Lawn Fawn Intro: Shadow Box Card Halloween Add-On & Tiny Gift Box Ghost Add-On

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Fall & Winter 2023 Inspiration and Release week! On August 24 our 12 new stamp sets and coordinating dies along with 21 new standalone die sets, new paper collections, and so many more exciting new products will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

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Today is our showcase of Shadow Box Card Halloween Add-On and Tiny Gift Box Ghost Add-On!  Use this add-on with Shadow Box Card to create a spooky (but super cute!) interactive Halloween scene. This add-on includes cobweb details, a spider and bat, haunted house, full moon, trees, and a creaky gate!

Pair this cute Ghost Add-On set with Tiny Gift Box to create themed boxes that are perfect for small treats! This add-on set has everything you need to turn Tiny Gift Box into an adorable (and spooky!) little ghost. To create lots of fun Halloween favors, combine the new Ghost Add-On with the Jack-O’-Lantern and Bat Add-On sets!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a pair of videos at the end to showcase these new Halloween die sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details! And leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!!

Megan‘s “spooktacular” card is so cute! She combined Shadow Box Card Halloween Add-On with Tiny Gift Box Ghost Add-On on this 3D design.

Caly‘s design is so “boo-tiful”! She combined two cute ghosties, showing off the 2 variations for the arms. Her punny custom greeting mixes Henry Jr.’s ABCs stamps with Henry’s ABCs dies.

Elena‘s trio of Tiny Gift Box Ghost Add-Ons are so adorable! I love that they are holding the tiny pumpkins and their pink bows and cheeks are so sweet!

Latisha‘s Halloween card is so creative! She took the Shadow Box Card Halloween Add-On out of the box and put it on a card! I love how she assembled the scene inside the cobweb framed window. The colors are so unique and fun and the colorful Happy Halloween makes it even more special!

Cute Cobweb, Giant Trick or Treat and Tiny Gift Box Ghost Add-On combine on a card that is so much fun! Audrey’s beautifully inked background pulls it all together in Halloween style!

Elise combined lots of pretty shimmer cardstock to die cut all the pieces for her Shadow Box Card Halloween Add-On design! It’s so special as a Halloween card or it can be a fun decoration for the season!

Who says Halloween has to be spooky! Latisha used happy colors and an adorable ghost to send a sweet greeting!

Marine‘s card is so fun and creative! She used Spooky Forest Backdrop and Nighttime Sky Stencil to create the scene before placing the cute ghost front and center! I love her clever Mini String of Lights using the tiny pumpkin from the Tiny Gift Box Ghost Add-On set!

Grace got so creative with this fun teacher thank you card! She used the Tiny Gift Box Ghost Add-On to create the cutest pencil! She also used Really Rainbow papers and Henry Jr.’s ABCs!

Here’s the secret to Grace’s clever little pencil!

Intro Videos

Here’s a video to introduce Shadow Box Card Halloween Add-On! We will share some wonderful ideas to create fun Halloween crafts. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

And now we have another video to introduce Tiny Gift Box Ghost Add-On! There are so many ways to use this cute set and we will show you a few! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Shadow Box Card Halloween Add-On and Tiny Gift Box Ghost Add-On! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us how you decorate for Halloween by August 23rd at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Wednesday, August 23rd for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week; we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one of them puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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401 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Shadow Box Card Halloween Add-On & Tiny Gift Box Ghost Add-On

  1. I carve a pumpkin that gets displayed during the week of Halloween. There’s also lots of black cats and garlands put up. 😸

  2. We generally decorate the outside of our house and a pumpkin is a must, we have a spooky jack o lantern guaranteed to scare everyone!

    1. I’m so happy they have a new shadow box add on! Years since they haven’t update the collection!

  3. First of all, I have to say Grace’s lovely pencil card totally blew me away. She’s such a genius 👏 Thank you so much Grace!
    As a Summer lover, I don’t really like Halloween simply because it gets super cold after Halloween🤧 Last year, I decorated a basket for Halloween candies😅

  4. Super cute! I love to decorate! For Halloween I have pumpkin lights and ghosts outside and Jack ov lantern decor inside.

  5. We have inflatable decorations outside, lots of spooky decorations inside and we change all our smart lightbulb colours to make our house look haunted!

  6. Since the kids are grown, we don’t really decorate for Halloween anymore. I just adore Grace’s pencil card! So cute!!!

  7. I used to put out so many Halloween decorations! 20+ artificial pumpkins and skeletons! Now I’m lucky if I put one out and call it done.

  8. After moving, I’m not quite sure where my box of Halloween decorations ended up so might not this year. These samples are really cute!

  9. I love Halloween! I made these ghosts out of white felt that fit over tomato cages – big ghosts! I set a little light in the bottom and they look great in the front window. Love the little ghost box, too!

  10. I love to decorate for Halloween as early as possible, though my husband prefers I wait until October. This year I couldn’t wait so last weekend, I put out all the Halloween cards I’ve made over the years…now I’m ready to make some more.

  11. My kids decorate the whole house for Halloween, fake cobwebs, ghosts, bats, etc. It’s their favorite holiday besides Christmas!

  12. More cuteness!! So fun!! I don’t really decorate too much for Halloween, but I do make Halloween cards for an assisted living facility that I support with a card ministry and also for friends and family.

  13. I like to decorate inside with banners and paper lanterns that have glow sticks inside to glow with different colors (or flameless candles).

  14. Examples are way too cute. I haven’t decorated since my kids were little. I use to have light up characters.

  15. Lots of black for halloween — but I tend to do more whimsical than super scary and I decorate our buffet for dia de los muertos.

  16. These ghosts are so perfect for little treat boxes! We carve pumpkins and usually de corset the kitchen for a Halloween party.

  17. I love to carve pumpkins and have them outside to see! Plus I like to have light up decorations on the lawn as well as little decorations in the house.

  18. I don’t decorate for Halloween anymore because my kids are grown, and we don’t live in a neighborhood with any trick or treaters anymore.

  19. Halloween is the best! We decorate with jack-o-lanterns, black cats, ghosts, string lights, and so much more!

  20. Halloween is my husband’s favorite holiday. We decorate with carved pumpkins, a large spiderweb and spider, light up eyeballs in the bushes, and Halloween light up characters like an owl and ghost.

  21. Most of our Halloween decorations are around the front door so the kiddos have something fun to see when they knock for candy! 🙂

  22. Crushing over and smitten with the little ghost! So exceptionally cute…and love seeing it transformed into a pencil!
    Halloween decor: garland with Halloween characters made from felt (stitched by me), pumpkins and a set of Halloween cross-stitch pieces (also by me). Making Halloween cards/projects is the BEST!

  23. I don’t decorate for Halloween. We do have some fake pumpkins with faces carved into them in our fall decorations though.

    1. Eeek! I love the shadow box! We cut shapes out of black poster board and put them in the windows so it looks like there’s a monster party in our house. It’s so fun!

  24. We have a scarecrow that makes an appearance as well as ceramic pumpkins. The pencil created from the box is so fun!

  25. So we aren’t much for Halloween decorations, but we are all about the pumpkins! I adore carving elaborate pumpkins and each year every member of my family tries to outdo the other!

  26. We have Jack-o-lanterns that we decorate with. We usually have an orange or red light bulb for our porch as well.

  27. Well I never thought I’d love a ghost, but there you have it! It absolutely adorable! As I said before, you have the best design team. We do not have any trick or treaters and our home is hidden so no one really sees us, but what I will do is decorate the outside with caved pumpkins and a witches broom on the door. I own a black cat, so he’s my spooky decor for the inside!

  28. I raid the cornfield and get lots of corn stalks to put by the entrance, get wonky pumpkins and gourds at a local orchard and inside the house I fill my bay window with a spooky village scene (the light up kind from Lemax).

  29. I am so excited for the shadow box add-on! I haven’t used mine in a while and now I can show it some new love. I am a huge fan of the tiny gift box ghost and can use it to decorate for Halloween. My fall/Halloween decorations go together. I have this cute wooden witch that I put on the mantel.

  30. We decorate for Halloween by putting up a light-up pumpkin in our front window. We used to carve pumpkins but we found the light-up one is easier so we don’t have to worry about it rotting. I love the new tiny gift box ghost add on. It is so adorable!! I can’t wait to get it!

  31. I haven’t lived anywhere with trick or treaters in years. However, this year I am in a new home and have a front porch ☺️! I have seen families walking in the neighborhood, so maybe I will get trick or treaters this year! I am on the lookout for inexpensive Halloween decorations to set up outside just in case some kids come by.

  32. Of course pumpkin carving is part of our decorating, as is making Halloween sugar cookies in every shape and decorating those with lots of icing.

  33. I’m more of an autumn decoration girl, typically pulling out all of those items in early September. I add in a few Halloween items later in the month. My favorite piece is a set of blocks I bought at a craft fair. It spells out trick or treat and dried out gourds are decorated like candy corn to sit atop the blocks. Love this new shadow box add-on.

  34. We have a large blow up ghost that we have been putting on our front porch for years. It’s so cute and I just love it. We also put masks onto all of our outdoor lights to give them a little Halloween flare. The Frankenstein mask shining through the light next to the front door just makes me smile.

  35. We honestly don’t do a lot for Halloween because we never get any trick or treaters, but we will put the odd ghost hanging in a tree and a collection of tombstones.

  36. I love to put our my favorite Halloween cards that I have saved. I also put up plenty of bat and black cat decor. I love Halloween!

  37. We do mostly fall decorations so they can stay up through November and then we change out a few little things for September/October/Novermber. September is pure fall, October we add a few ghosts and skelly gnomes, then in Thanksgiving we go back to all fall with a thankful wreath.

  38. I always love an interactive card. They are so fun to make and they are loved by the recipients. Now that the kids are grown, I don’t really decorate for Halloween. Just some simple hand made fall decorations. It makes putting it all away simpler so that I can really decorate for Christmas.

  39. If you live in an apartment in Sweden, there is usually not that much decoration (and it’s not allowed to put things outside the door due to fire hazards). But I have a few pumpkins I sometimes decorate with. Orange is one of my favorite colors so I really like it to brighten up the dark days here up north.
    That ghost is so frikkin’ cuuuute!

  40. We put up a projector on our upper floor window with dancing skeletons or zombies trying to get out, make a cauldron with mist and artificial arms coming out, and have candles, skulls and apothecary jars put! It’s fun!

  41. We carve pumpkins and get our Halloween decorations in the windows. I remove fall decorations and put Halloween on our table and throughout the house.

  42. i love decorating for halloween! it is my favorite holiday. i line up my windowsill with spooky decorations. i put orange candles in the windows and a festive wreath on the front door. i display pumpkins outside and carve them and my entire house smells like pumpkin spice! and i love the card with the pink and purple house! what a great color combo!

  43. Due to time restrains, I find that my Halloween decorations default to my fall decorations… So, pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere!

  44. Since the kids have moved out, Halloween isn’t a holiday I decorate for anymore since it’s literally 2 weeks after Thanksgiving and prefer to keep the fall decor up. What cute shadowbox ideas

  45. I like to put out some cute little ceramic jack o lanterns that I got 30 years ago for a bridal shower gift. They kind of remind me of lawnfawn, with their silly little individual faces. One is even tipped on its side.

  46. We decorate our large front porch for fall and then add carved pumpkins in with the scarecrows when it gets closer to Halloween. My fav Halloween decoration though is a life-size jointed skeleton that “rides” my childhood bicycle that sits under a tree in our yard! I plant flowers in the bike baskets each summer and then leave the bike out for the skeleton to ride each Halloween! Get’s lots of looks from people as they pass by!

  47. What fun with these samples today! Love the cute ghost and the adorable Halloween add-ons!
    I have a blow-up skeleton for my front porch and I love to put some pumpkins out with it!

  48. I love Grace’s pencil from the Ghost Tiny Box Add-on. It is on point! And I love to decorate for Halloween. I typically put out a few items to make a grave yard or haunted house theme on the mantle. We put blow up items outside and add a large spider web or two to the shrubs. And have blinky eyes looking out through windows. Happy Halloween!!

  49. I have a little scarecrow that sits on
    a bench on the front porch. I have
    a ghost that I hang from a plant hanger.
    My husband cut out the upper body/face
    and there are streamers hanging down
    that blow in the wind. Put some
    little things around the house and
    that’s it. Love the new release.
    thanks for sharing

  50. I love fall decorations! For Halloween , I decorate my main table with spooky decor, witches, 🎃, front door wreath, a few spooky houses here and there

  51. We don’t do much decorating for fall or halloween anymore. Most of our decorations are outside. With pumpkins and colorful mums.

  52. I’ve always wanted to decorate but by the time September rolls around things are crazy then next thing you know I’m thinking about Christmas.

  53. Love the cute add on ghost and add on Halloween touches to the shadow box. I decorate with fall themes like leaves, pumpkins, gourds, apples.

  54. I love to decorate inside and out for Halloween and then take the spooky stuff down on November 1st but leave out all of the pumpkins for Fall.

  55. How do I decorate for Halloween??? Let me count the ways! 1–Table decoration is a graveyard scene, 2–wreath on the front door, 3–Halloween lights on the front porch, 4–Halloween cards made and sent to family and friends, 5–Halloween decor on the front porch and yard, and several Halloween crafty things that I made that stay on display in my craft room year round. Also “The Witch is In/Out” (always IN) sign which is a permanent feature in the craft room too! I love Halloween! And these spooky shadow boxes are DELIGHTFUL!!! Can’t wait to get that!

  56. For Halloween we decorate our yard with skeletons, inflatable pumpkins, a spider and webs, tombstones and my son’s homemade “casket” that he hides in with the candy so he can scare the trick or treaters. We also play spooky music and if we can get dry ice, we float it in water inside of cauldrons for the spooky fog effect. Halloween is my absolute favorite time of the year. I also make about 100 of the tiny gift boxes and put them in the staff mailboxes at the school I work at, so they have a fun treat.

  57. I am a Halloween decorating fanatic!! I create a graveyard spooky scene on my front yard, tombstones, jack-o’-lanterns, skeletons, blow ups, a giant spider with a moving head and a 12ft skeleton!! Kids love walking past the yard on their way to school. It’s so much fun!!

  58. I don’t do a whole lot of Halloween decorating now that the kids are gone – I mostly concentrate on fall.

  59. I change out my throw pillows with different pillow covers and add Halloween color blankets, throws throughout the bedrooms plus I change certain wall decor and pictures/paintings as well.

  60. So much inspiration today! That little pencil ✏️ is the cutest! I put a few fun Halloween decorations out to be festive.

  61. We don’t tend to decorate for Halloween here in Australia. Thought in recent years it has grown in popularity and some families will decorate their houses. There is one house in our neighbourhood that goes all out in their decorations.

  62. Love all the projects from the design team! Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I decorate both inside and outside the house with ghosts, witches, monsters, jack-o-lanterns, and a gated cemetery in my front yard! Thanks for the chance to win!

  63. I only have a handful of Halloween decorations and my daughter usually takes them to put in her bedroom. LOL I need to change that! I adore the new ghost gift box add-on. So cute!

  64. I don’t decorate for Halloween any more. I don’t get trick or treaters either. It seems the kids go to the fancier neighborhoods.

  65. I don’t decorate for Halloween as we don’t get trick or treaters. But I do get some bags of my favorite candies and make treat bags for friends and family.

  66. Here in Germany Halloween isn’t really celebrated. We did it until when our girls were about 13, then stopped. And that’s also when I stopped decorating for Halloween. But I love to make Halloween cards nontheless. Who cares that I don’t send the out? Maybe I should start decorating the house with them…. 😉

  67. I love the tiny add in Ghost I have been using these gift box add ons for planters. Now to do a Halloween planter with the ghostie will be cool. Can’t wait to get this. Love it.

  68. I decorate my porch. I have a giant spider that I put on webbing. I put pumpkins and bats! And I let my cat out there since he matches perfectly haha!

  69. Todays intros are so much fun. Thanksgiving in Canada in the first week of October so I typically decorate my house for fall and Halloween at the same time. The pumpkins and the spookies are all in the house at once!

  70. I love to carve pumpkins and we set up an outdoor display with witches, a jack in the box, a grave digger, spooky tree and lots of buzzards, mice and body parts.

  71. For Halloween, I decorate with lots of spiders and bats and pumpkins all over the house. My husband then puts all sorts of blow figures in the yard.

  72. What a cute little ghost! Love all the inspiration!!

    I decorate our house with all the traditional Halloween goodies. Pumpkins, bats, witches and some other ghouls and goblins. I love decorating for Halloween.

  73. I have a Halloween town that lights up that I put up. I put out my Halloween Witch’s cauldron Candy dish which is motion sensitive so the witch cackled & her
    broom comes down to “smack”the candy thief’s hand. I also put out my wreath & life size Maleficent.

  74. I usually put out some pumpkins on a bale of hay with a few cute scarecrows I’ve had for years, and get lots of candy ready for the little trick or treaters!

  75. We have a massive amount of Halloween decorations! Every year we add a few more items. We already have recently purchased a bride and groom skeleton and a tree swing with a skeleton figurine.

  76. I don’t usually decorate for Hallowe’en, but still have a mini Hallowe’en Pumpkin and Bat plush that I display.

  77. I have inside and outside decorations, spiderwebs, bats, ghost, monsters and of course the pumpkins my grandkids carved out with me. way to much cute stuff this week, will be really hard to decide what to get.

  78. I love decorating with pumpkins EVERYWHERE! I have about 20 Cinderella pumpkins growing in my backyard. Can’t wait 🙂

  79. This ghost is adorable! Might have to make some for my granddaughter’s pre-k class. I don’t decorate a lot, just a garden flag and a pumpkin on the porch. We live in a 55+ and don’t get trick or treaters.

  80. We decorate with orange lights and some ghosts and spiders and cobwebs. My husband made a cool directions sign with “roads” like Witch Way, Spooky Alley, and Pumpkin Lane and we put it in front of the house.

  81. I go all out for Halloween! I do keep it family friendly though. I have a TON of jack-o-lanterns of all different sizes. I have a purple and orange lighted spider web. I turn my door light into a flame light. Tons of strings of lights too. Finally I have several inflatables that say Boo, are jack o lanterns too, black cats, etc. Let’s just say my neighbors are painfully aware that Halloween is my favorite time of the year.

  82. We don’t typically decorate for Halloween since we don’t get much Trick or Treaters but I may have a pumpkin..and
    obviously lots of candy in case the Trick or Treaters come! haha

  83. Halloween used to be a big decorating event but now just a pumpkin on the porch and some orange pumkin lights or a motion activated ghost. A few seasonal items inside and a seasonal soap container in the powder room.

  84. Now that the kids are a bit older we decorate with. Bit more creep but those ghosts are too cute not to decorate with.

  85. We decorate with pumpkins, spider web and “cute” ghosts. I love the cute Halloween decor. I’m not into scary at all.
    *** I love the ghost that was turned into a pencil by Grace Camou. It is adorable. This wasn’t on my list to buy but now it is!!! Thanks Grace for making spend more money 😉 ****

  86. I love the shadow box haunted house add on. It makes the card into a little mantle piece. I love the good cheer of Halloween. For the holiday, I usually decorate the house with large bowls of candy!

  87. I usually just decorate for fall. On Halloween night I will put cute signs and blow ups outside so trick or treaters know they will find some treats at my house.

  88. I’m into craving pumpkins still but I don’t decorate like I used too now that my kids are adults and I don’t have grand-kids yet.

  89. For Halloween we do a bit of cute with our carved jack o lanterns and a bit of spooky with spider webs, a grave yard and tombstones!

  90. Love the shadow box die and the Halloween add on! And the ghost is adorable.
    I decorate with fall leaves and pumpkins. So that it can stay till I decorate for Christmas. Hubby won’t let me decorate until Dec1st. So I get Halloween and Thanksgiving all in one.

  91. For Halloween I leave up my fall decor and add black touches of decor, ie.e. black pumpkins, vintage cats, owls and bats..

  92. Many years ago, I cross stitched a haunted house and made a pillow I enjoy bringing out every year. I also love my collection of spooky paper houses I’ve made, which light up with battery powered flickering votives. This year I’ll add your new shadow boxes and ghosts!

  93. For Halloween, I don’t really add anything since I usually have pumpkin and leave decorations in place for fall.

  94. I don’t celebrate Halloween so I don’t decorate for it. However, we do sometimes carve pumpkins. And I enjoy eating Candy corn with peanuts. Yum!

  95. I carve a lot of pumpkins and use candles. For Halloween night, I bake a pumpkin pie and use different kind of squash everywhere in the rest of my menu.

  96. We decorate for Halloween with little ghosts and pumpkins. I am excited to see a new set for the shadow box! Love the pencil that Grace created!

  97. I decorate a table, so on Halloween, the kids can come and get candy; while I admire their costumes and give away tons of yummy candy! I usually make a banner and table decor. The ghost boxes would be perfect!

  98. I have a lot of Halloween decorations so I try to mix it up everyyear. We also decorate the outside with a large witch and black cats. Love the ghost add on!

  99. We have lots of halloween theme blow up decorations. Then trick or treat night we also light a fire and have a bunch of fog machines running and lots of fun music playing.

  100. I am already excited to decorate for Halloween, but I’m trying to hold back. I decorate the outside like a graveyard and that inside is all kids of Halloween madness! So e tired to get started again this year! The ghost is absolutely adobale!

  101. Graveyard in front yard, not scary but think old west. I’m in southern Ca so my gravel and cactus front yard makes a perfect haunted old west grave yard. In the house we do novelty fabric Halloween quilts on every surface and haunted mansion ghosts in old smoked glass jars resting on top. Black drippy candles and candelabras- not scary and not cute. I love it

  102. I decorate with pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons and black cats! Halloween is my favorite holiday! These projects are too cute!

  103. For years I went all out on the Halloween decorations, but as empty nesters and getting older I like smaller dioramas that are easy to store!

  104. I decorate with all sorts of skeletons…I have cat skeletons, frogs, a giant bat, a t-rex, ducks, a shark, a dragon, and a traditional human skeleton names Steve. They make me laugh.

  105. We have pumpkins on the porch and a few days before Halloween we carve one. We have pumpkin and ghost banners that we hang on the railing of our porch. Have a 5 ft. Skeleton that we hang along the walkway to our house.

  106. I don’t often decorate for Halloween, but when I do it is with jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and orange and purple lights.

  107. SQUEAL!! I LOVE all of the AMAZING Inspiration!!
    I LOVE to decorate for Halloween with all of my AMAZING Outdoor Decorations as well as things I’ve made!! Have a FABULOUS Release Week!!

  108. Don’t decorate outside my house. However, would love to win this set so I can try my hand at card decorating.

  109. I set up a ceramic Halloween Village every year. I love the way the houses light up and flicker, and a few of the houses have spooky sounds too.

  110. We don’t really do too much decorating now that the kids are grown but we do like to put up small decorations for the grandkids and carve pumpkins.
    So many wonderful ideas from the design team. Thanks for Sharing 😊

  111. Oh man, we have all the spooky stuff for Halloween. Skeletons, ghouls, light shows, cobwebs, the works! We love it!

  112. We always have cobwebs and jack o lanterns on our front porch and all kinds of Halloween decorations inside like potion bottles, bats and spooky figurines.

  113. In the past, I have tried all sorts of handmade Halloween decorations. But now we live in a neighborhood without kids, so no more decorating for Halloween.

  114. Hubs has handpainted wood pumpkins to line the driveway. They are lit with orange bulbs. We also have Linus and Sally waiting for the Great Pumpkin, because we obviously have a sincere pumpkin patch!

  115. I string lights in the window and decorate with a lot of pumpkins & black cats – I like fun & cute Halloween items 🙂

  116. Halloween isn’t as much of a big deal here is Australia so we don’t do any decorating. Secretly though, I’d love to decorate the house with cobwebs and add gravestones in the yard one year!

  117. I don’t really decorate for Halloween but I have carved pumpkins and set them outside… only for them to mold and get icky 😆

  118. I put a witch on the front door that cackles when it hears a noise. I love to watch the children’s faces as they set it off.

  119. We have a few ceramic pumpkins and ghosts, handed down from in laws, plus other Halloween theme decorations to display on my kitchen shelf, I also like to create a Halloween banner to hang up under the shelf! Love Halloween and the fall season

  120. i just do pumpkins along the walkway, and spiders and cobwebs in my classroom. I can’t wait to make tiny ghosts, i am beyond excited for that add-on, lol. Thanks Lawn Fawn!!!

  121. For years my husband & I would decorate for Halloween both inside & outside our home.
    My husband would dress up & we sit outside & give out trick or treat filled with candy.
    I love the tiny gift box’s & love the new add-on ghost. Thank you! 🧡💜🖤👻🖤💜🧡

  122. OMG I love these sets, they’re so cute. And Grace’s card with the ghost being turned into a pencil is pure genius!!
    We don’t celebrate Halloween here, so no decorating for me. I did experience my first Halloween in Canada in 2007 with my Aunt (who is Canadian) and my Uncle. We covered the front yard with fake spider webs, I carved my first jack-o-lantern, my aunt and I created a spooky playlist… so many good memories made that year.

  123. I love putting up a Halloween sign on the front door and baking cute, spooky treats! love making costumes too!

  124. Can’t wait to get the new Shadow Box add -on! Just picked up the Shadow box during the last sale! We don’t decorate here out in the country and no more little ones!

  125. Cute ghost holding the pumpkin! For Halloween I do some Halloween-themed hand towels and some Halloween decorations I made using my Silhouette machine.

  126. Super cute ghost for the Tiny Giftbox. Love the Halloween Add-on for the Shadow box. I decorate my door and put out a Halloween flag.

  127. I don’t decorate for Halloween. I decorate for fall… corn shocks if I can get them, a hay bale or two and lots of gourds and pumpkins.
    Lori S in PA

  128. I decorate inside with my large paper pumpkin man, skeleton, black cat from my childhood. I pull out a box of other asstd. decorations and put them all over the house, including my gargoyle and skull with light up eyes, talking holographic jack o’lantern, Casper and Stretch jack o’lanterns. Sometimes I set up a test tube rack, Erlenmeyer flasks, a Bunsen burner, ring stand, etc. in the front window to look like a mad scientist lives here. I put colored water in the glassware. I carve a jack o’lantern and put it out front. Then I’m lucky if I get one trick or treater because all the neighbors don’t want to be bothered so they turn off all their lights and pretend they aren’t home on Halloween. I think they all hate kids!

  129. We put some things outside for Halloween, a couple of black trees with lights and pumpkins and some yard stake ghosts, kind of fun and tasteful, not too tacky, and then inside have a fun things like pumpkins, stairwell garland and some other Halloween knick knacks for the endtables, etc.

  130. I have a cute little light-up dog carrying a Jack-o-lantern for his treats and he sits in the front porch, where my dogs eye him suspiciously and growl at him.

  131. Love the examples today, especially the pencil – how out of the box creative! For Halloween my husband goes all out with the decorations. Spooky entrance, projection talking pumpkins in the windows, the works. Our neighbourhood is full of kids, we get over 200 kids each year so it makes it super fun to decorate.

  132. I love to decorate for Halloween! I have a vintage set of Jack Skellingtons that I hang outside. I just love the cute little ghost, and the Halloween add-ons!! So cute!

  133. Honestly, I don’t decorate the home with Autumn / halloween themes much, being a city girl in Hong Kong, but would love to make cards with these themes!

    Such a cute little ghost!!

  134. I have some glittery halloween things I like to put out as well as the practice skull we had to buy for dental hygiene school lol! These are soooo adorable and I recently purchased the shadow box die! Thanks for the chance!

  135. Wow, love all the great cards created by the team and especially Grace’s ingenious pencil design! My Halloween decor is usually themed and I change them out every few years or so. The last few year’s it been a Witch’s Lair and hopefully next year I will get to finally create an Edgar Allen Poe theme featuring his poem – The Raven.

  136. OMG so cute! I love decorating with spider webs, spiders, potion bottles, moons, bats, etc. Spooky but not scary.

  137. I do not go too c any. Just a banner and a skeleton named Frank. This year I am going to hang witch hats outside on fishing line and maybe make some bats.

  138. I don’t decorate for Halloween but we carved a pumpkin and dress it up( witch, monster etc) for Halloween night. Is super fun

  139. How fun these ghosts
    are! I decorate around
    October 1st and have
    a large table to display
    my fun decorations.
    Carla from Arizona

  140. Such fantastic dies and really amazing projects from the DT
    Halloween is not that big in Australia where I live so I don’t decorate

  141. Having a very hands on two year old granddaughter we have tried pumpkin carving with her, but most of our inside display of pumpkins are plush. We decorate the front door & hallway with a large display of witches, spiders ,webs & blood footprints so anyone trick or treating gets a haunted spook.

  142. I usually only decorate for fall. Unfortunately I have not been decorating these past few years. However I love to do crafting for both fall and halloween

  143. I don’t really decorate for Halloween other than make halloween cards (which gets me back into my craft room after the summer). Love the little halloween house and gate dies – can’t wait to use them with the shadow box dies.

  144. I love to decorate the whole house for Halloween as its my birthday the day before!!! My favourite is a doorbell that rings a creepy tune when you press it!

  145. I decorate my house with spider wens and other scary things and dress up as a grim reaper. I stand still and pop out to scare older kids but smile at little ones

  146. We paint pumpkins and put them on our front porch! Some year we do more, other years (when mom is tired) we do not. 😆

  147. This box is super cute. I love the little ghost and how can all the dies for the tiny box can be incorporated in cards

  148. Mostly I just decorate my foyer and I have an awesome Lemax village I put on top of the piano. A little on my front porch too. Halloween isn’t a big deal where I live. I wish it was though….

  149. We love Halloween at our house. We decorate with some cute cat inflatables. We have light up eyeballs and spider garland. We’ve got eyeballs peeking out by the side of our front door. I have a fun Halloween wreath for the front door. Throughout our house, we have Halloween goodies displayed. We also dress up our cats in costumes for Halloween.

  150. Pumpkins are my go-to for Halloween decor, as it takes us into Thanksgiving nicely too. But a few spooky things creep in for fun!

  151. We never decorated much for Halloween and now that the kids have all left, I have no one to decorate for. I still send cards to the GRANDkids and I am excited to get the Halloween add on for the shadow box.

  152. I love putting decorations all over and next to the mantelpiece, like pumpkins, corn, large pinecones, potions, a spell book, a cauldron with spooky lights, a broom, etc. And underneath the staircase I hang bats and all sorts of fun decorations as well. This year it will be tricky to decorate, since we are renovating the house and we are expecting our first baby in October as well, but I do intend to craft with some items from this release! 🙂

  153. Love the shadow box! I always decorated for Halloween when my son was little. We even had a screaming door mat, so much fun! I still decorate, just not as much.

  154. The gift box ghost is soooo cute! I love to decorate for Halloween with handmade things, I even have a Lawn Fawn banner that I made a couple years ago 🙂

  155. Here in Switzerland we don’t celebrate halloween. But we have a clay pumpkin lantern. And in front of some houses you can also see pumpkins but usualy we have ” Räbeliechtli” this is a sort of beet and we carving images on it.

  156. We don’t really decorate for Halloween, but my MIL loves to pull out this ghost skeleton and hang it in random places.

  157. For Halloween, I like putting spooky type decorations all over inside and then I love putting those fake cobwebs and black lights outside so the house looks spooky outside too!

  158. We start in September, decorating the whole house with pumpkins, ghosts, witches, and goblins. We even create our own ‘cemetery’ on our front lawn.

  159. I always put a skeleton on the door, cobwebs on my porch, little ghosts hanging from the tree and a pirate coming out of the ground in the yard!

  160. I collect Disney popcorn buckets and have several for Halloween (and Christmas). They make almost as happy as Lawn Fawn products. Anyway, I enjoy putting them out for Halloween.

  161. I don’t do much for Halloween decorations anymore. My kids are grown and flown and the neighborhood is quiet At Halloween now. I do love to make cards though.

  162. I hunt out cute pumpkin and cat decorations each year and use those, especially cushions and throws.

    The shadow box is my all time favorite die, I’m excited for new add ons

  163. I decorate more for fall with autumn colors/leaves and pumpkins and I add a few halloween touches here and there with figurines or themed candle holders.

  164. Love Orange, Purple, and Lime Green for Halloween décor. Anything with those colors – as well as pumpkins!

  165. This ghost add-on is adorable!! I have a few figurines to display for Halloween but that’s about it. I love seeing the neighborhood decorations during Halloween!! Some go all out and get into the spirit, it’s soo fun!

  166. In Japan most of the people doesn’t decorate for halloween. So I just decorate my little front porch for halloween.

  167. I put a Halloween Lava Lamp in the window. Orange lights around the window frame. A skeleton is hung from the porch light. Lite pumpkins are in the window.

  168. I don’t decorate for Halloween (I’m in Sydney, Australia so we don’t have that tradition). I do love Grace’s pencil!

  169. In Australia we don’t really decorate for Halloween but I always have a big bowl of candy out, does that count ?

  170. My daughter goes all out with magic floating witch hats, a grave yard, bones all over, floating ghosts, purple lights all over the grass!!

  171. My kids are grown and out of the house so I don’t do much decorating but I live in a neighborhood that gets quite a few trick or treaters so I do put out several carved pumpkins on the front porch.

  172. I decorate for Halloween with a wreath, I also have all sorts of candy corn items and some painted ghost and bats. I love to decorate for Halloween.

  173. Oh what a cute little ghost! I do not decorate with scary or evil things for Halloween. I like the whimsical and happy creatures, like black cats and cute little bats!

  174. The little gif box ghost and samples are adorable. I love how they made it look like a pencil also. Really cute 💛🤍

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