfect crafting day would be one full of creativity and then having someone else pick up all the scattered pieces of mess my creativity left behind in my craft room for me.

  126. Beautiful papers and gorgeous projects
    A perfect crafting day for me would be an in person class with the Lawn Fawn team!! hint … hint …. I live in Australia so I can dream!!

  127. A perfect crafting day is like any day I can just work without being interrupted or having other chores to run. But it’s definately absolutely perfect when there are some crafty friends, chatting and laughing and lots of coffee involved! I do this with a few friends once a month and I’m looking forward to it every time.

  128. A idea of a perfect crafting day is spent with my bestie…which we’re doing this weekend for the 1st time in over 2.5 years!

  129. It’s a 3 day weekend (that way I don’t have to stress about getting ready for the week). There is a chill in the air so the fireplace is on (we got an electric one 🤪). Nice music in the background while I craft in front of the big window in my living room.

  130. I don’t craft a lot, but I guess a perfect day would be the one where I manage to create everything I think of that day

  131. Love this!!!! My perfect crafting day would involve going into a clean and organized craft room with friends, creating all day with some snacks and pre-made meals, and chatting with my peeps all day. By the end of the day our cup is full, we are happy, and we have a stack of creations that makes us smile.

  132. oh my goodness, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this paper collection! Stars are close to my heart (I am a former astrophysicist) and they are in all my favorite colors!!!

    My perfect crafting day would be me all by myself in my craft studio with several projects prepped so that I could just move from one to the next. Someone would make me lunch and then I’d have Chinese takeout for supper! Yummm.

  133. A perfect crafting day would mean no interruptions, but a huge table (or two!) with lots of space, a comfy chair, and lots of LF stamps! Add a friend, and it would be even better.

  134. The PERFECT Craft Day would be to be SUROUNDED by my Crafty Peeps, Spending the ENTIRE Day/Night Crafting Away and ENJOYING the Time together!! Having no time limit or distractions just us together Crafting, Sharing, Laughing and making Memories!!

  135. A perfect crafting day is a day when I can stay upstairs in my craft room as much as I want- with the only interruption from my husband delivering meals to me!

  136. A perfect crafting day for me is just in my craft space, with some great music on and maybe a wonderfully rainy day outside. Sounds like bliss!

  137. LOVE the stars background. A perfect crafting day for me would be with a few friends working on projects together with ample snacks and a home makeover show playing in the background.

  138. The perfect crafting day is where I don’t have anything else that I have to do and I can just sit and be creative all day long.

  139. Perfect craft day? I had ideas for all the cards I made instantly, I made more than one card, I didn’t accidentally stab, burn, or otherwise injure myself, and I (and my supplies) weren’t an utter mess by end of day. Since I doubt I would get all of that, I would settle for just one of those things to be true, lol.

  140. A perfect crafting day would either be a very sunny one (my craft room gets am sun) or a very snowy one (I’d be cozily home from work and able to play in the craft room). I’d watch Columbo DVDs all day and the felines would come and go through the craft room periodically. Oh! And I’d use loads of LF goodies!
    Lori S in PA

  141. My perfect crafting day is when I have the whole day to just do my thing! Listening to podcasts or YouTube videos while I craft and enjoying the time.

  142. A perfect crafting day would be a day when all my other “work” is done and I wouldn’t have to feel guility for spending all day playing in my craft area.

  143. My idea of a perfect crafting day would be hanging with family and/or friends, crafting up some fun projects and having lunch or dinner together too.

  144. Perfect crafting day…..
    Starting in a totally clean/organized space
    Paired with a crafting buddy
    Actually finishing at least one project
    Huge crafty mess!!
    Realizing the whole day has gone by with lots of fun

  145. Perfect Crafting Day – Would be me and my Lawn Fawn products with lots of coffee and homemade snacks!!!!
    I’m tellin’ ya’, you guys are just melting my heart with all the fun cards and projects!!!

  146. I like to craft together with my sister. Because we don’t live close together we are crafting together using a skype connection.

  147. My perfect crafting day is one when I’m creating a card and in the background I have consecutive crafting videos. Love all the inspiration out there!

  148. My perfect crafting day is a very cold winter day (think -20) when you would rather stay inside the warm house and be creative.

  149. The perfect crafting day is the one that I have no housework, no children, no husband and no visitors. I can spread myself out all over the dinner table and not be interrupted or my have my supplies borrowed.

  150. My idea of a perfect crafting day would be one where I can relax and craft all day and not feel like I have other things to do like housework!

  151. My perfect craft day would be to find the top of my craft table, then get out pictures, papers, stamps, and embellishments and get a few scrapbook pages and cards done.

  152. I love Elise’s bat birthday card; so adorable! These papers work so well for so many designs! A perfect crafting day would be one with no chores hanging over my head, a nice thunderstorm going on outside, a cup of hot chocolate and yummy snacks to nibble on within arm’s reach, all supplies in the same room and easy to find, and maybe even a friend or two to be crafty with.

  153. My perfect craft day would be on a rainy gloomy day, fire in the fireplace and all my craft stuff spread on the dining room table…and actually making cards of course! (Maybe a little Christmas music in the background)

  154. A perfect craft day would be one when I don’t have to interrupt what I’m doing to prepare meals, do laundry, do whatever the children need etc.

  155. I like to gather everything I need to make cards, then put a film on downstairs and craft, chocolate and wine optional 🤣. I must be alone ✔️… it needs to happen more than it should!!

  156. My idea of a perfect crafting day would be to create a cute and cheerful greeting card and have so much fun that I just make another.

  157. A perfect crafting day for me would be getting to play with new craft supplies that have just arrived in the mail while listening to music.

  158. The perfect crafting day is when I have lots of time I can dedicate to making cards. However, I have to remember that even if I only have 15 minutes and can organize or do one step in the process, it is a fabulous break from the stress of daily life.

  159. A perfect crafting day is having a whole day to myself with no interruptions AND no crafty mishaps 🤣🤞 I turn on old movies and craft away, got the opportunity a couple weeks ago, it was lovely!

  160. A perfect crafting day would be when I could do the finishing touches on several of my scrapbooks and finally have them completed!

  161. My perfect crafting day would be spending time with either my friends or family making cards together and making lasting memories!

  162. Perfect craft day is working alone or with my scapping buddy in my basement workshop and listening to Christmas music as I work.

  163. My perfect crafting day is getting together with a friend and just crafting and chatting for hours while the kids are at school

  164. My perfect craft day would be having no other obligations for the entire day with it snowing outside and having food just show up when I need it.

  165. A sunny day and continuing into evening with a good movie as background. Coffee just far enough away so I can’t spill on my stuff and no interruptions.

  166. I love reading everyone’s perfect craft day. I think general conceses is time, space, energy, and location. I would love to start local craft communities here…
    Me perfect: Time
    as in cosy season- fall type weather with warm treats to drink and eat
    Either my home at our bar top or away in a cabin
    feeling good, ideas flowing, things working in place And with my daughter
    Everything is working order organized and with endless supplies of paper inks and LAWNFAWN!
    ready set craft!

  167. My perfect crafting day would be to get together with my crafty friends and have snacks & drinks and craft all day long while watching crafty videos.

  168. I am going to a one day crop which is a perfect crafting day. A large table all to myself with no children to interrupt me – perfection.

  169. Close door so family members can not find you! All supplies are within several steps from our work desk, ink pads are juicy, and your head is full of lots of creative ideas. Put on You Tube (Lawn Fawn) in the back ground while making beautiful creations. A couple hours later you look around and notice every surface of the room is covered with papers, supplies and your fingers are inky. You ran out of your room to show family members all your creations!

  170. Perfect crafting day, would be a quiet day at home with my favorite tv show playing in the background. The kids at school. The husband sleeping (he’s a night worker!) and maybe someone to watch the kids of an evening too!!! That way it’s a full day of crafting!

  171. I love this paper set! It is so pretty! My ideal crafting day would be one where my hubby and dogs try to leave me alone in my crafting space! It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, whooo hooo!

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