Lawn Fawn Intro: Fruit Salad Paper Collection & New Washi Tape

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Summer 2023 Inspiration and Release week! On June 22 our 10 new stamp sets and coordinating dies along with 13 new standalone die sets, new paper collection, new hot foil set, 2 new stencil sets and 3 new washi tapes will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of our new Fruit Salad paper collection! Fruit Salad is a collection of summer fruit themed patterns in bright rainbow colors and also fresh new gingham patterns. This collection is perfect for all your sweet summer projects!

Add extra fun to your crafty projects with our new washi tape designs! We have Fruit Salad Washi Tape, Ocean Friends Washi Tape and Just Plane Awesome Foiled Washi Tape! They are also perfect for sealing up your envelopes with something special!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a quick video at the end to introduce this summery new paper collection! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Audrey‘s card is so amazing and absolutely screams summer!! She filled the Reverse Stitched Scalloped Rectangle Window with sunny Fruit Salad papers and gorgeous Zesty Lemon! The Stitched Woodgrain Backdrop on the frame adds so much interesting texture!

Melissa created a Fruit Salad paper quilt that is so beautiful! She stitched everything together before adding the adorable photos. Then she kept the fruity themed going by include Fruit Tiny Tags and Cheery Cherries! I love this layout so much!

I love Latisha‘s combination of blue and orange Fruit Salad papers, it’s so summery! This simple design comes together so fast with beautiful paper layered behind Giant Thank You!

I absolutely love Lynnette’s charming card! She started with a strip of Fruit Salad gingham paper and a strip of Fruit Salad Washi Tape, before lining up the adorable Fruit Tiny Tags! It’s so sweet and so perfect for sending a summery thank you!

Elena created the cutest tropical scene featuring Simply Celebrate More Critters! Then she created a Fruit Salad gingham frame with Outside In Stitched Rectangles! I just love this card so much!

Oh, my goodness, Tammy‘s Platform Pop-Up lemonade stand is so amazing! To create the lemonade stand, she used the awning from Build-A-House and some strips of woodgrain cardstock. Then she added the adorable mice and Make Lemonade! I love that she used the lemony Fruit Salad paper for the base of the Platform Pop-Up, it’s so perfect for this card!

Elise created a Fruit Salad card that is so brilliant! She used the hexagon shape from Honeycomb Shaker Gift Tag to cut all the pretty 6×6 Fruit Salad papers, then she arranged in a quilt pattern. Scripty Sweet is so perfect as the greeting for this super sweet design!

Chari‘s mix of Fruit Salad gingham, rustic twine and Fruit Tiny Tags create cards that are so sweet and homespun! I love the punny messages that combine Henry’s ABCs with Harold’s ABCs!

Caly‘s card is so sweet combining Fruit Salad paper, Fruit Tiny Tags and Henry’s ABCs! This mix of sets will be the start of so many fun and summery card designs!

Yainea‘s card is so happy! With layers of Fruit Salad paper and the cute Fruit Tiny Tags pineapple it sends a sunny hello!

The Fruit Salad papers are so much fun to combine with Fruit Tiny Tags! Kara‘s card is so beautiful mixing both the fruity side and gingham side of the paper!

Intro Video

Now, I have a quick video to introduce our new Fruit Salad papers and our new washi tape! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Fruit Salad paper collection and the new washi tape! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your ideas for new washi tape, by June 21 at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this paper collection! (If you already own this paper and win, you can choose another paper collection) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday, June 20 for our next inspiration week post! And check out our YouTube channel for another Intro Video Premiere later today!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


Summer 2023 Release Products will be available on June 22!
Fruit Salad Collection Pack
Fruit Salad Petite Paper Pack
Just Plane Awesome Foiled Washi Tape
Ocean Friends Washi Tape
Fruit Salad Washi Tape

Thanks so much for visiting, have an amazing day!


397 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Fruit Salad Paper Collection & New Washi Tape

  1. Some more ocean critter themed washi tape because the ocean friends washi is absolutely adorable. Maybe some baking themed washi or some kitty cats with some paw prints. A foiled washi featuring some coral and the cute axolotl would be so darling. 😍

  2. Maybe something with foiled envelopes for sealing envelopes. Or anything with foil (e.g. a stripe or polka dot pattern) 😅 I love the foil detail so much.
    And it would be great to have a pattern that could be laid out in rows so you could create a continuous pattern all over the card background. I hope what I was trying to explain was somewhat understandable.😅

  3. OMG I just love the new ocean themed washi. More ocean themed ones would be so cute and a few more critters like in the simply celebrate critters stamp. LOVE❤️

  4. Love the new papers and what I’ve seen so far of the Fruit Tiny Tags — can’t wait to see what the entire set looks like.

    re ideas for new washi tapes — I’d love to see washi tapes that look like ocean waves. Scripty sentiments would be fun, too; sticking washi tape is faster than stamping, so it would be nice to have this for last-minute cards you’re making in a hurry.

    Also, how about digital versions of your washi tapes? Please consider this! I was late to the “washi tape party” because the trend hit big when I was living aboard a sailboat and not actively making paper crafts. I recently got back into paper crafting and got hooked on using washi tape in place of the ribbon that I used to use, back in the day — but I have thus far been really disappointed by washi tape’s long term performance. I HAVE NOT tried Lawn Fawn’s washi tape, and maybe yours is different. But the others I have tried tend to tear, come unpeeled, and generally have not held up well on my projects for the long term.

    I messed around with digital scrapbooking long enough to figure out that I prefer physical scrapbooking, but there are some digital items I am going to keep using. Washi tape is one of them. I learned that if you print 4×6 photos, you can add some embellishments to them, like faux frames or washi tapes, and it adds a lot of visual interest to projects while not sacrificing the project’s longevity. I’ll still buy physical washi tape if there’s a design I really love, but I am using it less and digital washi tape more.

    Thanks for considering this request, and thanks so much for the fun new products and giveaways! I’ll be really excited to get my hands on some of these goodies!

  5. Pairing the washi to previous designs is always cute and useful – how about the ants from Crazy Antics, or the Bubbles from Bubbles of Joy, or the planets from Out of This World?

    1. Christmas themed would be great, but how about washi that matches some of the paper pads? This would be a great way to make coordinating envelopes.

  6. Would love to see anything with the mice!, like fall leaves with the mice or coffee cups and the mice!!, absolutely adore the new papers and washi tapes-So Cute!!

  7. I must admit I’m not into washi tape. I only have the rainbow stripes. Could you create some kind of gingham? I like to match evelopes with the papers. That would be easier with washi sheets instead of a roll, you could easier fit all the colors of a collection (something like a sheet with all colors and x sheets of it). Thinking of it: for most of your paper collections that would work.

  8. I’m not a big washi tape user. I think maybe a parade of ants carrying various foods on theit backs would be adorable. Also maybe the houses from your village sets. And anything Christmas/winter.

  9. Admittedly, I have never used washi tape except to tape down my dies when die cutting. The one time I tried, my washi tape didn’t stay put on my card later on….I think I will need some convincing to try again….

  10. I usually use the washi tape for the envelopes, but i did use the stripes rainbow one on cards. I think i would love greeting washi tape like happy birthday.
    Also, fall leaves would be great! Snowflakes as well!

  11. Oh, that Just Plane Awesome-tape is…. JUST PLANE AWESOME!
    Love the foiling-element, so… anything with foiling! Foiled ghosts for Halloween, reindeers for Xmas…?

  12. I’d love washi tape paired with previous sets, especially Yeti or Not, A Creature was Stirring, and Snowball Fight.

  13. I am so excited for the release of the new paper and ocean friends tape!

    I think it would be cool if there were variations of fantastical creature washi tape- like dragons, unicorns, mermaids and fishes for summer, yeti’s & narwhals for winter, fairies with toadstools/nature elements for spring and fall.

    Or a rainbow plaid/gingham pattern

    Or navy blue background with silver/gold stars dotted all around!

  14. Christmas themed, cats and more animal line themed washi tape. Oh, what about word washi: ex. Hello, Hi There, Something special just for you, Sending Smiles (with happy faces), etc…

  15. I would love to see some super hero critters, birthday hat’s, candles or some colorful sprinkles for new washi tape

  16. It’s always fun to seal envelopes with washi- have a nice coordinating exterior to the fun fruity interior!

  17. Wash it tape with mail themed sentiments or images would be really cute. “Special delivery,” “long love snail mail,” “just for you,” with envelopes or mailboxes—-or your special delivery owls would be adorable for the seals on envelopes!

  18. I think the washi tape is adorable. I love the one with the ocean animals best. Someone suggested a grass washy tape. That would be pretty fun to use. I have not used many washi tapes in the past but I am thinking that envelopes would be fun to start doing. 😀

  19. Washi tape with Bigfoot, woodland critters, road with the yellow dotted line in middle being foiled or not, and river with ripples being foiled.

  20. I would love to see washi that matches the paper pads. This would be a great way to make coordinating envelopes. Christmas themed would be awesome also.

  21. I want to see all the critters on washi tape! Maybe something like you did with the simply celebrate more critters you know like farm, jungle, underwater, backyard, birds, cats, dogs, farm, Savannah, pets, really the possibilities are endless. All of the washi you have come out with is amazing so far! You could also do events like birthday, travel (beach, mountains, plane, and such) little scenes, holidays, congrats, ones that look like stamps are always cute. I have a washi addiction can you tell?

  22. We definitely need some Christmas Washi tape! I’d also love to see tape with lots of different little cocktails, tropical flowers, birthday balloons, butterflies and sports themed patterns.

  23. Would love to see sports themed washi (to go with your sports themed stamps/dies). Pretty please can you make hockey, ringette and horse (jumping/dressage) sets? These are my nephew and niece’s sports; would love to make cards for them, their teammates and coaches.

  24. I would love to see more Washi tapes that match LF critters… like squirrels with acorns, unicorns and penguins for Christmas. Gnomes, goats and skunks would be cute too.

  25. Any washi tape featuring Lawn Fawn Critters would be awesome, especially if seasonally themed. Clouds, leaves or washi with words – happy Birthday; happy, happy, happy, etc. would also be great.

  26. Oh the possibilities are endless! I always love seeing adorable critters such as ocean or forest wildlife! A space theme would be adorable too!

  27. I’m loving all the latest washi tapes from Lawn Fawn, especially the rainbow striped which I often use. How about an angled rainbow stripe? And I saw another suggestion for paw prints that I would also love to see. Keep up the exciting work!!

  28. Polka dots would be super cute. 🙂 I like simple patterns on washi tape so I can use it for a variety of different things.

  29. I would like washi tape with sentiments, you could snip off the sentiment you need and put it on your card, envelope etc.

  30. So many great ideas and I know whatever you come up with for new washi will be adorable! Leaves, clouds or florals

  31. I would love a washi tape with mice! I also think a cloud washi tape would be versatile. Gotta have gingham washi would be amazing too.

  32. I’m loving seeing all the critters on the washi tape and would love to see some more. It would be the perfect complement to the stamps and dies and make my cards even more adorable (if that’s even possible ♥).

  33. I’d love to see more sentiments on washi. There are so many
    possibilities! I love making backgrounds of washi tape as well
    as a text BG.

  34. Washi tape is so fun to use. I think nuts, acorns, leaves to with squirrels would be fun. Rolling pins, cookie cutters, words of flour, spices, etc. for baking mice. Waves, crabs, seaweed, etc to go with ocean stamps. And so on! Washi to match stamp sets you have already out there!

  35. Perfect papers for summer! Washi ideas: Dog breeds; dog breed ears; “way to go!”; world landmarks like Eiffel Tower, various palaces, etc; snack foods like tacos, poptarts, French fries, etc; “hello” or “i love you” in various languages.

  36. This might be my new favorite paper pack. Sorry watercolor wishes and plaids, but the fruit is too cute!

  37. I love washi! Anything with cute critters, fun patterns and I especially love metallic accents!!

  38. Over here swooning at it all! WOW I love all the fruit. I think more washi with the cute critter faces would be fun!

  39. Such pretty cards – I especially like the pop-up! I have yet to use washi tape in any of my projects – not one of my go to items for creating cards.

  40. I love washi tape and the cute fruit pattern can’t wait to join my collection! lol I love using washi everywhere! The cute patterns always compliment the cards and/or envelopes I make.

  41. Some ideas would be dinosaurs, farm animals, beach theme, sports theme, Halloween and Christmas theme washi tapes, more items that can be boy / man related (stamps/dies/washi tape/paper)

  42. I like to match my washi tape (to seal envelopes) to the theme of the card. I would love more birthday related washi tape as I send a lot of birthday cards.

  43. Love the papers and washi tapes! Awesome samples!
    I’d love to see some holiday themed washi tapes….. for Halloween, spider webs, bats, ghosts, jack o’ lanterns. For Christmas, presents, snowflakes, holiday cookies, Santa and reindeer.

  44. That paper and washi tape!!! AMAMZING!! always amazing!. Critters… on tape. Mice, squirrels..
    Love all your products!

  45. I don’t use washi tape often but when I do its fun to use as a border. I would love it if you would make a thicker washi tape, like maybe 2″-4″ that could be used as a background. It could be a floor, wallpaper, a mountain scene, trees, etc… Or on the opposite side, 1/8″ with pretty Lawn Fawn glitter colors to match your paper colors to use as a thin border strip.

  46. Oh my gosh I love all the paper and new tapes! Some doggies to go with the ocean critters would be absolutely brilliant 🙂

  47. Cute paper. I would love to see the plaid paper back. Has a lot more versatility. I do love all the puppies in this release though.

  48. I would like to see some floral themed washi tape. Also some holiday themed tape for Halloween and Christmas

  49. I would like to see gingerbread or snowmen washi tape. Maybe even nature theme: leaves for fall, mistletoe/holly for xmas.

  50. The characters are fun but I find myself reaching for the patterned washi tapes more. Like stripes and polka dots.

  51. I would like to see seasonal holiday Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines,
    St. Patrick, Easter, Memorial-July4-Labor Day and summer mermaids, mermen, King Neptune,
    dolphins, sharks, whales est. washi tape! 🥰

  52. I typically only use washi tape for holding down my dies when I make die-cuts. The tapes I use don’t stick particularly well so I would be hesitant to use them on a card. I like people’s ideas of using washi tape on envelopes that matches the card theme. Maybe some sentiment washi tape?

  53. These papers and washi are darling, the pears are my fave! Autumn themed washi with acorns, pumpkins and fall drinks will be adorable!

  54. Christmas washi tape (without smiling faces) would be great for making traditional cards.
    Your new washi tapes are so colorful and cute!

  55. Bees, presents, buildings/houses, trees: palm or Xmas, waves, paw prints of any of the critters you have, and I could go on and on. Love the paper collection.

  56. I am loving this new paper and washi sets! I am looking forward to Christmas and fall themed washi tape!

  57. I would love to see some glitter washi tape, like space design that has glitter on the stars and planets.

  58. I would like to see stars, candles, balloons, sparklers as washi tapes. Beautiful inspiration again DT!

  59. I love using coordinating washi tape to double seal my envelopes. It gives a hint as to what is in the envelope. Using prints are my favorites too.

  60. I would love to see Holiday themed washi tape: pumpkins and turkeys at Thanksgiving, black cats and bats at Halloween, Christmas trees and ornaments and a nativity one at Christmas, etc.

  61. Anything birthday, seasonal, or holiday themed. I make a lot of birthday cards so I would love birthday candles, balloons, confetti, cake, party hats, etc.

  62. I love washi tapes – so fun for so many things. Something sparkly or glittery. Pumpkins, Christmas Trees, any or all of the new Fruits, ghosts, foiled fireworks, puppy faces, ginghams, leaves, mice, fireplaces and stockings – I could go on, LOL

  63. My favorite way to use washi tape is to frame photos and underline lettering on scrapbook pages.
    I overheard a lady recently at a craft even saying, “I love this wasabi tape” 🤣

  64. Get well washi with Bandaid images you can apply to any boo boo. Crutches, casts, ace wraps, pills and walkers, canes, braces, cover all the oopsie you got hurt, feel better soon and recover fast stuff! Even cataract glasses and chemo and surgery hair don’t care.

  65. I would love washi to match some of the food sets lawn fawn has. Let’s toast, bun in the oven, let’s bbq, sweet smile gum balls, milk & cookies, etc.

  66. I feel the cute critter washi tapes go over the best. Maybe the cute little bats on fall washi or leaves/fall mice. Alternatively Washi that coordinates with paper packs etc. might be cool for some with visual texture items such as honey comb, wood grain etc.

  67. I just love those new papers! Perfect for summertime cards! I don’t use much washi tape so don’t really have any ideas.

  68. What a cute and sweet collection. I’d love to see some washi that says Happy Mail or some with the cute mice.

  69. I love any washi tape with cute critters. Especially food themed with critters, like animals dressed up as food.

  70. What about washi tape that coordinates with your patterned paper so that it can be used on the outside of the envelopes?

  71. I love washing tape but collect it much more than I use it. During Jenn’s Creative Journey Art Retreat, we used some on the card base instead of patterned paper. Wow! Lightbulb moment! So simple yet perfect.

  72. I would love Christmas themed washi tape or anything birthday related. I make the most cards for those occasions.

  73. The ocean tape is such a vibrant color! I would love to see washi tape with the mice frolicking, some fall leaves or something birthday themed.

  74. These are adorable but I don’t really use washi tape. The fruit paper is a must have for me though!

  75. I’d like to see more washi tapes that coordinate with stamp sets that have already been released! Images from Gleeful Gardens would be so cute on washi tape! Mice images, baking images, seasonal/holiday images – lots of fun ideas!

  76. Seasonal washi would be good. So
    many different holidays and Important
    days that you would have a large
    field to select from. thanks for sharing

  77. OMG! The Ocean Friends washi tape is killing me! I’ve got to get that! The Just Plane Awesome washi tape is beautiful, too!

  78. I mainly use washi tape for borders, so I’d love to see versatile designs like woodgrain, plaids (just like your papers!), dots, stripes, and stars. Thanks for including washi tape in your lineup!

  79. OMG! This is probably my favorite paper release! I love it so much! I can’t wait to use it with the fruit tags and shaker drink dies and all the other fruit dies I have from Lawn Fawn!

  80. I would love washi tape that would match the patterns of your patterned paper!! Match made in heaven!!

  81. I haven’t really used a lot of Washi tape, but I like the look of it as an accent on card fronts. Coaster critter Washi tape would be adorable!

  82. I would like to use the washi tape to adorn my envelope to add color to my surprise thats inside the envelope

  83. So, so cute!!! Can’t wait for release day. I think anything Christmas would be great and anything beach (seashells, seagulls, etc.) would be fantastic!!!

  84. So. Much. Cuteness!!

    I’d live washi using the stars & constellations on your patterned paper! So fun!!

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    So, right now, I’m adding QB to my weather computer (I have a weather station that sends info from my house to our online weather page, as well as a picture taken from the webcam on the roof).

    I hope this works. Fingers crossed.

  87. How about washi to match some of the older collections? Like mermaids or dinosaurs or even the otter from a birthday set a few years ago.

  88. I’d love some glow in the dark washi tape ….stars…maybe sea critters that glow….they eyes on bats… 🙂

  89. I would love to see dogs washi tape. And anything Christmas, I use washi tape on my Christmas cards every year.

  90. I was waiting for this day, as a LF Paper pads “HOARDER”!! LOL! I love your paper so much and I keep buying much faster than actually using them, except Watercolor paper pads which I actually have been using a lot and had to buy the 2nd pad. Others, I just look at them and smile purpose, it seems like… LOL! This paper pads is a must have! Definitely! ❤️🍋🍉🍊🍐🫐

  91. I love using coordinating washi tape on the inside of my cards. I think is it a nice finishing touch.
    My favorite is the Silver Foiled, “Just Pane Awesome” washi tape. It matches everything and would look great on envelopes.

  92. I would use this fun washing tape as a focal point on a card, especially to separate two contrasting pieces of patterned paper.

  93. I didn’t know that I desperately needed some fruit-themed paper and dies (and Washi tape)!! Now I know and I can’t wait to show them off to my lucky and loved card recipients! Thank you, Lawn Fawn!

  94. I live to put washi on envelopes, so anything that is themed hand made or just for you. Love the fruits!!

  95. I love the silver airplanes so I was thinking wouldn’t wee mice and some gold at Christmas be super sweet?
    Loving the new papers and washi!

  96. I think I would really use it to decorate my envelopes at Christmas, so gingerbread men, Christmas trees, yetis etc. My favourite is the sea critters one in the latest collection, love it!!

  97. Some holiday themed washing tape would be great: pumpkins for fall/Halloween, trees for Christmas, etc

  98. Birthday! I use birthday washi all the time and can never seem to have enough. I think it’s just because my B-day cards are the most special (as I spend a lot of time on a great scene) so then it only makes sense to use all the washi on the envelope. Also, when is google-dictionary going to recognize washi as a real word and stop autocorrecting the spelling. LOL!

  99. Please make some using the deer from the Christmas sets, the cats from “say what” or meow you doin’, the bats from fangtastic friends and any of the foxes would be cute!
    But definitely multiple on the Christmas washi using any of your Christmas critters!!!

  100. Washi tape with some sentiment words on it would be fun. Also there are so many cute Lawn Fawn critters to choose from. Loving the new ginghams and fruity papers!

  101. I didn’t previously use washi tapes, but thanks to Lawn Fawn I’m hooked. I like using them best for putting on my envelopes for a nice cheery accent. I’d love Halloween,Christmas, dog and baking themed washi.

  102. I love adding LF washout to my BuJo–I use all sorts of wash…and the LF typically ends up on special days 🙂

  103. I love the idea of holiday themed washi tape, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas or I would love some plaid washi tape.

  104. I would love a washi tape with cats and another one with dogs. Halloween and Christmas would be nice too.

  105. I think some that are Halloween / Thanksgiving / Christmas garlands or a string of lights could be super cute. Critters / holiday themed critters could also be cute!

  106. I don’t have any earth shattering ideas on how to use the washi. It would be fun to diagonal stripes on a card panel. And always adorable on an envelope. Love the Fruit salad paper!

  107. I would like Christmas washi to go with critters from past stamps like the penguins, bears, and dear. I also think baking or coffee/cocoa/tea washi to go with past stamp sets would be really fun.

  108. Holly and candy canes for Xmas. Would love to have dragonflies in pastel colors for spring. Would love to have leaves for fall – maybe with acorns. The list has the potential to be endless. Bulb flowers for spring — tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils for spring.

  109. I’m a washi addict! I love fun ones I can mix with old and new. Like trees would be fun with so many animals. A fence looking one would be so cute! Florals are always a winner for me – oh and plaids!!!

  110. I love the idea of adding the washi tape to the back of the envelope! Giving a hint of what’s inside!

  111. I love this paper! I especially like the checked back side. I don’t use a lot of Washi tape but if I could find some Christmas ones with pine boughs, holly, presents, etc. I might consider using them more.

  112. A holiday pack for more than one holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas)(Valentines, St. Patrick’s, Easter, Patriotic) or some gingham packs.

  113. I would love some washi tape with a row of different color cat and dog critters just like in the Simply Celebrate stamp set. It would be so adorable!

  114. Donuts, fortune cookies, chocolate kisses or bars, gummie bears. Sneakers/high tops would be fun to walk across the envelope.

  115. Love the new paper! For washi tape, any of LF’s adorable critters with foil elements would be awesome.

  116. Of course, I’d use the washi tape on my cards. I would also use them in my bullet journal for weekly spreads.

  117. Love another cute and colorful paper pack, so refreshing for the summer! I’m totally blown away by the new washi tapes. Absolutely adorable 😍

  118. Oh these new Fruit Salade Paper collection is way to cute and refreshing! I would use these washi tapes to close enveloppes.

  119. I think that a foiled snowflake washi tape would be absolutely delightful for my Christmas and winter projects!

  120. Gingham or striped in color families like teal, purple, blue, etc. I love using them on gift tags and for a pop of color on the background of my cards.

  121. I just bought the Lawn Fawn elephant washi tape and have to use it before I can think of a new idea! I just love these fun summertime fruit items. Adorable uses!

  122. Love washi tape! Would love washi like starry skies, and also stamp washi tape! Showing the various stamp sets or lawn fawn characters!

  123. My favorite use of washi tape is on envelopes, I like it when i have holiday cards or birthday’s.
    So i like it themed around stuff. So maybe some with balloons and cake’s for birthdays!

  124. Oh I would love some bright yellow and black bees on a white background. Add in a yellow honeycomb pattern. Also, I could never forget Tacos!!!! Bees first though 🙂

  125. I’ looking for the mice chatting with each other, or maybe some critters from the wild critter sets. Would love to see giraffes too.

  126. Washi tape for holidays – Valentine’s Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas!

  127. Ohhh! These are so cool! I love washi tape. I really want washi tapes with Thank You. You could do some fun critters and thank you in multiple languages. And, a washi tape that says happy birthday with party hats, cupcakes, critters, etc. That would be awesome.

  128. I think a little line of chickens followed by like 6 standing eggs would be super cute – then the pattern repeats.

  129. I love using washi as a border strip on scrapbook layouts. The fruits would be perfect for a cute foodie layout.

  130. I love the gingham, and the little fruit—love the new fruity paper!!! Really fun! But the new Washi tape is TDF. It’s truly fun and bright! Yay!

  131. I’d love to see washi tape in multiple colors with polka dots (a variety of different sized polka dots from small to bigger), buffalo plaid in a variety of colors, tropical washi tape and washi tape that pairs with stamps (mice, bees, bear sets etc – not the critters, just things that pair well with the critter sets).

  132. I want some snails with a letter or a present on top of it shell, cake, bears wood be great or foxes too…

  133. I am always in love with the washi tape – especially when there is foil involved . I will use the heck out of the just plane awesome tape since that stamp set is one of my favorites. I would love to see some snail washi tape with foiled ‘snail trails’ to put on the outside of my ‘snail mail’ 🙂

  134. I usually use the washi tape to tape shut my envelopes and taping my dies down. With Lawn Fawn washi tapes, I never use it to tape down my dies, just for envelopes :). I love the paper, hoarding it is my specialty! 🙂

  135. I am not a big fan of washi tape, but I would love to see repeating animals to match the larger sets.

  136. The papers are just gorgeous, and I love all washi tape ( I have a great selection). Washi tape with your mice on would be amazing. ( I love all your mice and am trying to collect all your stamp sets with the mice in.

  137. I love the new paper airplane washi tape with the foiling! It would be cool to have a coordinating “snail mail” washi, with foiling on the snail’s trail. Everything in your new summer collection is just adorable!

  138. I love to use washi to wrap presents, especially as I use plain wrapping paper so would love to see more birthday or Christmas themed washi!

  139. I don’t use a lot of washi tape but I would love some tropical flowers or anything with metallic or glitter!

  140. I love your new washi tapes! The idea of using it on envelopes is especially cute. You have been given so many terrific ideas already so I’ll just say I look forward to whatever you come up with.

  141. Super cute! I just recently broke it my washi tape collection again! It’s so cute on envelopes. I would love to see a grass tape!

  142. I love to use washi tape to decorate my envelopes and use it to add a gift card to the inside of a card—so cute!

  143. I’d love to see the mice doing all kinds of fun things to match the stamps. Ooo also, more rainbow designs because I love rainbows. For Christmas I’d live to see Christmas cookies

  144. Honestly, I’m not a biiiig washi tape gal. I’m super excited for the fruit paper!! Maybe this is a chance for me to try the washing tape as a border?

  145. Gingerbreads, candy canes, foil stripe (like to red and white stripe paper from Let it Shine), Dandelions (like from Dandy Day)

  146. I like using washi to decorate envelopes. I think it makes them look so special and let’s the recipient know that there is a unique card inside.

  147. Sentiment washi tape would be fun! Things about sending mail with love or something since it can be used to seal envelopes.

  148. I would love to see the pups incorporated on the washi tapes. Maybe the ball, the dog house, a bone, most importantly, that balloon dog, because it is my favorite stamp in the entire release.

  149. If I use washio tape its usually on envelopes, but we saw Cherie( we live her videos) do a demo using the rainbow pattern on a card it looked great. I may try something like that.

  150. The washi tape will look so cute on summer scrapbook layouts. Fruit is one of my favorite things about summer!

  151. I love these papers and tapes! One of my favorite mini sets to use is the taco set. I think taco Washi tape would be great. Also chameleon Washi tape where the background is opaque but the chameleons are transparent and blend in & camouflage with what’s behind them. That could be fun!

  152. Would love those sweet bears and some bee washi tape!!!! I don’t have much of it yet but love to see ideas on how to use it because it’s so darn cute!!!!

  153. You need some kitty cat washi tape or maybe just an “open for a surprise” type – I seal all my envies with washi!

  154. Beautiful cards! The lemonade stand is Amazing! Ideas for washi tape, maybe kitties, deer or flamingos.

  155. I would love some cute pumpkin washi maybe some ghosts, also summer one with little crabs would be awesome or maybe with crafty supplies? 🙂

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