Lawn Fawn Intro: Winter Sprigs Background Stencils and Holly Leaves Border

Hello and welcome to October Inspiration Week! Our Fall & Winter 2023 Release is available now at your favorite store and! Woohoo! This week we will finish the introductions by highlighting the rest of the new sets with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Winter Sprigs Background Stencils! Create a beautiful background for your winter projects with this set of three stencils. These work well with a variety of crafty techniques!

We are also highlighting Holly Leaves Border! Create a festive holly border to include in all your winter projects! This set comes with an extra sprig of holly to layer on your border for lots of dimension. Add pops of color with the included holly berries!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways to use these new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details! And leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Elena‘s stenciled holiday card is so beautiful! She stenciled the Winter Sprigs Background in bright and cheery colors before adding a simple greeting with Winter Big Scripty Words Hot Foil Plates.

Megan‘s gorgeous card features Holly Leaves Border! She colored the border with Copic markers giving it so much detail and interest. Then she combined the holly borders with Giant Merry Christmas on a Stitched Snowflake Backdrop!

Grace‘s card is so lovely! She started by stenciling the Winter Sprigs Background in monochromatic shades of tan. It is such a pretty and subtle backdrop for the Build-A-Snow Globe feature! She filled the snow globe with the cabin and trees from Shadow Box Card Mountain Add-On. Then she added beautiful holiday decorations with Holly Leaves Border and poinsettias from Magic Iris Holly Wreath Add-On!

I love Caly‘s beautiful holiday card! She used bright, happy colors to stencil the Winter Sprigs on the background panel. Then she added a Stitched Scalloped Rectangle Frame on a panel of vellum to soften the background a bit. And to finish the card she combined Holly Leaves Border with a Stitched Poinsettia!

Audrey‘s Winter Sprigs stenciled card is so beautiful! Her choice of colors stenciled on kraft cardstock gives the design a vintage look! She added Mini Snowflakes and a Winter Big Scripty Words greeting!

Marine‘s trio of mini cards are so charming! She stenciled the background before adding the cute Snow Globe Scenes shaker elements!

The Winter Sprigs Background frames Tammy‘s sweet Winter Birds scene so well! I love how all the pretty pine boughs, berries and pinecones in the stamp set complement the ones in the stenciled backdrop.

Holly Leaves Border and Giant Merry Christmas are a great combination for holiday cards! Lynnette‘s simply beautiful design is perfect for making multiples quick and easy!

Mindy‘s tone-on-tone stenciling creates the perfect backdrop for her Scalloped Circle framed Merry Mistletoe! This design is so pretty in a pink and sage leaf color scheme!

Elise‘s Winter Sprigs stenciled card is so perfect, all it needs is a greeting! I love how she combined Henry’s ABCs with Winter Scripty Sentiments to create a unique way to send a Merry Christmas!

Lynnette‘s stenciled card resembles a gift tied up with a Peppermint Cord bow! With the addition of a Tiny Tag with a Tiny Tag Sayings message, this card is ready to send a smile!

The Holly Leaves Border pairs nicely with Winter Birds! I think it’s so cute that the bird is adding ornaments to the holly!

Melissa‘s beautifully stenciled background is so pretty with a layer of vellum over the top. I love how she added a Winter Big Scripty Words greeting in pretty Blue Jay to match the blue card base.

Latisha‘s Winter Sprigs Background Stencils did double duty, creating two beautiful card designs! She stenciled one panel with pretty pastels, then she used a Stitched Rectangle die to make two panels. She added greetings from Christmas Before ‘n Afters to finish her cards.

 Yainea stenciled the background with the new Winter Sprigs Background Stencils in cheery colors. Then she created a fun greeting by combining Merry Christmas Border with Henry’s ABCs on a rectangle with Woodgrain Backdrop. So beautiful!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Holly Leaves Border and Winter Sprigs Background Stencils! We will share some great ideas for these new sets. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching! Are you ready for some holiday crafting?

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Holly Leaves Border and Winter Sprigs Background Stencils! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if you prefer traditional holiday colors or something new and different by October 25th at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Sunday, October 22 for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! We love to read your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one of them puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys so much!


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305 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Winter Sprigs Background Stencils and Holly Leaves Border

  1. I tend to use more of the traditional colors for the holidays because that’s the inspiration I get during the season. But I love to see other crafters use non-traditional colors on their cards, so I can step out of my “comfort zone” to try other color combinations

  2. I like both. I’m just batch making some Christmas cards using the snowflake stencil, build a drink cocktail add on and big scripty words in a blue, purple and silver colour scheme, but I will also be making cards with traditional colours too.

  3. I love both the traditional colors and the combinations. I never thought of pastels for holidays, but they are smacking!

  4. Honestly, it depends on my mood, but I like both the traditional colors and some of the non-traditional ones.

  5. I am a mix of both. I love the traditional red and green, but with a twist. I love a deep burgundy with a forest green, shades of blue with silver, and a soft mint green with a baby pink.

  6. I generally like traditional colors, or blue and metallic gold or silver. But a beautiful card is a beautirul card, no matter what color is used.

  7. Both!!! Traditional colors can give a clean and classic feel to a card but using non-traditional colors can be a fun to create with too.

  8. I think I have swapped side… I use to be a true traditional colour girl but now I make as many non traditional coloured Christmas cards as traditional ones.

  9. I love a mix of traditional and new whether it’s colours or themes. Also the interactive cards are always a big hit no matter which design I choose!

  10. I like to use a mix of traditional colors and more modern combinations like purple and silver. Love the holly branch!

  11. I tend to go for the traditional colors, but I’ll try other combos – love the look of soft pinks, light blues,,,

  12. I think traditional colours are a safe and easy option (meaning I don’t have to think too much about it), but I like seeing non-traditional colours too. It inspires me to try something different in my creations.

  13. I’m traditional. Red and green are Christmas.
    But I do enjoy seeing cards in other colors.
    thanks for sharing.

  14. I like to use more Winter and snow colours then the red/green. But I also like to try to stay away from implying chrismass directly.

    1. I love the traditional red, green, and white for the holidays! I always go through those colors of paper quickly during this time of year

  15. I enjoy making cards with both, but lately I’ve been leaning into a more soft red and teal look, or an orange and turquoise look but only for Holiday cards.

  16. I’m enjoying non traditional colors this year for all the holidays. But still enjoy seeing the traditional colors as well.

  17. I seem to lean towards using traditional Christmas colours but then see all these creations with non-traditional colours that are amazing!

  18. I was always the girl who loved the traditional christmas colors on cards but lately shifting to the not so traditional colors Love all the design team creations!! X Tamara

  19. I have always liked traditional colors but am really liking some of the pink, teal and browns added to the cards.

  20. I usually go with a warm red and turquoise. Although I like green, it always seems too bright when paired with red for my tastes.

  21. I like both! This year I’m going to try to do mint greens and pinks as oppose the the traditional pine greens and reds!

  22. These are soooo beautiful! I love them with the traditional colors but my preference is something different – more bright colors.

  23. I think I prefer the traditional colours but often one of the non-traditional combinations will jump out at me.

  24. I usually prefer traditional colors for Christmas but I am starting to branch out and have a little fun with color!

  25. I’ve always used traditional holiday colors, but am gratefully inspired by these creations to use more non-traditional ones!

  26. I decorate with the traditional colours, red and green but the non traditional coloured cards are beautiful. It might be time to use other colours in paper crafting.

  27. Just when I think I’d like to try more non-traditional colors I always seem to go back to traditional colors for Christmas cards! I love both styles though! This year I have already stamped, colored, and die cut all the cuteness from A Creature was Stirring stamp set for ALL my cards (phew!) using a mix of traditional and non-traditional colors so maybe next year I’ll branch out even more!

  28. I like a mixture of traditional holiday colors and non-traditional colors depending on who the card is going to.

  29. I tend to go for blues and silver for Hannukah but like non-traditional colors otherwise for winter cards so they will work for multiple celebrations or a non-holiday winter card!

  30. These are lovely, great inspiration, too! I used to be a traditional colours girl, but I have since discovered how fun the non-traditional colours look – so now I usually make a mix or both for my seasonal cards.

  31. I just recently got the stencil set, but haven’t played with it yet! I definitely have some inspiration! I am a fan of traditional colors, but I love whenever I see non traditional colors!

  32. I usually grab traditional colors but I love the unique color combos that have been highlighted, especially on kraft cardstock.

  33. I really like all Christmas colors. I decorate mostly with reds and whites but I have always loved the Dr Seus / Whoville color palette.

  34. I’m more of a traditionalist, but I do love switching it up occasionally with softer colors. When I do that, I lean more toward mint green and pink.

  35. As an artist, I look at things abstractly, but my audience “sees” my point more clearly when I use traditional coloring. And, art is communication.

    1. I love using white, grey and blue as my holiday colors. More of a winter color scheme as opposed to a traditional Christmas.

  36. These are such pretty new additions! I tend to use traditional colors but this is inspiring me to try something new.

  37. I like the introduction of pinks and purples for the Christmas holiday. But I tend to color stamps with the traditional colors.

  38. I always use traditional colors but seeing the non traditional colors makes me want to leave my comfort zone🩷💚🩷!

  39. Traditional Christmas colours for me 85% of the time; the rest, dabbling with other combinations – red and teal, gold and silver, kraft and ivory. Today’s showcases are absolutely wonderful!

  40. Love the new Holly Leaves Border and Winter Sprigs Background Stencils! Very festive designs! I also really enjoyed seeing all the lovely projects the design team made with them.

    Traditional holiday colors are my favorite, but I also make holiday cards and other projects in non-traditional colors, too.

  41. I lean to traditional colors for the holidays, like red and green but like using blue, and light purple for the winter colors.

  42. Absolutely gorgeous cards. I am a bit of a traditionalist for my own decorating but love seeing all the colours that people use

  43. Usually prefer traditional colors but past few years I did blues to change it up and red white and black color combos (lumberjack/buffalo plaid style). This year, I think I’ll do traditional (greens and reds) but using a lighter moremuted shade with pastels.

  44. I like to use traditional Christmas colors, but I love to see what color combos others come up with, some are really great!

  45. I love the red and green combo, but my favorite has to be the blue and silver. So yes, more traditional for sure.

  46. I love traditional Christmas colors but try to experiment with the addition of something unexpected. Great projects featured!

  47. That background stencil is gorgeous!! I am a traditional Christmas girl as far as decorating goes, but when I am making cards, I do enjoy some non-traditional color schemes now and then.

  48. I like both traditional, and retro (like pink and aqua, or pink and red and green). But If I have to choose I would say traditional.

  49. I love using the traditional green and red. But I also like gold and silver mixed in too. I really think it depends on what I am doing. Because I also like navy blue and silver, or gold for a holiday card as well.

  50. I’ve never liked a traditional Christmas color.
    I decorate with non-traditional colors – shades of pink, gold & iridescent.

  51. I love traditional holiday colors but am also drawn to some of the new color combinations, especially the ones that feature a light teal-y blue. Love the projects made with today’s featured products.

  52. Non-traditional for me! We don’t get a lot of holly in summer in Australia nor snow, so traditional colours don’t make much sense.

  53. I usually go for the traditional red and green Christmas colors. I have seen other colors done that I did like as well, I just haven’t tried them yet.

  54. Personally I like traditional color palettes. However, in card making I do other colors based on who I am sending to! Thank you for inspiration week!

  55. I usually use traditional colors, but, sometimes, a design or patterned paper gets me to changing the color up. And that looks pretty, too!

  56. I always think it’s fun to mix it up with the colors. Using the traditional red and green on cards can be challenging.

  57. I am a rebel! My colors have always been pink and jade green. This year I found pink and silver glitter ribbon at Sams Club and made all my tags from the snowflake outside in dies and made them shaker tags! LOVE pink for Christmas!

  58. While I love traditional holiday colors, I’m open to mixing it up a bit, depending on the characters I’m using.

  59. Love traditional holiday Color’s red and green, but I love pink too. So pink and light green or teal are fun too

  60. I tend to use traditional holiday colors, but also mix it up with non-traditional some of the time. Gotta keep things fresh and fun!

  61. I used to love only traditional colors. I’m finding the Design Teams cards are introducing me to pretty new color palletes that I like.

  62. I was all about the traditional Christmas colors but since last year I have been liking the non traditional colors.

  63. I like traditional colors but in the right mood, I like turquoise and pinky-red thrown into the mix. It really depends on the feel of the design, too.

  64. This is some great inspiration! Beautiful! While I love traditional Christmas colors, I also love when there are new colors used. I especially love Christmas paper with rainbow colors!

  65. I love traditional Christmas colors especially any shade of red. I do enjoy taking a twist and pairing red with turquoise too. Again loving the design team’s cards showcasing your beautiful products! The stencils are beautiful!!

  66. I love all the colorful cards – both traditional and newer colors. Latisha’s gorgeous color combos always catch my eye!!

  67. I love traditional Christmas colours …I have to say, that’s it is nice to see alternate colour combinations though.

  68. I prefer the traditional holiday colors, but the non-traditional colors are so pretty, too! The Holiday Sprigs stencil is so beautiful, and I love the Holly Leaves! Border The cards are so adorable!

  69. I prefer traditional colors for home and christmas tree decorations, but with cards I can go with no-traditional colors.

  70. I’m not sure if blue and silver is considered traditional colors, but I like this combination in addition to the red, green, and go

  71. Fabulous cards! I generally use traditional colors when I make holiday cards, but my Christmas tree decorations are purple and white.

  72. I like traditional colors. I am not sure what other way to represent Christmas. I love the blues and whites for winter, too.

  73. I usually prefer the traditional colors of the holidays, but I have seen some fun colors that might be fun to try this year.

  74. That Winter Sprigs stencil set is so extra special! And I thought the Autumn leaves was such a winner, oh my.
    Traditional Christmas colors are really my favorite. These colors just put me in the spirit of the season!

  75. I tend to lean more on the side of traditional colors. Maybe it’s nostalgic to decorate and create in the traditional sense instead of pastels and pink/teal combos.

  76. I Love the traditional colours but I think I’m liking the non-traditional colours as well. So many wonderful projects

  77. I like traditional colors of green and red, but I like the different shades, like Kelly green and bright red, or also Victorian shades of red/green. However, sometimes its nice to change it up a bit and see what happens.

  78. I’m a traditional holiday colors girl-give me some red, green, silver, gold, white for snow…it’s my favorite!

  79. I like both. Either can be stunning. I do like to combine both when I decorate. Then the traditional holiday colors look like they belong in my house.

  80. I love using white, grey and blue as my holiday colors. More of a winter color scheme as opposed to a traditional Christmas.

  81. Both! I like the traditional holiday colours, but sometimes find the non-traditional colours can add a bit of different energetic vibe.

  82. Colors! Holiday colors make me happy. My favorite is a rainbow string of lights. But I like to craft with pinks and greens, teals and silver, and navy and gold. Those combos make me swoon!

  83. These stencils are so pretty! I use both traditional and non-traditional colour combinations, depending on what I am making!

  84. I have not bought the new stencil yet but really like. So cute in the traditional colors on the card with the twine that looks like a present. The first card I really liked using this stencil was less traditional and used evergreen bough distress oxide which I have not bought because of that card. Think the other two colors used were walnut stain and festive berries.

  85. I love the traditional Christmas colors. I like some of the new colors like pink and light green but the traditional colors are still my favorite.

  86. Traditional holiday colors are always good but I love it when non-traditional colors come together in a holiday card – really makes them pop!!

  87. I’m a fan of both traditional and different. Our Christmas colors have been rose, gold and crystals the past few years.

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