Lawn Fawn Intro: Woodland Critter Huggers Winter Add-On

Hello and Welcome to Lawn Fawn’s October Inspiration Week! We will be showcasing 2 new stamp sets, 8 new stand alone dies, 2 new ink pads and a new ink cube pack. All of our Fall/Winter 2018 Release is available now at and at your favorite craft stores!

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AND today’s post too!

Today is our showcase of Woodland Critter Huggers Winter Add-On and new ink pads and re-inkers in Pizza Crust and Artichoke and a new ink cube pack, Sunday Brunch! Use this add-on set with Woodland Critter Huggers to create critters dressed for the winter that are perfect for holiday gifts like candy and gift cards! The Design Team has made the most amazing samples! And we have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways to use this set!

Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Yainea created a special card with the front and back of our cute Woodland Critter Huggers deer! All the Woodland Critter Huggers Winter Add-On accessories and gifts look so cute cut from Really Rainbow Christmas and Knit Picky papers! I love the critter is holding a candy treat!

For back of the card, Yainea included a Stitched Gift Card Pocket!

I love how beautiful the Quilted Backdrop looks in Mermaid cardstock layered over white! The Mini Snowflakes add to the delicate, pretty design!

Melissa used our cute Woodland Critter Huggers fox to decorate the cover of her Christmas Traveler’s Notebook! I just love this idea and it looks so cute in the hat, scarf and mittens from the Woodland Critter Huggers Winter Add-On set!

Melissa used Scripty Merry in silver glitter cardstock and greeting from Happy Happy Happy Add-On to add a special title to her Traveler’s Notebook!

I love how Kay created this amazing snowy scene for her Woodland Critter Huggers fox! The bright colors are so fun and cheerful! She used the cut-out from the Stitched Christmas Tree Frames to tuck a tree behind the critter!

Lizzy‘s Christmas card is so sweet with the cute critter holding a glittery candy cane! The Snowfall Backdrop creates a lovely snowy nighttime scene!

Audrey‘s adorable black and white cat is ready for Christmas with Winter Add-On accessories! The over-sized googly eyes give this guy lots of charm!

This group of Woodland Critter Huggers by Elise, including a polar bear, deer, penguin and fox are ready for a festive holiday! She die cut the Winter Add-On accessories from Sparkle Holiday glitter cardstock!

Lynnette‘s super cute penguin has lots of gift packages and candy canes ready to share for Christmas! I just love this happy card!

Elena‘s card is so beautiful with its red and white color scheme! The Really Rainbow ChristmasWhite Christmas pattern has sweet little snowflakes that look adorable in background! The Fa La La La La Border adds a fun greeting to this super fun design!

I love the white pen detail that Elena added to the deer and her hat and scarf!

Jenn‘s Woodland Critter Huggers fox looks adorable all bundled up in Knit Picky Fall scarf and coordinating mittens! That mug with the whipped cream on top will keep him warm too!

Megan made 2 versions of her adorable window card! I love how the cute critters are looking through the wreath on the card front and opening the card reveals a happy scene! This one for Fall uses Happy Fall Line Border with the colors of Knit Picky Fall!

For her sweet winter version, Megan added a sentiment using Merry Christmas Line Border and gave this cute fox a scarf with the original Knit Picky paper!

Latisha‘s whimsical critter looks so cute in red, white and brown! The Outside In Stitched Scalloped Rectangle adds sweetness to this adorable card!

Now, I have a little video for you showing Woodland Critter Huggers Winter Add-On in action and some fun things you can do with this versatile set. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch  at our YouTube channel.

Thank you for watching!

Now here’s our new ink colors with re-inkers: Pizza Crust and Artichoke! We also have a new ink cube pack: Sunday Brunch!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Woodland Critter Huggers Winter Add-On and our new ink pads and ink cube! Now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us us what makes you smile by TODAY October 17th at 5:00pm ET and we will randomly pick one winner for this die set! (If you already own this die set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Thursday October 18th for our Inspiration Week giveaway winner announcement!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! Your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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202 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Woodland Critter Huggers Winter Add-On

  1. I am blessed with 4 adorable grandsons who each make me smile in their own unique way.
    Thank you for another wonderful Lawn Fawn inspiration week. The design team’s projects always make me smile too!

  2. Oh my gosh I want these Woodland Critter Hugger’s sooooo bad! What makes me smile? I would have to say these Woodland Critter Hugger’s definitely are! LOL!! But really when I am around my family!

  3. Getting to talk on the phone with my 2 sisters, we all live in different states and it is hard getting together every year so we started calling every 2 weeks on 3 way calls so we could still be involved in each others lives. These woodland critters are so cute, loved all the cards

  4. These critters made me smile a lot this morning :-)! But also the sight of my black kitten sleeping soundly on my desk, cluttering all my supplies. Such a cute scene ^^.

  5. My kids always make me smile! Plus looking at all this constant cuteness that you guys create with Lawn Fawn helps a lot too!

  6. The fact that the heat and humidity is FINALLY going to break (and having a great cup of coffee!) is what made me smile today!

  7. These are adorable!
    Seeing my littles playing together and showing each other affection makes me smile.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  8. Gorgeous projects once again!!!!
    What makes me smile today so bright and early is that today’s is my niece Serenity’s 4th birthday!!!! She is temporarily staying with me for a little while and so I get to spend this very special day with this very special little girl! She melts my heart and that definitely brings a smile to my face!
    Jo in Jersey

  9. I love this set so much-I have already made several cards with it! What makes me smile is that yesterday my daughter turned twelve!

  10. Have not purchased any of the woodland critters but they are sure cute! My dogs have always put a smile on my face, especially after a long day at work.

  11. These critters are so cute! Can’t wait to start making some. What makes me smile is my puppy…..their love is so unconditional.

  12. So cute! Love all of the design team samples! 🙂 I am smiling because we are FINALLY getting some fall weather – sunshine and sixties!

  13. so….okay, today is just plain adorable! I keep coming back to the ‘Really Rainbow Christmas Paper’ as being the show stopper. This is the best paper pack ever! I sure like those little critters!

  14. These critter add-ons are so amazing and I LOOOOVE what everyone created using them! Too too cute!!

    What made me smile today was a book I’m current;y listening to (Raven Boys) on the way to work!

  15. Something that makes me smile is spending time with my little brother and the rest of my family! I love them so much! This awesome release makes me smile too 😄 I love the new ink pads and cubes and all the colors on today’s cards were gorgeous!!!!

  16. These cute little critters made me smile this morning reading this blog post with all the wonderful inspiration!

  17. My crazy puppy!! Ok she isn’t a puppy…she is 14, but she does at least one crazy thing every day that gets my laughing outloud!

  18. Love Megan’s Happy Fall card! Love the colors. Adorable. What makes me smile today is my new golden retriever puppy, Sadie. We lost our fur baby, Sophie in March, so Sadie has brought our smiles back.

  19. There are so many things that make me smile! 🙂 These cute
    critter cards, the critters I see outside my craft room window every
    day, my family, friends, a rainbow and on and on.

  20. You have given us so many cute ideas for the Winter Critters Add Ons. I especially love the suggestion of using felt.
    My grandchildren make me smile.

  21. What is making me smile? You mean aside from inspiration week??
    I gave my little girly a collection of Warrior Cat books and she was so happy she gasped when she saw them! I smile that she loves to read, just as I did at her age!

  22. I wasn’t planning on getting these dies, because I’m more of a card maker…but holy smokes…I think I changed my mind!!! What cute ideas and great inspiration!

  23. The adorable examples on this blog make me smile EVERYDAY 🙂 Loved all the ideas this week, keep up the great work team!

  24. My kids make me smile today! My son wore shorts with his winter jacket because he needs his legs to be free for speed!

  25. Adorable! My daughter makes me smile, always waiting me on the door when coming back from work to give me a hug 🙂

  26. I love these woodland critters! The add on set is just precious ❤️ Reading this post with all these adorable critters made me smile today 😊

  27. Knowing I’m closer to finishing my thank you gifts makes me smile today. These Woodland Critter Huggers Winter Add-On projects are so much fun!

  28. The Lawn Fawn design team is so freakin’ amazing! I love seeing their creative uses of these dies. My fuzzy old cat climbed into my lap this morning and she doesn’t do that too often so that made me smile.

  29. These are so cute!
    Things that made me smile today- the prospect of tomorrow’s forecast- it’s supposed to be a sunny and warm fall day. I may yet get my raking done!!

  30. Love the critters. What made me smile today was the weather, it is turning cold here on the east coast and it is wonderful.

  31. These hugs are adorable! What makes me smile? We FINALLY have sweater weather in Austin, Texas (at least for this week…)! It’s finally time for cozy sweaters, candles, blankets, cuddling with our pup, soups, squash… all of the wonderful Autumn things!

  32. I love any ideas to give gift cards and Yainea’s card is a great idea! I love all the different critters you can design and all the different cardstock colors to make them all unique! What made me smile is seeing the sun rise on my walk this morning and the promise of blue sky today!

  33. It’s early in the day, so still waiting for that first smile. But thinking we are getting closer to the weekend and seeing all the Lawn Fawn crafty goodness made me smile!

  34. Such cute critters! I love all of the different ideas everyone has! My sweet husband makes me smile every day!

  35. Smiling is my favorite!
    Baseball, good music and friends make me smile! Oh! And the thought of Christmas decorations!!

  36. Playing board games with my husband and daughter makes me smile, the “friendly” competition always gets crazy! Also, looking at all these absolutely adorable design team creations each day puts a big ‘ol smile on my face!

  37. The gift card on the back with the candy bar on the front is a super clever idea. What makes me smile are my four wonderful grandchildren.

  38. These hugging critters made me smile today.
    Everybody needs a hug and this is a fun way
    to send one. they are darling.
    thanks for having the sneak peeks. it’s
    been wonderful. txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  39. These are just delightful — I can imagine all the smiles that would come from giving these to family & friends. They are just adorable.

  40. Oh I just love all these adorable Woodland Critter Hugger creations! Each and every one is ever so cute! Today my dog made me smile. I am just so blessed to have the sweetest little pup in my life. I also saw some deer and a Monarch butterfly, which made me smile as well (I love animals). Thanks for the generous chance to win!

  41. My two year old just learned how to give a hug. My heart almost can’t handle those little arms around my neck and that tiny hand patting my back ❤️😭 That’s what is making me smile right now!

  42. Those Woodland Critter Huggers definitely made me smile. The beautiful fall weather also has me smiling. The accessories for the critters is at the top of my wish list.

  43. Having this super adorable winter add-on make me happy. Also being in Utah visiting family makes me happy too.

  44. My family definitely makes me smile, but all this cute Lawn Fawn ideas, cards, videos, etc. definitely leave a smile on my face too!

  45. OK, so I’m going to get corny first – thinking of all of the different ways I can use this cute die set is making me smile right now.
    What ALWAYS makes me smile are my kids. They are funniest little buggers. They could be the poster children for “Kids say the darndest things”. I’m slightly biased, but they are AWESOME!

  46. I don’t have the woodland critter huggers, but that add on makes me want to get them both. So adorable! Those scarves and hats just are so fun. Having my daughter offer to help organize the kids’ art cupboard made me smile today.

  47. Yet another great Lawn Fawn set, and so useful for dressing up gift cards!
    Making cards makes me smile, but my family and puppy make me smile the most!

  48. The thing that makes me smile is my daughter’s excitement about going to school in the morning! Even with her starting high school this year, her excitement about school is still there!

  49. What made me smile today was my boots coming through the post. Managed to get them both in a sale too. Very happy. And I also finished revising Microsoft Word latest version and learnt some new tricks.
    Too many things in general to mention that make me smile. xx

  50. Awwwww … I just LOVE the Woodland Critters and you have all created such Awwwesome designs that are just jam packed with fabulous details. Love that you used felt too!!!
    My package with two gorgeous porcelain dolls came in the mail today. They are Christmas presents for my Great Niece. That made me smile BIG today!
    Thanks so much for all the cool and Awwwwesome inspiration!!!

  51. These critters are just too cute for words. So many fun and adorable projects from the designers. I smiled today when I saw one of my daughter’s library books and recalled the delightful story.

  52. The more I see these sweet animals the more I want them! These projects are the sweetest! I smiled today when my hubby teased me.

  53. What makes me smile…my dog 🙂 And in a related note, I’m now obsessed with the Woodland Critters after Jenn’s class last night! She is such a Jenn-abler!

  54. These could not be any cuter! I am smiling today because I am packing to go see my 18 month old granddaughter! Have not seen her in person (we facetime every day) since August!!! Can’t wait.

  55. Love the projects! I’m not a fan of the huggers, but the projects are sooooo cute, I might change my mind! I am smiling today because my hubby is finally home from the hospital! I don’t have to drive to visit him there… just need to go into his office and there he is!!! Yay!

  56. Love the critters and their add ons. My family makes me smile, whether it is something fun and funny they are sharing or if they need a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to them. It is so nice to always be needed and wanted. 🙂

  57. These critters are so stinkin’ cute!!!! I LOVE them. Lawn Fawn has the best DT around! Today, sinus medication is allowing me to smile, and breathe. Thank goodness for modern medicine.

  58. cute critters. I smiles BIG today doing “baby shark” at school with my middle schoolers. We are reading shark articles and well… gotta dance!

  59. Such cutie critters, especially love those ear muffs! My neighbors cat dropping by for a visit with me made me smile today!

  60. Seeing my youngest cousins enjoy the holidays and spending time with family I don’t get to see often makes me smile!

  61. A cozy blanket, a cup of coffee, and a clear calendar make me happy today! And as always, Lawn Fawn makes me happy with their cute products and awesome projects! 😁

  62. I’m finally homeward bound after being away from home for 5 weeks! still have another 15 hour flight to go but can’t wipe the smile off my face!

  63. what makes me smile is all of the smells of the fall and of the fall drinks and foods. I love the colder weather and love to be with my loved ones.

  64. Sunshine!!!! Finally! It’s cold but the sun is so beautiful, it makes card making easier when my kitchen is filled with light. Taking advantage of it to make a birthday card for a special niece and lots of halloween cards for the kidos. Thanks for another fun inspiration week. Lawn Fawn makes me smile too.

  65. What makes me smile are the lovely things little kids do. Saw a heart warming video of a 5 year old Australian boy hugging Prince Harry and Princess Meghan (and even rubbing Prince harry’s hair and beard) when they visited his town. So cute.

  66. Eek, that penguin is darling! The things that make me smile on the regular are, My husband, my kids, the fist sip of tea in the morning and an awesome reveal week! Thank you for bringing so many smiles!

  67. These are so adorable!! Love these cute little huggers. : ) Our little baby chick that we just hatched this weekend makes me smile today; she’s so adorable!

  68. One of our wild kittens was
    playing with the toy my husband
    put outdoors for them. He was
    lying on the ground and jumping
    over the toy chasing the ball,
    so cute! Love all these Woodland
    critter huggers.
    Carla from Utah

  69. These woodland critter huggers are so cute and the DT did a great job showcasing them! I saw 2 hawks flying at the park and that made me smiled today. 🙂

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