Lawn Fawn Intro: Embroidery Hoop Snowflake Add-On

Hello and welcome to October Inspiration Week! Our Fall & Winter 2023 Release is available now at your favorite store and! Woohoo! This week we will finish the introductions by highlighting the rest of the new sets with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Embroidery Hoop Snowflake Add-On! This add-on works with the Embroidery Hoop to create a lovely, embroidered snowflake or spooky spiderweb! Use it with all our amazing embroidery themed stamps and dies in the Embroidery Collection. For more ideas, check out these downloadable patterns.

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways to use these new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details! And leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Elise‘s embroidered snowflake is the perfect inspiration for her “let it snow” themed card! She added Mini Snowflakes in Pixie Dust Sparkle cardstock and Pearlescent Vellum to the Favorite Flannel panel. Then she created a custom greeting with Giant Let it Snow to finish this lovely design!

Grace‘s pastel stitched snowflake is so gorgeous! She also combined the Embroidery Hoop Snowflake Add-On with Giant Let it Snow! The little stitchers from Sew Very Mice are so cute as they embroider more pretty snowflakes!

Chari‘s brilliant Halloween card is proof that a snowflake isn’t always a snowflake! Especially when it’s a spider web with a cute googly-eyed spider! In addition to the spiders from Cute Cobweb, she used Dotted Moon and Stars Backdrop. A combination of Henry’s ABCs and Riley’s ABCs create a greeting that is so punny and fun!

Latisha framed her embroidered snowflake with a glittery Embroidery Hoop before layering it on a beautifully stenciled Winter Sprigs Background!

Audrey stenciled snowflakes all over the background before adding her beautiful embroidered snowflake! Then she added some Mini Snowflakes and a Winter Big Script Words greeting.

I love how Caly added tiny seed beads to her embroidered snowflake! And she added a shiny sequin in the center also! Then she gave her design lots more shine with Spiffier Speckles paper and hot foiled Winter Big Scripty Words!

Lynnette used wintry shades of blue to stitch her snowflake, framing it with a Blue Jay Embroidery Hoop. Then she created a snowy scene with Simply Celebrate Winter snowmen and shiny gold Mini Snowflakes!

Here Rebecca and I used a pretty pink and teal color combination with a hot foiled Starry Sky Background!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Embroidery Hoop Snowflake Add-On! We will share some fun ways to stitch this new add-on set. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Embroidery Hoop Snowflake Add-On! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what made you smile today by October 25th at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday, October 24 for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! We love to read your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one of them puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys so much!


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252 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Embroidery Hoop Snowflake Add-On

  1. I learned embroidery in school. We practiced on small scraps of muslin and gingham (for cross stitch). This snowflake would’ve frightened me. Now it just makes me nostalgic. And yes, it makes me smile.

  2. Waking up to snow made me smile today…NOT!!
    Seeing the Snowflake die used as a Spiderweb dud make me smile though.

  3. Today I am smiling because I’m having lunch with a dear friend I’ve known since grade school (we’re both retired now so I’ll let you do the math on how many years that’s been.) I live in Illinois and she lives in Washington state so we rarely get a chance to see one another. Love all of the beautiful stitched snowflakes.

  4. Seeing the beautiful embroidery floss colors made me smile today. Also seeing that the temperature will be reaching the low 80’s didn’t hurt. Love the snowflakes! I haven’t stitched in a long time.

  5. My miniature schnauzer playing in the first snow of the season in our back yard made me smile! Good thing someone likes the snow!

  6. Just looking at these beautiful snowflakes made me smile today. I can remember cross stitching when I was younger so it brought back great memories.

  7. My sweet old dog decided that I should stop putting my daughters lunch in the backpack and pet her instead. She walked in between the bag so I had no other choice but to give her lots of love.

  8. Oh, Chari!!! These are so dang cute. You did a terrific job on what must have been a difficult video to make……so clear and easy to follow. You are an inspiration. Love the stitching products even thought I had said that I’d never go there. Love, love and love some more!

  9. Love your ornaments, Chari! Just finally being in my craft room after coming home from a trip for a funeral made me smile in peace.

  10. I smiled when I saw the sun shining
    and the weather lady said it was going
    to be almost 80 this afternoon.
    Starting out in the 40s, so it has to
    get going. Love the snowflake
    So many ways to go with it.
    thanks for sharing.

  11. Knowing I get to leave work a bit earlier today made me smile as well as all the nice inspiration from the design team. That first Let-it-Snow card with flannel paper background is stunning!

  12. Our crazy dog made me smile today while zooming in the backyard. Loving the snowflake embroidery hoop add-on and will definitely be adding it to my must-have list ♥

  13. My three dachshunds made me smile today! We just rescued one recently that belonged to a friend who died suddenly. It makes me happy that they’re all getting along so well!

    PS I love this embroidery hoop!

  14. These embroidery examples made me smile. I’ve been waiting months to see how you would use this new die set for the holidays. I was not disappointed. I want to try all of the examples!! Especially the spider web! So cute!!

  15. Fun ideas with the embroidery hoop! Love the snowflakes and the spiderweb!
    My kitty, Coco, made me smile this morning!

  16. It’s early, but what has made me smile inside is that I got to watch an episode of Edwardian Farm before getting up. All of the Farm shows are great. And I love the snowflake add on…

  17. Seeing a funny of my daughters cute corgi!! He is so smart!
    I’ve got this embroidery hoop, but haven’t made any cards with it yet… Will do soon! Love it!

  18. A spot of early Autumn sunshine made me smile today. Especially after I got finished at work.
    Love the design team projects

  19. Seeing these snowflake patterns made me smile!! I’m obsessed with all of the designs Chari comes up with! Thanks so very much! LOVE all of the examples. Someone very special must be going to get that slimline card with 3 hoops!!

  20. Enjoying the seasonal window stickers my granddaughter put up the other day and remembering her comments as she arranged them to her satisfaction makes me smile.

  21. My youngest trying on the Halloween costume I started making for him last night put a big smile on both my face and my sons face this morning. 🙂

  22. It is hard to smile today, after having
    5 days off! But my granddaughter always makes my day and brings huge smiles to my face!!!

  23. Receiving a Halloween card in the mail made me smile. Funny thing was, it was with this die set, stitched into a spider web. It was so cute!

  24. Gorgeous cards, and turning a snowflake into a spider web is so creative! Today I smiled at a funny facebook post from my sister.

  25. My silly dogs make me smile every day! Today I got a giggle out of one of them and the way she was sprawled out on the bed while I got ready for work. So spoiled!

  26. So many reasons to smile today…my husband, my kids, my husky, my 2 cats, some of my students at school and my co-workers just to name a few things! Focusing today on gratitude and those many blessings in my life.

  27. I finished my birthday card that I´ve been making for my son who turns 14 on Friday. I used the fun Year Thirteen and those cute little dim sums made me smile.

  28. It is my anniversary and I am smiling cause 15 years and feel so much love for this guy. 😉 AND we are eating at our favorite Thai resturant tonight.

  29. Going outside and realizing how pleasant the weather is made me smile! I looked at the trees and saw so many pretty colors! 🍂🍁🍃🎃☺️

  30. I had car trouble on Friday and had to be towed. I was then told it might be a couple of weeks before they can look at.
    I smiled today because they looked at it this afternoon & ordered parts & with any luck, my car might be fixed this week.

  31. The new inspiration for the snowflake add on made me smile. I love all Chari’s ideas using the snowflake add on!!

  32. Watching my cat run up to my partner when he comes home from work always makes me smile. She is absolutely besotted with him and will meow loudly if he doesn’t sit with her and give her some pats before going inside. Apparently pats from him are far superior to pats from me. Go figure, lol. She used to run downstairs when she heard his car in the driveway, but she has lost her hearing (old age – she’s almost 18) so now she just heads downstairs when she thinks he is about due to come home.

  33. A lovely co-worker made me smile this morning – she lent me a movie we had been discussing just yesterday. She’s just the loveliest person ever!

  34. Playing Pickleball with my friends outside on a lovely night made me smile! Such a cute set! I love the spiderweb card!

  35. Taking a moment to look at the blog and seeing the let it snow card with the little mice. Reminded me of the Cinderella movie.

  36. WOW, I love the new Embroidery Hoop Snowflake Add-On! And I really enjoyed seeing the projects the design team made with it; lovely snowflakes and spider webs!

    My cat’s cute antics made me smile today, and so did this blog post! Loved it! 🙂

  37. The thing that made me smile today was finishing staining our deck. It took us quite a bit of time, but it’s done and ready for rain and later, snow. 🙂

  38. I love when my husband and I hop on the 4-wheeler and roam around our property searching for our tree… and of gathering with friends and family over the holidays.

  39. I’ve been refraining myself from getting the stitching dies; but, now I want them!!! Sooo cute!!!!
    I wake up really early!! Watching Crafting videos (especially Lawn Fawn) with my cup of coffee puts a smile on my face.

  40. What made me smile on this most sad of days (Astros lost to the Rangers in the ALCS last night)? Chatting about it with my friends and getting ready for next season! That made me smile.

  41. I’ve been smiling for days!! I got to spend all of fall break with my kids and grands at a VRBO making great memories.😊

  42. So far my dog, Paddy, and my husband have made me smile. I know that this afternoon the kids at the library will make me smile.

  43. Seeing all these cute ideas has made me smile today-and made me want to go craft. But alas, I need to teach school and do laundry.

  44. There is a little stray Kitty who has been visiting my backyard. He sleeps on my deck couch. Yesterday my cat cried to let me know he was out there, so I took him some cat food.

    He’s very scared of me, and quiet skinny but I think he’s eating my food.

  45. I open the blinds on my widow just in time to see a bluebird fly by, that made me smile this morning. I love the embroidered snowflakes here!

  46. My sisters were up for a visit. WE did a lot of card making over the weekend. This evening we went to Monday night Ladies Bunco and my sister was the big winner.

  47. So many things made me smile today – one of them was being on a hiring committee with some students at the college I work at, and the students being so grateful that they got to be on the committee and the personal growth they had while learning how hiring committees work!

  48. My husband made me smile & laugh as he was telling me he just watched
    Bugs Bunny Witch Hazel face to face laugh!

  49. I smiled when my kitty crawled on my and purred while i massaged her I petted her. It’s our morning routine. I loved Chari’s video, especially showing how to add sequins and beads.

  50. Many things made me smile today. All of the design team’s beautiful cards ( My favorite is the little mice sewing) , my Lawn Fawn order arrived yesterday and I will have some time to play with it this afternoon. Also coffee ☕️ 😁

  51. While walking my dog he grabbed a branch that was still attached to a tree . Thankfully it broke off and he was so very proud of his new stick!

  52. Planning my trip to Disneyland made me smile today! I love the embroidery dies. I can’t wait to see more of them.

  53. I love when I get up in the morning and my cat greets with her sweet chirps and pours so loud. That always starts my day off wonderfully- makes me smile Every. single. time.

  54. My garden always make me smile. It’s late Spring in my part of the world and all the Iris are blooming wonderfully! Perhaps Lawn Fawn can have Iris die in future release?

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