Lawn Fawn Intro: Snow One Like You and Snow Flurries

Hello and welcome to September Inspiration Week! Our Fall & Winter 2022 Release with 12 new stamp sets, 20 new Lawn Cuts sets, 3 new stencil sets, 2 new paper collections, and more exciting new products is available now at your favorite store and! Woohoo! This week we will continue to introduce and highlight the new sets with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways! Then in October we will introduce the rest of the Fall & Winter 2022 Release!

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Today we are showcasing Snow One Like You and Snow Flurries Backdrop! These fun (and cozy) friends are sledding on their way to give you a sweet greeting! This mini set is perfect for quick winter greetings!

Create a delicate snowflake filled backdrop with Snow Flurries Backdrop! Use the included snowflakes in three sizes to fill your snowy scene or leave it open to frame your greetings for a quick and easy card.

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have two videos at the end showcasing some fun ways to use these new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details! And leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Mindy‘s adorable design features Snow One Like You in a simple scene! She added special detail with a Stitched Scalloped Rectangle Frame and a hot foiled Winter Big Scripty Words greeting. So lovely!

Elena put lots of snowy activity in this delightful card! She set the scene with Over the Mountain Borders and Let it Shine Starry Skies! Then she brought in the cute critters of Snow One Like You and Snowball Fight. Finally, she framed the scene with Snow Flurries Backdrop! I love how she used a greeting from Scripty Bubble Sentiments, it’s so perfect for this snow scene!

Megan‘s sweet design captures lots of frosty fun in this quaint Winter Village! She combined the cuteness of Snow One Like You and Mice on Ice to create a totally charming card!

Audrey‘s gorgeous card is so simple to make! She started with a beautifully inked background, then she added Snow Flurries Backdrop and Giant Let it Snow. It’s a quick and easy design with big impact!

Grace‘s creative design uses Reveal Wheel and the Square Add-On in a clever way! The Reveal Wheel lets the Snow One Like You sled to rock side to side! The Knit Picky Winter background goes so well with the frosty blue colors of her design!

Caly‘s lovely card features both Snow One Like You and Snow Flurries Backdrop! I love the gorgeous inky background! Those cool colors add to the frosty theme of this card.

Elise created a brilliant design using just the snowflakes from Snow Flurries Backdrop in a pretty background design! Then she added the sentiment from Snow One Like You to finish this simply beautiful card!

I just love Lynnette‘s mini slimline Snow One Like You card! It is so adorable with cheery color and those cute sledding friends! Adding the “let it snow” greeting from Magic Holiday Messages is such a great idea!

Kara created a beautiful card by combining a glittery Snow Flurries Backdrop with Snowflake Background Hot Foil! Then she added some fun action with Snow One Like You and Slide on Over Coaster Critters Add-On! I love how she embossed the sentiment in the slider track, that is so clever!

The Snow One Like You “bob sled team” is coming in for another win! Marine‘s winter games scene is so clever and fun! She also included images from Snowball Fight and Simply Celebrate Critters!

Latisha‘s design is so pretty! She stenciled the snowy pink background with Snow Flurries Background Stencil! I love how she stacked the sentiment and then framed all this cuteness with Snow Flurries Backdrop!

Snow Flurries Backdrop frames up Mindy‘s gorgeous rainbow inked design! The hot foil snowflake background and “oh joy” greeting add so much festive shine!

Grace‘s lovely shaker design combines Snow One Like You with pretty hot foiled snowflakes!

Snow Like You is so adorable as the star of Audrey’s Platform Pop-Up card! She added lots of frosty details like Pixie Dust cardstock, snowflakes and the Giant Let it Snow greeting!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Snow Flurries Backdrop! We will show some fun ways to use this beautiful new backdrop! I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

And now I have a video to introduce the adorable Snow One Like You mini set! There are so many fun ways to use this set and we’ll show a few! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Snow One Like You and Snow Flurries Backdrop! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what you like best about winter where you live by September 21st at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Wednesday, September 21st for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! We love to read your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one of them puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys so much!


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321 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Snow One Like You and Snow Flurries

  1. The best thing about winter where I live is that we have the perfect hill to sled down that is close to us. So many fond memories of sledding down the hill and finishing the day with a cup of hot cocoa 😃

  2. What I like about winter here is that the weather is usually nice enough to be able to go outside. Not much rain and no snow.

  3. I think I like best that we don’t really get what most people would call winter where I live. I love hot chocolate, the holidays and all of the cozy things but I deeply dislike being cold. 🤣

  4. The best thing about winter here is that we have just enough snow, but it isn’t too cold to go and have fun ouside 😀

  5. The best thing about winter in Canada is that we get lots of snow and there’s so many activities! Tobogganing, snowball fights, sledding, winter hikes. It’s just beautiful! And my husky Sasha is in heaven when the snow comes lol

  6. What I like best about winter where I live is staying inside, turning on the fire and watching some movies because I’m not a big fan of the cold only when it snows and that is rarely here

  7. The fact that we can have a fire in the fireplace. I love to lie down in a blanket in front of it as I catch up on my favorite shows.

  8. These new sets are both AMAZING! Love, love, LOVE “Snow one like you” — could it even get any cuter than that? No, I think not. And the “Snow Flurries Backdrop” is so lovely and useful!

    What do I like best about winter where I live? HHmmm. This is a tough question, because I live at a ski resort that is considered one of the snowiest inhabited places on earth, and I don’t honestly love snow. Some years, there is so much snow that the snow removal guys have to actually construct places to put it until it gets around to melting. Can you imagine?

    Many people from Las Vegas and Southern California come here for their vacations, so I’d have to say that what I love most is seeing the toddlers from warm climates experience snow for the first time. That’s pretty adorable, and it happens a lot around here. I’m also SOOOoooooo grateful to have a covered garage and snow removal service, so I do not ever personally have to deal with shoveling snow. If it weren’t for that, I don’t think I could stand winters here.

  9. Living in Texas, we don’t get much of a winter, so we can enjoy outdoor activities all winter long without being too cold.

  10. Michigan winters, what can I say. I do like to snow shoe on our property in the woods. It’s really beautiful and sometimes I see deer. Sitting inside and watching the snow fall is nice too.

  11. When there is fresh snow and I dont have to go to work.. Cup of coffee by the window, fuzzy socks, dog snoring next to me

  12. I enjoy winter just like anybody but I prefer fall. All the colours, not too cold not too hot and no snow to shovel off my car before work lol

  13. There are too many thing to name but I do really enjoy sledding! So I will go with that since it matches with todays featured backdrops! I’m the crazy adult out there sledding with all the kids!

  14. I love watching my granddaughter play in the snow, sledding, building a snowman or an igloo. I’d rather be inside making cards.

  15. We moved into a community this year where we don’t have to shovel our own snow – so we’ll be able to enjoy it from indoors!

  16. I like winter festivals. I like looking at snow and ice sculpture, and Maple toffee. And complex snow slides. I also like seeling everything lit up with lights in the dark. Yay snow!

  17. My favorite part of winter is when the trees are frosted or snow covered. I don’t like the temps it requires to create this effect – but I sure love seeing it from the warm comfort of my home! LOL

  18. I love winter where I live because it doesn’t get too cold and we don’t usually get any snow. We moved from Illinois. The day we moved, there was 2 feet of snow on the ground.

  19. These creations are adorable!! I love bright blue winter skies. I like it when the sky and air is so crisp. I love looking up at the clouds.

  20. The best thing about winter where I live is gazing outside at the snow from the comfort of a warm blanket on the couch.

  21. What I like about winter in Virginia is that it doesn’t get super cold because I’m a warm weather girl at heart!

  22. I love being able to do outdoor activities without a coat. Walking through a trail of Christmas lights, while wearing shorts. I like that we only have about 3 weeks worth of winter weather over the whole winter season.

  23. The best thing about winter where I live is gazing outside at the snow from the comfort of a warm blanket on the couch.

  24. Unfortunately not so much snow nowadays where I live… Use to be more when I moved here 18 years ago, but now? Nope! I’d love if we had more snow, but it is what it is.

  25. We usually get a good snow once a year…love to see the fresh powder over everything and peace of the early morning hours….its like the world stops, and gets ready for a new beginning! Beautiful!

  26. I love the cooler weather – if we’re lucky! (So. Florida) It doesn’t get really cold, but just enough to be really a nice alternative to the heat from all year long. And to maybe even get to wear a sweater! lol

  27. I live in the mountains. I love how the snow looks on them. And how it looks so sparkly at night like little diamonds are mixed in.

  28. Love the cooler temperatures and rainy days – sweater weather! This is my favorite set from the new release and the DT samples are so great! Thank you

  29. I love being able to have the time to read by my fire in the winter. Winter’s a little slower with the yard so it’s easier for me to find time to read. 📚

  30. I’ve only just moved to Finland, but I’m looking forward to a proper winter with plenty of snow. It helps lighten everything up when it’s so dark for so long!

  31. I love decorating and the lights that people put up outside. It’s always fun to drive around and see what people come up with.

  32. I live in south Texas, so our winters are much milder than other places. (So we go on vacation to play in snow…and we don’t have to deal with snow blowing!)

  33. Winter is fairly mild with snow being quite rare, but I do love cold, crisp days when you can wrap up and go out for long walks

  34. I LOVE the Mornings after a Fresh Snow Fall as you can look out across the Fields and ALL you can see is a Glittering Sea of HAPPINESS!! The way the Snow Glitters in the Sunlight is something I’ll NEVER forget and its one of the most BEAUTIFUL sights to witness!! If you KNOW you KNOW, definitely a Bucket List experience!!

  35. I live in Arizona, so winter time is when we get out and play. Go to the zoo, bike ride, parks, archery, just be out in nature!

  36. I strongly dislike the cold snowy winters here in Minnesota, but I do like that I’m forced to stay inside and get lots more crafting days!

  37. What I love about winter where I live is there isn’t any snow, but if I want to play in it I can drive an hour and there’s tons of it.

  38. My favorite thing is that we get snow but it’s never that much so it’s not super annoying! I used to live in Florida though and my favorite thing will always be a florida winter!!

  39. Another adorable set! Love the samples from the design team!! Southern CA doesn’t get the four season so winter just gets cooler temps and if we’re lucky some rain. Love rainy weather!

  40. Love love love all of the designs. Each one was just as cute as the next one. Thank you so much for sharing all this creativity!!

  41. The thing I like the best about the snow where I live is when it goes away lol. However as long as I don’t have to go outside I don’t mind it lol. It is pretty to look at out the window when I craft❄️❄️❄️💚💚💚 hee hee

  42. I love our Canadian winters. Seeing all the beautiful Christmas lights sparkling through the snow is so pretty….from inside 🙂

  43. Such great inspiration! One of my favourite things is when the temps fall well below freezing and the snow crunches under your feet and the jackets crunch with every move – I think it’s one of the best sounds in the world.

  44. What I like best about winter where I live is everything – the snow, the cold, crisp winter walks, our cozy fireplace, and spending more time in my craft room! Love winter!

  45. (I love every single project today! They make my heart so happy and make me look forward to magical snowy days!)
    I love winter here in Chicagoland because there are days when it is brutally cold but the air actually sparkles when the sun shines (which is commonly when we have our coldest days) so it’s like a reminder of the magic that can happen in every season! I’m thankful for a comfortable home and good clothing to make it safe to live here.

  46. If we get snow and I can go out and take a walk that is my favorite part of winter…and Christmas. Can’t forget Christmas!

  47. The best part of winter is a day snowed in with no where to go when you have all the provisions. It’s wonderful to craft all day.

  48. I love being warm and cozy by the fire while it is snowing out! These cards have inspired me to get out my winter stamps, etc and create today!

  49. We don’t have snow where we live in the Florida Panhandle but we do have some cold days in the winter. You can go to the beach and look at the gorgeous white sand and pretend it snow…❤️❤️❤️

  50. What I love about winter is the cooler temperatures so I have reason to get cozy (typically with a hot mug of tea and a blanket by the fire!)

  51. I typically don’t get a lot of snow since we live in the rain 8 months of the year 🙂 BUT when it snows its my favorite. Hot cocoa, snowmen, and sledding 🙂

  52. I love the snowy days when I have everything I need until the snow melts a few days later. Reading by the window, watching movies, crafting, playing in the kitchen, etc. I also love all the Christmas decorations!
    Love today’s inspiration!

  53. Where I live, in Arizona… Winters are mild. We don’t get much in the way of snow so we don’t get too many crazy drivers on the road during inclement weather…. sometimes.

  54. I don’t like going outside when it’s wet and cold, so I love staying home and crafting. Mmm. Especially with a hot mug of cider! I really like the Snow One Like You set! Seeing it makes me smile.

  55. Snow days! It is so peaceful to wake up after it has snowed all night and everything is clean and white. Like living in a snow globe – as long as it doesn’t last for more than a day 😉

  56. What adorable cards and inspiration today! My favorite thing about winter in Ohio is relaxing in a cozy spot inside while I look at the beautiful snow and watch my grandchildren sledding in their yard.

  57. I love those little sledding dudes so cute!!!!!!!!
    I love how much snow we get!! Living in Michigan we get quite a bit of snow and it is all just so beautiful!!!

  58. Winters in Southern California are great! It’s cool but not cold. I can sit outside at a restaurant by the beach and watch people surfing. Love it!!

  59. The best part of Minnesota is all the lakes to go ice fishing and ice skating! My husband loves ice fishing and I like to ice skate so it all works out!

  60. What I like best about winter is watching the snow fall when none of my loved ones are driving in it and we are safe at home.

  61. As a child I enjoyed all the fun things that went with winter, ice skating, sledding, snowmobiling and bomb fires. Now that I’m old and retired and unable to do all those things all I really like about winter is snow for Christmas and seeing family and friends. After that I can’t wait for it to be over.

  62. Its still sunny hot weather where I live and thats why i’m always dreaming of a cold snowy winter! Love Megan’s and Marine’s cards! 🙂

    I love the Christmas feasting and gift exchange with family and also the christmas lightings at our shopping district (Orchard Rd)

  63. What I like best about winters where I live most of the time we end up with a nice foggy Christmas Eve which as you know is perfect for Rudolph 🙂

  64. I love the sled riding critters!! I love just walking in the woods in the winter, especially when its snowing. It is very quiet and with working around machines all day. I crave silence. Thanks for giving us a chance to win.

  65. Such a cute group of cards today!!!
    I love the first snowfall of the season. It’s so pretty when it’s undisturbed and blankets everything. I love our winters in Michigan (we snow shoe) but after January I wish it would be spring, lol.

  66. Truthfully…I live where is is cold and it snows (30 minutes from Lake Tahoe) and I am a summer, beachy, warm & tropical weather person. I am not a fan of cold and snow but if I had to pick something I like where I live it would be getting out in the snow with my grandkids sledding and making snowmen. And, it is beautiful at Christmas time when it does snow!

  67. We usually only get rain and then it’s nice to stay inside turn the heat up and craft away to the putterpat of the rain on the roof. Cute snow scene cards by the design team.

  68. I love that I can finally do things outside again! We love to go on walks, hike, go to the botanical gardens, bird watch, gardening, etc. Heck, just being able to be outside for hours without needing 5 gallons of water is nice.

  69. What I like about winters here in Southern California is being able to walk outside all year and not having to worry about slipping on ice!

  70. I don’t get to see snow very often, but when it does snow, it usually only sticks around for a short time. I love that it doesn’t get a chance to turn dirty like I remember growing up in the north. If I want more, I have to live through my winter cards. Can’t wait to start making them!

  71. We don’t get much snow here, but,maybe a day or two, then its gone. The one thing I love about winter is cuddling up in the pjs and watching movies with a cup of marshmallowy hot chocolate.

  72. All of the pretty Christmas lights displays , when it snows they look even prettier.
    Being in Minnesota we get quite a bit of snow!

  73. I love that there are occasions when it’s just too dicey to go out…so we just get to have a pause for the day or evening. Or there’s an outright major storm that cancels all activity. I’m such a homebody… it’s hard to justify under normal conditions, but when there’s bad weather, everyone is in the same situation and canceling this or that activity is seen as acceptable. Then it’s crafting time!!

  74. My favourite thing about winter is that it is less crowded outside!!! In the winter all you need to do is bundle up a little bit and enjoy some time in the parks with my dog without tripping over other people every second!

  75. Most years we don’t get a lot of snow or ice.
    Just a lot of cold weather. I like where I live.
    Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.
    thanks. Love the big letters.

  76. I love this little set! I live near Chicago so we get a lot snow which I do not like but I do love the cold weather and I love the seasons changing!

  77. I live south of Seattle. Our winter is 6-9 months of rain. There’s not much I like about it except the occasional breaks when we finally get some snow, typically in late January or early February.

  78. I love in the mountains, so we get snow – and lots of it. I love that I love on a quiet road and I can go out my front door and cross x-ski around my neighborhood (before the plow truck comes – is the best time – and he’s always late to get to us and I am not mad about it).

  79. What I like best about winter where I live is we don’t get an overabundant amount of snow. Just the right touch, but not overwhelming 🙂

  80. Where I live winter is just a rainy season, no snow. But, it gives me more of a reason to stay inside and work on holiday cards!

  81. I just love the snow, I usually don’t like driving in it but love to watch it fall and how beautiful it makes everything look.

  82. We love to do Ice Skating by the Sea at a hotel near our house. It never gets old ice skating and looking out at the ocean every year.

  83. Where I live it’s gets cold and snowy! I love being bundled up in a cozy sweater under a fuzzy blanket with hot cocoa watching the snow fall outside. It’s just so beautiful and so quiet. Nothing beats it.

  84. Being in a warm climate I like that we have a few cooler days. I also like that for 2 months we don’t have to mow the lawn every other day.

  85. I guess the thing I like best is that is doesn’t not get really cold, and since it rarely snows, when it does everyone is very excited about it.

  86. I like winters in Colorado because you have sun most every day! It’s not a wet, dreary winter at all where you have to wait until March to emerge from the “dark ages”!

  87. What I like best about winter here is that we usually get chinooks so our snow typically doesn’t stay real long at one time when we get it. I love seeing a nice sparkly snow fall though.

  88. In New Jersey our winters have been mild to severe snowstorms!
    My husband & I love to make snow angels after a fresh fallen snow!
    We then get warmed up cuddling in front of our fireplace, watching
    a movie & drinking a cup of hot chocolate!
    Thanks, Lawn Fawn, for the new Snowball Mice stamp set! 💙

  89. OMGosh…such awesome, awesome inspiration. Kara’s card is phenomenal using the slider die. And, Chari’s card is stinkin’ cute!!! Just a ton of more inspiration and awesome crafting by all the LF Team!!! Thanks so much!!!
    I actually bought two of the Snow One Like You stamp and die sets!!! =o
    I love the fresh snow on the tree’s when the sun comes out and it just glistens all around us!!! There’s nothing like a good snowstorm in the middle of the woods!!!

  90. What I like about winter is the cozyness. Sitting on the couch under a warm blanket, candles lit, (christmas) lights in the dark

  91. The winters in Missouri are usually pretty mild but like to cozy up with hot chocolate and a good book on cold days. Used to live in Colorado though and winter was beautiful (if you didn’t have to go out in it…).

  92. The best part of snow where I live is watching it fall so silently. I love watching my kids play in it. I love sitting by my fire place, reading a book and most of all, I love crafting when its snowing.

  93. I love winter until February! By then I am done with no leaves, brown grass and everything gray! Spring is my life blood! Love the beautiful greens & blooming tree! This sled set and cards are so adorable!!

  94. What I love about winter are the warm and cozy evenings. Enjoying a cup of tea and watching christmas movies under a blanket. Love it!

  95. When you live in MN it’s hard to like Winter. I like Snow on Christmas morning other than that I could do without the Cold.

  96. Winter means time without hot sun and humidity here. We get snow rarely so when it does snow, it is a very exciting event.

  97. I like a nice chilly winter. Call me crazy but I’m always hot so the cold weather is welcome. As they say, you can always put more clothes on if you’re cold but there’s only so much you can take off when you’re hot, lol.

  98. What I love most about winter here in NC is that it doesn’t get *too* cold! I like to visit the cold, but love living in a more mild climate!

  99. I am fortunate to live in Southern California, so my favorite winter things are early morning outdoor walks when the weather is crisp but not freezing and when it rains.

  100. It doesn’t snow much in Alabama but when it does everything shuts down and we can stay inside and relax or play in the snow. Snow day!!!!

  101. Winter where I live is not too cold by most standards. We don’t get snow and the temperatures rarely fall below about 17C in the daytime. It’s usually pretty dry in the winter, so hiking and picnicking is something we do often.

  102. Got a bunch of new pins from this post. Great job ladies, the projects are awesome. The thing I love about winter is when I am able to travel to where there is snow (& getting to ski makes it even better!)

  103. Such fabulous inspiration today!! What I love best about Winter where I live is no more shoveling! We moved into a townhouse (no shoveling) from a corner house (lots of sidewalk and a driveway to shovel).

  104. The best thing about winter is going for a walk when everything is so peaceful, calm and quiet. And also when winter is over 😂

  105. Chicago suburbs. Love the sound of snow plows. Everything is quiet then the snow plow comes through. Of course you have to look out the window to see the difference it makes.

  106. Winter in sunny Brisbane, Australia is generally nice and cool – some people still walk around in shorts and t-shirts, but I love rugging up nice and warm. I love snuggling under the blankets on the couch with my husband as we watch TV/movies. I love the cold much more than the heat, so even though our winters are mild I prefer it to the awful humid stickiness of a hot summer day and night.

  107. I love it when snow is on the lawns/ground but not on the streets and it is always magical when it is actually snowing (before the shoveling) and I have no place to go!

  108. I love it when it’s cloudy and cold and grey and i love the smell of rain and I love wearing giant knitwear and big coats!

  109. What I like best about winter is watching the snow softly falling while inside drinking a cup of yummy hot cocoa and crafting. I like building snowmen and seeing kids play too.

  110. The best thing about winter where I live is that we get snow. Winter just isn’t winter without snow! It’s so neat to see all the little animal tracks in the new snow, and fun to watch the squirrels jump around in it. I really love Lynnette’s slimline card! Such a nice clean design, all the different elements go great together, and the chalkboard-look sentiment with the candy cane-striped string is the perfect finishing touch.

  111. Winter where I live, you never know what the weather will be like, snow or just plain cold, but I love to cuddle up with a blanket, cup of hot cocoa and a good book.

  112. During winter, I love looking at snow covered trees, walking (when it’s not too cold) and the paths are clear, and staying in with a fire in the fireplace and a cup of hot cocoa in my hands. The Design Team outdid themselves on their projects with these sets. I love all of them!

  113. I live in Southern CA now so our winter is usually warm. At times, I do miss the snow, especially around Christmas. I can only reflect on my snowy winters while I lived in the Midwest.

  114. This set is so fun
    I live in a beach town in Australia so winter is pretty mild … I do enjoy curling up in front of the fire with a good book

  115. The best thing about winter is when the whole family gets together for Christmas and New Years. We get 3 generations together to eat, open presents, play games, and do a jigsaw puzzle.

  116. What I love about winter where I live is the micro climates where during the winter I can travel south about two to three hours and be in warm weather or go three to four hours north and be in the snow. I love the snow, it always leads to hot chocolate.

  117. I grew up in Munich and that close to the Alps we had quite a lot of snow during winter. Now I live about 200 miles away and we hardly get any snow here. So when we do, it’s the bet thing that can happen to me! I love to watch it fall, love the muffled sound everything makes due to it covering the ground, and I love its glow when the sun shines onto it.

  118. The best part about winter is playing in the snow with my kids. I always have hot chocolate for them when it’s time to come back inside the house.

  119. I enjoy the slower pace of winter. I enjoy all the Christmas festivities in winter. Snow is so pretty and I love a good snow day as long as I don’t have to drive in it.

  120. I like watching a gentle snowfall complete with large snowflakes. The snow makes everything look clean. I also like the hoar frost that coats the trees in white crystals.
    Winter also means the return of hockey and we spend our winter supporting our local junior hockey team.
    Last but not least, winter is the most wonderful time for crafting!

  121. What I like best about winter by me is that it doesn’t snow here but it snows in the mountains about two hours away. So the snow doesn’t come to me, but I can go to it when I want.

    1. I live in Ottawa, Canary and we have Winterlude – a wonderful festival of carved ice sculptures along our Rideau Canal (the largest skating route in North America.) Pair skating with our famous Beaver tails pastry – that’s what I like best about winter in Ottawa.

  122. I think the thing I love most is that winter here is consistent, it’s like this beautiful stillness that you can depend on every year.

  123. I love how peaceful and calm things seem to be during January. I can truly relax and make fun cards for all to enjoy.

  124. What I like best about winter where you live: It gets nippy and I can wear my sweaters, but without the snow and ice (we can’t take anything below 40 here in San Francisco!)

  125. We don’t get lots of snow and usually it falls between Christmas and New Year’s but last year we had a major dump on Christmas day. It was very peaceful. I would rather have rain than shovel snow continuously.

  126. I like the variations that every season brings. And what I like most about winter is the baked goods that have a special connection to christmas.

  127. I’m from the northeast now living in south Georgia .. we don’t get snow here… and while I’m glad my shoveling days are over.. I do miss the fun in the snow. I love this set, it reminds me of the fun of sledding and of course, the snowball fight set brings back lots of great memories.

  128. There is nothing better than walking through freshly fallen snow with my dog. I love how clean & pretty fresh snow makes everything look.

  129. I live in Ottawa, Canary and we have Winterlude – a wonderful festival of carved ice sculptures along our Rideau Canal (the largest skating route in North America.) Pair skating with our famous Beaver tails pastry – that’s what I like best about winter in Ottawa.

  130. I love seeing the snow fall and the cold weather. After a snowstorm when everything is nicely cover it looks so pretty!

  131. I am in Arizona, I love that the winters are mild because I don’t think anyone around here knows how to drive in snowy conditions. However if I want snow it’s an hour north of me, and if I want 70 degree weather it’s a about an hour south of me. So I’m in the perfect spot.

  132. The season change I experience for winter is cooler weather! Love the cool wind after the summer hot months of over 100 degrees.
    Viewing the awesome snow capped mountains which surround our home is breath taking.

  133. Winters can be very mixed here but I love being all cozy in Christmas jumpers, wrapped up in blankets with hot chocolate. I also love decorating my house for Christmas.

  134. I love Grace’s card. Hmm best thing about Winter? I am in South Florida so we have palm tree beachy Christmas’s here. It is always so novel when it gets cold that we open all the windows and air out the house.

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