Lawn Fawn Intro: Ta-Da! Diorama! Heart Window Add-On & Ta-Da! Diorama! Grassy Hillside Inserts

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Valentine 2024 Inspiration & Release week! On December 14 our 6 new stamp sets and coordinating dies along with 9 new standalone die sets, new hot foil plate, 2 stencil sets and 3 new washi tape designs will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

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Today is our showcase of Ta-Da! Diorama! Heart Window Add-On and Ta-Da! Diorama! Grassy Hillside Inserts! The Ta-Da! Diorama! Heart Window Add-On creates a heart-shaped window with stitched detailing for your Ta-Da! Diorama! interactive projects! The set also includes a stitched wavy banner and 3D butterflies to flutter around your scene!

These new grassy hillside inserts are perfectly measured to fit into the Ta-Da! Diorama! The inserts add even more scene versatility to this already incredible interactive set. You can also mix and match them with Ta-Da! Diorama! Hillside Inserts!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! And there’s more inspiration and fun ways to use these sets in the video at the end! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details! And leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Grace created a diorama card that is so sweet! I love how she combined What’s Sewing On paper with pretty pink Spiffy Speckles paper. You know something cute is inside the Ta-Da! Diorama Heart Window Add-On!

Grace filled the diorama with a scene that is so adorable! She paired the new Porcu-pine for You set with images from Butterfly Kisses!

Yay, Megan‘s Porcu-pine for You card is so special!

Megan’s porcupines look like they are running toward each other in a meadow created with Ta-Da! Diorama! Grassy Hillside Inserts! Then she filled the frame more Porcu-pine for You cuties! I love how she stenciled Lots of Hearts Background Stencils on the diorama slider pieces, the hearts add so much sweetness!

Audrey‘s card is so bright and cheerful! She used the new Ta-Da! Diorama! Heart Window Add-On to create a window in a panel of Really Rainbow paper. Then she filled the window with a cute critter from Porcu-pine for You Add-On. Also in this sweet little vignette are flowers from the Heart Garden Stencil!

Elena featured the new Happy Mushrooms in her charming Ta-Da! Diorama! card! This set will be introduced later in the week but this card highlights them perfectly! Elena arranged the smiling mushrooms in the Ta-Da Diorama Grassy Hillside Inserts with the leafy foliage and it all looks so adorable!

Mindy‘s pink Brick Stenciled doors are so clever and such fun idea! She added the cute All My Heart mouse who is so perfect for the this sweet Valentine card!

Inside the heart-shaped window, Mindy added the Foiled Sentiments: Happy Valentine’s Day greeting! It looks so beautiful in Mindy’s simple design!

Marine created an adorable woodland scene with the new porcupine sets using fresh and fun colors!

Inside the Heart Window Add-On is so much more cuteness! I love the pretty trees in the background and also the cute little mushrooms nestled the grass of the Grassy Hillside Inserts.

Latisha got so creative with the new Heart Window Add-On, using the cut-out heart with the Radiant Heart Backdrop! She features the cute Porcu-pine for You Add-On critters on the heart that she also die-cut with Heart Pouch Dotted Hearts Add-On! Then she added a sentiment from Magic Heart Messages on a wavy heart from Ta-Da Diorama Heart Window Add-On. She also used the new grassy hillside inserts to add grass to the scene.

The front of Caly‘s Ta-Da Diorama is so cute, and it gives hints to the 3D scene inside!

Caly’s joyful Porcu-pine for You scene looks so pretty inside the Ta-Da Diorama Heart Window Add-On! And the Grassy Hillside Inserts continue the sweet Spring meadow scene also!

The Happy Mushrooms create a fun backdrop to the little porcupine! And the new heart window frames Rebecca’s little scene so well!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Ta-Da! Diorama! Heart Window Add-On and Ta-Da! Diorama! Grassy Hillside Inserts! We will also share some creative ways to use these new sets. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Ta-Da! Diorama! Heart Window Add-On and Ta-Da! Diorama! Grassy Hillside Inserts! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your most used Lawn Fawn interactive die set by December 13 at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Monday, December 11th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week; we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one of them puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


Valentine 2024 Release Products will be available on December 14th!
Ta-Da! Diorama! Heart Window Add-On
Ta-Da! Diorama! Grassy Hillside Inserts

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297 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Ta-Da! Diorama! Heart Window Add-On & Ta-Da! Diorama! Grassy Hillside Inserts

  1. My most used interactive die is the centre window die set. I love the cute mini scenes and it just comes together so easily . 😍

    1. Sooo cute! I think my most usef interactive set so far has been the platform pop up. I have only been card making this year and slowly collecting these interacdies. I just love the cuteness of Lawn fawn products! Thanks!

  2. Definitely the platform pop-up! I love made so many of them I think I could make them in my sleep! I love them so much!

  3. The magic iris is my favorite with a close second for the reveal wheel and the critter huggers. I put jokes in the reveal wheel. More dad jokes please.
    I would love to see a birthday set for critter huggers like a balloon or flower bouquet, present, noise maker, party hat etc. Also some more ears (examples: mouse, elephant, bear), tails and stripes that go in opposite directions, snouts, and some wings for birds kind of like the one you did for bats except more rounded like you did for the tiny gift box animals.

  4. my most used interactive set is definitely platform pop up!!!! i don’t have the ta da diorama yet but i do have the shadow box and i love that as well 💗

  5. My favorite Lawn fawn die set is the center picture window cut out one. Everyone I give it to loves it and it’s super easy to put together. My other favorite is the platform pop up, but this one takes me longer to make so I tend to do the center picture window one more.

  6. I have all of the interactive dies and add-ons. I Love them all but to be honest I have only used a few of them 1 time each so they are a tie. The Reveal Wheel, Platform Pop Up, Flippin Awesome, Magic Picture Changer, Scalloped Treat Box and the Shadow Box. I really need to focus on using more of them and more often. They are all so amazing! I think Jen Shurkus needs to incorporate more of them in her classes 🙂

  7. Those mushrooms are so cute. I don’t have a favorite interactive die. They all get used equally. However I use more of the reveal wheel dies for birthdays.

  8. I think the platform pop-up is my most used recently but I’ve also used the magic color slider a lot! So many fun interactive sets!

  9. Reply
    Sooo cute! I think my most usef interactive set so far has been the platform pop up. I have only been card making this year and slowly collecting these interacdies. I just love the cuteness of Lawn fawn products! Thanks

  10. The one I used the most is the lift the flap in a set of 3 sizes. It works great for children as well as adults. They like things hidden.

  11. I just found Lawn Fawn so I don’t have any dies yet. But reading through the comments I have an idea of which onez to look at. I love the ta da heart diorama too. Such fabulous fun ways to create little scenes 😀

  12. Definitely the platform pop up tied with reveal wheel. They’re easy and fun to assemble and produce fun and impressive cards!

  13. I love all of your interactive sets, and especially love when you feature them in your Create With Us projects as it reminds me to play with them more. My most used are probably the Reveal Wheel and Shadow Box sets. I am in love with these porcupines peeking out from the Ta-da Diorama heart add-on. So cute!!!

  14. I use the tiny gift box a zillion times, but as far as interactive, probably the pop up platform, I was so wowwed when that came out. I love all of your stuff, it’s always adorable!

  15. I only own the platform pop up and the tada. So platform pop. Up so far by default. Unless the 3D goodie bag counts.

  16. The most used for me is the platform! I would love to see some add ons for hills and grass etc for the sides and maybe some other cool things to build scenes.

  17. I haven’t had my Ta-Da Diorama set very long, but I love it. My most used (to date) is probably the Platform Pop-up, followed by the Reveal Wheel set… but given time, the Ta-Da set will be right up there.

  18. I love the pivot pop up the most. But I really like them all! It’s so exciting to see each new interactive die.

  19. I am definitely lacking in the interactive die category but I have probably used the milk carton Box and the pop up platform dies the most.

  20. I use the platform pop-up the most. I like that it gets “displayed” on a shelf or tabletop by the people who receive the card.

  21. My most used interactive dies are the Reveal Wheel and Magic Iris dies. Need to break out the others and start using them more. 🙂

  22. I have several of the interactive dies and add-ons, but I have only used a few of them. The Reveal Wheel, Platform Pop Up, Lift the flap tree backdrop, and Flippin Awesome. I really need to find time to use more of them and more often. They are all so amazing!

  23. I have several interactives; they all need to get more action! The last one I remember using is the Magic Iris! (I definitely need more crafty time in 2024! 🤣)

  24. The Pop Up Platform is definitely my most used set! It makes such and impactful card! And it’s what started my whole Lawn Fawn addiction.

  25. I love the Ta da! Diorama! I make cute scenes for my family, especially my Mom and grandchildren. This looks like a great addition!

  26. By far the platform pop-up is my most used Lawn Fawn interactive die set. I have all the add-ons! It is so versatile, and everyone is amazed at the cards I give them.

  27. My most used interactive die is probably the Let’s Toast pull tab add-on. I have used it in many different ways and the cards have always turned out so cute!

  28. My most used interactive die is the Shadow Box because I have made it so many times I feel confident making it. I believe feeling or having confidence using an Interactive Die is key to us using them. I personally find them intimidating and need to find a video that slowly goes through the process step by step. I don’t know if that’s what keeps others from utilizing these awesome and fun dies.
    I love these cards from the Design Team!

  29. I haven’t really made many interactive cards – they seem to take so much time. But, I’ve recently purchased the Magic Iris die, and honestly can not get ENOUGH of it! I have several add-ons now, and I’m always looking for ideas to use it!

  30. My most used interactive die would be the reveal wheel. There are just so many options of cards to make the the numerous add ons that go with this set!!!

  31. I’m sad to say I don’t have any! I have the platform
    box on my wish list, though (and Christmas is only
    2 weeks away!! lol).

  32. If I had any Lawn Fawn interactive dies, it’d be the Platform Pop-up, but they are all brilliantly designed and I’d love to use any of them!

  33. It will soon be the diorama. I love all the different ways you can use it. Currently my most used interactive die is the pop up platform.

  34. I honestly haven’t done many interactive cards. I’ve probably used Pivot pop-up or Swish ‘n pop the most.

  35. I actually do not have a LF interactive die but I would love to buy the Platform Pop-Up. It is so unique. Love today’s projects with the dioramas. Wow such great creativity.

  36. I can’t wait to try out those mushrooms! I would say the magic iris and reveal wheel I use the most. I love den sweet den

  37. The platform pop up is definitely the interactive set I have use the most but I recently got the magic iris and have had some fun with that set. And I have made a few cards with the ta da diorama. I have been having lots of fun making fall and Christmas banners with the banner die. Thanks as always for your products and all of the great inspiration you share with us.

  38. I am ashamed to say I haven’t tried any interactive dies. I guess I’m a bit intimidated by all the beautiful cards I’ve seen. Could be a new year resolution to try one.

  39. This is so fun!! I love the “Ta-da” moment! My favorite interactive (and most used) die set is the “Double Slider Surprise”.

  40. I used the reveal wheel most recently and not interactive, but I made over 50 bats and ghosts for my co workers using the tiny box!

  41. I use the reveal wheel interactive die the most, and also the before and after sliding frame! They make such cute birthday cards and I really love the new snow globe stamp and die set that adds more fun to my reveal wheel cards!!

  42. The interactive sets are my favorite thing about Lawn Fawn and I love your stamps so that’s saying something! My most used set is probably the let’s toast pull tab just because I think is quick and easy to use compared to other more elaborate die sets. That being said I also have the reveal wheel which I should use more 😅 and I really need to get the magic iris and its add-ons because I love what you can do with that one too! 😊

  43. I love the look and idea of interactive cards I just haven’t done much with them. I have the older rollercoaster slide die.

  44. I’ve been using the scalloped treat box a lot this season. I ran out of wrapping paper and decided why not use that die and make the small things festive.

  45. I have not really experimented much with interactive dies. I have bought a few but the only one I have used is the toaster pull tab add on.

  46. I was so afraid to do interactive cards before Rebecca Kaufman did a class at It’s Always an Adventure. Now Ta Da Diorama is my absolute favorite.

  47. My most used interactive die is the platform pop up. I find it the least intimidating and delivers great results reliably and quickly!

  48. Very difficult to pick one favourite. Probably the reveal wheel, so many options to use and the cards always look nice.

  49. I love the platform pop-up and peekaboo surprise. So simple to make a fun card!!
    I have, but not tried, the ta dah diarama yet…. Such an fun idea, I need to get busy!!

  50. Adorable projects, the Ta-Da! Diorama! die is going onto my wish list!! My most use Lawn Fawn interactive die so far is the reveal wheel. I like the Magic Iris too, but it become too bulky for mailing.

  51. I just love buying the interactive dies. I always seem to have trouble getting them to work smoothly and give up. I hope the new year will compel me to try again.

  52. First this is such a super adorable add on set to the Magic Iris. I would have to say it’s a toss up between the Magic Iris and the Pivot Pop-up set for my most used interactive dies. I love them all!

  53. I think the waving die is my fave but I recently got the shadow box (right before the ta da came out) and LOVED putting that together!! they are all so fun! AMAZING inspiration!

  54. My most used interactive die set is the ‘ta da! set. I just love the flexibility and surprise it gives! One of my favorites!

  55. I love all of your interactive die cuts. However, the one that I have had a lot of fun for Christmas is the Magic Picture Changer! I’ve made 72 so far for this year’s Christmas cards!

  56. My most used interactive die set is actually the ‘Ta-da diorama’ set. It quickly became my favourite and I love how versitile it is. These add-ons are awesome!

  57. My most uses is probably the reveal wheel, but I’ve just discovered the scalloped box card and am really loving that.

  58. My most used interactive die set of Lawn fawn is the reveal wheel, love the amount of add-ons you can use to create extremely adorable cards 🙂

  59. These projects are just darling! My most used interactive Lawn Fawn die is the reveal wheel and some of the add-ons. I love all the interactive dies but that one has gotten the most use.

  60. I love interactive cards but I don’t think I own any LF dies, sadly (I tend to make them without dies by myself). But this kinda thing is something I could see using a lot!

  61. Definitely the platform pop-up-but I only have two others. I have a hard enough time finding time to make my favorite one, so I haven’t used the other two much.

  62. Oh I love the new heart window die for the TaDa Diorama! I think my most used interactive die set is the Platform Popup, followed closely by the TaDa Diorama. Thank you Lawn Fawn for all your awesome products!

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