Lawn Fawn Intro: Wild Wolves, Wolf Before ‘n Afters & Starry Sky Background Hot Foil Plate

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Fall & Winter 2023 Inspiration and Release week! On August 24 our 12 new stamp sets and coordinating dies along with 21 new standalone die sets, new paper collections, and so many more exciting new products will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

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Today is our showcase of Wild Wolves and Wolf Before ‘n Afters along with their coordinating dies. Have a howling good time with these fluffy wolves! This pack will help you with all of your Halloween, Winter, birthday, and everyday greetings.

Howl your greeting to the moon with this amazing Before ‘n Afters style stamp set. This adorable set of wolves works with Magic Picture Changer for an interactive project, or on their own.  These fluffy wolves play nice with friends from Wild Wolves too!

We are also introducing Starry Sky Background Hot Foil Plate! Add a fun foiled (so shiny!) star filled background to your craft projects! These plates can be used with most hot foil machines and leave a shiny impression but no cut lines on your cards.

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end to showcase these new wolf-themed stamp sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details! And leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!!

Elena‘s colorful sky is so cheerful! It’s the perfect backdrop for the bright moon and the adorable Wild Wolves!

Marine creates the coolest the Magic Picture Changer cards by incorporating it seamlessly into her scenes! She disguised the mechanism with the trees and large rock from Wild Wolves. Then she used Wolf Before ‘n Afters to change to a howling wolf. And then to finish, she spelled out “arooo” with Henry’s ABCs! So clever!

Audrey‘s card is so awesome in deep purple! I love how she arranged the Wild Wolves scene around the Full Moon and also how she included the bats from the Shadow Box Card Halloween Add-On!

How cool is the contrast of the black Stitched Hillside Borders and beautifully inked sky! Then Tammy colored the wolves in monochromatic in shades of gray, before adding a glowing yellow moon! So pretty!

Oh, wow! Grace inspires with an amazing Cinderella-inspired card! She framed her scene with Spooky Forest Backdrop before dressing up a Stitched Pumpkin with gold details.

And then she layered everything on a pink cloud panel hot foiled with the new Starry Sky Background Hot Foil Plate. Oh, my goodness, this card is so special!

Lynnette chose a sweet sentiment to send birthday wishes with the Wild Wolves and Wolf Before ‘n Afters.

Latisha‘s card is so clever with a stenciled background. She used both Mountain Stencil and Cloudy Stencil to ink the dramatic backdrop. And then she colored the tree and the wolf in shades of purple, so unique!

Caly combined both new wolf sets to create a friendship card that is so sweet!

Elise created a frosty winter scene with the cute wolves! She added a very appropriate sentiment for the “howlidays“!

Megan added a clever pull-tab to her Wild Wolves card! As the tab is pull, the moon rises while the Wolf Before ‘n Afters critters howls! So adorable!

Grace‘s Batty for You card has so much pretty foiled shine with the Starry Sky Background Hot Foil Plate!

I love Marine‘s tall slimline scene with all the Wild Wolves! It is such a fun way to include lots of detail and fun images! She added the Nighttime Sky moon stencil at the top along with birch trees from Joy to the Woods!

The Starry Sky Background Hot Foil Plate adds so much shiny detail to the background of our Shadow Box Card with the Halloween Add-On!

The Wild Wolves are so perfect to create a fun winter scene in a Ta-Da! Diorama!

This fun scene combining Spooky Forest Backdrop, Spooky Gate and Full Moon looks so great for Halloween with the cute wolf!

Intro Video

Here’s a video to introduce Wild Wolves and Wolf Before ‘n Afters! We will share some wonderful ideas for these fun new sets. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Wild Wolves and Wolf Before ‘n Afters! Tomorrow we will announce our Inspiration & Release Week winners! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite Lawn Fawn critter by TODAY August 23rd at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Thursday, August 24th for our Fall & Winter Release reveal and giveaway winners!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week; we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one of them puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


Fall & Winter 2023 Release Products will be available on August 24th!
Wild Wolves and coordinating dies
Wolf Before ‘n Afters and coordinating dies

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376 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Wild Wolves, Wolf Before ‘n Afters & Starry Sky Background Hot Foil Plate

  1. Too hard to choose. You have some adorable critters. Love the mice and all the fun things they do, but also like the variety of cute critters. I look for sets that have critters facing each other or are cuddling like these adorable wolves-great for friendship or anniversary cards!

  2. Hands down my favorite critters are the mice. 🐭💗🐭
    Thanks for the new Fall/Winter 2023 Release & giveaways! 💗

  3. My favourite Critters are the mice, they are just in to everything 😀 especially the kitchen haha. I’m colouring the dressmaking mice at the moment!

  4. How do you pick a favorite critter??? Dogs I think would win but these wolves are pretty high up there. They are so cute!!!!

  5. After seeing these super adorable wolves I would have to say that they are my top pick right now but I love all of the critters

  6. I just love critters, but my favorite lawn fawn critters are the mice. So excited for tomorrow’s release. You’ve done an outstanding effort once again Lawn Fawn team!!

  7. I love all the critters released by Lawn Fawn. If I had to choose, it would be the mice! I can mix and match them with so many sets.

  8. I love all the critters from LF, the mice however are so very cute and these wolves might become my new favorite!!

  9. I love them all but I’m partial to the penguin/reindeer (winter critters) and the mice/squirrels (mischievous critters). You create the best punny sentiments and accessories; it’s hard to pick just one favorite!

  10. Favorite critter?!! Seriously?!! How about the mouseysquirrellyfoxywolfybuzzykittypuppyquackypenguinybears? I’m sure you can find them on Google, they’re really for real 😄😉🙂. All the makes are just gorgeous!

  11. So many cute Lawn Fawn critters! How do you pick just one???? I will say these little wolves are so adorable!!!

  12. Definitely love the mice! I’m waiting for a girl mouse with a dress on to go with the little mouse with overalls we already have. 🙂

  13. How can anyone pick just one?! I love all the critters! The mice, the squirrels, the bears, the foxes and rabbits, the penguins and reindeer, the dogs and cats, the sea creatures, the bats, and now wolves…I love them all!

  14. Well it used to be the penguins, but gosh darn it, if these lil wolves haven’t topped the list! So cute and especially the before and after. Loving these to make cards for my friends with dogs!

  15. Really?! A favorite critter?! They are all my favs! I couldn’t possibly choose just one. But, that howling wolf is right up there – so cute! And kind of spooky, too. Love the new products and can’t wait to play.

  16. Wow, critters are so fun to create with. Wolves, I mean this is a must for the bear den. So many possibilities. Heart heart heart!

    1. Super cute sets! My fav. …hmmm Lawn Fawn makes every critters so cute, and hard to pick one! I love bears but I have your mice stamp sets the most in my collection!

  17. My favorite critters are the mice and squirrels. I think that fact they they are small, cute, and easy to color helps!!

  18. So hard to pick one so I’ll give you my favourites – the bears, mice and the beaver (the party beaver makes me happy)!

  19. Oh I love these new wolves & dogs from Furry & Bright. The bears & mice have been favorites but Lawn Fawn does an awesome job with all things canine, too!!

  20. Oh it is so hard to choose a favorite critter. The mice have lots of adventures, so I will choose them. From this new release, the wolves are my favorite. I cannot wait to create with them!

  21. I love the mice. I don’t like mice in real life but I’d paper airplane riding, ice skating, bubble blowing Lawn Fawn mice moves into my house I’d be OK with it.

  22. Pick just one favorite? Impossible! (sorry but it’s your fault) A few of my favorites are:
    – the standing lamb in Baaah humbug, it just gives this wonderful feeling of calm and safety
    – the axelotl… I mean… how can you not just LOVE it?
    – the two bunnies from Hello Baby – I use them a lot for baby-cards but they are also perfect for “I’m here for you”-cards for friends who are going through a tough time. The bigger one has such a kind and caring expression.
    – the Winter Penguin has a lot of sass, I love the attitude of it
    – and for sentimental reasons – the penguins and reindeers from Toboggan Together (bcs that was my first ever Lawn Fawn-set)

  23. Wow, that’s a tough question to answer! Like “pick your favorite child”. So just in case I made all my critter stamps cover their ears (you know how it can go with kids – the ones being picked starting to brag, what leads to the other ones sitting in their boxes crying) and can now say that my favs are the mice, directly followed by the squirrels and than equaly all the other ones. But it also depends a bit on what occasion I make a card for.

    Thanks for this wonderful week full of amazing and very inspiring cards and projects by the DT – and thanks for all their hard work. Can’t wait to play with this release!

  24. I love all the Lawn Fawn critters but for this release the wolves are super adorable (been waiting not so patiently for the intro video for the wolves)! Normally it would be the mice.

  25. It’s hard to choose only one critter they are all adorable but my favorites are the simply celebrate collection. They are versatile and make great shaker card filler.

  26. I like the critters in the sea and the seahorse. I dream of warmer weather a lot and sea animals are always fun to create water scenes with.

  27. My favourite Lawn Fawn critter are the dachshunds. They are close enough of a body shape and ears to be able to colour them to look like my dogs!

  28. What a tough question 😰 it’s like asking a mother about her favourite child 🫢
    I love the mice, they are the most versatile… I love the foxes, owls and the bears. But I also love the cats and beavers… and the bats.. oh and the bees and birds… and the farm and jungle critters, als well as the critters living in the wild… and of course all the ocean critters… and the frogs and otters… not to forget all the critters from tales and legends… I guess I love ‘em all 🤷‍♀️

  29. I have an entire chest of drawers with my HUGE collection of LF cuteness, pick my fav…..all of them, but I’m drawn to the sea critters. Love the octopus and jelly fish.

  30. I guess my current favourites are the squirrels and mice BUT I am still hoping and wishing for more DUCKS!!! (Of different shapes and sizes.) Then THEY would be my favourite!

  31. It’s so hard to choose just one favorite critter. I love elephants, so I like those, but the fox has got to be my favorite Lawn Fawn critter.

  32. My favorite critter will always be the fox from Oh Deer but it’s now retired. If I had to pick a current, I would pick the cat from Say What Pets❣️

  33. You can’t go wrong with any of the amazing Lawn Fawn critters but the foxes hold a special place in my heart.

  34. My favorite lawn critters are the bears, but what I love most is food with smiley faces. The gumballs with the mustache is my all time favorite lawn Fawn stamp combo. I don’t know why but it makes me so happy!

  35. I love every critter lawn fawn makes. The cats, mice and owls are my favorite. Would love to see some moose!!!

  36. These wolves!!! I love them so much. And I love the Cinderella coach coard. Oh my goodness!! It is so hard to choose my favorite Lawn Fawn critter. I love all of them. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the dog and cat in Critters in the ‘Burbs. And I just recently purchased their matching dies. Thanks for offering those! I really love the squirrels. They are such fun animals to watch, and Erica perfectly captured their personalities and ways they move in her images. Such a hard decision!

  37. In the real world, I don’t like them at all, but in the LF world, the mice are my favorites. So many to choose from, too.

  38. I love all the critters, so hard to pick just one…I love the all the bugs and fish because there is such a great variety, I love the dogs because… I love dogs…. And I love the mice because you’ve done so well at creating a mouse for every season and scenario!

  39. I think that the wolves are my favorite now. My grandkids love wolves, which makes me love them even more.

  40. Such unique and fun wolves today! My favorites are those darling mice! But all the LF critters are adorable!

  41. Wow, this is like Sophie’s Choice…. I love the little Lawn Fawn birds (the little tiny ones from Season’s Tweetings, etc.) and the aquatic animals like the octopus…. and the elephants!! I love so many of them. It’s VERY difficult to choose. I also really like THESE WOLVES!
    Lori S in PA

  42. This has to be my favourite those wolves are adorable. This week has been torture seeing all these new sets and having to wait for release. Love them!!!!

  43. The wolves are adorable but my favorite LF critter is the squirrels. We have lots around out property and they just have such cute antics.

  44. I love all the critters but these wolves have jumped right to the top. Thanks for the chance to win and all the inspiration.

  45. As of last week, we adopted our third dachshund who belonged to a dear friend that passed away. So your dachshund stamps are always my favorites!

  46. It is next to impossible to pick a favorite Lawn Fawn Critter because each one is cuter than the next, so I will say whichever critter is a favorite animal for whichever grandchild I’m currently making a card for. 😄

  47. I have to say these wolves are number one for me now – I like that they are so different from other Lawn Fawn critters. I love that you’ve expanded your critter world!!

  48. How can I choose one? I love the mice, the bears from Den Sweet Den and these wolves are adorable!!! So many cute critters!

  49. I have two that I really like. One of course is the mice but I also love all of the foxes. They are so much fun to color!

  50. My absolute favorite critters are the squirrels followed by the mice! But seriously, all the critters are SO cute!!

  51. I can’t help it. I just love all the little mice. They are so busy all the time and can pretty much do anything. They drive cars, buses, fly planes, play music, football, cook, decorate trees…etc. The list of their abilities goes on and on. 🙂

  52. I love the all Lawn Fawn Critters…but my favourite either has to be the dogs or the bears or the beavers… How do you expect me to pick just one????

  53. Dogs are definitely my favorite Lawn Fawn critters. Your adorable mice are hard to resist though 😉

  54. Love the wolves! So cute! I love your mice too, I think I have all the mice you previously released… but I’m thinking I have a new favorite… these wolves are adorable.. and the puns are so sweet!

  55. Geez, what a hard question. Bears? Bunnies? Squirrels? Skunks? Ask me another day and I may have a different preference.

  56. I really like my Fangtastic Friends (bats) – they are much cuter than the bat that actually got into my house, however, these howling wolves are too cute! I really like the trees in this new set too!

  57. i have so many favorites. i love that wolf howling so cute! if i have to pick maybe the hedgehog from a long time ago!

  58. Foxes are my favorite, followed by cats, then bears, etc, but the foxes are much higher than the rest. I do like the mice, but now I feel I just have too many. These wolves are really cute and love all the examples!

  59. My initial favorites were the foxes. I love the mice and squirrels. Last year’s bats and this years wolves will be up there. The tinier bunnies are adorable!

  60. This picking our favorite anything Lawn Fawn is just not playing fair! Ok I’ll try, I think it’s the bears! Or maybe foxes…the mice are amazing…and now these wolves! I choose them all!

  61. I love them all. Right now I am loving the wolfs. But the mice are small enough that I can use them in more scenes. I would like to see more cats and dogs that would be as inter-changeable in cards as the mice are.

  62. I love all of the critters. I am drawn to their adorable personalities. I might not like real-life bugs and crawlies, or even mice, but in the LF world, they’re great. Like the paper airplane folding and flying mice—what origamist couldn’t love? And camera-wielding octopi, mischievous cats and dogs, and knitting and book-reading bears? And now, these beautiful howling wolves? I love them all!!! I am not ashamed to say my favorite of all is the shade-wearing passenger bear on a road trip, just taking it all in: (LF) life is a journey. Enjoy(ing) the ride!

  63. It’s hard to pick one favorite. I especially love the foxes and the dogs. And this release, the wolves are the winner! But I’m also a fan of the busy little mice you keep bringing to us.

  64. Yeah wolves ! Finally !
    Lawn Fawn mice are so cute but every critters are. I really like the bears, and the foxes and oh my god the baby penguin and the otter. And you even do fantastical critters, you are really the best !

  65. I think the bears are beary cute, the mice are fun since there are so many of them tobswitch around between sets. Cute wolves this release

  66. Cats and underwater critters are my favorite Lawn Fawn critters, but I like all of them! These wolves are super cute!

  67. Before today I would have said all the fun mice but these wolves are soooooo darn cute it’s hard to say which is my fave now.

  68. Wow!! If i have to choose a favorite it would be the mice. Loved the dogs from the last release too!

  69. Before today my favorite critter were the chicks but now I think the wolves are my favorite! Can’t wait to get my hands on them!! 🙂

  70. I love so many Lawn Fawn critters, this is tough. I will pick the rhinos because my son had stuffed rhinos when he was young. Finding cute rhino stamps was tough, until you made the adorable Big Thanks set. I love to make cards with it.

  71. Wow – those wild wolves sure do look cute. But my favourite lawn fawn critter has to be those cute little mice!!

  72. My favorite is hard because they are all my favorites LOL. But I can see the wolves being my favorite because I can turn then into a husky like my daughters cute dog.

  73. I love all Lawn Fawn critters, but if I have to choose a favorite, I would say anything with dogs. I would love to see a set of tigers. For some reason, it is really hard to find cute tiger stamps & dies.

  74. It’s so hard to choose just one favourite… I might have to go with the pups from furry and bright with the mice, bears and elephants all coming in second. These wolves are so cute too.

  75. Adorable!! I pretty much love all of the critters, but the cute mice, cats, squirrels, wolves, bunnies, etc are just too cute too.

  76. A favorite is so hard to choose! I always loved the mice, but, the bats and new little wolves are so, so adorable!! I can’t ignore them!….. I’ll just probably buy them all …..😉🤣

  77. Paws down my favorite Lawn Fawn critter is the Wolf! Having my favorite hobby incorporated with my favorite animal is a win-win any day! 🐾

  78. Choose a favorite character?! Oh my, but what if you love them ALL!!!

    If I have to really choose one, I would say likely say the bears. I just love their little tubby bodies. lol

  79. I love all the critters! How can you not??? They are all so, so cute! But if I had to pick one, it would be the Halloween cats. Because cats. And Halloween. Definitely getting these wolves too, however!

  80. These wolves are just too cute💕 My favorites critter…. it’s very hard to choose just one, but I love the dogs and the mice collection😘

  81. I just love this new set a howl lot. I can see myself using it all year long. I think this may be my new favorite lawn fawn critter.

  82. I think a like the mice best, but there are so many cute ones, at Easter I love the bunnies and Halloween I like the ghost best. It’s been a great week.

  83. My favorite Lawn Fawn Critters are the elephants and mice. The new wolves are very cute! I especially love the foil starry sky! So pretty!

  84. So many critters to love! The wolves are super cute! Because of all the adventures and antics, I have to pick the mice today. Thanks for the giveaways!

  85. How do you choose? It’s like picking your favorite child 🙂 I love all of the critters but I think it’s the bears that most grab my heart.

  86. I love the cats! They are purrfect – and just the right amount of wicked. But my daughter is thrilled about the new wolves.

  87. I’m a dog person, so wolves fit right in with all the cute pups, but I love all the woodland animals too and the mice. They’re aren’t any I don’t like!

  88. Loving all the cards the design team created with the new wolf dies – so, so, cute!! I especially love Grace’s Cinderella themed card – stunning! When it comes to critters I have a difficult time choosing just one, but I am especially drawn to forest animals so the wee wolves would definitely be on my list.

  89. A favorite? Isn’t that like picking a favorite child?? Love them all but the bats really make me smile this time of year.

  90. These little wolfs are so cute and look like little huskies, too! If I had to choose a fave critter. I’d choose the mice and the foxes!

  91. I’m always partial to dogs, so I think these wolves are super cute. I especially like the before and after wolves. Adorable!!

  92. The squirrels, mice, bears. But the wolves are adorable. Such an awesome release and great examples from the design team.

  93. Omg so hard to have a Favorite…I love them alll….underwater Critters are my most Favorite…so I will have to go with the Octopus 🐙 😍

  94. My new FAVE Critter is that wolf and I Cracked right up way I saw the Happy Birthday You Old Bat, So the bat is right up there too!

  95. Hard question to answer. My favorite LF critters would be cats and penguins. They are my most used. I like the mice too. Would be great to see more sea life critters and others land animals from the sea coast area, that can do different things like the mice can.

  96. These wolves are absolutely fabulous – and great inspiration, too!! My all time favorite critter is from one of the first stamp sets I bought from Lawn Fawn and it’s the little squirrel from “Critters in the ‘Burbs” set.

  97. All of them, I love .how they can interact with each other.. I think the farm animals and jungle animals are my favorite though..

  98. I love all the Lawn Fawn critters, it’s so hard to choose. I love all the different mice themes but I also love the bats, bears, and foxes too!!

  99. Its so hard to pick, but My favorite LF critter is the mice just because there are so many of them its fun to mix them up!

  100. My favorite critters are the mice with all their adventures, followed by the reindeer, bees, and underwater critters.

  101. The mice with all the darling activities have been my favorite until the bats came along! Loving the bats ☺️

  102. I love the mice, but I also love ALL the critters that Lawn Fawn has to offer. Okay seriously, I just love Lawn Fawn altogether!!!

  103. My favourite is actually the Yeti, he just makes me smile, after today it maybe a wolf, gosh they are so cute. Not sure if anyone reads all the comments but we need cuter cats!!

  104. Oh my gosh – these wolves are the cutest. I had no idea wolves could be cute! My favorite LF critters are the little skunks! So cute.

  105. That’s hard to pick (I worked at a zoo for 7 years), but the wolves are now one of my favorites, and the others are probably the leopards/jaguars, and ocean animals. You absolutely need to do red pandas, which are my favorite animal.

  106. My favorite critter would have to be canines which include wolves of course and foxes. This set with the wolves is definitely my favorite.

  107. Seriously I think the new Wolves are my new favorite critters! They are so majestic and Lawn Fawn made them not scary at all! Last I loved the bats because they are so cute!

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