Lawn Fawn Intro: Car Critters Road Trip Add-On, On the Road & Beach Sunset Stencils

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Summer 2023 Inspiration and Release week! On June 22 our 10 new stamp sets and coordinating dies along with 13 new standalone die sets, new paper collection, new hot foil set, 2 new stencil sets and 3 new washi tapes will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Car Critters Road Trip Add-On, On the Road and Beach Sunset Stencils! Let’s go on a summertime adventure! The critters are all packed up for a day on the beach, fishing on the lake, a bike through the park, or a summer getaway. Pair this add-on with Car Critters for even more sentiments and critters.

It’s time for a road trip with your favorite Car Critters! Cut On the Road with Sunflower and Storm Cloud cardstock, and layer these die cuts to create a road! 

Beach Sunset Stencils is an awesome set of two stencils that work together to create a tropical beach sunset perfect for all of your summer-y crafts! They work well with a variety of crafty techniques.

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end to introduce this summery new paper collection! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

The fox and bear families are off on another adventure with the help of Car Critters and the new Car Critters Road Trip Add-On! Tammy set the beachy scene with our new Beach Sunset Stencils set and trees from Ahoy Matey. Then she added On the Road to create the two-lane road that leads to summer adventures!

Mindy created the background using Beach Sunset Stencils and it’s so sunny! She then combined Mermaid for You Flip-Flop and Smooth Sailing with a sentiment from All the Clouds to complete her beautiful card design!

The woodland animals from Simply Celebrate More Critters, Car Critters and Car Critters Christmas Add-On are so happy to welcome the Tiny Friends to a mountain fishing adventure! Megan also used On the Road with Car Critters Road Trip Add-On to create this clever card!

Kara‘s color coordinated design is so clever! I love that she used the Simply Celebrate Spring row of houses in the background as the Car Critters embark on another adventure! Thanks to Car Critters Road Trip Add-On these critters are packed and ready to “enjoy” some time On the Road!

Grace‘s slimline card is so perfect, depicting the Car Critters daydreams of their surfing adventures! They loaded the car with their beach supplies from Car Critters Road Trip Add-On and hit the road! Grace created the daydream with Outside In Thought Bubble and Stitched Wave Borders. Then she added the Scootin’ By fox, Beachy Christmas surfboard and trees from Palm Tree Border.

I love that Yainea‘s fun design features Say Cheese, Again framing a vacation memory! It looks like it has been posted to a bulletin board, layered with Fruit Salad paper. This idea would be so fantastic on a vacation scrapbook page!

Elise‘s card takes our Car Critters on a road trip through country roads dotted with trees from Winter Skies! They are On the Road to adventure and they look so happy!

Latisha‘s get-well card is so beautifully clever! She stenciled the palm trees from Beach Sunset Stencils, then she layered a trimmed Tropical Leaves Backdrop on top. And then she finished the card with a sentiment from Offset Sayings: Everyday!

Lynnette‘s bright design is so happy, taking the Car Critters on a bicycling adventure on country roads! She set the scene with a stenciled sun from Beach Sunset Stencils, On the Road, Stitched Hillside Borders and Stitched Tree Borders!

Audrey set the scene for a beach adventure with Sunray Background Stencil, Palm Trees and Simple Puffy Cloud Frames! Then the Car Critters with their beach supplies got On the Road for an awesome vacation!

Marine‘s tall slimline card is so amazing! She shows us the highlights of the Car Critters bears’ mountain vacation trip! She expertly combined Den Sweet Den, Snow Much Fun, Beary Happy Holidays and Toadally Awesome to create vignettes of the bears enjoying camping and fishing fun!

Marine then created a mountain road by lining On the Road with Happy Trails trees!

Elena‘s design used Over the Mountain Borders with On the Road to create a fun adventure for the Car Critters! Her design is so clever and fun!

Mindy creates another adventure for the Car Critters, taking them On the Road to the amusement park! They are having so much fun on rides from Wheely Great Day and Coaster Critters! So clever!

It’s a Car Critters Road Trip! The Car Critters are packed up and On the Road to adventure in Caly‘s fantastic design! She also used Over the Mountain Borders and trees from Winter Skies to create the scene!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce our new Car Critters Road Trip Add-On, On the Road and Beach Sunset Stencils! We will share so many great ideas for these fun sets! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Car Critters Road Trip Add-On, On the Road and Beach Sunset Stencils! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us where your summer road trip will take you, by June 21 at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Wednesday, June 21 for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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396 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Car Critters Road Trip Add-On, On the Road & Beach Sunset Stencils

  1. I love going to the beach at this time of year, finding seashells and empty mermaid purses are always a highlight.😍

      1. I would love to go on a road trip but not this year. If I could I would like to go home to Québec City.

  2. I will be doing a road trip across the western US starting in California to attend the It’s Always An Adventure – Lawn Fawn 2023 event 👏 Can’t wait 😃

  3. We’re not doing a road trip this summer; instead we’re flying to visit with friends at the beach. We did one in the spring to Big Bend Nat’l Park in TX. It was amazing! I love Car Critters so much– can’t wait to play woth this aforable add on set!

  4. Not doing a road trip this year. Actually doing a Scandinavian ocean cruise. Currently sitting in the airport lounge in Iceland, waiting for connecting flight to Bergen Norway where the adventure truly begins. But I do love the card critters and their new accessories. I’m sure the critters are excited too!!

  5. I absolutely adore this road trip car critters set; it’s a perfect add-on to my car critters collection. Although I’m not taking a summer vacation, I can make lots cute of summer vacation cards with this set. (The sunglasses bear is my absolute favorite, smiling/laughing when I sw it😆😆)

  6. This is adorable. I am so excited for the sunset stencil. The summer addon for the car is so perfect. I love all the samples

  7. Disney World, really anytime of the year it is so much fun there! The cards are great today, I really like the beach stencils.

  8. We did a west coast road trip at the beginning of summer. We’re traveling around New Zealand now, then off to Fiji for a few days!

  9. Living on an island there’s not much available for road trips. A beach on the other end of the island is always fun though!

  10. I won’t be traveling too far but I will be going to the beach. I also hope to visit Asheboro Zoo with my kids.

  11. My summer road trip has taken me through Berlin, Germany. I’m here right now looking at this awesome release I’d love to play with when I return to America!

  12. We did a short driving trip Memorial day week just to get away, as we’ve both worked from home since mid-March 2020. And we’re flying to Maine this October for a belated 25th anniversary celebration to enjoy the fall foliage…we don’t get much of that jere in Houston.

  13. I did a summer road trip to Dollywood in Tennessee! Fun times with friends riding roller coasters!

  14. My only summer road trip planned is a stamping retreat with 4 of my friends. We go every year and it’s a blast!

  15. I haven’t been on a road trip in a very long time but if I could it would be to hook up with my egging buddies.

  16. I love summer road trips! We’re pretty close to the Ocean, in August every summer, we rent a house down in Misquamicut or the Cape and stay for the week with family.

  17. I don’t go on road trips much but do like visiting with my granddaughter 150 miles away. Does that count?

  18. Scenic drives for short getaways to see areas of interesting in our state. You would be surprised what interesting things could be so near to where you live.

  19. My roadtrip will bring us to the beautiness of Scandinavie (Norway, Denmark, Sweden). Love their beautiful and peaceful nature.

  20. Sadly, no road trips planned for this summer. Hopefully we’ll sneak in a camping trip or two, though!

  21. We are going to the beach! Can’t wait! And these critters with their loaded up cars are just adorable!

  22. Heading to beautiful BC for a few days! Not a road trip (thankfully). I will let the pilot do the driving:).

  23. I don’t have a summer road trip planned for this year, but if I did, I would love to make a trip to the coast in New England 🙂

  24. I just did one to Dollywood this past weekend and in 2 months I’ll be doing another to visit my Grandma I think!!

  25. Road trips to Banff National Park, Calgary and, hopefully, Edmonton to visit my mom. My brother’s family is supposed to be doing a road trip to our place; sooooo excited!

    1. We took a week and drove thru parts of the Highlands earlier this year. Scotland is stunning! A for sure do again, you’ll love it!!

  26. My summer road trip will take me to see my family in their new home by the sea. I’m looking forward to spending time at the beach and amusements with them!

  27. We like to do lots of little day trips in the summer to really maximize all the amazing things to do in our area.

  28. So fun! We don’t have summer road trips here as its super hot and humid whole year round! But we do take road trips to our neighbouring country!

  29. My summer road trips are just taking me to our cabin at the lake! So lucky to share this amazing spot with our family💚💚💚

  30. I don’t have a summer road trip planned yet. I hope to get together with my kids that live 13 hours away. We usually go camping for a week every summer. Need to get that planned!

  31. We’ve already taken our ‘road’ trip for this summer – France and the UK! Glad to be home again 🙂

  32. This set is so cute! We used to take road trips all the time but we won’t be taking any for a little while. My dogs are too old to travel and I can’t and won’t leave them with anyone. But when we can, we will resume and get away to Sedona, AZ first for a quick weekend trip 🙂

  33. Can’t wait for our road trip to Boulder Co! Love to escape the heat in the cool temps at the higher elevations in late summer 😉

  34. Our recent road trip took us all around Texas hill country. Looking forward to a road trip with the dogs, to Colorado, to enjoy the cooler temperatures.

  35. Our road trip this summer has us heading to the Tuscon,AZ and Denver, CO areas to spend some time with family. Love the additions to the Car Critters collection. The road die and stencils are great fun too.

  36. Not sure I’ll be going on any road trips this summer. Todays my last day of chemo and then I’ll be having surgery sometime in July. If I feel good enough after surgery we might get to take a road trip just not sure where yet. Could be the mountains, the beach or to North Hollywood to see one of my daughters.
    I love the new car critters add on and the road die is brilliant. I also really love the stencils and know I would use those often. Another great job Lawn Fawn 😊

  37. I love the new stencils, die and critter car add-on! We are planning a summer trip for next summer out east!

  38. My kids and I are in desperate need of a little vc/roadtrip. I think we will go down to the TX coast for a couple of days this summer.

  39. Unfortunately, I have no summer road trips in my future, but I love this cute little set and think the little fox daydream card is just so my life right now!

  40. Unfortunately we are staying home this summer but I’d love a trip to someplace less hot/humid and with water.

  41. We don’t get to take a trip this summer but next year we are hoping to go to Virginia for a family gathering.

  42. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any cuter! I’d go anywhere on a car trip… I NEED a vacay!

  43. There are so many awesome places to see here in Ontario that my summer road trips will be to see some new places…and maybe find some yummy butter tarts along the way.

  44. So cute! Can’t wait to add them to my Car Critters. We just went on a road trip from Nashville to Richmond to Atlanta!

  45. Road trip? What road trip? I go to work to pay for my Lawn Fawn.😂 A trip to my desk to create is my getaway. Am I right girls? And, I love the sunset!

  46. I would love to take a road trip out to the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It is amazing watching the landscape change from flat prairies to majestic mountains.

  47. I’m back from my summer road trip. We went to Yosemite, Oregon and a bit of Washington. There was a ton of snow still, it was gorgeous!

  48. Our summer road trip takes us from Washington state to Michigan (a trip we make 3 times a year to see my 97 year old Mom) and we are going to drive across Canada for the first time. Road trip!!

  49. Hubby and I take a road trip to Central Cal whenever we can. Summer, Fall, Winter, spring anytime is the year. We’re hoping to retire there one day.. Sooner than later.

  50. My Summer Road trip is taking me to some fun places like Disneyland and beaches, and other fun places in CA.

  51. I don’t think there are any summer road trip plans but our last road trip was from LA to Seattle on highway 1 and 101. It was the best trip.

  52. Our favorite summer vacation is a family reunion where we stay in cabins near a big group kitchen with tables to hang out and play board games while visiting with out of state families!

  53. I love these!! I want my summer road trip to take me to the beach. Sunshine, waves, and relaxing! Yes, please.

  54. In April I went to Ohio for the Create event, last week got back from California, and visiting a friend in NY in Sept! Love these sets!

    1. I’m not sure that my family will be taking a summer road trip, but if we do it will probably be within our state of Indiana.

  55. Summer is definately a great time for road trips. Hoping to travel in northern Ontario and Michigan this summer. Those car critters are so darn cute!

  56. I’ve already taken two summer road trips and have another planned to go to concerts…my favorite summer activity!

  57. We have talked about taking a road trip down the Oregon coast but maybe we will just explore all the beautiful things our own state has to offer by taking shorter mini road trips. Still in the planning stage!

  58. We will be road tripping to our lake place. It is close to home, so that is nice to drive short amount of time, for great relaxation!

  59. Road trips are always fun! The family is headed to a lake for camping and relaxing! Then the hubby & I will head east to the Owheyee to fish!

  60. A summer road trip will take us biking on new trails! So excited to see the car critters have a bike to put on top of the car!

  61. The first one is taking us camping at the beach for a week over the 4th of July. I can’t even express how excited I am for this…and this release!

  62. I don’t usually travel during the summer. I usually travel during fall and spring. Currently not traveling at all due to some other circumstances, but when I can travel again I hope to go to New Hampshire and New Zealand.

  63. I’m taking two road trips! One to visit my sister and the other will be a quilting shop hop I take with my daughters, daughter in law and my 3 granddaughters. What happens on the road trip, stays on the road trip!!😉😆

  64. No road trips this summer. I would love to explore our local area! Picnics and time at the lake would be fun!

  65. Rode trips this year will be to MI to visit family. Both our mothers are in their upper 80’s and my grandma is 110 yrs old. All still live at home. We try several times a year to get back to visit with them. I would love a trip to a beach where I could sit in the sand and watch a sunset. Can’t wait to get the sunset Stencil.

  66. I am physically disabled by terrible chronic back pain so my real road trips will only be to doctor’s offices. But, in my mind, a road trip to Estes Park would be fabulous!!!

  67. California’s Central Coast is calling me, so think we might trip there. But any national park would be fabulous too.

  68. We love to go “glamping” every summer and every August we head to the remote north of Ontario for 2 weeks of being unplugged (electronics – not hydro – hence the glamping lol) relaxing on Abram Lake in Sioux Lookout. It takes us almost 3 days to get there but so worth it. No sounds but loons, boats and float planes.

  69. I’m not taking any summer road trips this year. We live in Arizona and usually save our money during summer to go on road trips in the fall and winter when the weather is the right temperature.

  70. How about a summer WATER trip? We leased a 42′ sailboat and said to Dry Tortugas & back!

    Really great inspiration!

  71. No summer road trip planned but I live only 30 minutes from Lake Tahoe so I like to do day trips to the beaches there!

  72. Such fun cards! Love the new add-on and stencils!
    I’ll take a couple of road trips this summer over to Lake Tahoe. When it gets hot here, heading over to the Tahoe area where it’s cooler gives us a nice break!

  73. We just got back from Florida, Disney and the beaches! Loved the drive, because we took our time and stopped to look at attractions on the way.

  74. Too hot for summer vacay so in the Fall, we are driving up the New England coast seeing all the old historic towns, beaches, whale watching & more!

  75. Love that beach sunset stencil. My summer road trip was actually last week. We drove 6 hours to Disneyland, went to Disney at Night Pride Night, then turned around the next day and drove home. 12 hours of driving for 7 hours at Disneyland. With only 5k tickets sold for the event, it was totally worth it!

  76. Wow. I love the car critter’s summer road-trip add on! Our summer road-trip will be up North to visit our good friends. They have a beautiful home that we haven’t seen yet. It’ll be great!

  77. Our oldest is moving back to CA about 2 hours from us. We will be visiting him and his family, my daughter in San Diego and my youngest in LA sometime this summer.

  78. We are going to a cabin by the lake and go fishing and enjoy some s’mores by the campfire. I can’t wait!

  79. My Niece and her kids will be here Friday and will may take them to the Cass City Beach if weather permits. The road trip products will be a great way to scrapbook our memories.

  80. I have to fly from San Diego to a lake in upstate New York, but once there, we love to drive through the rolling hills exploring the countryside! We spot miniature horses and always stop at the candy shop decorated with giant metal candy canes.

  81. Not planning any trips this summer, but I sure do love the new road. I have definitely had to fake a road on my cards before with masking tape and ink blending – this looks much better!

  82. We live in Illinois, this year our summer road trip will be taking us to Arizona to see one of our daughters and husbands family, on the way back we will be stopping in Colorado Springs to see our youngest daughter and our grandsons. Adventure Awaits.

  83. I’m on a road trip with my bestie right now! We started in Albuquerque NM and will end in Phoenix. We’re having a blast even though it is hit, hot, hot!

  84. Haven’t got a road trip this year, but last summer we drove to the Scottish Highlands. Amazing views and we had beautiful weather

  85. We went to South Carolina for five days and got to see family members we don’t see on every single yearly trip to SC. Some came in from TX to be with the rest of us. In future weeks, we’ll be going to ME. I am hoping for quiet days and lots of meals out. Your cards in today’s video and today’s post are AMAZING!! Love every single one!
    Lori S in PA

  86. We don’t have any road trips planned this summer but, last year we went on a road trip to Tennessee! We are hoping to road trip to CA next year!

  87. I won’t be able to take a summer road trip, so I’ll
    travel vicariously through these stamps.
    Fun cards. thanks for sharing.

  88. Our planned road trip this summer with take us from Oregon to Idaho to camp at an amusement park! So excited. Hopefully my kids grow like weeds this summer so they can ride all the rides

  89. I don’t think we’ll take a summer road trip this year. Last summer we took a huge summer road trip and got to explore parts of Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas. It also lead to us moving 1,800 miles across country in the fall. So, I think a road trip isn’t necessary this summer!

  90. Have not decided yet, we were thinking about England and Harry Potter World, but it will be to expensive, maybe Berlin

  91. We like to go on a road trip to Napa, CA to go wine tasting. I like going in the fall and looking at the fall colors in the vineyards, but anytime is fun for a nice weekend getaway.

  92. We do a family summer trip to the beach every year. My youngest is now 34 and it is our favorite family event of the year!!

  93. Our Summer road trip will take us to the Lincoln City Oregon Beach. Shopping, Mo’s, Great views, and sandy beaches.

  94. My summer road trip is taking me to PA to visit my sister and parents! YAY! Darling critters and car!

  95. We just got back from our summer “road trip” yesterday – took all the kids and their spouses to Kauai for a week. It was glorious. Such fantastic wonderful summer sets!!

  96. I want my summer vacation to be anywhere sunny! Somewhere close to me and a place I love is Kelowna. Flying wise, hopefully to Florida and board a Carribean cruise! I absolutely love this stencil, I can see soooo many cards with this stencil and absolutely love the car add on. So cute.

  97. Our summer road trip this year will be to Carlisle, PA, for Corvette Carlisle. We will be taking our 2011 vette to the show.

  98. Subscribe on YouTube

    A couple of years ago, we started going outside in the evening and laying back in our gravity chairs.
    Star gazing.
    But we also started watching for satellites.

  99. Following on Instagram

    Problem was when he’d see one or I’d see one and would point out the moving object, we never knew exactly where we were supposed to be looking.

  100. Liked on Facebook

    I’d say “look at ten o’clock” and he was all pendantic (very annoying). “Where exactly is ten o’clock?” He’d ask.

    Annoyed, I bought laser pointers. Now, the blue, white and red ones didn’t show up point up at the night sky, but the green ones sure did.

  101. We’re road tripping to Disney World next month. First time driving there so that should be interesting….

  102. I haven’t made plans, but I am hoping to explore a part of my state that I haven’t seen yet. I live in Michigan, so I have a lot of options!

  103. We are headed to a living historic park in Bc and doing a bunch of staycation trips as well.
    Today was SO perfect for summer holiday sets! Love ‘em!

  104. I still have 5 months before we hit summer here in Australia! But there will definitely be road trips to the beach 🙂

  105. Love these car critter add on and that road is perfectl. I don’t have a summer road trip planned but if I could I’d like to go to Lawn Fawn HQ!

  106. I love a good staycation! It avoids needing the police car add-on. LOL Now you are going to need road signs to go with that set!

  107. I have to have all the things in the intro video! I already have plans! Lol, I made my husband watch part of the video with me (he’s a great sport and really liked the cards). My summer road trip consists of back and forth to work, home, and my niece and her in-laws and baby nieces 😄.

  108. I’m hoping to get to the beach for Birthday/Anniversary if I’m physically able to.

  109. Our last Summer road trip took us north to Eildon, a 4.5 hour drive away. My partner used to live there and we hadn’t been back since he moved away. It was great to go back again, particularly as the weir was at full capacity again, which hadn’t happened for around 10 years 🙂

  110. I am in Nashville now for a family wedding and headed to San Diego next month for a milestone birthday. Busy summer.

  111. What a cute set and add-on set! I don’t take a road trip, hardly ever, but love to make cards with these critters in a car! Super cute cards! I love those stencils, too!

  112. My summer vacation plans are to go to the beach in AL and meet my siblings and their family.

  113. This year I get to travel into the mountains between western and eastern Washington State with my daughter and her boyfriend, my brother and sister-in-law, and my niece and her husband. I’m looking forward to it so much!
    I have added so many things to my wish list in the last few days! If only I could just buy everything! :o)

  114. We are in Australia so our summer is a little while away, but we have an annual weekend to a beach town called Anglesea!

  115. We just got back from our summer road trip- from NC to MN for my nephew’s wedding, was a great time.

  116. Of course… the first summer ever that I’m planning a STAYCATION… and y’all ask this question! No plans for now.

  117. I spent a week + driving and camping all over the beautiful state of Oregon. Those new stamps and dies will be perfect for documenting this trip!

  118. My road trip will take me to the mountains – away from city heat and noise. There is nothing better than cooling one’s feet in a rushing stream. I love the car and add ons!

  119. Love the car critter add on, especially! We hope to take a trip up the shore of Lake Superior to do some bicycling!

  120. I will be heading to the beach!
    All these little critters are so cute. They will be mailed around the world for their vacation.

  121. We did big trips for Spring Break and in early May, so our summer trips will probably be in-state to see family in San Antonio and Dallas (but hey, we’re in Texas, so it’s a big state! 😉).

  122. Not much in the way of road trips on an island, but the good thing is almost any road leads to the beach!

  123. My summer road trip will take me to nine states and two Canadian providences to visit dinosaur museums. It has been a long time coming!

  124. So glad to see more add-ons for the car critters. I adore them. We are currently on a trip to see our daughter and 2 granddaughters, going home tomorrow. Maybe do something later on in the summer.

  125. My Summer road trip has already taken me to visit family in my hometown in beautiful South Florida. I missed the palm trees & sea breeze. The best part was that my son drove all the way down & back & I got to sit back, relax, & just enjoy the ride!

  126. This summer will be different as my husband is facing a difficult surgery and a long recovery period, so sadly we will have to miss our usual road trips to the mountains. These trips often include a crafting retreat at a mountain cabin where the wives make cards for three days and the husbands fish. That’s my favorite summer trip of all!!

  127. Best ever road trip in California with my mum and my daughter; wish I could do that again!!
    Great new set!!

  128. In summer we usually drive “down south” which is a lovely part of Western Australia with great beaches and fabulous wine.

  129. My summer road trip took me and my daughter on her first vacation! A Lil trip to Vegas with some fun shows!

  130. Actually, not road tripping anywhere this year, too expensive. But if I were to go somewhere I would love to go back to the east coast of Canada!

  131. Oh wow the cards are so fun! Love these add-ons.
    I just had a mini winter (I’m in Australia) to a lovely country town about 2 hours away!

  132. If I had to go somewhere in Summer it would be to a colder climate as I’m in Australia and our Summers are hot, hot, HOT!! I like going over to one of the islands near us in autumn, so it’s not too hot but still nice enough to go in the water.

  133. Those little critters are so sweet! Love all the cards with the fun adventures. We will be headed to the beach next month. The beach is my happy place.

  134. No summer road trip this year, but I wish everybody who is doing one a lot of fun! And I love that bear with the sunglasses.

  135. This set is so cute! We love camping and each year try to plan a 5 day trip to help us reset and connect with nature.

  136. My road trips this summer will all be with my pup, Frankie, traveling to his agility competitions.

  137. It’s too hot in our summers to go on a road trip but right now it’s winter and we’ll be going skiing next month.

  138. My dream trip is to travel to Norway…bit by car anywhere is fun. We love going up north to wine country, for a quick get away. I love Paso Robles
    and Moonstone Beach area. We are fortunate to have so much here it feels like a staycation. No matter what city you go to.

  139. Roads trips with family are my favourite kind of holiday 🚗
    What an awesome release again from Lawn Fawn x

  140. We are taking our camper to Alabama and Oshkosh, WI! It’s nice we can stay in more remote places, take our pets, and have comforts of home!

  141. No road trip planned this year. My dad’s has been in and out the hospital and we are still re-building our house after the flood from Ian.

  142. I would love to take a road trip through a few different states. Stopping wherever sounds interesting as we are driving. I’ve never taken a trip like that before.

  143. More car critter things!!! Yayyyyy!
    My summer road trips will take me back and forth to go squeeze my precious grandson!

  144. Love the car critters! It’s super hot in Florida, so we usually wait till fall. I already have a trip to Disney planned with daughter!

  145. We are taking a little road trip to Gatlinburg . Love this set, there are so many ways it can be used!

  146. We are taking a road trip to Idaho. Lake side fun with a trip to the local area theme park thrown in.

  147. Adorable release – and the design team has created some really fun cards! No road trip plans confirmed – but may join my sister in August for a trip to Newfoundland.

  148. I love this on the road die set sooo much! And all the summer add ons. I hope the family can get to the Smokey mountains this summer!

  149. I wish we had a road trip planned, but we don’t. I’d love to go to Leavenworth or the Oregon coast though!

  150. This year summer holiday might be going to the mountain to cool down and doing some hiking and BBQ…

  151. I have a few summer road trips planned. One to Nevada and one to southern California. I’m looking forward to them!

  152. My summer road trip is taking me to the beautiful Lake District in the UK. A fun family holiday with lots of journaling and scrapbooking using lawn fawn stamps!

  153. So cute! I’m going to Tofino BC later this summer! I’m not much of a road trip gal so I’ll just be driving there and then staying put 😀

  154. My summer trip…non existent this year as I am packing my house to move to Florida… but I love the beach! Lol

  155. I love that LF continues to add to their stamp lines. We can always use more car critter. Especially when it adds actual new critter to the line! I would love to see squirrels with their big tails in the car. The road die is amazing!

  156. Definitely need this set as I am heading on an RV trip through British Columbia this summer. Would love to make cards for the 2 couples who are going along with us. Can’t wait to play with this amazing set! Thanks for always giving us such amazing inspiration!

  157. This year I hope to do some more exploring in my home state of Michigan. I love going to Lake Michigan, exploring Mackinac Island and going on wine tours up north.

  158. 2 weeks until I head out on a summer road trip to Disneyland with my sister! Can’t wait.
    I need these stencils and add ons to go with my car die!

  159. I’m working on a big project at work so don’t have any road trips planned. Hopefully I’ll plan something this fall but have no idea where yet.

    Love everything that was showcased today!

  160. Hopefully to CA to visit LF Headquarters 🤩🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽! No, but we are going to CA to visit my dad who lives in Ukia 😉

  161. Incredible cards! Omgosh I love the speech bubble with the fox surfing! I’d go on a summer trip to see family and friends or maybe a road trip to Vegas!😆 (buying Lawn Fawn releases is much more important than Vegas!💚💚💚💚

  162. In September we are going on a cruise out of Eastern Canada. This summer I hope to go on a road trip with no specific plans except to wander! And maybe a zoo for my Granddaughters!

  163. No road trip this year unless you consider circling our island home in Hawaii-but we’ll be island hopping in August!

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