Lawn Fawn Intro: Just Plane Awesome, Just Plane Awesome Sentiment Trails

Hello and welcome to Mini May 2023 Inspiration and Release week! On May 18 our 4 new stamp sets and coordinating dies along with 6 new standalone die sets, 2 new hot foil sets, and a new stencil will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Just Plane Awesome and Just Plane Awesome Sentiment Trails and their coordinating dies! Hold on tight, the mice are soaring to new heights! The paper airplanes in this set come complete with the most adorable little pilots! Pair them with the playful trails to add lots of whimsical movement to your scene.  This set is perfect for sharing a special note with Mom and Dad! 

This set of paper airplanes and sentiment trails help create a quick and simple card with lots of charm. They also make the perfect pair with the high-flying mice from Just Plane Awesome

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these fresh new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Our new Just Plane Awesome mice are flying into new adventures and the Peekaboo Pop-Up makes it so much fun! Megan designed a super cute interactive card with all the mice and paper airplanes.

Another cute mouse pops up when the card is opened! Megan also included one of the Just Plane Awesome Sentiment Trails; I love it heat embossed on vellum! It looks like skywriting!

Grace‘s happy card shows us that the Cloud Background Stencils coordinate perfectly with Just Plane Awesome! She created a unique shaker card, using the mouse and baby image as the shaker element! Be sure to check out the Intro Video below to see how to recreate this card!

Marine‘s slimline card is so much fun! She added lots of happy color to the paper airplanes to coordinate with the patterned paper borders. You’re Just My Type and Just Add Glitter pair so well with the new Just Plane Awesome sets!

Rainbow colors on the Puffy Cloud Backdrop set the scene for lots of high-flying fun! Caly created a joyful card with these happy little mice! I especially love the one busily folding more airplanes! So cute!

Lynnette used Foursquare Backdrop: Landscape to create sweet little vignettes for the mice and paper airplanes! She filled each background with stenciled clouds and Simple Puffy Clouds! Including a fun dad’s day sentiment from Just Plane Awesome Sentiment Trails makes this a great card for Father’s Day!

Audrey‘s signature style is so perfect with Just Plane Awesome! She started with a wash of pretty blue to ground her little arrangement. Then she added more interest with the Simple Puffy Cloud Frames and the strip of striped paper.

Elise‘s adorable card comes together quickly with no coloring! She stamped the mice and paper airplanes on Stripes ‘n Sprinkles paper then cut them out using the coordinating dies. Then she added Yay, Kites clouds on Spiffy Speckles paper, finishing with the dotted trails! So cute!

Elena‘s cheery card is so sweet with a pretty purple background! She used All the Clouds to fill in behind the paper airplane aviators!

Latisha chose a soft pastel color palette for her sweet card! It’s a perfect design for Mother’s Day!

Tammy‘s happy scene is so perfect on a tall slimline card! The Just Plane Awesome images fill the sky along with clouds, leaving room at the bottom for a custom Oliver’s Stitched ABCs greeting!

I love how Yainea arranged the flying mice around her Henry’s ABCs message, making it the focal point! And her Stitched Cloud Backdrop is so creative with just a portion colored in!

Mindy‘s clever design is so perfect for this time of year! It’s a great way to thank a special teacher with the cute mice and their paper airplanes! Her classroom scene is so fun with a You’re Just My Type desk and a great “chalkboard”! The rainbow Cole’s ABCs letters spell out the thoughtful message!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Just Plane Awesome and Just Plane Awesome Sentiment Trails! And we will create four cards including a Platform Pop-Up to show fun ways to use these sets. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Just Plane Awesome and Just Plane Awesome Sentiment Trails! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what adventure the mice should go on next, by May 17th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Friday, May 12th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


Mini May Release Products will be available on May 18!
Just Plane Awesome and coordinating dies
Just Plane Awesome Sentiment Trails and coordinating dies

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484 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Just Plane Awesome, Just Plane Awesome Sentiment Trails

    1. I’m new at Lawn Fawn products so I don’t know if this has been done already but I would love to see hummingbirds, penguins and otters. Also the mice could be in a library or reading books too.

  1. I love the mice! I think they should go on a Hawaiian vacation with snorkeling, grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts, surfing, board shorts, tropical drinks and all the fun swimming! I also think the mice should open their own pizza shop with chef hats, aprons, pizzas and toppings.

  2. Would love to see the mice at summer camp, canoeing, hiking, etc. This paper airplane set is just adorable!!!

  3. I always love to see the mice again! I’d love to see just some more postures/poses to add to other sets, but also maybe a Western/cowboy theme, singing (not carols but general), and maybe playing board games!

  4. I just adore these mice and this new set does not disappoint…so cute!! The mice at a coffee shop would be so cute, or flower shopping!

  5. This is an unbearably adorable stamp set and a MUST-have for me!!

    I would love to have a stamp set with a little bus full of mice (or little BUNNIES!!) of all shapes & sizes (diversity) maybe with different outfits/glasses, etc. Maybe a little bundle of them in a little “class photo” would be so fun. I think that would be amazing for clubs, teachers and all types of themed cards.

  6. I think the mice should go on a tropical vacation or go to the ballet! Mice in little tutu’s would be so cute!

  7. I would love to see the mice at school/reading, or in space, or even just some mini sets to have mice in outfits that work with other LF sets, like camping or whatnot.

  8. the mice should be at the pool (having drinks, in tiny floats, WITH THE LITTLE ARM BUBBLES, and ready to jump off the diving board or on the water slide!!!) Or they could be tiny camping or at the fair doing all the micey little things!

  9. I think the mice sets are very cute although I don’t use them often. I would love to see other animals (specifically cats) doing as many things as the mice do! 💕

  10. I would love to see the mice in graduation attire… little caps and gowns and diplomas… That would be so cute!

    1. Oh my goodness so many amazing ideas for the mice written above. I agreed with many of them especially at the beach, in different outfits & sizes to go with other sets, in space, sailing and traveling the globe! There are so many possibilities with the mice. And more of other creatures doing things would be cool too.

  11. So darn cute, it’s a must have…
    Mice can do ANYTHING – whatever suits me… I just love them whatever they do!

  12. I think we need some mice with things that are much bigger than them or mice on vacation!!

  13. The “flying” mice are absolutely adorable. Never get tired of them or their antics!! : )
    I love all the ideas others have come up with, but in particular something sporty like the gym, biking, or tennis OR mice at the coffee shop.

  14. The mice should be driving equipment like tractors, dump trucks, and backhoes! I would love the equipment to be sized right for the coaster critters and such too!

  15. I love all the mice themes they’re all so darn cute! I would love to see them go on vacation to different cities, playing on the beach, or a space theme!!

  16. Maybe the mice could go to Paris.
    Also love the idea of mice in race cars.
    Just so dang cute and AMAZING inspiration from the DT.

  17. The mice are a favorite of mind. They could travel the world. Paris, an African Safari, anyone of the U.S. National Parks, India.

  18. Traveling mice would be very cute – around many different landmarks – Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, the Parthenon, the Grand Canyon. Or on different types of transportation – planes, ships, buses. Also, mice for fall/halloween – carving a giant pumpkin, running through a corn maze, going trick or treating.

  19. Mice doing all sorts of activities: yoga, meditation, scuba diving, rock climbing, photographing, dancing

    I also would love to have a set of mice going to see the clinic / playing doctor for health check ups – would be great for get well soon cards!

  20. I think the mice should be race car drivers, pit crew members with a fun track, tires, helmets, flags etc.

  21. Those mice on paper airplanes too stinking cute!! Now that the mice have conquered the air how about have them underwater playing with the mermaids and sea creatures you already have? Snorkeling, scuba or surfing..

  22. I think a poolside/beach mice would be cute. Mice on a lounger, swimming, sipping cocktails, big hats, sunglasses, swim suits…

  23. Mice in space! On a train! In the garden! At sea! In the ocean! At the library/bookstore! Shopping! Hiking/camping!

    1. I love the mice. How about a camping fishing expedition. They could be in a boat with fishing poles. Swimming or laying on a beach. Carrying a backpack or peaking out from a tent. They could even ride a Zipline.

  24. I would love to see the mice go on vacation – including passports, maps, luggage, etc. They could travel by ship or plane and visit Hawaii, Europe, Australia and maybe have an underwater adventure.

  25. What fun cards with these cute mice! Love the sentiments with the adorable bees too!
    I think the mice should be shopping for groceries with a shopping cart, buying all the things a mouse would like…. little tiny fruit and boxes of cereal, cheese….

  26. Wowee! These Plane Awesome mice can fly anywhere! I’d like to see then riding things–like an octopus or a crab. Yeeha! Maybe even a cat! They are so brave!

  27. The possibilities are endless… but I would love to see them visiting a zoo/ cages environments we could put other animals into. Maybe a circus tent
    Riding a train but mostly I would love a silly micenativity scene.

  28. I’d love to see the mice travel to famous places. Like European landmarks, the Eiffel tower, Big Ben, a gondola ride, etc….

  29. These mice, as always, are adorable. Love how the trails can be used with other flying critters. I think the mice should be buiilding things, like houses, etc. So many mice, so many tools!

  30. The mice should go boating – or cruising – or be on a jungle gym / swingset.
    Or they can visit the Eiffel Tower!
    Lori S in PA

  31. I love these little mice. I have used them as pilots with an airplane die that I have.
    I think their next adventure should be in Paris visiting the sites or Ireland visiting some of the castles.

  32. This set is “just plane fun!! Super cute. I love all the samples and ideas for new adventures too!

  33. I have a cute stamp set with a paper airplane and a real looking plane. I would love to have a set with mice flying in real planes

  34. I would love to see the mice go on a safari adventure with little vests and hats. The set could include a jeep and would be able to used with the other animal sets (like wild for you).

  35. So cute those mice flying planes!! I love the school themed cards!! I think these mice should go hiking. I would love to see them with backpacks maybe aqua or pink colored LOL. Also hats, and water bottles.

  36. Those adorable mice have done everything! Have they gone skiing or snowboarding? I think they should do that next.

  37. Lovely inspiration again. I think the mice are due for a hike, camping, boating or beach adventure next!

  38. Love these high-flying mice! For their next adventures they could enjoy the great outdoors – go hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding or visit some national parks.

  39. they could bicycle around the world.
    Visiting different countries would give
    them many backgrounds and lots
    of fun activities. Love those
    airplane “pilots”. thanks for sharing

  40. I love the idea of the move going around the world! I also think a full on birthday party set would be cute!

  41. I like Hiking with the hiking stick, the hiking boots, and a backpack. Maybe even a camp fire after the hike as an add on.
    I also like the travel idea with little suitcases, and security to go through. You could have add ons of where they travel, like to Hawaii where they are dressed in tropical attire. The you could add on lots of locations to visit like Paris, or the mountains to go skiing. I just love the little mice activiities!!!

  42. Love the paper air planes!! So cute! Mice should take a trip to the coast.. Island fun.

    Love the inspiration!

  43. I love this new addition to the mice are cute collection. 😍
    The next set could be mice using tools like wrenches or similar (would also be great for male recipients). Or maybe mice with cute helmets that travel into space or go diving? Or mice doing chores…

  44. Love all the mice sets and the new inspiration week cards are amazing! The mice have been working so hard, I think they deserve to go on a tropical (beach) vacation! Someone else suggested a full on birthday party set, I love that idea! One can never have too many sets for birthday cards…

  45. They should go mountain climbing, sky diving, fishing, lemonade stand, high dive, playground with slide etc, day at the lake, so many cute things for them to do.

  46. The mice are so adorable. With summer fast approaching, the mice should go on a garden adventure or to the beach.

  47. It would be fun to see the mice going shopping. They could push a shopping cart through a grocery store or take a trip to a mall and try on clothes.

  48. I’d love to have the mice go to the theatre and see a show. There could be theatre seats, a stage, curtains, lights, microphone stands, etc.

  49. Love love love the sentiment trails! So clever! Mice playing board games was a cute idea! How about Mice at a casino?!

  50. It brought me joy to read all the comments above and picture the mice on those adventures. I like the idea of the safari

  51. We need some mice doing some Halloween activities! We have them playing in the leaves, but not dressing up and begging for candy with our other critters!

  52. Love the wee mice in the airplanes and all the sweet cards created by your design team!! A Western themed mice set would be cute – perhaps at a rodeo.

  53. I just love those little mice – and the great thing about those sets you’ve come up with so far is, that I never thought of them, was surprised everytime and loved every single set. So I still would love some mice on a safari or some mechanic mice in blue trousers. But I know , whatever adventure you’re sending them on to next – I will love it!

  54. These are so cute!!! Love it I would love to see summer mice!
    I would love to see more critters doing some of these things to!

  55. I thinking hiking with poles and little backpacks, hiking boots etc to go camping. Travel with a tropical/warm destination. Need a mouse with a suitcase. Or I also think school mice with backpack etc could be cute, even a small set to then use with the existing art supplies.

  56. This set with the paper airplanes is super adorable. The mice could go on a Safari adventure next or even a set where they are visiting at the hospital (get well set).

  57. These look like such cute sets. The mice are adorable. I think the mice should go somewhere tropical and exotic. Just think of all the fun they could have.

  58. I love the mice in their paper planes! They’re so darn cute! I must have this set! Being a Floridian, I’d like to see the mice at the beach as a new set. Sitting under umbrellas, on rafts in the water, etc. Can’t wait for the release!

  59. Love the paper airplanes with the cute little mice. Adorable as always. Maybe the mice could have a fairy tale adventure?

  60. I would love to see the mice shopping! Little paper bags with handles, maybe hat & shoe stores? Some that they could wear? So fun!

  61. Have the mice been to the beach yet? Really I would like them to go to Disney World but not sure you can pull that off 😉.

  62. The mice need to get into sports: for example running, swimming, racquet sports, soccer, basketball, baseball

  63. Lawn Fawn mice are the cutest! I love everything they do! Maybe they could open a flower shop next? Or a coffee shop might be fun for them! I also like the idea that someone else suggested of having just a set of mice in different poses that could be used with the other mice sets that are already available.

  64. The airplanes and the mice are so adorable..they are perfect for every occasion. loved watching the video of the cards being made.

  65. I think the mice would look awesome doing some fitness!! Fitness classes with a step, dumbbells, kettlebells, bicycle, treadmill…!

  66. I live in the mountains and we love to hike so hiking mice! There are already so many elements to make this work in the Lawn Fawn Collection, I just need the mice to have backpacks and water bottles and camp stove!

  67. I think the mice should be painting a house with paint brushes and paint rollers or painting a rainbow.

  68. I love those mice 🥰 I bought stitching mice from last release, too! How about, 1. Going under the sea (scuba diving!) 2. Travel to Europe, incld. U K (just cuz of last week’s coronation). I can’t wait to see more of these mice! 🥰

  69. We all LOVE the mice! I would like them to be in elementary school – bus ride, coloring, reading, recess, at little tables, etc.
    Or how about on bikes, trikes, scooters.

  70. This new mice set is so cute! Love all the projects. I’d love to see them with more food items (like the strawberry set) such as cupcakes or candy.

  71. I love the mice and ive decided at christmas that i want to have all sets with mice. One thing is for baby… a pregnant mice, so i could use it for “congratulation with baby” or baby showet cards ♥️

  72. I’d love to see the mice taking some fitness classes, yoga, spinning l, weights, you name it!

  73. I think the mice need some costumes for halloween. Booths for a farmers market would cute too (could also have them selling the apples from Apple-solutely Awesome, or lemonade).

  74. My first thought is that the mice should go golfing!

    I also like the idea of the playground and the beach!

  75. Every year there is an air show down at the beach. These high flying mice should head down to the beach and perform at the show.

  76. I love this new mouse stamp set & the cards the designed team created!
    I would love to see the mice on a tropical vacation, everything you would
    do on a vacation at the shore, l- mice in swim suits, items you would use on
    the beach, ex. sunbathing, Luaus, fishing, volleyball or in the water
    ex. swimming, snorkeling, surfing, jet skiing.
    Mice in Halloween outfits, carving pumpkins,
    Christmas Mouse in The Night before Christmas story into stamps.

  77. It’s hard to say what they should do next. I’d have to go back and review all the things they have done. They are so cute

  78. The mice should dance (either a ballet class or a hoe-down that goes along with some of the fall sets). Or….maybe they should race cars (cars, mice, a tree light, cones and checkered flags)?

  79. The mice & other critter friends need a Merry-go-round for their amusement park! Bumper cars could be fun! They also need a picnic table, a bridge, & a trellis, in case they want to visit some pretty gardens!

  80. These mice are soooooo cute!! 😍😍 can they go on an adventure around the world? Haha or can they go to fairytale land! 🙂

  81. Just PLANE cute. I think the mice need to go on vacation… suitcases, sunglasses… to of course, the Happiest place on earth!

  82. I would like to see the mice camping (fishing, in a canoe, tent, campfire) OR a set of holidays for the entire year (mouse setting off fireworks for 4th of July, mouse with pilgrim hat, etc.)

  83. I’m new at Lawn Fawn products so I don’t know if this has been done already but I would love to see hummingbirds, penguins and otters. Also the mice could be in a library or reading books too.

  84. I would like to see the mice playing tabletop games (like D&D) and dressed up as their characters (eg. wizard, ranger, swordsmice, bard, rogue) and of course one has to be the DM/GM (Dungeon or Games Master). Then I could combine my 2 passions… cardmaking with Lawn Fawn and D&D!!

  85. These mice are adorable! And I like the combination with ‘plane and simple’ because that was my first set. I really. appreciate the effort you put in your instruction videos. And I think the mice could relax a bit: what about a spa day?

  86. I think these little mice need to spend the day at the beach building sand castles and enjoying the water and sunshine!

  87. The mice are my favourite! I would love to see them reading some books, having a beach day, or joining in on the theme park fun 😊

  88. I love the idea of reading-themed mice. Adding to the mice cooking/baking sets would also be great fun too.
    Pretty much anything the mice do we will love.

  89. I’d love to see the mice do some building construction—with a crane, excavator, and dump truck. Those mice are always adorable!

  90. How about the mice hang out at the beach and go snorkeling or maybe an underwater mini submarine adventure!

  91. The mice should go on a shopping adventure … at the grocery store, trying on clothes, a toy store, etc.

  92. those mice should that the adorable paper airplane rides across the world and highlight different countries!

  93. I have a weakness for story book/reading themed sets, so how about the little mice reading from a BIG (to them) book? Or a teacher mouse and little student mice kids. 😊

  94. Oh wow these sets are adorable … and the DT cards are amazing.
    So many great ideas for what the mice can do – I would love to see them going to the beach, or to the library or to visit world sites like the Eiffel Tower

  95. The mice could go hiking which could go with some great sets – Dad & Me, Crazy Antics (picnic). Maybe they could go to a rock concert or an amazing MAsked Ball !! We don’t have any mirror balls yet!!

  96. I adore the mice. I think they should go campibg. Think of the adventures and perils. Too cute

  97. How about to a dim sum restaurant (aka I want more cutesy dim sum images that match the mini set)

  98. I would like to see mice in jungle and summer vacation, or dancing different styles of dances – ballroom, ballet, salsa, latino.

  99. I think they should do some gardening! Veggies, fruits and flowers! I also think a tiny mouse in a tiny tractor (or car) would be adorable.

  100. What a fun new set. I think the mice playing waterpolo or taking part in a swimming competition would be fun.

  101. I NEED mice driving a sports car, and maybe some drinking beer! They would make excellent male cards!

  102. They should fly to a graduation! Something like you did the work now you can fly and grab all your dreams! Congratulations!

  103. Super cute mice. Love they paper airplane theme, but definitely CAMPING should be the next adventure, to go along with the tent die. You could make a camper die to go along with it.

  104. Those little flying mice are adorable! I think the mice should go to an amusement park or have a day at the beach.

  105. I think your sweet mice should go on an adventure next time, hiking and climbing. I can see them with backpacks, walking sticks, boots, maps etc.

  106. I’d love to see the mice go on holiday – little suitcases and maybe a train or plane for them to sit in.

  107. So awesome! My kids are obsessed with paper planes, they would love to play with that set! The mice could maybe have some fun in the garden, both relaxing, maybe grilling & doing some gardening work? Or, ahead of autumn, they could go pick their pumpkins for halloween (and carve some too?), go pick some mushrooms, leaves & chestnuts?

  108. I love not only how many adventures those mice get to go on but how they all work well with any Lawn Fawn set!!

  109. I’m so happy with all the collections of mice and airplanes to make so many interactive cards! Love to see more squirrels and skunks!

  110. These paper planes are so much fun! I’d love to see the little mice playing baseball. Maybe even with a coordinating baseball diamond die to really set the scene.

  111. I see the mice outside for their next adventure. Location: setting sails from atop of Stitched Mountain Tops. They’ll take flight off the mountaintops, slowly flying down to their mice friends in the flowery fields below where a yummy picnic awaits their arrival.

  112. Thanks for the peek at Just Plane Awesome and Just Plane Awesome Sentiment Trails! Love these sets! I giggled out loud at the mice wearing their aviator glasses and hitching a ride on the paper airplanes. That is just wayyyyy too cute! And I really loved the projects the design team members made with these sets.

    re what adventures the mice should go on next — hmmmm. Mice at the library? Mice at a rock concert? Mice at the grocery store?

  113. I love the mice no matter what they do but I think camping and hiking themes would be amazing. I can’t wait to get this set.

  114. I love the paper plane idea, very clever. These mice can do anything as far as I’m concerned! Being at a beauty parlor would be fun, or couch potatoes, ice cream soda shop, even the grocery store would make for cute projects!

  115. The mice should have a wedding!!

    They could also try out swimming and diving- they could even visit some old mermaids then, or do some surfing.

  116. I would love to see farming mice – like mice on a tractor pulling a wagon with pumpkins, hay or apples…or a farmer girl in a country dress to match the one in the overalls please!
    Also still wishing for mice on a Hawiian vacation 🙂
    OR!!! Mice working in an ice cream or coffee shop would be cute!
    So many mice ideas……

  117. Ohmygosh, LF has the cutest mice on the planet! I already have plans for this set! And, like everyone says, it’s so amazingly awesome that the sets are so interactive. This company makes the investments pay off!

  118. I love the idea of mice at the beach or mice at the barbecue! Mice at a wedding, with a potential dance theme and a wedding photographer capturing all the fun. So many possibilities.

  119. Love these mice, I really think they need a vacation. Or trip somewhere. Can’t wait to see what they are up too next

  120. I love these ideas! I NEEED the platform pop up! I think the mice putting on a stage show or the Nutcracker (ballet mice) would be super cool! I would also love gardening mice!

  121. So so fun!
    I think the mice should maybe be in a bounce house or having a water balloon fight! Summer vibes all the way

  122. These little mice are my favorite characters. Just bought the Dandy ones… omg… the one floating down, holding the dandelion is my favorite. Seeing these new critters is such a nice surprise! Bring on the mice family flying around in their paper planes!

  123. So adorable! How about the mice at an orchestra with lots of different musical instruments or taking a cruise?

  124. Such a cute set with the paper airplanes. I would like the mice to go on an alpine adventure (hiking).

  125. I think the mice need a spa day!!! A whole spa set, mani pedis, nail polish, the whole works also some fun lawn cuts like a compact, purse gift card holder, etc.

  126. I think mice on a boating adventure would be so sweet – the boats could be little paper boats to match the plane set. Super cute!

  127. Honestly, you keep coming up with mice activity that I am having a hard time coming up with more so I am going to second some of the other suggestions: camping/outdoors and travel/cruise.

  128. They could surf on over to Hawaii and then the Great Barrier Reef! With sentiments that suit different countries.

  129. I can’t be over how cute the little mice are. My favorite is the one folding paper airplanes on the bottom of the card.

  130. Sorry I forgot to say where their next adventure is. I think they would enjoy flying to Florida to see the BIG mouse. Mickey Mouse.

  131. These mice are just the cutest…: I say they go either zip lining, maybe parasailing? Or parachute jumping! How stinkin cute would that be!!

  132. The mice should go to the Europe. The cute little mice with the most known landmarks; e.g. Eiffel tower, Leaning tower of Pisa, Buckingham Palace, etc…

  133. I think the mice should go to the beach/ocean next, they can scuba dive, play in the sand, catch a wave, swim wiht the dolphins, jetski, etc.

  134. The little paper airplanes and mice are so adorable! I love the sentiments too. Maybe the mice could go on a camping trip or the lake.

  135. Love the cute plane awesome stamps.♥
    I love to see the mice on a day at the beach, or see them on summer or winter holiday experience.

  136. Love this adorable stamp set! I think it’s my favorite of this release.
    The mice will have to keep going for the next adventure…. Perhaps even crossing the sea… By boat, surfing, swimming, snorkeling, canoeing, BBQ on the beach

  137. These mice are by far my favorite! Can’t wait for them to fly into my home! So many adventures. I want to see some of the tiny friends tucked in there too!

  138. Mice camping, hiking or riding dirtbikes/ATVs. Gives me “The Mouse and the Motorcycle” (by Beverly Cleary) vibes!

  139. So many fun ideas for new adventures. How about an adventure to the pet store or more positions as others have suggested.

  140. The person before me just said this too but I think the mice should go camping, or on. A hike. I think they would be cute with a big camping backpack.

  141. Lawn Fawn Mice are just the cutest! I think they need to go to school! Have they gone to school yet? All thing school would be great for teacher card’s/gifts, back to school, graduation…

  142. Wow – love this mice set!! Next? Oh wow I couldn’t even guess!! You always shock me with how well thought out all our pieces are.

  143. Oh, my goodness!! Those little planes are too cute!! Summer’s coming, I think the little mice should go to a waterpark with some waterslides!

  144. These are so cute! I am having trouble thinking of a new adventure. Your ideas are always so creative and I love how they coordinate with so many other sets. I do love to hike especially to go visit waterfalls so maybe a hiking adventure would be fun.

  145. Who does not like paper airplanes? So many childhood memories and the adorable Lawn Fawn mice. What a great set. I have the Plane Simple set from several years ago. Must add this set to my collection. The Trail sentiments are a super clever idea.

  146. Well. I don’t think the little mice have taken a train adventure yet. That would be cute Thanks. Take care ❤️

  147. Fun! These mice are cute. I think their next adventure should be them teaching school. I see mice writing on the chalk board, mice sitting in those desks that have the lid that lift up, mice decorating bulletin boards on the classroom wall, mice grading papers, mice on the playground … so much fun!

  148. The planes are so cute! Maybe next the mice could have lemonade stand or go roller skating or go camping.

  149. I think the mice should go traveling,-with suitcases, backpacks for hiking, binoculars, a compass, maps, sunglasses, etc
    Or to a garden- with pumpkins, squash, watermelons, tomatoes, peas, beans, seed packets. They could coordinate with the strawberry patch!
    Mice on wheels- a bicycle, rollerblades/skates, scooter, mo-ped, car, skateboards!
    Just to name a few, I could be here all day!
    Oh so many adventures they could go on!

  150. So fun reading all these comments with all these super ideas for these cute mice. I am digging the idea of the mouse playing board games. I’d also like to see these mice doing math, science, or engineering work. Another idea would be to have them working at construction or home repair tasks. Gotta keep these mice busy!

  151. How about the mice at the mall? They could try on or jewelry, work as a cashier or a sales floor associate or go to the food court- so many possibilities .

  152. Cute paper plane set! Not sure where the mice should be next … Lawn Fawn is relatively new to me. Maybe camping, vacationing … or anything really!

  153. I would love to see more dogs and cats completing cute activities just like the other animals! A day at the park, a picnic, a trip to the coffee shop, and spa day (self care)!

  154. These mice have the best adventures. How about a visit to school? They could show us how awesome learning can be.

  155. Mice babies, Mice hanging out the washing, mice in the veg patch,

    Anything those cute mice do will make me buy lol

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