Lawn Fawn Intro: Confetti Background Hot Foil Plate

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Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s July Inspiration and Release week! Our Summer 2023 Release including 10 new stamp sets and coordinating dies along with 13 new standalone die sets, new paper collection, new hot foil set, 2 new stencil sets, and 3 new washi tapes are available now at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! This week we will wrap up our highlights of our Summer 2023 Release!

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Today is our showcase of Confetti Background Hot Foil Plate! Add a fun foiled (so shiny!) confetti filled background to your craft projects! These plates can be used with most hot foil machines and leave a shiny impression but no cut lines on your cards. 

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love! And we have an Intro Video below with great ideas and inspiration for the Confetti Background Hot Foil Plate!

Caly‘s shaker design is so brilliant! She used both the positive and negative of the hot foil sheet, one for the background and one to cut out Giant Make a Wish! Then she used Let’s Celebrate Backdrop to create a shaker window filled with Chunky Glitter!

Kara hot-foiled both the background and the Giant Hooray for an extra bit of shine! And of course, the adorable Simply Celebrate More Critters look so amazing in monochromatic colors!

Grace‘s “let’s pawty” design is so much fun! While the pups of Pawsome Birthday and Furry and Bright celebrate, the confetti adds lots of shine and texture to the background.

Mindy paired the hot-foiled Confetti Background with Let’s Celebrate Backdrop to create a doubly special design! I love how she inked the pastel rainbow, it looks so great with the shiny rainbow foil.

Latisha sends a sweet message that is so lovely! She combined the Confetti Background Hot Foil Plate with a rainbow of inky color. Then she added her greeting with Henry’s ABCs on a vellum oval.

Wow, Audrey‘s birthday card is so stunning! She used black foil on a white background that looks so amazing with the colorful Giant Outlined Happy Birthday with black trim. The little of Really Rainbow paper framing the card also really special!

Elise created a pair of birthday cards that are so beautiful! The shiny foil takes a simple card and elevates it so that even a quick and easy design is special! Then all you need is a Scripty Birthday greeting!

Here’s another quick and fantastic card combining ink-blending, a bold greeting with Giant Make a Wish and Confetti Background Hot Foil Plate! And then Mindy added a pair of balloon images from Yappy Birthday to finish this fun design!

Intro Video

And now I have our Intro to Confetti Hot Background Foil Plate video! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Confetti Background Hot Foil Plate! Tomorrow we will announce our July Inspiration Week winners! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if you’ve tried hot foiling and what hot foil designs you would like, by July 26 at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Thursday, July 27 for the giveaway winner announcement!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys so much!


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172 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Confetti Background Hot Foil Plate

  1. A hot foil plate with the words happy birthday, balloons and confetti with mini presents would be so cute. A hot foil plate with paw prints would also be so darling. ❤️

    1. I have not tried hot foil but I think it looks cool. I remember when you could essentially hot foil designs on to fabric and my mom did that with my sister and I. Maybe leaves or flowers.

  2. I’m struggling with hot foil. I need to plan some time to master it. I think stars background would be great xx

  3. I’ve never tried hot foiling, but the cards look amazing with it.
    Backdrops: Sunburst, Starry sky, hearts with some outlined and some filled in and different sizes, or stars with some outlined and some filled in and different sizes.
    Waves that could be placed anywhere on the cardstock like the simple wavy borders, or any of the other wave borders
    Words like: Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Welcome Little One,

  4. I just got a glimmer hot foil machine and I loooooove it 😍
    I guess some simple geometric backgrounds would be greats (like stripes, chevron, houndstooth, dots).
    And I would love to have layered backgrounds (like argyle or plaid). I bet they would look awesome if you could use several colours of foil. Since aligning would be challenging it might require a template to ensure correct alignment. I think that would result in stunning backgrounds. I guess it would also look great with flowers or alike…

  5. I LOVE hot foiling! I feel the results are beautiful and I do foiling on most of the cards I create (might be a little obsessed, lol)! Some hot foil designs I would love to see are…. more sentiment hot foil plates! I feel like I don’t have a very good selection of those. Thank you for all the inspiration! The cards the design team creates are always the most AMAZING!

  6. Not tried hot foiling yet, but they look so pretty!
    I would love a swirly wind backdrop and falling hearts backdrop

  7. I do hot foil. I like it mostly for the sentiments. But some stars or even stars and planets would be cool. Along with some astronaut mice. 🙂

  8. Over the holidays, I got a Glimmer and bought several hot foil plates…it’s expensive but addictive. Sentiments with match dies are my favorite so far. I like Sophie S’s and Melissa T’s ideas above.

  9. I haven’t tried hot foiling with a machine. I have tried with a laminator to see if it’s something I would like.

  10. I have not tried hot foiling yet but I would love to see some sentiment hot foil designs, hot foil plate to use up the negative pieces of foil and some party or birthday backgrounds like balloons or birthday hat backgrounds

  11. I have a glimmer machine and love it!! Foil adds so much to a card!!
    I really like greetings . I wonder if a hot foil alphabet set would work?
    I’d love a few different happy birthdays.
    A star background for a night one sky would be pretty!
    And maybe a few plain 5.25 x 4 frames , like just a plain rectangle frame. Maybe circles too… So much potential!!

  12. I haven’t walked down that path yet…. but the cards looks lovely! Maybe one day, huh?
    Ocean-themed one? Shells? Waves!

  13. Ha! I refused to get into hot foiling (due to having too much stuff) UNTIL LF started offering hot foil plates. I rushed right out and bought a Glimmer machine! As far as new plates go, some jungle or ocean backdrops would be awesome. Maybe a candy came pattern gor Christmas.

  14. I am just starting to get into hot foiling. Would love to see more background plates and greetings plates.

  15. I love to hot foil. I would love to see and additional one with stars that would be more of a night sky.

  16. I jumped on the foiling bandwagon early on, starting with the toner sheet/laminator foils then adding in the hot foil system/plates when those were introduced. I’m so happy you started offering hot foil plates in signature Lawn Fawn style. My favorite plates to buy are those that are very versatile especially background plates that can add some shimmer and shine without taking over the design.

  17. I have not tried hot foiling “yet”, and I don’t know if I want to go ahead and purchase the whole chabang? But words and flowers seem pretty hot foiled perhaps ✌🏽

  18. I had not tried hot foiling until Lawn Fawn started offering plates and demonstrated them. My husband got me the Glimmer machine for Christmas along with a few of your plates. I think a swirly windy backdrop and a starry sky hot foil plate.

  19. I love to hot foil! It really takes card making to the next level. I would love Christmas backgrounds.

  20. I’ve not tried hot foiling because the machine is too expensive for me. I have materials for “cold foiling”, but not tried yet because of other techniques what I am using.
    I love the effect of hot foiling!

  21. I have a Glimmer and the LF snowflake hot foil plate, but haven’t used them yet. I’d like to see Halloween backgrounds especially a spider web! I would also love LF BetterPress items!

  22. I have not tried hot foiling yet, but would love to. I love the effect it creates. I’d love to see a robot set that uses hot foiling to make the robots metallic.

  23. I have done foiling with a minc but havent tried hot foiling yet. I am hesitant to invest in something i might not use too much.

  24. I don’t have a foiling system, but I’ve used my friend’s machine. Fun, but not something I think I’d own. I do love the fireworks on black cardstock though 🙂

  25. I have not tried it yet, but it looks like so much fun. I would like to see more Happy Birthday and congratulations sentiments.

  26. I have not tried hot foiling but like the look of it. I would not spend the money on things that I wouldn’t use very often. I do have a foiling tool that I use with my Cricut and get good results with it!

  27. I jumped on the foiling train early but struggled with results, I’ve been slow to pull it out again. I would like some sea scene building elements and fishes.

  28. I have not tried hot foiling yet. I’d love to see some balloons or something Halloween related like little ghosts and such!

  29. I am still trying to figure out hot foiling. I never seem to get the results I want, still working on it though

  30. Although it might not be possible to retrofit everything, I’d really love more plates that go with existing dies!

  31. I have tried foiling but don’t own a machine yet so have limited use for now. I really really love this confetti design as it’s so versatile. I could see party hats or streamers or presents as another foil plate. Maybe Holly leaves for Christmastime, Candies or ghosts for Halloween, falling leaves for Fall would be great background foil plate designs

  32. I have tried hot foiling and old love to see more background image plates. That pop of shimmer is such a great addition to any card!

  33. I have not hot foiled. I do not have the glimmer hot foil machine. I do like the way hot foiling looks, just can’t afford it. 🙁

  34. Wow! I’ve seen LF hot foil tutorials, and I’ve been astounded by the effects, but I haven’t embraced it yet. Just more gear to cram into my tiny home that gets hot. (I feel like Frankenstein’s monster, “Fire, bad.”) So for now, I’ll admire it from afar.

  35. I haven’t tried hot foiling yet since I don’t have the special tools. But the cards are beautiful!

  36. I haven’t tried hot foiling. I have been contemplating getting all the things, but can’t justify the cost right now. I love the look of hot foiling and I love watching videos that showcase hot foiling. Maybe one day I will be able to afford it.

  37. I have tried hot foiling and it’s way addictive! I always love designs that are versatile and usable for many items, but I would also love a baseball themed collection!

  38. I haven’t tried hot foiling yet but cards that have been hot foiled look amazingly beautiful. I’m surprised I’ve been able to resist getting a hot foil machine…so far! 🤪

  39. Yes, I’ve just started hot foiling! I would love to see these giant sentiments as hot foil plates!

  40. I have done foiling. I received a foil machine for a gift. I love it! How about a stripe background?

  41. I have not tried hot foiling, I would love to but the $$ I would start to spend because I know I would want it all makes me not try😂🤣

  42. I have tried it and I’m not very good at it. I can’t seem to figure out the same sandwich to work from one hot foil plate to another. My favorite hot foil things tend to be the sentiments over the large backgrounds though. I don’t love creating things with tons of foil.

  43. I haven’t tried hot foiling, but, I love the look. This new plate looks awesome! I think raindrops would look cool, or, something for Halloween…. Bats? Ghosts? Cloudy sky with a full moon?

  44. I haven’t tried hot foiling but always enjoy seeing it on other people’s cards… one day I might pull the trigger and buy a Glimmer! I think hot foil backgrounds of rainbows, balloons, and hearts would be cute.

  45. I enjoy hot foiling, but find smaller sentiments easier than large background. So would love to see smaller hot foil sentiments!

  46. I haven’t foiled. Outlines of sorted mini trees, maybe solid mini trees would also work. I’m into family research right now so all my thoughts are genealogy related.

  47. No. I haven’t. I’ve been hesitant to invest in another technique and find space to store it 😆

  48. Cute cards! Though I love the look hot foiling creates, I do not have the funds to invest in it at this time.

  49. I have tried hot foiling – I would like to see more background geometric/shapes – I think that would be fun

  50. I have all the supplies to start hot foiling, but I just haven’t taken the time to try it out. I think I’m a little intimidated!

  51. I haven’t tired it yet… I’m afraid to because I might like it too much and then that gets expensive

  52. I have done hot foiling, but I don’t use it often. It would be cool to have a hot foil plate that you could use with the spring blossoms stencil, which may be my favorite all time stencil!

  53. I have done a little hot foiling .. so far only using the big scripty sentiments and winter sentiments. I have the snowflakes hot foil plates that I haven’t tried out yet, but I’ll definitely be using them on Christmas cards this year. I love all the hot foil products Lawn Fawn have released so far…they are all on my wishlist. I’m sure whatever they come with next will be just perfect and cute and will be added to my evergrowing list 🙂

  54. I have not tried hot foiling, though I am intrigued. I have dry embossed with hot foil plates, subtle and pretty but not as beautiful as foiling. I haven’t touched so many fun things in my craft room, I’m holding out on investing in hot foiling machine and foils. I’ve been holding out for over a year, let’s see how much longer I wait. Hard to do with new lawn Fawn hot foil items 😍

  55. I own the glimmer machine, but do not use it much. I like plates that are easy to use. I really like words that I can easily add that are easy to use.

  56. I have not tried hot foiling, but I love little background patterns like polka dots, stars, hearts, stripes…

  57. I have not tried hot foil but I think it looks cool. I remember when you could essentially hot foil designs on to fabric and my mom did that with my sister and I. Maybe leaves or flowers.

  58. I’ve done the earlier methods of foiling, but have put off doing it as I’d have to buy a new system just so that I can but the results do look beautiful!

  59. I have not tried hot foiling, but would love to try! Background designs or large greetings would be great.

  60. I have a glimmer hot foil machine and have tried it but with mixed results. I won’t give up and I’ll keep trying LOL
    I’d love to see galaxy constellations that could be fun!

  61. I have all of the hot foiling equipment but I have only tried it a couple of times. Maybe this post will encourage me to get it out and actually use it! Lol

  62. I love to hot foil! I would love to see a small-ish alphabet set, the cloud hot foil as a landscape, & more sentiments. Falling snow, rain, or leaves would be cool too.

  63. I’ve tries hot foiling but haven’t always been successful. I probably need more practice.

  64. Fun cards! I haven’t tried hot foiling yet, but I love the look!
    I’d like to see a snowflake design and a spiderweb design too!

  65. Hello! This foil background is amazing. I have not tried hot foiling yet. I would love background textures like bricks, waves, grids, plaid, etc. Have a wonderful day! And thanks for another AMAZING Release Week!

  66. I have hot foiled some sentiments. I would love some backgrounds for birthdays (party hats, candles, balloons) and holidays (candy canes, holly, ornaments, etc.).

  67. I have tried hot foiling, not really a fan. What I like are the sheets that you can put through a laminator. I would love it if you did those!

  68. I have not had the chance to hot foil yet but want to! I love the backgrounds I have seen done with hot foil – confetti, stars and hearts! Yay! Great week – Thank you!

  69. After i seen the lawn fawn video with the snowflake hotfoil backdrop i immediately ordered a foil machine and the plate😂😂😂
    A backdrop hotfoil plate with stars would be nice.
    Or pawprints

  70. Love the hot foil designs! Haven’t been able to try hot foiling, but saving up for possible future purchase.

  71. I think flowers, bubbles, splashes, clouds(?), stars, sun, rain drops, trees or palm trees. Right now that is all I can think of!

  72. I love hotfoiling especially backgrounds and sentiments! I would love to have some stripes, stars, hearts, waves, leafs, ….

  73. I have not jumped on the hot foil bandwagon just yet. But if anyone can convince me it’s lawn fawn.

    1. I have not been able to try hot foiling. It is not in the budget right now. I do think it is really pretty but it’s just not for me. I prefer coloring the stamped images, inking etc. Thanks for the inspiration

  74. I’m still really on the beginner level of hot foiliing. I would love a zigzag background, a raindrop background and maybe a checkerboard background for use w/ the foil machine.
    Lori S in PA

  75. I have a hot foil machine, but I tend to buy more product than actually use it. I’ve tried it, I like it but a little intimidated by it. I agree with Halloween products, maybe a spider web background would be nice.

  76. I just started hot foiling and it’s so fun once you get the hang of it. I would like a sun hot foil plate or sun rays hot foil plate.

  77. I’ve never done any foiling but I like the shininess, especially with holo foil. I think it would be great for stars and magical accents.

  78. I have not since I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole having to buy a whole slew of more items 🤣

  79. Yes, I do use the hot foiling technique. It adds just the right touch of shine to a card. I like that your new hot foiling plate Confetti is small accents and doesn’t overwhelm a card.

  80. I haven’t done any hot foiling. I think foiling is really gorgeous but I’m not sure that I want to invest in a hot foil machine.

  81. Love the design teams samples today! I haven’t tried hot foil plates, but they sure look fun! I think paw prints would be so sweet!

  82. I have not ventured into hot foiling (yet) but I can see any type of Christmas/holiday words or backgrounds would be great!

  83. I have the machine and some plates but have not tried
    to use them. (my bad). Love the Pawty animals.
    Fun release. thanks for the preview.

  84. I have not tried hot foiling, love the look of it though. I have a minc machine for now, and love the results.

  85. I haven’t hopped on the hot foil train yet but every time you guys release a new hot foil plate it brings me closer!!

  86. I have not tried hot foiling – TBH I can’t afford to add another craft machine and also have not more room.

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